Mutharika’s ADC in ‘cardiac’ scare: Chisale stand-in

Malawi President Peter Mutharika ‘s Aide-de-Camp (ADC) Lieutenant Colonel Gilfred Chafikana  had to be  rushed to hospital after collapsing but survived what State House officials  feared could have been cardiac arrest.

Lieutenant Colonel Gilfred Chafikana full recovery following the incident

Lieutenant Colonel Gilfred Chafikana full recovery following the incident

Nyasa Times understands that the ADC had succumbed to pressure of work since he has no time to rest.

“There was medical emergency for the ADC,” a government official said.

For the first  time in the history of Malawi that the Head of State’s ADC has no assistant.

After Chifikana’s helath scare,  President Mutharika’s long time handler and shoe shiner Paulos Chisale, who has military background,  took over as stand-in ADC.

Chafikana was reportedly later discharged and is believed to have made a full recovery.

The ADC was assigned to State House after Lieutenant Colonel Fostino Gunda-Phiri was controversially removed from his position.

Meanwhile, people commenting on Nyasa Times  call for the review of Presidential security arrangement.

“This business of soldiers standing behind the President or carrying umbrellas is simply outdated,” commented one.

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9 thoughts on “Mutharika’s ADC in ‘cardiac’ scare: Chisale stand-in”

  1. Chikwakwanja says:

    Mpaka Shoe shiner,? u min you couldnt find a better description to fit the man? Ops!

  2. mwahenga says:

    Refrain from speculating about people’s illness. It is unprofessional. And reporters lose credibility

    1. mpoloni says:

      I agree

  3. Gogodasi says:

    Cameron amanyamula yekha sumbulele komanso Obama amanyamula yekha sumbulele. I wowa ndi chani amati tinyamulilreni. This is what Kamuzu used to do a typical character of a dictator. Kenako dzati ndidyetseni chakudya. Learn something from Mangofuli who has changed political dynamics of Tanzania. The president should also order that all those that have honarary doctorates should no longer be addressed as doctors otherwise we will not differentiate between the educated doctors and uneducated doctors. Malawi is the only country in SADC which is promoting this nonsense.

    1. Tengupenya says:

      This message must go thos who use honorary accolades as de facto academic accolades.

    2. Emeneka says:

      Koma iwe ndiwopusa eti. Kodi pulezidenti weniweni anganyamula chikeama yekha? How on earth can you compare APM with Cameron. Cameron ndikamwana bambo. Next time ADC adzimukozesa pulezidenti. Why do you compare Africa with Europe or America? Our presidents are genuine presidents destving a 50 vehicle convoy. How can you respect a leader whose convoy is made up of only 4 cars? Zachibwana basi anthu opanda nzeru. Pse stop writing nonsense APM has no equivalent in the world. Viva Life President APM.Munya muwona.

      1. Moses Makoko says:


    3. Moses Makoko says:

      Asing’anganso asiye kuzitchula kuti ‘Dr.’They should get another title that befits their trade, for example ‘mfiti’…………..The continued misapplication of the title ‘Dr’ is discrediting it’s worthiness…….. That’s why nowadays u see those that have PhDs no longer wish to be called ‘Drs’ they prefer placing PhD after their names kuthawa chifwirimbwiti. Ma engineers naonso azichoka.
      If we can successfully clear this mess, we will be able to go to another level where pipo will be called Dr only wen they have got a PhD and not a degree from the college of medicine. ……omwe anapita ku xul akundimva what I mean…….
      Kwa inu muli ndi ma honorary degrees nkumavuta mtaunimu kuti ‘ndine Dr…’ simumanva manyazi?…….kukhala doctor ma guy sipano. …….its real work. Stop calling urself or Ur wives doctors, u embarrass some of us big time……!

      1. chodziwadziwa Bsc (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

        Mr Moses Makoko…I cant agree more – you really know what it takes to be called a “Dr”…its not easy..sleepless nights for over three years. It is totally uncalled for to what is happening in Malawi with honorary doctorates and the use of the titles. And these college of medicine graduates calling themselves “Dr”…eeeish what a mess indeed…

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