Mutharika’s hypocrisy over ‘salary harmonisation’ exposed: Are we really all in this together?

At the end of the last week, I had been listening to old songs of Malawian artists and one track that I enjoyed most was by Lucius Banda. The musician turn UDF Member of Parliament sang “tiyende limodzi pokapeleka msonkho, koma tiyende ndi uyu yekha pokadya” [Better together in paying tax but only sacred cows when sharing the cake].Loose cannon

And then came Saturday, when I was stunned to learn that the presidency and state residences  has had their 2014/15 budget allocations  increased, with salaries of State House staff nearly doubling.

Yes, only months after President Peter Mutharika insisted on salary harmonisation for civil servants, his government through the national budget has decided that salaries for his political appointees in government will double in the next financial year.

In real cash terms, the total budget for salaries have gone up from K796 million to K1.45 billion. Meanwhile other government officials – civil servants and security personnel – are being told they must endure effective pay cuts.

Whatever happened to “we  are all in this together”  touted by the government? What ever happened to leading from the front and by example? Search me!

But above everything, the most nefarious hypocrisy is the decision to chop up budgets that have anything to do with holding the government to account. Again, this in spite of a promise to properly fund transparency and accountability bodies that ensure democratic values are upheld.

According to a Malawi News report, the Office of the Ombudsman, which is perpetually underfunded while it is supposed to pursue justice on behalf of millions of poor Malawians, is one of the worst sufferers in the 2015/16 budget. It has been allocated a paltry K270 million, a decline from an already insufficient K342 million allocated in the 2014/15 budget.

The Office of the Ombudsman is constitutionally mandated – as a public protector – to investigate any and all cases where a person may have suffered injustice and “it does not appear that there is any remedy reasonably available by way of proceedings in a court or by way of appeal from a court or where there is no other practicable remedy.”

This decision is all the more striking given that our Mutharika is supposedly one of the finest legal minds our country has ever produced.

The judiciary has also suffered cuts. In fact, judicial staff are so disappointed they have downed tools on multiple occasion. Apparently, justice can be delayed, rights trampled, and democracy stifled under the auspices of austerity, but the cronies of Mutharika can see their pay packets double – all at the expense of the public purse as part of the same austere budget.

Additionally, there have been cuts to Local Government and Rural Development, Land and Housing, Youth Development and Sports, Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Financial Intelligence Unit, Registrar General, Transport and Public Works, Human Rights Commission and the Anti- Corruption Bureau.

On May 20 2014, Malawians went to the polls and “elected” a party that promised they had learnt from their damning legacy on democracy. However, what this budget has showed us that old habits do indeed die hard. Perhaps it is time the Democratic Progressive Party called themselves what they really are: Undemocratic and Unprogressive.

Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better. “–Harry S Truman

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46 thoughts on “Mutharika’s hypocrisy over ‘salary harmonisation’ exposed: Are we really all in this together?”

  1. Mr redphase says:

    Izi ndiye zachamba.apapa padepade,asiyeni apolice aziba nanga agone panja asakadyeso kunyumba?vuto ndi anduna azachuma akutipweteka.apolice muzawafuna akazaba or mukazapangidwa attack ndi 11bongles.

  2. Mphanduwe says:

    A malawi ndife anthu osamva. Ndimakuuzani kuti DPP isalowenso m’boma. Lero mwaziona, mulira nkhwangwa ili mutu

  3. I love pitala much much

  4. wapankhata says:

    Ine sinavote nawo koma ndikufuna ndiwonenthawi yanjara aromwen muzalira chotani ndi asenanu

  5. VYOTO says:


  6. hango says:

    Kodi inu,tilibe anthu a nzeru m,Malawi muno oti angathe kuyimisa zoipa zomwe DPP yikupanga? Tonse ndife opusa basi! A churchan a opposition ma NGO, this is too much.

