Mutharika warns of more ‘cashgate’ arrests as Ministers implicated in K92bn looting

Malawian President Peter Mutharika promised on Thursday to take personal charge of a battle against corruption and warning that more arrest are looming and will involve high profile personalities  involved in the plundering of public coffers at Capital Hill popularly referred to as cash-gate.

President Mutharika: More arrests coming

President Mutharika: More arrests coming

About K20 billion was reportedly looted since April 2012 when Joyce Banda was in power, adding that to another K92 billion which went missing over the eight years of the presidency of the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

In total, government said that about 30 per cent of the country’s budget could have been looted over a decade – almost as much as donors have provided Malawi over the same period.

Addressing a news conference Thursday evening in the capital Lilongwe, Mutharika was asked by a reporter to comment on the forensic audit report on the K92 billion (US$206.7 million) Cashgate which contains a catalogue of allegations of high-level corruption with some of his government officials implicated.

Mutharika said he would pursue convictions in all scandals, saying his administration will not spare anyone as far as cash-gate is concerned.

At the evening news conference, Mutharika  was accompanied by Ministers George Chaponda, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Joseph Mwanamvekha and Patricia Kaliati. Out of the ‘midnight six’ presser DPP team, only Nicholous Dausi and Henry Mussa were not there.

Germany-funded financial investigation—conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will expose ministries and departments behind the K92 billion heist between 2009 and 2012 as well as broader public finance malfeasance as it also covers the years up to 2014, according to sources close to the audit exercise.

The social media has been awash with unverified reports that key cabinet Ministers including that of Foreign Affairs Chaponda and Labour Minister Henry Mussa have been implicated in the latest K92 billion cashgate.

Citing a leaked report, it is being discussed on social media that the implicated ministers siphoned resources outside the country and invested in both fixed and non-fixed assets.

President of the Malawi Forum for Unity and Democracy George Nnesa who has been a whistle blower for some time including the revelation of national budget cooked up figures during Bingu’s zero aid budgets says all people adversely mentioned in the report regardless of seniority should step aside pending investigation.

“I think it puts to rest what people suspected that cash gate started during the reign of the DPP under late Bingu wa Mutharika, now that the report has come out we expect that government will act on that one,” Nnesa said.

“In the first place the people mentioned are serving in the current administration and if this government is serious about tackling cashgate, those people should step aside from their positions to allow for thorough investigations and prosecution should be taken independently,” he added/

Forum for National Development FND National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi has advised the administration of Peter Mutharika to come in the open that all involved are brought to book that shielding each other.

“One of the things that president Peter Mutharika said is that if anyone is involved in cashgate he/she will have to pave way for thorough investigations so we will not accept anything short of that even those in opposition if they have a position in a public office they must do the same, we will not spare anybody”, said Chozi.

He said if a member of parliament from the opposition is implicated or the minister in government is implicated FND expect them to step down to pave way for investigations no two ways about it.

He said civil society organizations are watching closely the matter as facts unfold.

Meanwhile the National Audit Office spokesperson Lawrence Chinkhunda said the report is expected to be formally submitted to the Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe in accordance with the Public Audit Act, for onward tabling in Parliament.

He said the report covers a period of five years, which includes the period when the K92 billion issues occurred but pointed out that it is “not restricted to the K92 billion.”

Germany funded forensic audit to the tune of K9.76 billion.

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64 thoughts on “Mutharika warns of more ‘cashgate’ arrests as Ministers implicated in K92bn looting”

  1. munarara mapuya says:

    I like nyansa times

  2. ochewa says:

    With this approach the house ‘malawi’ will be clean as all cashmaniacs thru unlawful will be discplinef. Forward ever Peter Wa Munthali! Lets hope you were not part of mk92 billion. Koma mwayamba bwino president azitere!!!!!!!

