Mutharika’s graffiti sparks fire in CCAP Blantyre Synod

President Peter Mutharika’s painting of cells and his graffitti at Lumbadzi Police Station in which he was held – alongside eleven others – over treason charges in 2012, has sparked fire in the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod with its chaplain for prisons Rev. Stanley Chimesya getting banned for negatively commenting on the President’s visit.

Rev Maulana: Received a phone call from President Mutharika to act on Chimenya

Rev Maulana: Received a phone call from President Mutharika to act on Chimenya

Mutharika, a member of the church, has received bashing from critics for exaggerating the commemoration of his incarceration which was also described as “headless,” by human rights activist Billy Mayaya.

Chimesya had equally quashed Mutharika’s escapade through local press nine days ago for saying that “the President should have concentrated on improving conditions in all the prisons in the country, instead of limiting his gesture to those that hold personal memories of him.”

The comment, Nyasa Times has learnt, got Chimesya a ban from CCAP Blantyre Synod secretary general Rev. Alex Benson Maulana not to speak on issues to do with prisons.

“I just received a directive from the Synod General Secretary that I am no longer allowed to speak to the media on these [prison] issues…you can talk to him [Maulana] if you want,” Chimesya told The Sunday Times.

He claims Mutharika called Maulana to effect the ban.

“I understand he received a phone call from the State President on Friday. He issued the ban after that, and told me that he would be speaking on prison issues,” said Chimesya.

State House has, however, ruled out Chimesya’s allegation that Mutharika called Maulana on the matter.

“I don’t think it is true that the President called the Blantyre Synod General Secretary because the Synod is an independent institution,” said Chikondi Juma, State House Press Officer.

Juma further described the issue as internal at Blantyre Synod.

“Maybe the Rev. [Chimesya] spoke on an issue over which he had no control and the Synod just decided to take action. I don’t know. The Synod is better placed to respond on that issue,” said Juma.

The prison chaplain is appointed by the General Administration Committee of the Synod for a four year term.

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91 thoughts on “Mutharika’s graffiti sparks fire in CCAP Blantyre Synod”

  1. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    I am a CCAP member, and I am concerned with the GS’s way of thinking and acting. Does the Rev. Maulana’s Bible have the verse JOHN 8:32? If it does, is the Rev comfortable with it? And how do you, Mr Rev, interpret this verse to your flock? Or maybe it’s one of those verses that you simply ignore? Come on Reverend, you can do better than that!!! As for Rev Chimesya, don’t worry. You played your rightful role before God. Keep it up.

  2. Victor Ntaukira says:

    Rev. Maulana, how can you allow to be used by politicians at the expense of the vnerable? Whom are are you serving? The president? Chimesya did nothing wrong. What he spoke was the truth. Mutharika could have used the monies used for that useless commemoration to benefit many people other than his DPP sympathisers. For example , those money could be used to construct toilets at Lilingwe Magistrate Court or to pay LWB for water reconnection at the same facility. I think church leaders must serve the poor otherwise you are vindicating Freidrick Niezsche when he argues that “God is dead. We [Maulana] have killed him”.

  3. Straight talk says:

    Pitala cheated a way to CCAP.When did he become a member of CcAP?Ndikutulukamo ine.I don’t want to be associated with this thief Pitala.Azipereka mbale makobiri anawabera amalawi ndi mchimwene wake.

  4. osman usu justin says:

    Ndiye mukut apresdent wo ndi a sesepi koto ine mmmmm anasiya kujaku

  5. osman usu justin says:

    Ndiye mukut apresdent wo ndi a sesepi koto ine mmmmm

  6. apao says:

    Rev Chimesya was speaking on behalf of prisoners who don’t chance to speak for themselves. Coz they are the ones who complains direct to Rev himself, then live the man of God alone

  7. Phodogoma says:

    Abusa a CCAP mtsogoleri wina aliyenseangabwera mumakhala ndi dovu mkamwa kufuna kulidya naye basi. Mumusatiratu mbusa M’mangisa wa Bt synod. Mpingo umangokutayani basi kumakadya chinangwa kumudzi kwenikweni. Kaya. Tiyenazoni.

