Mutharika visits floods victims in eastern Malawi: Pictorial

President Peter Mutharika on Friday visited areas hit by floods and cheered victims of the disaster in Mangochi and Balaka districts.

UDF MP and music kingpin Lucius Banda welcomes President Mutharika in Balaka

UDF MP and music kingpin Lucius Banda welcomes President Mutharika in Balaka

Mutharika and First Lady greet flood victims

Mutharika and First Lady greet flood victims

Flood victims gien blankets and relief food packages

Flood victims gien blankets and relief food packages

President Mutharika in Mangochi to meet flood victims

President Mutharika in Mangochi to meet flood victims as UDF MP Lilian Patel looks on

Mutharika and First Lady conferring

Mutharika and First Lady conferring

UDF MP for Mangochi Central , Clement Chiwaya, also deputy speaker, addressing the gathering

UDF MP for Mangochi Central , Clement Chiwaya, also deputy speaker, addressing the gathering

The President addressing flood victims in their relif accomodation

The President addressing flood victims in their relif accomodation

Mutharika on arrival in Mangochi

Mutharika on arrival in Mangochi

Earlier this week, the Head of State declared a third of the country to be a disaster zone and appealed for help.

Mutharika has called the floods a “national tragedy that urgently needs both local and international response”.

The Malawi leader, who was accompanied by the First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika, assured the people affected by the disaster of government’s total support and assistance to minimise their suffering .

He said since the declaration of the flood districts a disaster, there has been overwhelming response from within and outside the country.

The President  said the government has received inquiries on the assistance needed from countries such as Sweden, South Africa, United States of America, Botswana among others.

Among other things he said the goverment will immediately give the displaced families most of whom are accommodated in schools, food supplies and provide them with tents.

The death toll from floods ravaging Malawi has risen to 176 with many more missing and 200,000 homeless, Vice President Saulos Chilima said Friday, as more heavy rain was predicted.

Speaking after flying in a military helicopter over the worst affected Lower Shire districts of Nsanje and Chikwawa in the south, he said the country faced “a big challenge”.

Earlier, disaster officials warned that more heavy rain was expected.

“The government is urging people living in flood-prone districts to urgently relocate to upland areas to avoid losing more lives,” said Paul Chiunguzeni, principal secretary for Disaster Management Affairs.

The floods, which have wreaked havoc on half the the country’s 28 districts, have disrupted power supplies, plunging some areas into darkness.

Chirunguzeni said about 1,180 flood victims stranded on patches of high ground had been evacuated since rescue missions with military helicopters and boats were launched Thursday.

In a statement Friday, African Union chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said the organisation would give the “highest priority to providing modest humanitarian assistance” to Malawi “as soon as possible”.

The World Food Programme said it would airlift stocks to flooded areas.

“Ready-to-eat food will be prioritised for the most vulnerable people, particularly children, who have been displaced from their homes and have no access to food or cooking facilities,” the WFP said.

Five major roads in the south have been closed after bridges were washed away, including some on the road to the prime tourist destination of Mangochi on the shores of Lake Malawi.

This made an access to the hardest-hit areas “extremely difficult”, the WFP said.

Hein Zeelie of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the central and northern parts of the country were the agency’s next concern “as we are expecting heavy rains for those areas for the next week”.

“A lot of preparation activities have been taking place for the rainy season, but no matter how well prepared one could have been, the extreme amount of rainfall would have led to this situation.”—(Additional reporting by Felix Mponda, AFP)

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63 thoughts on “Mutharika visits floods victims in eastern Malawi: Pictorial”

  1. Rodrick Mbuya says:

    kikikikikikikikikiki ndipo anthu omwe nyumba zawo zili mmadzi sanawafikile anabwelera pa main venue ya function yakeyo. Anthu ten ndikulandira ma blanket ndi nyemba 10 kgs chimanga chinabwelera osachigawa

    1. Eliam says:

      Nanunso inu a Rock President sangakwanise kuyendera anthu ovutika ndi madziwo khomo ndi khomo. He is very busy man @this time. Pls write sensible mufwetu.

  2. Malawian says:

    Some people just like to criticize basi. What matters is that the president went to visit the affected areas n saw mavuto omwe anthu akumana nawo. Zoti anavala suit zilibe ntchito. Thats nothing. Its not even an issue. Why anthu enanu mumangopanga criticize zinthu mwa emotional n personal?? I mean even osachita manyazi kupanga post such type of comments? Come on lets be objective n sober in our criticisms. Seriously nkhani yazovala seriously??

  3. Mwanapwa says:

    Limeneli likuoneka kuti ndi bulangati la anthu avutikitsitsa osati omwe akupelekawo. Zikomo bwana president

  4. Phillip says:

    I have been reading some comments which suggest that the president was ill advised by wearing a suit at his visit to the disaster area. Well in my opinion i don’t think because wat he was wearing was not a suit at all. A suit is a jacket and a pair of trouser that looks a like. What matters most is the intention and not what wears and after all for earth sake it wasn’t a suit. The only error they did was to put the red carpet.