  3. cbk says:

    tiwone tiye nazoni

  4. vaanwyk says:

    suja dzulo munkat JB ? Nanga tinkanena suyu wathira msiizi lero? ukamaloza anzako zala 4 zimaloza iwe mwini. Chaona mzako chapita mawa chili paiwe. Mumva mbebe baba chaponda. One, a very big fish, is in this scam too. yingotini phee! k

  5. NYAKAMZAKO says:

    half of the Lomwe based cabinet to step due to theft by trick and abuse of office/power!

  6. vilimmwera says:

    poor as we are tikufinyananso tokhatokha amangwetu, who will save us from this bondage ?i have the report through hook and crook and if it is edited i will reveal the original, bwana APM koma mulipo? hehede, muli bwanji?

  7. Bwana Chaponda sorry

  8. Hoitty says:

    Has the report been given to German govt who funded the audit? If yes, then we are assured of a non edited report

  9. Siyisiya munthu even the one talking he bought a house mokuba nde kobiri angalisiye

  10. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ngwabodza uyu sangawamange anzake amabera nawo pamodzi. Angofuna muzizire mitima mudutsitse budget yopanda ndramayo

  11. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Which donor money. Joyce stole too but donors r busy dining with her. She is praised globally by the same donors. What a nonsense

  12. Pulizi says:

    THe truth cannot be concealed. It doesn’t matter how they are going to do it. They can edit but the God of Malawi knows the details. People are dying I Hospitals, in our roads because of selfishness of the few individuals. God is a God of mercy but the poor cannot be taken advantage of. Malawians have been oppressed enough. It’s the time for Malawi to be set free from this oppression. May God vindicate all who are part of this.

  13. Chadza says:

    Leave them free dont say that they have stolen malawian monies if them are also malawians then they have stolen their own monies.

  14. I just want to tell my fellow Malawian that i trully have an evidence that Bingu,Kaliati,Henry,Mulli,Nankhumwa and many to mention had a hand on 92 billion Malawi Kwacha.Ndipo ine ndidamangira nyumba ku Chimaliro ku Mzuzu zina ndidakasunga kunja kwa dziko lino…Malawi ndife opusa Kwambiri i hate born and raised in Malawi

  15. Real cashgate says:

    Anthu awa anditopesa chikhala ampila mkadwawagulisa kwa Mponda the wizardmaster kkkkkkkkkkk Mayi Malawi y n y U allow dis no sense upon ur eyes dis nthakati atipha iwo akumapita kukalandila mankhwala ku Mangalande mayooooooo

  16. edda mwalweni says:

    Chonde petala musamusiye ndi mbava imeneyi muyimange basi kuba ndi mavoti omwe Sahara!!!!

  17. bingu says:

    God bless Malawi keep it free from cashgate

  18. M23 says:

    Kuti mudziwe mbala zimene zidaba ndalama za boma, voterani DPP!

  19. Malema says:

    Make sure opposition u pressurise them.Abweze ndalama zimenezo,pay back the money and face justice.92billion outnumbers our resources.

  20. Tsikulokufanyani says:

    The President has also been implicated in the report. No wonder there is resistance to get the report tabled in Parliament. Henry Mussa is quite nowadays, perhaps he is thinking of the consequences.

  21. Nsena says:

    Ndiamodzi mudamvapo kuti Bakili amunjata. Anyani zikundu. Nkhondo ya angitao igwera akafucheche pamene machejumu ali phe.

  22. Mulohmwe Wa kwa Golliat says:

    Boma la DPP Limenelo!!!!!!!! Chaponda on the lead

  23. Munnyabu says:

    Stil dont see justice forth coming with Peter pa mpando if is implicated mesa basi its dead and barren nde pa nyasaland

  24. Nkhedu says:

    Goodall @ a certain press comference back then told Malawians that during Moya’s tenure there was no cashgate but only corruption.

  25. Chipeyero says:

    Let the rubbish be looted out of our beautiful Malawi

  26. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    What if the Minister of Finance himself is also implicated? May be the report should be presented to the Ministry (not just to the Minister) but it should also be in the presence of other stakeholders such as CSOs, Opposition Members of Parliament etc.