  8. Kumbukani banda says:

    Chifukwa chokondera anthu achuma munamanga ukwati kulengezetsa tsiku limodzi akakhala opanda chuma koma ma week angapo musova

  9. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    What Rev. Chimesya should know is that he needs to respect the personal affairs of the President APM. Secondly any person is free to write about his History. Remember Nelson Mandela and Robin Island. Let him do the same as he wishes. Thirdly, Each Organization/institution has its own policies and it has also spokes person. As an employee of the Synod he needed to seek permission or advice whether to speak or not. I may just ask APM to extend the painting to other rooms that’s all I can do.

  10. Omex70 says:

    Everybody knows that Rev Maulana is a DPP die-hard in color.

  11. YOLANDA says:


  12. YOLANDA says:



  14. chatonda says:

    Nanunso a Rev. Mauala, Be careful with politicians. Remember how Misanjo Kansilanga and Daniel Gunya ended while in your position. Wake up and leave politics aside.

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Does the CCAP have a prison? Why do you waste time commenting on useless things instead of preaching? You Pharisees.

  16. tuvi says:

    Rev MULANA pliz DO NOT LOMWENISE the Church. Rev s in CCAP are very weak when it comes to money, remember Rev Mangisa?Even nkhoma synod sunk so low to beg money from poltician, shame on CCAP. I think Cathorics are very strong christian organization, the r principled. basi ndasiya CCAP ndikalowa Cathoric

    1. Clement says:

      Ndiwe wa cathoric ndikale,busa akalowerela bwanji zandale? nzake ndi chakwera

  17. boston nkaloh says:

    Most men of God these are working to fill their pockets,they need bread and batter,they fear man not God!

  18. matako m'mwamba says:

    Oh! Its your turn now Petro. You brother took Gods throne and started answering prayer as God. What happen at the end if you remember? He fell down and die. Am just remainding you because you were young and you don’t know anything. Ask Badall Gondwe, Chimutu Banda, Christman tree akweni, Nicco Dausi, Jeans Kalirani hope if they love u they tell you. Touch not my anointed one. Yako ndi ya uphunzitsi osati upulezident.

  19. Takalala Chisale says:

    Oweee reeeh?

  20. I wonder if the GS Blantyre synod is indeed chosen by God to lead the synod,remember making freindship with the world is going against the will of God,so let him find favour from the President and forfeit paradise.

  21. KIA says:

    Koma Peter ndi dolo sayankha ngakhale mbuli zilembe zitukwane sayankha . A Peter pitilizani mtima umenewu. Muma church mulibenso zolongosoka a chaplain wo akuchita chani amangodya ndalama.

  22. francis says:

    Bwinotubwino!!! amangwetu ngatenda yamasanje perepa hahaha lets promote irrigation for food security other wise zinazi mungodwala nazo mutu

  23. nkunthamasese says:

    I support Rev Chimesya. I listened to the statement he made.He was only expressing sympathy over poor prison conditions in Malawi and so the president should improve conditions in all other prisons by continuing the work he has started.May I appeal to the Synod SG not to fear anything because whaat Rev Chimesya was saying is true. Jesus the origin of truth knew pretty welll
    that people will rse against him because he was rebuking their bad behaviour. Rev Chimesya revealed things which even the president did not know. The SGS should not punish the Rev because he was speaking for the speachless.the Catholic Bishops were intimidated but they were not shaken. Stand firm as church. The president does not have powers to remove you from that position nor arrest you. Advise the president bibilically following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Do what pleases GOD not man. Firing Rev Chimesya for this will mean you want to make a weaked man happy other than teaching him to change his bad dids and follow Jesus Christ.