  5. ben kamwendo says:

    im very thankful the pipo who trying to help malawi God bless you

  6. ben kamwendo says:

    im very sorry for all malawians although am in south africa. I will also try to help some of them its very sad story but God is with us

  7. dyton Chiwaya says:

    Iweyo ukunyoza ? Iweyo wapereka chiyani. Khaya bulangete ndi laling’ono pena ai none of ur concern. Bravo Peter. You are moving in the right direction

  8. Angaliba Nusufi says:

    Enawatu akufuna alemererepo ndithu. Chithandidzo bwana wathu ndiye wapempha ndipo chayamba kale kufika mdziko muno. Tingowapemphanso abwana omwewo kuti apange zothekera kuti anthu okhawo omwe ali oyenera kulandira thandizoli alandiredi. Chifukwa monga tikudziwa tonse kuti “UMBANDA” wakula kwambiri ku Nyasalande, let’s just pray kuti ntchitoyi iyende bwino ndi kukafikira awo amene ali okhudzidwa.

  9. denis tembo says:

    Nkhani yomvetsa chosoni,

  10. hoitty says:

    Kodi mayi getu akumayendabe ku public after kuba ndalama za NAC? Mr President, mwachita bwino kuyendela abale omwe avutika kamba ka madzi osefukila. Mwadzionela nokha mavuto ndi ameneo. Koma nbava yanuyo musiye kuyenda naye kugulu. Bad PR for you.

  11. bwampini says:

    kodi bulangeti akugawali imapanga ndi company yanji mmalawimuno??

    bulangei la galu or la munthu?

  12. Akatigo says:

    Are u trying tell us that we must copy other caltural believes? Our elders alway in a smart suit & adzukulu in a working suit thats what makes us be Malawian people in times like this and we shall be Malawian no chinese pple.

  13. Bongololo says:

    Who shows up to a disaster area dressed in a suit and tie? Somebody get this guy a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, please!

  14. This is another wake up call to our leaders and other public representatives. we need to get prepared for the worst. Markets have been gutting down by horrible fire nothing has been done for other similar incidents.. we are doing totally nothing i mean no fire fighter no rescue teams. In this flood issue we have no speed boats, no life jackets, no medication, no tents no choppers no nothing.

  15. SORRY says:


  16. Zoona ? ? says:

    When other Presidents visit disaster areas in their countries , they at least dress in attire appropriate to place they are visiting.
    Our president was very smartly dressed ,complete with his smartly dressed wife , and a red carpet to boot !
    How does he go around in this type of attire? How does he wade into water to visit the victims of the calamity? How do you walk on a red carpet on water?
    Our protocol officers if there are any are just a bunch of arse kisser ! no idea what is appropriate where and when.

  17. vitumbiko moyo says:

    koma mulungu odziwa kusamala awasamale

  18. Nanchunjule says:

    Zoona Muthalika kuvala suit mpaka red carpet? Ife tikuvutika? Ndikukumbukila Ku Japan kunali ngozi yachilengedwe tinamuona m’tsogoleli wawo anavala ovolo(overall)kupita kukawaendela anthu,komano Japan tingaelekeze ndi Malawi kapena m’tsogoleli wawo tingaelekeze ndi athuwa? Mwatani kodi? Inutu munaenela kuphunzitsa basi osati upulezident,mwandikhumudwitsa.


  20. King salijen says:

    Only god knows

  21. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Flood gate, NACgate , Mulhakhogate, Watergate , Escomgate, cashgate etc etc usova Pitara

  22. wikoko says:

    Thanks, this is good president

  23. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Symptoms of a country being run against the will of Lord. Chipsinjo after chipsinjo. Mulungu akutilanga because ofelectioneering by DPP and Mbendera SC (Snr Crook). Madzi kupha anthu ochuluka kwambiri, magetsi mayazi , madzi amene mmipopi njeeeeee. Mulungu kukana bomali uku akutilanga

    1. mavuto says:

      Ukunama iwe with your failed party. U need DPP consultants otherwise u will never rule as such u will continue feeling the pain

      1. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

        Iwedi dzina lako ndi Mavuto kkkkkkk. Used to mavuto. Moti Sukuva kuwawatu ndi izi zikuchitikazi.

        1. mwendanjira says:

          Iwe ndiye which kuwawa kumene ukumva iweko za mkhutu basi

      2. mwendanjira says:

        Zoona man Vito.

      3. kanchenga. says:

        Who is feeling the pain bwana. There are no floods in the centre. These are meant for thieves so that you know what happens when your government has no money and you need help but everyone has deserted you. Simunati munya muona njala ili mmbuyomo. Chimanga chakokolo phenembe zanka ndi madzi

    2. mwendanjira says:

      Kodi mukasowa zolemba osamaseweresa akatundu mukuyenda naowo bwanji cisankho magesi kusefukira kwa madzi zikugwirizana pati akulu akulu kaya ndi umbuli ayi guys this is 2much timanena ife xool njabwino nanga taonani kusokoneza anthu akuti ma floods iwe ukukamba za mavoti. mmutumo

      1. kanchenga. says:

        Ma floods ndi chilango munabera WA chiuta inu simungadziwe Chifukwa chake simukuona kugwirizana kwake Mulungu amadalitsa Ana ake ndipo dats a amalanga ndi kuzuza Ana ake

  24. mlomwe original says:

    good gesture,showing that u care

  25. Kenkkk says:

    Well done for visiting the flood victims but the president’s attire and red carpet are not appropriate in such difficult situations. Your advisors should have learned from other world leaders how they dress in such situations!! Indeed even the president himself should know better.

