Mutharika will fall – Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera has said they will use democratic means to push President Peter Mutharika out of power – a ballot in 2019 –  saying his government has failed  and there is need to “clean up” the country’s political landscape.

Chakwera consulting Aford's Chihana at the rally

Chakwera consulting Aford’s Chihana at the rally

People listening to MCP rally in Mzuzu

People listening to MCP rally in Mzuzu

Chakwera, Chihana and Kamlepo  at the podium

Chakwera, Chihana and Kamlepo at the podium

Chakwera speaking at Chibabvi

Chakwera speaking at Chibabvi

Chakwera told a mass rally in Mzuzu that Malawi  economy was in a state of crisis as poverty was spreading at an alarming rate.

“We want to save this country from hunger, corruption, lack of jobs and quota system,” said Chakwera at Chibavi primary school ground in Mzuzu  he was joined at the rally by Alliance for Democracy (Aford) leader  Enock Chihana and Peoples Party (PP)  Kamlepo Kalua.

Chakwera thanked other opposition leaders for working together with MCP in search for common ground  “so that we can engage in effective common action.”

The MCP president who is also leader of opposition said he is re motivated by serving the people not power or greed..

Chakwera  further condemned  education quota system, saying it was a cause of injustice.

“Because of quota system, many people are illiterate and politicians take advantage of people’s illiteracy and corrupt them with little money to cause violence like what we have seen,” said Chakwera in reference to regime thugs who came to disrupt the rally.

The thugs believed to have been organised and sponsored by the regime, also attacked party women who attended the rally, and stripped some of them naked.

Chakwera said DPP should not waste money in buying pangas to attack political opponents but use to improve the quality of lives for all citizens.

“We are committed to balanced national development,” said the MCP president.

He said Malawi needs to move forward together at the same force.

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57 thoughts on “Mutharika will fall – Chakwera”

  1. APM ndi makina Amwene musayiwale tinagwesa bomatu til I kunja pano ndife eni nthaka

  2. victor says:

    achakwera muyesetse chifukwa za church zidakukanikani.ndipo mudziwe kuti mukunyozetsa
    chipani chachikulu ngati MCP. Abale nonse amene mukavote pa convertion mukachotse jessie ndi chakwera ife tikufuna MCP italowa mbomakuti mizimu ya Kamuzu isangalare osati
    awa otemberedwawa

  3. ATHIN says:

    Out all the presidents Malawi has had, PETER MUTHALIKA is the worst. He is clueless, no vision.

  4. Mkhurang`ona wa Nakhovingo says:

    Abale musataye nthawi yanu pachabe pomalimbana ndi APM. APM ndi dhilu and APM and DPP will win come 2019. This is a fact and nonnegotiable. There is no single person in MC P, PP and the forgotten AFORD who can stand against our beloved APM and win. Mwagwa nayotu inu.

  5. Mkako says:

    APM and his cabinet do have the vision to turn around our economy. There are a lot of recycled people that do not forward thinkers and are bent to self enrichment and stomach development.

    need to pursue marco policies that can spur development rather than policies are increasing dependance of populas on the government.

    we are not happy to be on five year holiday with APM. we will never get this precious time we are wasting praising people for doing nothing

  6. Noophiya says:

    When will this campaign come to an end? I think its time for the implementation of what we were promised in 2014 campaign period by the party whose manifesto got greater mass support from the 4 regions.Then what should be done is to keep an eye on them cross checking whether they are delivering what they promised us or not. Not campaigning wait 2019.

  7. Chimbolo says:

    Nonse ndinu zitsiru agalu achewa aku south. Mungovota mosaganizira ulendo uno muzavotere Atupele bola kusiyana ni APM.
    Pama President onse amene anayeserako anali Honourable BAKILI MULUZI

  8. isaac phiri says:


  9. Jack says:

    Its you Chakwera who will fall,first you have to win at the Convention in next few months,There wouldnt have been a Convention in MCP but Chakweras undemocratic tendensies by firing and appointing as if he owns the party,that means as a President you will be a dictator.Go to the South and see if people love MCP,you dont campaign in your stronghold

  10. mada says:


  11. observer says:

    a chakwela ndi munthu mmozi opanda nzelu or pang*ono bola babaTembo kapena kamulepo chakwela ndi mbuzi yeni yeni

  12. Patriots says:

    After 14 may general election government is still campaigning and this will go on til 2019 with no tangible developments. Due to failure to cast a vision with economic stimulus opposition launches a solidarity campaign that is causing upset to the ruling Dpp, and this will continue til 2019. APM has a thorn in his flesh and it is evidently Chakwera and his allies now let the games begin and this is good for our young democracy before we reach the standard of authentic politics.