  7. Hu Jintao says:


  8. kagunde pamwamba says:

    Malawians were sprayed with doom in their eyes on may 20, especially Teachers. Hhmmm, tisova.

  9. Tiyanjane says:

    TIMES TV please rebroadcast the interview with Theresa Moyo from Zambia who has written a book on ‘Dead Aid’. Please air it during evening prime time for all to have the opportunity to hear what this young lady says about aid, development, corruption and the Chinese.

  10. chikodzera says:

    apande boraso amay ajatu dziko mwangokhala ngat mulibe otsogolera kodi mukufuna mudzatisye opanda ka2? ayi ngat zaka zacepa apatsen ena apitlize

  11. jimbo says:

    Be careful, Mr Chiumia, or you may be involved in a motor accident like your friend ‘Muckraker’. This government does not like criticism, especially when that criticism is justified.

  12. There will be nothing good that will come out of dpp led gvt.

  13. puludzu says:

    And they go on reducing excise on imported vehicles above 3000cc from 55% to 40% saying they looked at volumes of impounded vehicles at MRA. The question is, are these the only vehicles that were being impounded for failure to pay duty? Why not just reduce the excise duty on all vehicles in different engine capacities? This ill intended to benefit those with an appetite for luxury vehicles

  14. Chilungamo says:

    Boma mmanja mwa agalu zirinso kuno ku road traffic 7 dys kuti utenge license makadi lero tiziyenda nawo 4 komaaaa Ambuye tipulumutseni mmanja mwa DPP ndi Peter

  15. Tembusha says:


  16. kwalewera says:

    The economy of Malawi will improve in poportion to levels of honesty or dishonesty by her leaders

  17. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    Uchitsiru osankhila anthu mumipando chifukwa cha mtundu ndi umenewu. Pitara ndiwa tsankho heavy and 99.9999% of state house employees are Lhomwes and it therefore follows that Malawians are to sacrifice their hard earned cash paying handsomely to one tribe. This is shit first class. Mxiiii. Alhomwe inu let God pump sense in you. Mtundu wonunkha ngati wanuwu sindinawone. Tsankho too much.

    A Chilima is this that you wanted by aiding election thuggery and thievery? Inu a Maxon Mbendera zikomo pazimene munachita by putting these thugs in power. Anthu aku Ntcheu ndiyeso zitsiru za anthu. Mumangovotera makape mboma mu. Tell me which governments of PP, DPP and UDF have developed Ntcheu? Tell me you idiots of Ntcheu?

  18. Curios Cat says:

    Ife nkhani za Mutharika zatitopetsa kwabasi.When did u realise the hypocrisy of Wamutharika and his fellow Crooked lomwe cronies?Malawi is rotten with this backdoor govt.Boma amatenga mkati mwausiku?Zakumidima zokhazokha.No wonder mbendera was crying like a chicken after selling Malawians to these incompetent crooks.

  19. Peter says:

    APM is a president without a specific agenda for the nation.

  20. king solomon says:

    They will need our votes sooner or later.

  21. Funso says:

    Has anyone thought of asking the old colonial power to come back to put in place more robust, incooruptible systems of governance? They have had there own problems with corruption but they are minor compared to Malawi’s.

  22. Ngalamayi says:

    In the Kamuzu’s day, Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ was banned as subversive literature… but its truth is coming back again and again! Now they are in power, like the pigs of ‘Animal Farm’, they only care about their own welfare, lining their own pockets and nests. It doesn’t bode well for Malawi’s future.

  23. mulopwana says:

    musalire,simunati.mavotavota anu mwazivotera mavuto.wakwathu.ahaaaaaa………

  24. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Koma iwe walemba

  25. Kachamba says:

    Tipangitse pinyolo dzikoli. Zinthu sizikulongosoka

  26. sir bentby says:

    I truelly agree with you, and had we could be ranking heads of states, uyu akadakhala chisekera khomo.

