Mutharika’s mythomania and putty tendencies qualify him a non-presidential material.

According to DDP, led by someProfessor Peter Mutharika, the DPP led government can do all the bad things in the book without any regard to the wellbeing of Malawians because Kamuzu was also doing the same things.To this effect, DPP has categorically put it on record that they do not carefakolo, even if Malawians can cry their lungs out,taking abloated 115 entourage to the UNGA because Kamuzu was also hiring planes and picking hangers on.

Mutharika travelled on a private jet

Mutharika travelled on a private jet

Without even bothering myself to debate on this issue, I can authoritativelychallenge DPP’s reasoning as pathetic at all angles. DPP’s argument is flawed and lacks any judgemental substanceand has all the flavour of arrogance and disregard to addressing the real issues.From day one, since assuming the position of president, Peter Mutharika has proved to be a very controversial figure, both in the action and reasoning faculties.

Everything associated with the surreptitious electing of Peter Mutharika as a presidentstinks to high heaven. Peter Mutharika’s many blunders in his leadership style continuously reminds me that this man is nothing but a putty in nefarious hands. On the other hand, if the man is notputty then he doesn’t have anything worthy to hold the highest office. Considering both his un-presidential rhetoric (the legendary fwe-fwe-fwe and n’gwe-n’gwe-n’gwe) and the social-economic ills Malawians are currently faced with, Peter Mutharika is not only unqualified but unsuitable for the position.

The news conference Peter Mutharika held on Wednesday, the 7th October on his United Nations trip just shows that the man, to put it mildly, is a GOOFY full time. The man we call “our president” can’t even grasp a simple logical thinking process.During the press conference, nothing of any presidential substance came out from this man’s mouth – it was all arrogance, anger and lies. Malawians are lamenting the lack of judgement in “their president”.

The issue is not Peter Mutharika flying all over the world with his tribesmen and cronies. Not at all. The issue at hand is his judgement as a leader. It was very stupid of him as a president and disregard to Malawians who have no medication, food, and any basic necessities for Peter Mutharika to spend millions and millions of tax payers’ money on a jolly ride to New York with a useless bloated entourage. Why can’t the man grasp this simple logic? Even if Peter Mutharika could not attend the UNGA, the world could not miss him. What value did he add? If you ask me, it a big fat ZERO.

It would probably have been easier for Malawians to stomach had Peter Mutharika been anautocrat who had taken power by force. It’s well documented that Peter Mutharika with his cohort, popularly known as the midnight sixwanted to do exactly that. We aretold that this Mafioso operative nearly pulled it through, if it wasn’t for some one good God-sent Henry Odillo. Odillo is now history, paying for doing the right thing. With that scenario, Malawians could have simply absolved themselves of any responsibility for his actions.

But to elect a leader to the highest office in the land – repository of Malawians’ long-held hopes and dreams – and then see him or his office, exploit and abuse this position for his own selfish ends, is too much to take. It defies not only the aspirations Malawians had, but the sacrificesmade by somany people, who are no longer with us today, to create a better Malawi for all.

The love of money, an ancient evangelist once proclaimed, is the root of all evil. One morning, barely two months after Peter Mutharika became president, Malawians woke up to some shocking news that the president had givenand approved an exorbitant salary increase for himself. Immediately, there was a country-wide outcry that the president couldn’t bear, and as a result “our clever president” rushed to “his own” media mouthpiece, the MBC, and told the nation that after a careful and deep retrospection he has decided to postpone his salary increase.

I should put it to the president, or rather school him, that the exorbitant increase and approval of his own salary was immoral. Furthermore, I also would like to remind the president that increasing a salary and postponing on receiving it, is total nonsense because that is an increase still. It is a demonstration of clear greed, arrogance and lack of leadership and love for the nation. If the truth be told, Peter Mutharika’s salary at the moment deserves an exorbitant decrease. In fact, he deserves no salary at all.

Mr Allan Ntata, former legal adviser to Bingu Mutharika, claims that Peter Mutharika is directly implicated in cash gate. This has prompted the president to sort a court injunction against Mr Allan Ntata, and Nyasa Times for publishing the article written by Mr Allan Ntata that implicated Peter Mutharika in the scandal. One wonders why the president has gone that far if he knows, deep down in his heart, that he is innocent on what is alleged against him. It even defies any logic that Peter Mutharika can think that Mr Allan Ntata implicated him on something so demeaning and humiliating when he, Mr Allan Ntata, does not have any evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Peter Mutharika was indeed involved in cash gate.

In fact, of late, it has been revealed that Peter Mutharika himself withdrew Mk5billion from RBM and has stanched the loot in some bank in Singapore. To date Peter Mutharika hasn’t refuted that allegation. What conclusions should the public draw from Peter Mutharika’s silence on the Mk5billion?