    After this 92 billion case, we also need to go back a little bit. During the time of Achair. Cash gate was also rampant during that time. Thats why Atupele is able to run a political party today. Its because of cash gate during his Otate wake time.

  27. Substitute supporter says:

    Khoswe akhala pa mkate, this time nothing will be done, forget to see any arrest. Azimangidwa ndi jb basi.

  28. komen Eddie says:

    Yes Mr.Sir,may you please go a head with that issue of investigations about the cashgate,all top guys who are involved in that stated scam must be brought to book for proper explanation otherwise people would likely to know how many guys are in.Hopefully people will be happy if this matters can be sorted out as quick as the courts can.

  29. Chomi says:

    How bout u include your dpp cronies from the 92billion kwacha case too. You are by far the most useless president Malawi has ever had. Bolaso Joyce Banda and Bakili

  30. Ethurama says:

    kaliati,mussa,chaponda,peter + bande,mwanaveka,bonongwe,nakhumwa,mulli etc nanunso mumatani takhumudwa tayaluka

  31. magaula says:

    there comes the root of cashgate.chaulere chodzadza chikubwera

  32. DRC says:

    Dear Mr President be assured of an extra genuine vote from me if you deal with this cashgate mole and nepotism once and for all. Please not that time is running out because the real campaign for 2019 started when you were sworn in. THIS COUNTRY WILL RESUME DEVELOPMENT from the point where late Kamuzu Banda left only when we get a President who will face CORRUPTION, THEFT OF PUBLIC(Tax payers) MONEY AND NEPOTISM HEAD ON.
    How many Chewas of Kasungu were at capital hill during Kamuzu’s erra. How many undeserving tribesmen are in top positions now. ADDRESS THESE ISSUES NOW AND GET A LANDSLIDE VICTORY IN 2019.

  33. Mateyo Oyera says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for Peter Mutharika himself to step down and submit himself to the legal process once his name is implicated . No one us a sacred cow now . Malawians are now tired of these thieving politicians .

  34. shaaaa! says:

    tiyambe kaye audit ku ndata kenako aja aMK92 billion eti bwana.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    komanso nyumba zija zidagulidwa ku MHC.KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkumalizira a biti cashgatee!!!hahahahahaha

  35. lesta says:

    And peter mutharika must surrender himself to police,25billion is not a joke.

  36. A MPINGO says:





  38. kaugali says:

    when will it be out,stealing condolence money it is shameful to the world

  39. chinena says:

    How could the President surround himself with cabinet ministers from his tribe who r all implicated in the K92billion Cashgate scandal(Kaliati, Mwanamveka, Chaponda)?

  40. This government have to go!!! The President himself is mentioned as masterminded of DPP cash gate. No wonder these guys rigged votes to run away from persecution.

  41. Tengupenya says:

    True friend of Malawi. Portugal please also come on board. Help us recover wealth stolen from us by our own people.

  42. Nyekhu Wa NYENKHUKANI says:

    nanga iwo amene poti zikumveka kuti atchulidwa mu report, azimanganso?

  43. Asawalekerere kumene.awacheke ndithu

  44. Helo says:

    Too much talk but little action. Can these guys arrest themselves? I doubt. To this is a waste of time and empty talk.

  45. Alarm says:

    Reporters be careful with names of people in sensitize issues. Let the report come out and report on what is in the report not what you heard as rumours. At this stage this becomes a character assassination. Be professional.

  46. waku Ifumbo says:

    No need to warn them.You already know them and start throwing them at Maula like sack of potatoes.Akutinyasa Ife akamayankhula muma TV knowing that they have heavily abused our taxes.

  47. Mphepo Zinai says:

    Even now this cabal is nor sleeping, thinking of how to steal. Already, the maize procurement clearly shows there are attempts to steal through buying of maize at inflated artificial prices.

