Mutharika’s attack on critics ‘sign of guilty’– CSOs

Civil Society Organisations in Malawi have observed that President Peter Mutharika’s recent remarks against his critics during the Christmass Children Party may be deemed as ‘self-implicating’ and a “sign of guilty” on his possible role in NACGATE – –taking money from National Aids Commission (NAC)  to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/Aids pandemic .

Trapence: Demo on

Trapence: Demo on

Recently  Mutharika, during a pre-christmas children party at Kamuzu Palace, asked what he described as ‘fault finders’ not to poke their nose sniffing the source of money he has used in hosting a pre-Christmas party for children drawn from different churches and organizations, stating that there was no penny from government coffers used during the event.

“The event has been sponsored by me, the First Lady and some well-wishers. There is no one tambala for the government. I don’t want mawa somebody kumati, ‘fwee, fwee, fwee, ndipanga demonstrations and so forth there is no government money here involved” said a seemingly infuriated Mutharika.

However, in a statement made available to Nyasa Times, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Centre for Development of People (Cedep), MANERELA and MANET +, observe that Mutharika’s attack on “fault finders” only managed to sow seeds of suspicion in the public on the possible role of the President in the NACGATE.

“Why is it that the DPP’s regime seemed to be more concerned or angry  with the saga than even the implicated BEAM Trust and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe? Why the panic? Is there something the DPP’ regime is hiding to the country on its possible role in NACGATE? If the whole of the President can stand up and say  ‘I don’t want mawa somebody kumati fwee fwee fwee ndipanga demonstrations and so forth there is no government money here involved’, in front of children, for any possible intentions by his ‘critics’ to poke their nose into  the source of funds for the children’s party in a context or a background of NACGATE and that the only demonstrations being talked about which are as a result of misuse of public funds are the ones related to NACGATE, then we should all be suspicious and question why the President is uttering such and his possible link to NACGATE saga? Why the guilt and anger?” reads the statement.

The statement was signed by Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence, Martha Kwataine, Macdonald Sembereka and Safari Mbewe executive directors of CHRR, Cedep, MHEN, MANERELA and MANET+ respectively.

The five CSOs further state that they are still disturbed to-date that  President Mutharika and his government continue to be “silent” on this important matter which is doing more harm than good to his government’s image locally and internationally.

“Why is the President ‘quiet’? Does it mean that NACGATE saga is of no ultimate concern to his government’s professed efforts towards reduction of HIV and AIDS in the country? Why is the President not condemning the act? For no doubt the President’s ‘silence’ on the matter is making a lot of noise, and to a greater extent his silence may be implied as consent to the malpractice.

“Yes, such conclusion seems to be well backed up when you see the deep commitment and vigilance Peter Mutharika’s regime has attached to media-related propaganda on both state and its privately controlled media establishments against human rights defenders who have decided to expose NACGATE, and in the process arousing more questions than answers.”

Meanwhile, the organisations have stuck to their plans to stage a nationwide protest on 13th January 2015 as a way of offer the platform to the public to exercise their freedom of assembly and expression in demanding from BEAM trust and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe to refund NAC money, and also calling for the current regime to address the prevailing economic and political woes which are impinging greatly on the people’s full enjoyment of their basic human rights.

According to Gift Trapence, plans for the nationwide demonstrations, which will be held in all the four cities in the country as well as some selected districts, are underway.

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Walhelha ochavo

A gift Trapence mwayambiranso? you are a disgrace to the nation,komatu ulendo uno palibe chomwe muphulepo you are just wasting your time komanso sitingakukondeni,what a SHAME


iwe gift trapence kodi sunapange mademo joyce ataba ndalama bwanji?iwe davite kankwamba ukulolera kuti uzigwirisidwa ntchito zoonas?

Che namakhwa

Fwefwefwefwe mr President before ana ochokera ku ma church mr Muli ndi ziwandatu u need more prays.chonde musationongere ana.


si president uyu mavoti akuba tima pecentage tochepa nde president wa lomwe osati Malawi ine nde ayi

Arthur G.M. Mtambo


Gift Trapenze and your friends, can you find another activity which can bring forex, jobs and tranquility in Malawi. Try farming, crossborder trade or power generation plant or something. You are always very happy with anarchy and mayhem, why, why, why in the name of God. As for Martha Kwataine and Sembereka, please give us a break. When you were busy dinning and winning with Joyced Banda two years ago. You did not invite us Malawians to enjoy with you. It was you and your families. Sometimes when you are obsessed with your egos, remember that there is God who… Read more »
Zombie Pitala Fwee Fwee

Old age. He is 80 years old.


Fwe-fwe-fwe nkutukwana. Kodi mmaitana ana athu kuti mudzawaphunzitse kutukwana? shame bwana “professor of kutukwana”.

Harris Batson

DEMO yanuyo muzikango tsatapo msewo osati akawalala apezelepo mwai obela sitidzalolo wina. antholedwa miyendo sachivela bwino chaka chatsopano yelekezani boma lilitchelu ukuonani

kavindere kaiyah

umphawi unavuta ku america nkhalamba yangayi and ma credit card bills akulipilabe mpaka pano ..wagwira jackpot pano wawapeza amalawi a tulo

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