  24. this is our country says:

    Blantyre synod don’t disappoint me please,you mean you dance to politicians,after that wedding gate people bashed you for officiating mutharikas wedding which was not supposed to be due to church rules and requirements for such,now you are back defending the celebration of the anniversary since mutharika and cronies broke the law but went away with it,what message are you sending to us the church members?huh? Please slow down.

  25. Mwai says:

    Kkkkk kodi A Rev Chimesya wa si aja okonda kugona akazi aja!!! Tamusiyeni ndi khwangwala

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      Ndi amunatu.Mumati azikagona ndi amuna anzawo?

  26. BigMan says:

    The chaplain sounds like an attention seeker.

  27. Mbanangwa says:

    How on earth can you bow to that chicken and seal your lips?


  29. acn says:

    Pliz, don’t allow this stooge(so called proffessor) to bring enemity amongst you. Work for the LORD not this mathanyula!

  30. Big brain says:

    Keep quote the church goers Pls I don’t believe in these churches fake people and misplaced

  31. Tasiyana says:

    Mxiiiii za ziiiii!analemba analemba basiiiiiii and my peace of advice to yu Mr President be a dictator!kupanda apo dziko likuvutani kulamula ili eshiiiii and Bingu waz aright president for dis country amati akanena wanena asafuna asiye zinthu nkumatheka koma mukamatinjenjemelera muzionaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  32. anabel mitawa says:

    what else would one expect from this bootlicking muhlakho synod? the most useless and most corrupt of the 3 synods

  33. Mulira says:

    Anthuni keep on hating DPP and APM at your own peril. Have you seen how APM and his DPP have taken off? Developmental projects from the word go! Some parties in government starting barking close to elections but look at what DPP is doing. Komatu 2019 wina adzalira pyooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Tapitilizani kutichitira campaign monga baba puludzu adatichitira mbuyomu. Anthu enanu looks like you are bewitched bwanji? Can’t you see that some hatred makes others popular? Keep on chasing, in any way, that’s the only occupation you fullfil!

  34. sikusinja says:

    This guy is a prison chaplain and he knows the conditions in prisons.. he is speaking on what he knows and experiences and would have done..

  35. Think Tank says:

    Blantyre Synod at it again. Remember Reverend M’mangisa during late Bingu’s time?

  36. Prophet Justice says:

    Shameful! Shame cannot in anyway be covere up by forcefully closing people’s mouths. In actual fact, this worsens it. For Maulana, I feel sorry that you can stoop so low and become a full DPP political stooge at the pretext of being synod GS.

  37. MalUNGU says:

    nyasatimes ndi zoona mumaonetstelatu kudana ndi APM.

  38. Matthew Likambale says:


  39. MBACHI says:


  40. benard riviel says:

    Sorry am busy cannot comment.

  41. napawekha says:

    anthu mulimbana inu zaziiiiiii kuithila nchele osakoma atta mmmmmmm

  42. Israel Difense Force says:

    Blantyre Synod at it again, izi nde zofuna izi kapena zoziyamba dala, bwampini ameneyu mwamulera nokha momunyengelera ndipo lero wafika pokulamulirani. Munayamba kupanga compromise pa nkhani yodalitsa ukwati wake now zafika pamenepa.

    Anyway its a known fact that behind Blantyre Synod, there is a grouping of clerics from MTL belt ruling it.

    Its unfortunate kuti mbwelera zimenezi zikuchitika pamene Yesu ali pafupi kudza.

  43. True patriot says:

    If the state president is championing the tendancy of writing on walls,what do you expect learners to do on their classroom walls?A bad example indeed.

  44. oohooo! says:

    Andale Musalowerere Za Mpingo. Mukufanso Chachiriri Basopu!

  45. andrew says:

    tiyeni tilemekeze atsogoleri athu. Kodi ku mpingo kwanu mumachita zolondola zokhazokha. Ndi angati ali 100% pa machitidwe ake. Musaweruze, kuweruza kwa mwini wake mulungu. A mipingo munayenera kukhala patsogolo pa anthu onse kuphunzitsa kufunika kwa kulemekedza atsogoleri athu. Ngati pena palakwika pemphani mwayi wokumana nawo monga akuluakulu nokhanokha osati kutisogolera achinyamata zopusa zosalemekeza atsogoleri athu.