  13. PM says:


  14. Malawi Deplomat says:

    As put by by a lot of contributors, you Lazarus , should know,that winning elections needs the South. you failed ( even though we know that the vote was stolen) because you never campaigned vigorously in the South. Am ready to join you propel you, but not under the bereagerd guys you have put to lead the MCP south. Common, wake up man,. Tembo tried and tried for three times and bowed out coz of the same syndrome. Reshuffle that committee or call for fresh elections, we will be ready to contest, Chiphiko knows my dedication(ask delvin or John Malo)

  15. J. Kuphazi says:

    Those MCP who sued chakwera for a conversion are the ones who had phangas at the rally.
    Baba Chakwerani are you campaining in advance before the conversion ? Pepa Chakwera ku konvesoni tikasankhenso president wina. Inu mupume. MCP Woyeee!!!!!!!

  16. Plate says:

    Do we want change in the name of critics? We really have a problem in malawian politics this is nt time for campaign lets wait till 2019, a reminder to pp, mcp and afford u seem to be workin together to bring peter down nt to help malawians mind u when it comes for elections u will fight each other coz ur all hungry for presidency let God alone guide

  17. malawians lets fight together to pull our cauntry

  18. we ween people amene angasithe malawi lyk chakwela osati kuononga malawi ayi

  19. Dear, Mr Chakwera,
    1. Prove beyond reasonable doubt that all atrocities suffered by Malawians shall never be there again.

    2The issue of quota system shall die a natural death if you take the govt. But if you keep on mentioning it in your rallies it Will anger those who support it. The more you advocate against it the more you put yourself in trouble to convince those who like it to start disliking it.
    3.The north already support you, so don’t waste your efforts that side, otherwise go to the south. Remember you lost elections in 2014 coz of this.
    4 Tell the people what you intend to change when you take the govt but not insulting the current government otherwise you will anger your would be voters.
    5 Remember, alliances have never been successful in Malawi elections, so think wisely, otherwise that gathering belongs to three parties, imagine your share.
    6. Failing which you will die the opposition.

  20. gama says:

    Ask Gwanda how many electrol alliance he formed and failed to win an election

  21. wet says:

    God knows the winner let god decide if rapture will not come by then.

  22. kambanizithe says:

    would someone tell me the truth,is Malawi a God fearing? if yes why do we separate politics from God?If we say we fear God why do we vote and judge chakwera kuti he ran away from God.Does Chakwera stop going to church?Guys let’s face reality Chakwera sanathawe mulungu.ngati anathawa Milungu then Malawi is not a God fearing Nation.

  23. The mare fact that the MCP HIGH PRIEST is putting on Banda’s shirt with his logo,it is an expression of recognition of former Banda’s heinous policies that culminated into unprecedented sufferings of thousands of innocent Malawians.What would for instance,Dick Matenje’s children feel when they see the novice MCP leader wears the cloth depicting their father’s killer?And what the overwhelming northern victims of the MCP bloody regime look at the HIGH PRIEST? This is a self infliction contradictory the so-called Preist/ leader is weighing in.Beware Northerners,you might land on another vicious religious leader.Banda used to be a Church elder,you saw what he did to you.By abandoning the services of the “SUPREME BEING”and joining the most corrupt and prestigious career explains volume.Northerners,don’t fall into the Lion’s jaws again.BEST LUCK!!!!

  24. The Partriot says:

    God will never forsake Malawi! One day, these chains will be broken!

  25. Gwaladi says:

    Guys am DPP and was coming from Songwe to collect a car. Give credit where it is due, kunAli fans. It’s high time DPP started putting its house inorder. Let’s solve the economic problems and the maize issue because the party is now losing popularity. Few people now talk good about DPP and i do travel a lot. A stitch in time saves nine. Am one who has benefitted from the DPP regime massively and knows what am talking about.

  26. Chambe peak says:

    After the maize strategy, the whattsup strategy, the calls to resignation strategy and the many other short cut strategies have failed, you better swallow your pride and try again on 2019. Kaya zanu izo. Anzanu akuti alibe plobulemu.


  28. wakwithu says:


  29. Lazarus! Lazarus! Lazarus! How many times have a I called you? COME BACK TO THE PULPIT! You are living on borrowed time. That is why you look so unhappy!

  30. Madam, wo mukuti akhoza kukhala first lady? MUMANAMA!

  31. Job Simfukwe says:

    Chakwera is NOT CONVINCING! He was convincing when he was standing in the pulpit. But when he speaks as a politician it is like listening to a board member who did not read the minutes of the previous meeting. Blank! Uninspiring! Dead end! That is what happens to BACKSLIDERS!

