Mutharika wants to construct magnificent stadium in Blantyre: Kamuzu Stadium to be demolished

President Peter Mutharika  said on Saturday in Blantyre that he wants to construct an “ imposing,  magnificent and modern stadium” at Kamuzu Stadium, confirming that he has approved that Malawi’s football shrine in the commercial city  will be demolished to pave the way for the construction of a new sports arena.

Red-packed Kamuzu stadium -.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Red-packed Kamuzu stadium -.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mutharika made the announcement when he officially opened the upgraded Masauko Chipembere Highway in Limbe, Blantyre.

“I want to construct an imposing, magnificent and modern stadium over there at Kamuzu Stadium,” said Mutharika at Yiannakis roundabout in Limbe to mark the official opening of an upgraded Masauko Chipembere Highway.

Mutharika said construction of the new stadium is one of the projects the government has lined up for Blantyre City.

Sports Minister,  Grace Chiumia said the stadium will undergo a complete demolition and the plan is to have the new stadium in Blantyre constructed as soon as possible.

Government structural engineers already condemned the stadium three years ago after serious cracks were discovered in most of the stands, a development that led to the closure of the facility by former Sports Minister Enoch Chihana.

Chihana is on record saying government would   enter into a triple  (Public, Private Partnership) arrangement with a South African company to build, operate and transfer the facility.

He said Kamuzu Stadium will go commercial with government retaining shares since it will still be a public infrastructure.

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40 thoughts on “Mutharika wants to construct magnificent stadium in Blantyre: Kamuzu Stadium to be demolished”

  1. isaac says:

    that z a gd idea mr president & i support t

  2. Francis Gama says:

    kodi anthunu kwanu ndikuti poyankhula zonyasa pankhani ya stadium anthu alephere kugula chovala chifukwa choti kwagwa njala

  3. MIKE says:

    God bless our leader!

  4. zowa luhanga says:

    Malawians,lets work hard in our fields.Kamuzu said “Gulani jembe na mbavi yake chuma chamalawi chilimnthaka”.Government****give farmers irrigation tools,farmers lets go into our dambos deep in muds together we shall sing allelluah,we’ve alliviated hunger.Without this malawians the song “hunger”will be there in our land.Our head of state,revive the schemes Kamuzu used.Its good to have your own than to be begging.

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mathanyula,really a national stadium in Blantyre at a time our people are tooth and nail fighting the worse starvation in the country’s history.By the way,can you explain to the Malawians where is your authentic genesis? You have funds for the Stadium to be likely named PETER MUTHALIKA STADIUM,while our children and the old are dying of hunger each day that passes by without remorse.Are Malawians not satisfied with Bingu Stadium and Bingu Conference Centre? In fact,what is it that you and your brother have done to deserve such significant national recognitions? Are you trying to impose the dynastic roots in our country while you have done nasty things for us? In short,why not Masauko Chipembele who fought relentlessly for our country’s independence,Yatuta Chisiza and Medison Silombera lost their precious lives for our democratic rights which you are now trying to undermine.Should really Malawians thank you and your late brutal and corrupt brother in evil for all ungodly things you brought into our country? Mathanyula,if you have surplus funds,first and foremost,import enough food for our people,creat jobs for our young people,fill Medical Stores with strategic drugs and other medicines instead of spreading yours names on our national structures while you have destroyed our country beyond repairs.Indeed,it will be shameful and painful to read your names after you are gone to obviously HELL.

  6. senzo says:

    ” I am going to build the stadium” with whose money? The funders of the project are the ones who will build the stadium…get the logic? who are the funders? Whose stadium is it? again effort at diverting people’s attention failed here..big time!

  7. ndangodutsamo says:

    that is Dpp led government. No serious projects that will lift this country out of poverty. They do not have a big picture for the whole Malawi – Zoona stadium can it be top on the agenda when masses out there are sleeping in admarc depots in search for food. Reason no mechanised farming in place. If APM was a serious president, this is not time to spend money on opening misewu yomweso siidathe kwenikweni. If I were him I could be visiting potential irrigation areas in Malawi to demonstrate and encourage local farmers how they can contribute towards national food security through irrigation.

  8. therere says:

    good news and it will create employment to Malawians

  9. Modicai Longwe says:

    This is going to be the Zambian style. They demolished Dug Harmeshold stadium and never built one. The best way is to start a new stadium on a new site rather than demolishing the already existing one.

    This is history we are remembering Kamuzu. Construct a new stadium please. But before that we need to think of food. Solve the food problem and later go on with your plans.

  10. Kaluluma says:

    Brilliant idea!! Bola isangokhala nyimbo! Stadium ija ikuchititsa manyazi patauni. Ilim’mbali mwa H/way!! Tikuchita manyazi ife tikamadutsa ndialendo pamenepaja!

  11. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Mwayiwala inu mumakapereka ng’ombe ya K50,000 president,vice president ndi Ma minister 41.Jealous at its best.

  12. Mnzwanya says:

    Kodi private sector, ngati ma top teams, siingapange stadium? I am looking at the govt’s huge responsibility of taking care of the falling economy. Komanso ngati akulephera kugula mipando ya ku VIP ndiye akamange stadium………. Ngongolezo ana athu tidzawasiya potani?

  13. Yokwiya says:

    Nde dzina lake lidzasinthe kukhala Pitala Stadium kapena Ngongoliwa Stadium. Kamuzu Stadium Kufa. Zotseketsa kwabasi. Anyway, have we considered altenative football fields when the old stadium is demolished to pave way for the new one? A Walter ndi anzanu mukuti bwanj? Supa ligi ku Blantyre sitizaoneranso for next five years Sha!!! Koma!!!