    But what about the visits to the north?

  26. nyemba mukuwapatsa anthudzi aphika kuti mkhuni kulibe mapoto anapita ndi madzi manje

  27. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Palibe zakutha apa, where in the world munaonako president kukayendera anthu affectd ndi disaster ali mu tie komanso akuti red carpet…?

  28. Imraan Sidik says:

    Why red carpet and in a suit? This Peter of yours so detached. Pathetic of a leader

  29. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Lucius is currently in wealth, swimming in fortunes, and in blue DPP dressing – laughing with Peter at a time when they are supposed to be sad with the suffering flood victims.

    1. mavuto says:

      Monga kumaliro kwa Bishop palibe ati asekelere

  30. Wozinyanyala says:

    Koma abale president wa Malawi ngonyasa nkhope! Zeni zeni zija oyimba ena anati zonkira kupusi

  31. Yankees says:

    APM munapitako bcoz of pressure kapena munafunadi kupitako? Mmayenda muzovuta kapena u only went to your brothers funeral? Ulibe ma gumboots oti carpet yakoyo ukanaisiya uko? Munali okhudzidwa or u wanted to please faz idziti mr no talk ayenda ndipo athoka? Munthu oipa iwe kuba kwa mbale wako 91 bilion plus government MEcgate zakubwelara usanati,.

  32. wolangiza says:


  33. George Banda says:

    GOD have mercy

  34. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Nanga ku Karonga mubwerako liti? Paja nsomba zinafatu!

  35. Dennis Bakomenge says:

    Ine ndi banja langa tikupepesa chifukwa cha ngozi iyiyatigwela. Free advice to our politicians in Malawi is that let us borrow a leaf from our friends in Mauritius. I was very impressed when I visited Port Louis, Mauritius. It is a small city but well planned. The whole Port Louis has “permanent structures of dykes” well fortified with stones – (dykes are banks, barrages, barriers, walls, embankments, dams, channels or drains). I appeal to our HE APM, that we have to approach our Chinese friends to assist us as part of our long term strategy on how to combat such future “Floodgates” in Malawi. Let’s learn a lesson from this year’s experience.

  36. ujeni says:

    Visiting disaster affected area in a tie? Never seen this before, he should take a leaf from hard working leaders of other countries like USA, Japan, Australia, Philippines etc shirt sleeves rolled, no neck tie and in industrial boots. This President is one lazy being.

  37. Aubrey Chembezi says:

    nanga nyembazo ndiye anthu akaphika kuti poti ziwiya alibe??

  38. Benson Chirwa says:

    Why red carpet at such a place? Could have forgone this at least for once.

  39. Thanks very much Mr. President.

    My concern is this where are the small boats which were in CHIPOKA SHEDS AT THE PORT MET FOR WATER RIVERS, LAKES AND FLOODS, THERE IS ONLY CHRISSY 1 at Marine College Monkey-bay and the other one[Chrissy 2] is at NSANJE PORT. Please find out with Ministery of Transport and Water.

    The boats are supposed to assist during this period.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up all the well wishers including the Chairperson of AU Dlamini Zuma and Malawi president Pro.Peter Mutharika and Vice President Saulosi Chilima

  41. matiki says:

    Mumaitha munthu wakulu

  42. Telling it straight says:

    What short of madness using vvip red carpet in areas flooded by rains? Can Malawi grow up please these idiotic President with his tie and red carpet shows conceit.

  43. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    May the Lord lay His hand on the victims to reduce the suffering.
    The rest of the pictures show the president very concerned, but the first one – Ahh! Lucius and the president, this is not a laughing situation.

  44. Zansete says:

    Matsoka onse omwe tikukumana nawo Ku Malawi kuno chifukwa cha iwe Muthalika ndi gulu lako la dpp,to hell with your visit. Fotsekiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. chindere says:

    Mulungu akhuze onse omwe akuvutika ngozi imeneyi!

  46. Chris says:

    How do someone donate if they are in SA?

  47. Diggig Deeper says:

    Bring back the 91 billion Kwachas Mutharika that you and big brother Bingu looted. Then Malawians can be rehoused and fed. You are a thief.

  48. zowona says:

    nanga carpetiyo ndiyachani. munapita kukanyada eti

  49. Teachers says:

    A good gesture, but don’t party uniform such occasions.

  50. Dzaoneni says:

    Lets pray for our loved ones for their safety. This was prophesied on Ufulu Radio last August or September 2014 n its now the word come true. However, if we humble ourselves to prayer, we can have our land healed. Sorry to those who have lost their loved ones and even properties. God help us

  51. atate says:

    Ma military helicopter adziuluka uluka pafupi pafupi angadzanokole

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