  46. Msb client says:

    So bad…churches of today have referees..heheheheh ulu..

  47. CHIPENYERE says:

    Apparently that is how distant our egocentric politicians are to the plight of the poor Malawian citizenry.They are deep buried in personal/self-praise instead of looking at the bigger national picture for development and achievements.

  48. mbuyun says:

    Malawi wathu. Atsogoleri athu ndi ma billionaire. Zaka ndi zochuluka .kwatsala ndi kudyerera. Or akungopenta DPP in all the trees.

  49. tuvitwana says:


  50. Commoner says:

    This is a lesson to all I hope next time we will do better. For the Synod if Chimenya was duly elected on his post as prison charplain,not gd to stop him because he has expressed his feeling. I mean Malawi news reported in its edition that ‘kwagwa mphere ndi maso ku ma camp ku lowershire’. How can a right minded person waste money to write on prison wall instead of helping these fellow Malawians down there,even if its personal money as Nankhumwa wants us to believe

  51. Nkhombokombo says:

    Don’t belittle men of God at their job. The will at all times tell the truth to their flock. We must not allow petty politics creep into our churches. Unfortunately if it is Rev Maulana bowed to the earthly powers other than to the Creator. Be careful in hundling matters because they corncern a diverse population. A busa imani pachoonadi nthawi zonse. Intimidation won’t work in church. If proven that at times you’ve goofed, swallow the pride and clarify your stance other than allow speculations.

  52. musisipala says:

    Mipingo yokonda ndalama kuiwala Yesu. I find nothimg wrong in the head of state visiting the cell. Christians visit manda a yesu ku israel

  53. usobva says:

    Kunyengerera tima envelope kumeneko??????

  54. Anderson Benedict Alikyfi says:

    Shame on timipingo topanda maina ndi address. Why being used by someone who embraced your Church in order to achieve personal gains. The hand of Billy Gama and his friend…….

  55. Truth says:

    I think some Malawi are stupid. Imagine the whole sunday times had to dedicate acres of paper to write about such trival issues instead of writing educative articles. As for Billy Mayaya he is another highly qualified embicile fit for mental hospital. I dont see anything wrong with the comemoration and writing on walls. Celebrities will write on Tshirts and even Mandela wrote on walls and yet the world regards him as hero. Let us learn to respect our president.

  56. chejali says:

    Shaaaaaa chikhristu basi ndikukayamba gule

  57. opportunist says:

    Azibusa apa Malawi

  58. Bwitoto says:

    A Maulana uchitsiru uja simunasiye? Kapena tinene kuti ndi mantha kuti munene zoona? Uchindere uja anasiirana anthu amenewa eti? Angulu anthu okumva zawo zokhazokha ndithu.

  59. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkkkk koma zinazi usova

  60. chimangenI says:

    Church and politics,church and devil works,shaaa tiyeni nazo!!!!

  61. KULYOLYOPERA says:


  62. bwemba says:

    inunso amipingo kuvulazana nokhanokha

  63. Khongoni Boy says:

    Zopusa Zanuzo Kuno Ku Nkhoma Synod Ai Zapachiphwisi Basi

  64. Mwama Du says:

    Mpingo kugwiritsidwa ntchito ngati tissue paper.

  65. alukosyo says:

    A result of a headless chicken reaction. Bwanji sanayankhe za Mayaya zija? Aaaah zamanyazi. APM ingokhalani phee the damage was already done

  66. mbanga says:

    My church

  67. Mhesha says:

    Kodi Malawians. ..u mean you don’t have anything better to do yourselves that u keep on bringing this issue back? You ve already condemned APM for commemorating what his lifetime experience values most. ..and to him is water under bride. But instead of talking what you otherwise regard as real issues then you are back trying to make the same thing u called trash something worthy reading. Nyasatimes…I know hate this person but unfortunately you can’t beat him. What’s next? Just join him.