  48. Bigimani wankulu says:

    Let’s wait n see…we are watching…

  49. Hoitty says:

    Report ikuchedwa kumpeza Goidall bwanji ngati kuti amakhala kutali? Kapena it is too heavy like the CCTV footage that Nankhumwa is failing to provide to ACB

  50. TIT FOR TAT IS..... says:

    Kamphale can you defend this PWC foreinsic Audit as you always defending section 65 giving warning to the Speaker ? The darkness of DPP is smelling around the corner.No matter what no cealing of the PWC Audit the world is also watching. No more to tamper the implicaters.

  51. White Rabbit says:

    Actions speak louder than words!

  52. Anabanda says:

    Start with Ndatha Farm then it will all start making sense………..

  53. I am wondering; others are wandering scott free yet others were instantly arrested. People like Soko wa MCP was rushly arrested while people like those who were used to syphone money through Kamuzu Barracks are free. People like Beatrice Mthunzi who stole millions from parliament are heros because government cannot arrest them. They’ve built masions at Veritenary in Chinsapo. I will never trust ACB or these Police tip off anonymous, amati akadyetsedwa sikono they become silent fools. My only trust now is GOD. So This Peter Mutharika should shut up, no any grain of truth can come out from his lying mouth.

  54. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Lhomwe polical grouping. See Mutharika, Chaponda, Mwanavekha, Kaliati & Kondwani Nankhumwa. This is perfect TRIBALISM. PITARA this is not on. Confine nepotism and tribalism to archives of history

  55. Kadakwiza says:

    Anyone who is implicated must step aside, but not our president. DPP the engineers of cash gate and Joyce Banda the destroyer of cash gate.

  56. joseph Gambatula says:

    The foreign lawyers should be also be involved in the 92 billion dig out because they wont have selective justice than the crooked malawian lawyers.What we are interested is that the 92 billion should also be recovered and help developmental projects for Malawi.We don’t care whether some high profile are in the govt,but justice should be done.Dont just give them 3 yrs as you hoodwinked us on this woman thief Treza Senzani who was living a Hollywood lifestyle on the expense of struggling taxpayer who cannot have a decent meal.Confiscate their illgotten properties and sell them to recover the money.This has gone for so long in Malawi.Why shielding thieves like Muluzi with their fake back pains while they have alot of benefits from the tax payer?Everybody involved should be locked up otherwise muzabuka moyo tsiku limodzi mumalawi muno nditindale tanu tosadziwika bwino tongofuna kubera amalawi.Ana anjoka inu.Ku Egypt ndi uku akufuna kunyonga ma president akale.No one is above the law.We want a better Malawi for everybody not only for a few crooked people.

  57. Ok! says:

    Lets wait and see.

  58. makwinjaishmael says:

    If you are serious on this, really those mentioned in this stinking and shameful story should step down from their positions if you want your Government to be a meaningfu one. Offcourse theris alot off issues that needs to be handled but this cashgate one needs more seriousness for others to draw lessons.

  59. Mano agule says:

    Pali zina tikamalankhula tidzilankhula tidzilankhula ngati a Malawio ndi ndani chifukwa iwe uli ku UK Ndikumanena kuti musathandize chifukwa ndalama zipita ku Thyolo, kodi Thyolo ali ku Zambia kapena kuMalawi? Tikupangiranji mtima wankhanza APM dziko silake ndilathu madonors akuyenera kuthandiza basi akuvutika ndi waku mudzi.

  60. CHEJALI says:

    Chaaaaaa achaponda akunenazi pa newz-pa ndizowona????? Coz ngati mukukanika kusalala pa mtendele ndiye mukapita Ku Maulaaaaa

    1. Nkhedu says:

      Kkkkkk!!! wasted individual

  61. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You have to step down first as well in order to pave way for proper investigations ,some people are saying that you are also beneficially and involved in the MK92bn cash gate . Let’s be serious if really you are a professional lawyer who has been a Prof in America for over 40 years.

  62. Mose muja anadayamba kutinamiza, kapena akutiwone tonse ngati wofunda kape.

  63. How long shall we be promised closure to this stink.

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