It is common knowledgethat Peter Mutharika lied about his net worth. Attempts have been made to justify his lie but unfortunately any excuse given to justify it does not hold any water. The 21st Century Chambers Dictionary, defines a lie as “to say things that are not true with the intention to deceiving”. In other words, to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive. The Christians’ holy book (the bible) condemns a lie in its entirety. Other religions’ holy books, for example the Quran (Islam), the Torah (Judaism) and the Vedas (Hinduism) alsocondemna lie in the strongest terms. Buddhism, a nontheistic religion, mostly consideredas a philosophy, also condemns a lie.

I am sure that even Satan, Lucifer the Devil (and some call him the Liar), condemns a lie as he would not entertain or even tolerate the idea ofbeing lied to byanyone else. Alie isperverse, pervasive and destructive and as such it is the worst immoral behaviour of the highest level in any society. Lying is more often than not used to manipulate the feelings, thoughts and actions of others in order to benefit the person doing the lying. We can then conclude without contradiction that Peter Mutharika’s lies are for nothing elsebut his personal benefitin one way or the other.

At the moment, the majority of Malawians are in dire straits because of the social economic ills Malawi is faced with and there is a country-wide outcry at the denouncing Peter Mutharika’s leadership.

Peter Mutharika’s presidency is – excuse my phrase – just a monkey. The organ grinder that sits proudly (without shame or remorse) atop the totem pole. And some ofhis blind supporters, mostly his tribesmen, have vowed to defend and keep him atop the totem pole, come 2019.

When Peter Mutharika was elected president, honestly without knowing the man, I looked at him as generously and as charitably as I could. I couldn’t see what attracted the 33% that voted for him. There was nothing there. The man, to me, looked nothing but an empty vessel.

His first speech as a president, which in my opinion was supposed to be a “punch” which would give Malawians some hope, was nothing but a political rhetoric full of bla bla bla blas.When I raised some of my concerns of the man to some of my friends in DPP, their counter argument was that Peter Mutharika isdown-to-earth, thinker, approachable, good listener, decisive and a no-nonsense.

All these adjectives applauded to him by his apologists was of course just a backhanded stab at Bingu Mutharika to make Peter Mutharika look like more of a better devil than his brother, who was arrogant, aloof, vindictive, tribalistic to the core and too controlling. Although not proficient in expressing himself, he is a very educated man and a team player who is able to marshal the troops, they said.

Since taking office,Peter Mutharika has set about refuting or trampling on the hopes of his apologists and those who voted for him. He seems bent on shaming them all, despite their best endeavours to defend him and his merry band of marauders. The man is ploughing on and adamantly vowing and challenging to stay put – no shame, no remorse, no scruples and no morals. In my opinion, he is the worst president, in all aspects, Malawi has ever had and a joke of the highest level.

Peter Mutharika’s overriding weakness – and he has many – seems to be his love or appetite for money and power; its voracious and all consuming. He is preparedto use what he has, his office, to get whatever he wants. That’s his business model.The man brags to Malawians that he was already a millionaire when he came to Malawi. If that is true, then Peter Mutharika should be some kind of millionaire because millionaires don’t lodge at their brother’s rented house in Area 15, don’t increase their salaries, don’t lie about their net wealth, don’t buy houses fraudulently, don’t steal Mk5billion from a poor country and cannot be implicated in any cash gate scandal. Where are the millions?

Section 86(2a) of our Constitution on the impeachment ofa serving president, says the following:“……indictment and conviction by impeachment shall be on the grounds of serious violation of the Constitution or serious breach of the written laws of the Republic that either occurred or came to light during the term of the office of the president……”Doesn’t Peter Mutharika’s implication in cash gate and the stealing of Mk5billion from the RBM and hiding it in some foreign bank in Singapore constitute a serious violation of the Constitution (as per his oath of office) and the laws of the Republic?Why can’t the opposition use the Constitution to impeach Peter Mutharika? What are they scared of?

I was in my home village a week ago and met an old couple who was sent home by a local clinic because there was no medication at the clinic. They wanted to know when Peter Mutharika would step down. In 2019 maybe, I said. They all sighed, clapped their hands and looked up to the heavens as if in a prayer. It was crystal clear to me that for this old couple Peter Mutharika should step down now. The majority of Malawians, like this old couple feel the same as they are treated like slaves by Peter Mutharika in their own country.

I wonder what we Malawians are waiting for to kick out this arrogant moron before he completely destroys the country. Countrymen, Malawi belongs to us all and it is all what we have got and we cannot afford just to stand by and watch one psychopathy destroying our country. Peter Mutharika does not own Malawi. We voted him as president, we can as well kick him out. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and many other countries did. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!

  • DISCLAIMER :The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect theview of Nyasa Times.
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45 thoughts on “Mutharika’s mythomania and putty tendencies qualify him a non-presidential material.”

  1. Malawiboy says:

    Vote, vote and vote more, to get rid of this dangerous bully. He is doing Malawi irreparable damage, and will vanish with the money when the time suits him.
    Wake up Malawi.
    Peter is poison.

