Mutharika’s cash handouts, more lavish ‘Mapwevupwevu’ irks Malawi MPs

Members of Parliament from the opposition block were furious with reports that President Peter Mutharika gave cash handouts of K500, 000 to MPs who attended a lavish cocktail party he hosted at Kamuzu Palace.

Peter Mutharika: Dinner leader

Head of ‘Mapwevupwevu’: Peter Mutharika

There were several interjections and jeers before parliament adjourned sine die on Friday as MPs expressed anger with wastefulness of public resource defeating the austerity spirit.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) MP for Blantyre City South East), Victor White Mbewe’s attempted to downplay the cash handouts of Mutharika but was ruled out by First Deputy Speaker Ester Mcheka-Chilenje.

“Madam First Deputy Speaker, I would like to bring to your attention that this morning there was a very serious allegation on Capital FM Radio that all Members including the Speakers received K500, 000 from the State President. It was on the radio, on the internet,” Mbewe said.

“This is a very serious allegation to the point of implicating the State President is a serious matter. It has to be looked at seriously,” he said as some backbenchers were overheard saying shouting that indeed there were bribe money for the MPs.

The First Deputy Speaker said the House could not debate “matters that are a rumour.”

But things worsened when Deputy Speaker Mcheka-Chilenje announced that Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe had organised a dinner for all chairpersons, their deputies and Spokespersons on financial matters from political parties represented in Parliament scheduled for 6pm at the Sunbird Capital Hotel.

Some MPs shouted labelling Mutharika administration as “Government of Mapwevupwevu” (Government of parties)

Other lawmakers were throwing insinuating chants at Gondwe and President Peter Mutharika describing them as “thieves.”

Chilenje explained that t he purpose of the dinner was to prepare for the high-level forum on development effectiveness which will take place on 8th July, 2015.

Earlier, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila, who is also MP for Salima North west, also touched on the lavish parties by the Executive during question time.

“I was asking what our master plans in electrifying educational institutions are. I do understand that when people have been banqueting instead of understanding problems of Malawians you can behave this way. Some of us are here to work,” she said.

Kabwila’s remarks attracted reaction from Allan Ngumuya the DPP Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South who asked: “Is it in order to say that we were banqueting when it was a genuine invitation. It was a cocktail and not a banquet and then I would like also to know if it is important.”

MPs shouted that teachers are starving with delayed salary pay while the ruling party and the President were busy on boozing on hard earned tax payers’ money.

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Ife anthu akumwera tilibe nazo ntchito za ukavu wanthuwu bola wanthu wa kumwera kuno akulamulira.Ngakhale a Chewa ndi ambiri koma ndi atulo.

mkulu zikaonekas

A demoni akhazikika


Why parties who are we frying to fool? They say you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.


Nanga apa akuvitika ndani? Nanga inu munapatsa voti APM,makamaka aziphunzitsi aku Southern region ndinu amene munkawanamiza ana a xool kuti akavotere APM, panopa simunati chaka china mudya manyi ang’ombe.

disgruntled civil servant
disgruntled civil servant

Ma dollars anasiya mchimwene wake Daniel Phiri.Its time to spoil himself and dangle them to some hard up handclappers.This was a guy who came with nothing from the states and now he has hit a jackpot in a poor country like Malawi where people are struggling to have a decent meal on a table on everyday basis.Amalawi tili pamavuto.Kungomva kuti professor kuti njenjenje.Tidya makaka chaka chino sitinati.Look at him.He is looking like a jockey of betting horses in a white jacket and a bow tie.Kankhope kachita kusalala pamene amalawi akunamizidwa ndi zero deficit budget.

danivela wa danivello
danivela wa danivello

Anthu aku South you voted for this clown of a professor and you keep complaining.Ndizimene mumafuna ndi tribalism yanuyo.He is splashing his brother loot.Simunati kulira ndi kugona kwanuko.


My salary K80,000 and taxable not yet paid, wina akupatsidwa K500,000 tax free ndisana landire! Koma apa DPP ikutionjeza, anzanga mwasiya ntchito mu zipatala simukulakwa ndizimene akufuna a DPP. We will help the sick tikalandira coz tingakagwere ma patient ndi njala mmalo mothandiza. Let those akupatsidwa ndalama adzigwira ma patient, wanjala saona patali!

I just don’t understand why apm keeps on giving out bribes money to people, now half million kwacha to each mp who attended. Why Peter my president? As a lawyer you should clearly know that bribes are crimes against the law. It doesn’t matter whether it is your own money or govt money that you are throwing around to bribes, it is still a crime. For using govt money it is even worse because you are wasting tax payers money and there are more deserving projects that could have benefitted Malawians from that wasted money. Also why do you apm… Read more »

DPP achenjera pogona koma tidzaona amene adzachenjre podzuka 2019. They are creating another …arrest for themselves. God knows MSB gone and 92 billion report shadowed. we will see the clever one and he will shine.


But why parties and banquents in the mid of all this situation that have left many people dead with nurses refusing to work for non payment of their locum allowances. silly leaders will cry during the final days

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