  14. Chimbwindyanga says:

    Nkhani panyasalande,APM at his best.Uzafa imfa yowawa ndi bp+

  15. Kadakwiza says:

    What about Mzuzu Stadium?

  16. Luwazi says:

    Build a thriving economy first. Then everything will fall in place Malawians are tired of your lies

  17. Patrick says:

    @Lipenga don’t tell us lies here,there’re lots of projects in SA that Zuma opened though having a minister responsible for that project.

  18. Malawi says:

    Its high time you started saying malawi together we are going to build a stadium. This I I I i i i i is killing Malawis sense of ownership and community engagement. How is he going to build if we are to ask. He is going to borrow from friends. What if he asked Malawians, lets build. Coild we fail? Have we gailed before? No. We constructed buildings in Lilongwe using our money from tobacco farming.

  19. Osama pa nyasa says:

    Musavutike ndi stadiumyo kodi mpira wake udzamenyedwerapo litinso dziko likuthapoli? Osamanamiza anthu man APM, kodi tingachire poona stadium, kapena poona makatoni a mankhwala mdziko muno? Kumaganiza ngati wakulu, kukhala ngati alendo?

  20. bumbu nchuma says:

    president kusegulira ka msewu ka 80 meters… minister of transport alipompo.. dziko lanjala ili .. plz think of malawians

  21. Aphiri says:

    …and it shall be named APM. Another scheme to do away with Kamuzu name? oooh Bola Mizimu isakwiye

  22. Gwampisto says:

    Please when building a new stadium ensure that it has shops in the perimeter or flea market as it is within a commercially viable central place;
    and the upper stadium to be rehabilitated to host other small Patronage games and events with all necessary stands around the upper stadiums also for training use, to allow use of the main stadium grounds for major games and events only. Demolish this old stadium please.

  23. odi apa says:

    Mwawa apita kukayika mwala pa stadium po another wasting taxpayers money,mmalo moti akaniyikilatu mmene amatsegurila nsewu ngati amanenadi zoona.

  24. Muzeni kamlepo a mange stadium kumpoto

  25. gwamba says:

    When will this happen sir? Not you,may b someone else.

  26. J Muliya says:

    While the idea of a stadium is a great one, people do not have medicines in hospitals. They need schools, clinics and real job creation. You could start from there instead of a stadium…

  27. nkhani says:

    PLANET APM, Leave the stadium, deal with real issues..

  28. 2016 welcome says:

    ” I want to build a stadium . …” ngati kuti agwiritsa ntchito ndalama za mthumba mwake. Awanso! Mphwephwa ya president yeniyeni.

  29. Linthipe says:

    How about building a magnificent hospital that does not stink like QECH? How about buying drugs for the hospitals, how about buying maize for the starving masses?

  30. REVOLT! says:

    When is Mathanyula going to talk about fixing the economy and improving the sorry state that he has dragged Malawians into. Who cares about a magnificent stadium when you have no food, when healthcare is in the toilet, when the economy is collapsing??? REVOLT! REVOLT! REVOLT! DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA!

  31. Lets take our country back says:

    Fix the economy first fool!

  32. MERCEDES says:


  33. Manzy Nambazo says:

    Iyaaa Thats Jst Political Arena Mpaka Nthawi Yanu Idzatha, Kungotinamiza Anyasafe Kkkkkkk Koma Abale

  34. Mwanangwa umwinza says:

    What about in the marginalized north? Do they deserve one or when government shall have plenty of money in 2080!!! Mbaya bana wakwithu!! This stadium is the one late Bingu proposed to be based at ndata as a village infrastructure.
    It’s a good idea but Mr President there also Malawians in the north. Share development agendas equally. You don’t have to concentrate on the South end. Let’s you not plant something in Malawians that are in the north. They equally need similar developments .
    Hope we will hear your plans again before you step down about construction of another magnificent stadium in that part of Malalwi.
    Thank you.

  35. Mzuzu corner says:

    When are you building on in Mzuzu?

  36. khal drogo says:

    pau @ 1, you must try to end your “zinthu zikhale zaulele” mentality. it’s very retrogressive ndisaname and it has made us a very lazy, begging and useless nation.

    this culture of free donor aid, free hospital food, free medicine, free hospital bedspace, free blah blah blah is killing us. the solutions are there but we choose to ignore them. if you don’t want to get malaria buy a bed net, don’t want to get hiv then don’t fuck around, if you don’t want to starve again next year then don’t sell all of your harvest, you want educated children then plan your family (ana 8 achani onsewo?)

    what will you do when someday tolls are enforced on our roads? uzikayenda pansi kulikonse? nonsense!

  37. Buyelekhaya says:

    There’s just no money to finance the building of a ‘so-called new stadium’. Limeneli ndi bodza. Kodi kampeni yayamba kale kuti mudziwanamiza anthu?

  38. lipenga says:

    Imagine the whole president to officially open a road that has been upgraded!!!! where is the minister of transport? this does not happen in SA or EU .wasting taxpayers money

  39. Ngalamayi says:

    What planet does APM live on? A serious number of his people are dying of starvation, have no access to medicines, schools have huge classes, not enough teachers… and he wants to build another football stadium!!!

  40. pau says:

    Unfortunately its always the small print that is never mentioned until citizens find themselves having to pay entrance fees to attend national events such as the Independence celebrations; this should never be like a toll road fees where citizens cough every penny into perpetuity. Citizens have the right to know exactly the amounts and for how long they will continue paying. Otherwise it will turn out to be just another white elephant.

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