  68. ujeni says:

    This nonsense cannot happen with Livingstonia synod, maybe Nkhoma Synod.

  69. Patriot says:

    Koma boma ili kikikkkkkk
    ma lenala okha okha.
    Kodi Bingu sanamuphunzitse upulezidenti mkuluyu eti?

  70. nyabake says:

    Mwayambapotu kuopseza azibusa mmawa muzizawauza kuti tipempherereni zikayamba kukusokonekerani hehedeeeeeeee

  71. Pamtumbo Pa Mutharika says:

    Tsono iwe Bwampini ukayamba zimenezo, nkhaniyi uyikulitsa ndipo zikuvuta. It is our birthright to comment on anything and the way we like. Zoletsana kuyankhula ndiye zomwe zinamvuta mchimwene wako in case waiwala.

    Tikakutukwana usati tsoka, waziyamba dala!

  72. Khondiwa says:

    Here is what the Catholics could have done:

    . Critic the president
    . Ignore the orders from government to ban Chimesya
    . Deffend the Chimesya and criticise the government, this time, for the graffiti and intimidation

    CCAP mantha!

    1. Linian says:

      Please be specific. CCAP has 3 autonomous Synods.

  73. Kaligondo says:

    Mwamuimitsilanji munthu amakamba chilungamo a CCAP Ndale musamazilowetse mu church. Mukunyengelera kuti akubwezeleni ngongole ija.

  74. Goliath says:

    Zili bwino

  75. mwana says:

    president must not interfere in religious issues

  76. chimesya was right.this president is stupid. instead of improving prisons he z busy wasting taxpayers money writing on walls of prison.the whole professor really? The treason charges were true and are still true for this opportunistic President. Umunthuso alibe mwina coz anakhalitsa Ku America. Y did he championed bidding his brother’s dead body? This is unmalawian. Mafumu akuthyolo mutengeleni kubwalo dude was president ngati ameneyu.

  77. akulu says:

    Trying to interfere on church issues. My dear president wats wrong

  78. bwemba says:

    asiyeni amipingo musawayambanitse ndale zani zopusitsana basi.

  79. mwika says:

    Zayambako? Politicians antagonising the church? Will the church have time to pray and guide the political leaders?

  80. Wanex banda says:

    Paja anzathu inu mumalowelera za ndalezi m’malo mothamanga ndi mawu ake

  81. Teketeke Mcherewatha says:

    Mwasowa nkhani eti? Nde mwalembapo chani apa manyasa inu? Zaziii!

  82. Kasenye says:

    After You Have Goofed, You Decide To Fight Against Men Of God. Continue And See If The Arrow Of God Is Not Going To Caress You!

  83. Wozinyanyala says:

    You guys get a life. Talk about constructive ideas to build the nation not ur crap of painting prison walls ndi manyi just to buy sympathy for so called kumangidwa. Dude you are supposed to be a Proffesor why kupaka manyi mumakhoma a ndende? You see what you are doing to your image that is if you have one. Sad indeed. The whole country talking about it instead of putting together ideas to build back Malawi. What legacy will you live behind after you are gone? Shame on you stupid Proffesor and ur bunch of useless advisors.

  84. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Zafika pamenepa mpakana? Maulana mwayamba ndale mu church poti mtsogoleri ngwakwanu, Ambuye akuthandizeni

  85. Kuonafisi Sikubadwakale says:

    APM acts like a clown and he expects people to clap hands for that? The best thing would be to act responsibly as head of state in the first place.

    CCAP Bt Synod should learn to let people it appointed to speak in their official capacities, the way the Roman Church does. Gagging people for flimsy reasons retards development…

  86. Jonathan Cymon says:

    Comment:If the story is true ican say Muthalika misguided the Gs and the church must take its own stand not to be advised what to do by some body who is new in christian fraternity.

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