Mutharika warns unscrupulous suppliers in Malata and Cement subsidy

President Peter Mutharika has issued a stern warning to companies supplying sub-standard iron sheets and cement in the Decent and Affordable Housing (Cement and Malata) Subsidy Program (DAHSP).

Mutharika at Chiradzulu

Mutharika at Chiradzulu

Mutharika said he will not hesitate to deal with the the unscrupulous suppliers, saying he has has information about those involved in the malpractice and warned “they will regret ever cheating on my government.”

The President issued the warning on Wednesday when he officially opened Chiradzulu Teacher’s Training College (TTC) in Chiradzulu.

Malawi launched the DAHSP – whose objective is to improve the housing conditions of the low-income rural households in the country – in December 2014 at Msampha 1, T/A Chadza in Lilongwe.

The programme is allocated K7 billion ($12.5 million) annually.

According to Mutharika, adequate and decent housing is a catalyst for development and one of the requirements for sustainable livelihoods.

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24 thoughts on “Mutharika warns unscrupulous suppliers in Malata and Cement subsidy”

  1. MCP????? says:

    why and who engages such unscrupulous suppliers in the first place? its time to take them head on, not warning them…. deal with them right away.. no warning time here

  2. Dwambazi says:

    Give us maize, decent health care, water, electricity, what is the use of malata when you have an empty stomach?


    Ife kwathu sikumalawi ndikadakhala mmalawi bwenzi ndikupindula ndi zimenezi. Voti yanga simudzayionanso.

  4. Telling the Truth says:

    I agree with some people who have argued that the President does not have any information. If he had surely take action such as arresting them or blocking these suppliers from supplying. In fact what I find puzzling is why the president is not blaming the Managers of the programme from right from the Minister. Are they accepting substandard materials?

  5. keliland says:

    APM with your led government you are now out of my heart. I really voted you into power but had I known I wud have not done so. Why have you failed to implement seed subsidy which assists the poor and marginally people who can’t afford to buy hybrid seed at retail price in shop. Subsidy seed can in return made them high yield. What is the purpose of applying fertilizer to local variety of seed that can not yield a lot? Why have you failed to convince donors? Why your close servant like pocketing donors funds instead of allowing the poor to benefit from it. Believe me come 2019 you are not winning again.

  6. Mlauzi says:

    Although I do not belong to the DPP I think this is a good project if it can be administered equitably without looking at regions of origin and party affiliation. Thinking strategically we should look at how such projects can be sustained. As we have seen with FISP and Free Primary School Education, freebies do not exist in the real world

  7. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Mxiii hot air, why don’t you arrest and prosecute them? Maybe they are from your tribal grouping and you are afraid to arrest them. One day you will be brought to court to provide the information that you have, JB is not alone.Malawian Presidents speak before thinking, muzasova bambo Peter musatiyese ife zitsilu mwamva. I thought Peter being a lawyer will care of whathe says, koma mmmm onse nchimodzimodzi.

  8. Potawira Zakanika I haven’t seen houses built with this program what I see is Mudzi transformation ya JB that is the problem of copyright this is the down fall of DPP too much lies but how long are you going to keep on lying people are waiting for results you lied.

  9. You have the information arrest them

  10. all-i-can-say says:

    Amalawi munapusa kwambiri. Nkumati subsidy ya malata and cement and yet you can’t afford a decent meal in a day. Having a Hut with iron sheets without a decent quality of life which comes about from a Strong economy which these jokers don’t have a clue on how to go about making it work.

  11. SENGABAY says:

    Rumphi TTC in Chilazulu congrants tribarists

  12. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Bunch of goons………………………..

  13. kesterkalonga says:

    Kodi Malaya ndi cement wotchipa akupezeka kuti abale?kwathu kuno Ku Machinga-Ntaja afika kuti Malaya amenewa.

  14. Nabanda says:

    Mutha Khuphe, wandisangalatsa mawu ako amodzi. Zoonadi sukulu ndi chuma ndizosiyana. Utha kukhala ndi chuma koma uli savage, ngakhale Lucius Banda anayimba:- CHUMA NDI UMBULI NGOZI YOOPSYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mutha khupe says:

    Iyi yokha yalepherab he is failing even to supply maize seed for this year`s FISP- BRITISH SIWAMASEWERA SUKULU NDI INA CHUMANSO NDI CHINA

  16. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    How long will it take for all Malawian poor to access cheaper iron sheets and cement? How will the poor pay back the subsidized iron sheet and cement loan? The majority cannot even afford a tablet of lifebouy, a packet of salt or sugar. Mr president, ministers, party bosses live in ivory towers. They reduce the prices of tv decoders, some vehicles (imported of course) and not essential necessities for the poor!!!!

  17. RoyK says:


  18. Likoma Economist says:

    Bull crap. Why do you warn thieves. If you have evidence, arrest them all. By the way this programme is bound to face many problems. Subsidy, subsidy, subsidy – this madness should stop. We are not growing ecobomically – we are simply re-distributing poverty!

  19. nam'bwibwi says:

    Program olo itakhala yabwino bwanji koma mukango lowetsamo chipani ndi ntundu umodzi wa anthu siimaenda bwino. Chifukwa akaba wa mulhako wa alomwe kumavuta kumulanga

  20. ... says:

    Kodi pulojekiti imeneyo ilipo?
    Nanga ngati ilipo akumanga kuti?
    Za zi
    Azikuputsitsani choncho wolepherayu.
    Malawi is a buried state.

  21. Malawiyano says:

    The whole line up of the building materials is composed of DPP diehards they are busy supplying low grade materials , it’s good you good the information , some are not even supplying but they are being paid through the cheating network.

  22. mgawadere says:

    Wabodza uyu alibe info iliyonse musaope ndithu

  23. Kamuzuba says:

    Arrest them. If the state president knows the culprits why not use the state machinery to bring them before courts? Another JB in the making!!!! Ndikuwadziwa anaombera Mphwiyo.

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