  32. Wirimu says:

    MCP sizalamulilanso boma la Malawi ngakhale itasankha Obama kukhala wochiyimilila 2019

  33. MCP 4 real says:

    MCP wining in 2019 ha! ha! ha! ha! musandiseketse abusa, atsogoleri that dream was not real or was from the devil. DPP ndi machine imasewera mpira wake umodzi umodzi… people know that problems facing Malawi are not leadership specific and taht changing a government is an automatic solution to them, lets solve these internal issues before we completely fall out

  34. Tasokwa says:

    All those who are against Chakwera’s presidency are the cash getters. You are eating with your APM. But do not be fooled God is not Pitala He is a God of answers. You think Malawians could be crying night and day without answers. What good is the country receiving from your gay president? If you dance with your animal skins at your back you think that is life. No way. God will pave a way for a fit leader as He did with Kamuzu.

    In those days it was not Kamuzu doing all those atrocities but people surround. Now the DPP have started the same. Malawi will be liberated by a leader who loves God

  35. ellias says:

    Ife tikufuna new blood basi.

  36. Concerned citizen says:

    Chakwera is worse than Mr ungapake!!!

  37. nancy says:

    Amkaziwa ndani kut dpp ingabwelelenso boma!!!?

  38. Rudo says:

    I think Chakwera is doing a research. I don’t think he wants to be the president of Malawi.

  39. Bright komala says:

    Mcp muli madzi ngati dpp anabela ili yosusa apa ili boma musova chakwela bola mugobwelera kwa mulungu munali kunja…

  40. Greencardless Malawian says:


  41. wawa mulomwe says:

    vuto lake chigulu chomsechi chinali cha zipani zosiyanasiyana, come 2019 tizaipa payekha ndipamene pitala azaoneka bwino.

  42. clement says:

    DPP for life!

  43. chipalamandule says:

    Chakwera and Chihana ndi dilu ndinalikonko wina afune asafune MCP AFORD boma!!! a Khumbo kKachale kutumidwa ndi DPP kuti usokoneze musonkhano zinakukanikani.A Khumbo Kachale munatha inu or kwanu anasiya kukufunani Nkhanga zawona.Mupiteso kwasing’anga wina.

  44. anonymous says:

    The way it looks alliances never work and it will never mcp my foot I cant waste my vote for mcp chakwera go back to the ministry of God jesus needs you ,minthu samakhala ndi ambuye awari God and politicts you will love one and hates another

  45. Mbatata says:

    Joke of the year!!! MCP bouncing back into power??, Over my dead body.

  46. Apao Kugola says:

    The current crop of Malawians are generally too docile to change the political landscape. Most claim to be God-fearing simply because they go to prayer houses. Yet they are the same people in the majority who are immoral in every way. Hypocrites. Shup up. Come out in the open.

  47. BOKHO says:

    That is a sign of falling down of the regime. We cant tolerate it these will be punished.

  48. Franklin says:

    DPP singamake

  49. kundes says:

    Pepani a Kaluwa nda nzanuo

  50. chimuzanga majoti says:

    Mupite kuConvention kaye baba! 2019 sikale tikudikilani

  51. King Solomon says:

    Hahahahaaaaa…..MCP and your friends that’s your own move don’t fool us Malawians. Even if we change government today never ever expect any change we are living in the last days, whether we like it or not we have to face these problems. I feel sorry for Mr. Chakwera i don’t think you were really a man of GOD because you seem to be not knowing what the bible about the end times. My message to all Malawians when these things are happening lets relate with what the bible said.

  52. Tengupenya says:

    How does the “Quota” make people illiterate? Quota affects literate people, who have passed MSCE and are looking for university placement. The quota helps local education areas (LEA) or Divisions with less competitive students to get some of their students into university at the expense of more gifted students from LEAs with abundant competitive students. It is an Adminstrative means of addressing imbalance. The evil in its application is that it cannot be a permanent method of selection. It should only be used periodically to ensure some students from all LEA enter university in an intra-census period. apply it no more than a maximum of 3 times in a given 10 year period.

  53. wobeba wanga says:

    Hahahaha!!!!!!! MCP you messed up your time in Kamuzu Bandaz era, no more time for you. Chakwera go back to religious affairs, other wise you are wasting your time. Its time for other parties now. DPP 2019-2024 take it or not!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. NYONYO says:


  55. nyani says:


  56. zilani says:

    DPP thugs stripping women naked? Do these people have mothers? The DPP leadership organised it and are happy? They have gone too far for our comfort. God, I beg you in the name of Jesus punish them with stroke, leprosy and heartattack.

    1. November Rain says:

      Sadly, that is not how God works . . .
      . . . being summoned and used by heavy-hearted people to punish others.

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