  27. The whole oumbsman getting less than R80,000 for the whole fucken year? What is going on in Malawi? These leaders ruling our country they are there to fill their bellys, full of nonsense.

  28. Kau says:

    Great piece of writing Thom. He who has ears let him hear.

  29. Ndangodutsamo. says:

    Problems in this country is beyond our integrity, they is no way we can make things come to normal. So what has remain now is to steal as much as we can for the bettement of our families. DPP Wooyeeeeee.!!!!!

  30. Ndangodutsamo. says:

    Our mission is to enrich ourselfs to hell with development DPP woyeee.

  31. Here we go again says:

    indeed tiyende limodzi pokakhoma misonkho,tiyende ndi uyu yekha pokanya ndalamazo, what a shameful govt we hav, no vision,no plans and goals.

  32. mbuya from nselema says:

    mavuto pa nyasa koma wapolisi ndiye utani

  33. Ben Phiri says:

    Ndinakuwuzani kale Peter ndi kape popanda ine amangoganiza za Whisky ali pheee
    ndalama zaqnu amalawi akuchita kutafuna ngati njenjete this government has failed us Peter Mutharika Ndi professor opanda nzeru palibe chimene angapange kutukula dzikoli believe me all the projects he’s pushing are meant to benefit his political empire not the aspirations of poor Malawians ndiwadyera ndikhwinthi ndi chuma uyu tsoka ilo wazungulilidwa ndi Dzimbombo dzikulu dzikulu dzi AFITI dza Ndale God should strike you one by one mutha pyiti

  34. Khosomola says:

    This is but very sad.
    We dont want to see another accident like that of Tenthani. But the througth should be told
    Please speak out as you see things happening.

  35. Justin says:

    Malawians wake up, this is a trap. Idea is to arouse opposition then reverse it. Opposition will thing they worn the fight and then pass the budget. Do you think DPP did not think this through? It is like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit…

  36. 5555 says:

    Kodi inu ma civil servants why can’t you come together and act against this rubbish government!!

  37. THE WISE ONE says:

    Search me. The most sickening thing is health budget for all the Districts has been slashed to half. Most hospitals are running without funding for the month of May and June 2015. The figures Goodal Gondwe presented on health are misleading if the communicated budget ceilings to the DHOs are the figures to go by.

    Soon you Will see some hospitals nearly closing or scaling down services…yes these are public hospitals….

    Akulu akale sananame (UKAYENDA NDI MULOMWE WAYENDA WEKHA).

  38. Tiona Mall says:

    Remember it is a zero aid budget and this should be expected. The state house should have its salaries as expected and this is the case in all African States just check budgets in SADC region

  39. tired says:

    Awa amamva ndi kumatcha kapena injunction kapenanso donor threat. Okha they can’t see beyond their long noses.

  40. Malawi at 51 says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kaya zanu izo.

  41. dumerang says:

    Wish, anganya mavuto zedi

  42. Peter Phiri says:

    What a brilliant article, The problem is that our senseless leaders ignore these and term such authors, anthu a jelasi. I hardly comment on most social and political issues, but i would like to urge Bwana Chiume to carry on being the societal. Vanguard, and not to tire but to bring these issues in the open.

  43. Mlomwe Ozindikira says:

    This is rediculous Mr president…………

  44. True that, becouse, not all who says Lord Lord, shall enter Heaven. In this case, we actually supposed to be relatives of the muntharika, interms of salaries. Failling which, we cant prosper in malawi. This is so becouse, this gaffament has totally missed the track. How i wish, i was the muntharika, i would have atleast, try my level best, that, civil servants, are getting real salaries, not peanuts.

  45. Nivindele says:

    Mutharika ni kape inu. He’s theres to steal not to lead

  46. BigMan says:

    What a load of rubbish! A story full of innuendo and supposition as well as typically Malawian lazy journalism. Did you find out the background, or justification? Of course you didn’t!

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