Mutharika welcomes Korea, Kuwait, Austria envoys: Malawi new friends

Kuwait Ambassador  to Malawi Ahmed Khalid Jeesam inspecting guard of honour at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Kuwait Ambassador to Malawi Ahmed Khalid Jeesam inspecting guard of honour at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

North Korean Ambassador to Malawi  Kim Hyon IL inspects a guard of honour at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

North Korean Ambassador to Malawi Kim Hyon IL inspects a guard of honour at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday consolidated Malawi’s desire to have friends across the world, when he received letters of credence from North Korea, Austria and Kuwait at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

Kuwait Ambassador to Malawi, Ahmed Khalid Al Jeeran Tuesday said his government is keen to improve relationship between the two countries and promised assistance in areas of health and investment.

Speaking to journalists after presenting letters of credence to President Mutharika, Ahmed Khalid Al Jeeran said cooperation’s between Malawi and Kuwait is one among the fruitful relations and that for years the two nations have worked so hard to make sure that the life of its people is improved for the better.

“I am so happy to have presented letters of credence to President Mutharika and among the top most issues we discussed is how to improve our health systems as well as investment.

“I therefore informed the President that Kuwait is ready to send its doctors to Malawi and provide the necessary assistance required by the Malawi Ministry of health,” he explained.

He further said, “I am aware of the Kuwait charity organizations working in the country and we discussed with the President about the need to upscale the sector and also make sure that a larger number of people benefit from such organizations.”

Other issues that the two discussed included the Kuwait fund which the Ambassador said his government was ready to release.

“Our officials will be coming to Malawi to further discuss about the Kuwait fund and other developmental projects,” Ahmed Khalid Al Jeeran explained.

Also presenting letters of credence on Wednesday was Kim Hynon IL, Ambassador of North Korea.

In his speech Kim said despite that no specific areas were identified, his country is ready to assist Malawi in a number of sectors.

“I came to present my letter of credence and I will come shortly to discuss with the President on possible areas that we may assist,” he said.

Kim Hynon IL, Ambassador of North Korea will be operating from Luanda while Ahmed Khalid Al Jeeran is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.


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23 thoughts on “Mutharika welcomes Korea, Kuwait, Austria envoys: Malawi new friends”


  2. Matey U .Mopiya says:

    North Korea ?does Malawu have a foreign policy what are we going to gain by establishing Diplomatic relations with North Korea .D.P.P. Malawi is now ranked last amongst the 10 least developed countries because of this Mickey Mouse government .Parliament please intervene before it’s too late

  3. says:

    I dont see any problems with who we tie our knot with as long as we express what our areas of interest are. We have been friends with the West (USA in particular) but honestly these guys have no respect at all of our own values. No wonder they attach “nuisance” conditions to their friendship: things like same sex marriages; how do these things help in developing our country??? I hate them honestly!!!! Please Mr President invite Russia too.

  4. Khumbuka says:

    This is not new with Malawi, Malawi was a friend of Apartheid South Africa when America and other countries had bad ties with her. Malawi benefited alot from South Africa. Malawi ndiwoyima payekha it should remain as such. If America did not stop being with ties with Malawi then why should we be afraid now. Fear has a torment, fear not Malawians make more friend, exploit more new place, take risks and move forward

  5. Hebrews says:

    Yes lets go to the East and far East! These colonists too much strings attached to their aid. Lets go even to Russia and Iran. Ayaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. wobeba wanga says:

    Big up APM

  7. Kim Yong says:

    No. 12. Do you mean , may be, mainland China. Never have I heard North Koreans build what you are saying Follow contemporary issues with diligence.

  8. Issa Kabudula says:

    There is a future at a short distance if Malawians politicians are to swallow their pride especially the opposition parties and work hand in hand with the government of the day while you are growing your own manifestos. It is through these friendship, where we get growth in education through sharing of expertise and resources.

  9. Jelbin mk says:

    And moreover North Korea has not said “because you are allies with the USA then you don’t have to be our friend” and we don’t expect the US to question that otherwise they will prove to be bad friends and badly intentioned.

  10. Jelbin mk says:

    As much as I know an ambassador is entitled his or her excellency and this tells you how important the position is you receive the whole honours the president is ought to so questioning the honour rendered here is exposing how little knowledge is gathered, I suggest that people before you comment try to conduct some research a bit to avoid goofing openly. I also want to add my thoughts on our relationship with the controversial North Korea, I don’t believe in that my friend’s enemy is my enemy as well so I have no problem having North Korea as our friend and whatever they don’t compromise with the USA is not the same as with us they have their own grudges which are non of our concerns.

  11. fkr says:

    why would we welcome North Korea? have we completely lost out morals or do we simply not care what the government of north Korea are doing to their people and to the world with their nukeu weapome. Someone’s we have to have common sense, when something is wrong we need to say it’s wrong and north Korea should not be welcome here. Yes I know north Koreans are providing Malawi with cheap Labour to build the stadium, hotels etc. Labour that Malawian could have done and our government has sold its peopleI out on this regard which is really bad news

  12. malawian says:

    Big up mr president ife tileke kuchedza ndi anthu chifukwa cha US fuck off!

  13. 27 says:

    To those questioning the inspecting of a guard of honour by an ambassador, it’s not strange, Foreign Envoys are representatives of Heads of State as such whatever Malawi offers to foreign heads of state will be offered to the Ambassadors of those foreign heads of stat.

  14. Zanga Phee! says:

    Oh north Korea your first thing should be train our army with new fighting techniques especially paratroopers and marines.We don’t have problem for dictator ship in stuff,we are used Kamuzu was also one of such practice,so bring your team now,see my name.

  15. Chris Banda says:

    Guard of honour,an ambassoder? My mother Malawi!

  16. ahoy says:

    Pitara apitara, thought u lived in USA . how come u bringing North Korea. U r damn

  17. truth says:

    North korea-mukufuna zida-a Tanzania akuti amangoti opyezatu.Uku nde kudana ndi USA ndi ache azibale ake.

    1. Action says:

      kkkkkkk USA muiimva ikuti mwathamangitsa kazembe wathu. Apa nde kuishoshadi amwene.

  18. Vwatapu says:

    Malawi is slowly straying away. Our poverty should not make us compromise our principles. Let us not jump into creating diplomatic ties before studying benefits of such moves.

  19. Human resources manager says:

    Embecility of African leaders, you can not employ you own young graduate doctors but you go out and beg for retired doctors to came and work a.k.a have holiday in Malawi? How stupid can one be. Jean Kaliran is an MD, she should be fighting to get the young doctors into the system. If you want aid, why not ask for financial support so you can hire the doctors? Just shows you can educated an African but does not have strategic thinking.

  20. ujeni says:

    Malawi is just secondary, their priority and primary concern is where they stay in major Capital Cities of our neighbouring countries these Ambassador

  21. bratusha says:

    North Korea yokhayo ndiye ayi mwapulaka odala.

  22. alukosyo says:

    do we receive such honour kunjako nafenso like this? Kodi Kim akuti has come with no specific areas of assistance Munthu umakwatira usakudziwa chochita naye mkazi?

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