  2. professor Sizinati says:

    Yes the guy is rich,who can deny it?Those boxes of Dollars found at state house at his brother’s death,where did they go?And today we get alarmed when he says,”I’m super rich!”Kamuzu was not jocking once in Zambia when he said he was ruling over a sleeping people.We like,aaaa! and eventually that AAA! dies a natural death.So Leave him to finish us off with our aaaas attashed to our mouth

  3. Bonkers says:


  4. PasChal says:

    If you voted APM don’t cry now wait until he destroy the country the guy corrupt and clueless about leadership. Impeachment is the way to go

  5. George Kamanga says:

    Amalawi mukuvutika ndi galuyu (APM). APM NDI CHITSIRU CHOTHERATU MUSAYEMBEKEZE CHILICHONSE CHABWINO KWA NYANI WACHABECHABE UYU. MISALA INAYAMBA NDI BINGU PANO NDI APM. Mufufudze bwino kodi makolo awo anali anthu abwino kapene misala inayamba ndi makolo awo.

    Misala ya APM imutengera kumanda popano

  6. chilungamo says:

    no 21 si kaduka ayi can you justfy the presence of T/A Kabudula WHAT WAS HE DOING THERE WITH OTHER CHIEFS ? When you write know that those who speak know the prayer is May the Almighty God Deliver us from this Man Peter Mutharika and jis DPP who have totaly enslaved us in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ name, AMEN

  7. blessing lipengs says:

    I truly like the article , well written thank you Sir! my question is who is going to the man to head the campaign to remove Mutharika before 20l9? is this not the time to form the pressure group inside and outside Malawi to remove him?

  8. Benson T Phiri says:

    tisova ziiii ndi bava

  9. Namukachapa says:

    Brilliant analysis. You reach a critical mass of these kinds of critics and Peter would be in trouble. By the way, for those of you who question this analysis, please know that no one ever becomes a millionaire from working as a professor. Don’t be mystified about working as a professor in America,(where every lecturer is called a professor ): the salaries are modest and no one ever becomes a millionaire out of that even in Zimbabwean dollar terms.

  10. Clement says:

    Malawi uprising pliz, this accomplished schooler has failled. Lets join hands to impeach this selfish, failure, arrogant President Malawi has ever had

  11. Sarah says:

    RBM issue is true. I work there and I know some transactions which are suspicious. Parliament fire Chuka first, We are willing to divulge more information.

  12. Jimbo says:

    Considering that APM is supposed to be a law professor he doesn’t act or speak like one. I certainly would no like him to be defending me in a court of law. His words and actions certainly do not point to any depth of intellect. The man is an imposter who stole the election in 2014 in order to escape a charge of treason and to escape his involvement in cashgate. The fact that one of his first actions as President was to increase his own salary is clearly indicative of another of his motivations in seeking election. He is greedy, power hungry and acts like a dictator.

  13. Owen says:

    Kick him out please….Why our Mw Opp you are just keeping talking instead of action….we want action we are tired of this arrogant…APM has nothing to offer to this country rather than enriching himself…

  14. Mulupale says:

    Gulukunyinda, Ganantha, Bulutu, Chitserekwete, Pitila Mathanyula Muthalika….He has run out of ideas. IMPEACHMENT THATS AWAY TO GO HON MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT…

  15. aphade says:

    i am tired of this nonsense,amai woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Victor Jumbo says:

    You reap what you sow. Shame to APM for your lack of wisdom and knowledge about Malawi and Malawian people’s way of living. Your degrees are not benefiting the ordinary Malawians. It appears your degrees are helping you to misuse tax payers money without due regards to the suffering of the poor people, while you are busy making your life conformable so much that you would want to stay at the airport for 10 hours. To a person or leader who really cares about his or her citizens 10 hours wait is nothing and very much a good option. In fact you would have paid to rest at the hotel until your boarding time and would have saved millions of kwachas that you wasted unnecessary due to your arrogance, lack of sound judgement and carelessness. From your speach on your return from the un it appears and I have concluded that you have no respect for the Malawian people and their suffering. You no respect for other people’s views or criticism. You claim to be a millionaire and if you are indeed you must be a millionaire in American dollars. So why can’t you bring all your American dollars to Malawi where you are and the country you love so much to help out with the economy of the country rather than you wasting tax payers money you don’t need by hiring private jets for your comfortability. If I may ask Mr president to tell the nation on national TV what so far has he done with regards to Cashgate Scandal to make sure that he is Zero tolerance to corruption and what is he doing to stop this malpractice which appears to be the biggest disease in the governmental organisations and public sectors? How serious is he in tackling poverty and lack of medicines in our hospitals and clinics in Malawi. How serious is to revamp good education in Malawi and what sort of Malawi is he going to leave for our children? Lastly, APM spent most of his life abroad in USA therefore, he is familiar with democracy. He might have enjoyed his freedom of speech in USA and now he should understand the freedom of speech and peoples rights to express their views on matters that affects them without the fear of reprisals by government agents or let alone their president. You should embrace human rights and freedom of speech and prioritise your work. Put people and their needs first and not mapwevupwevu first as we have seen and witnessed since you came to power. You are the president of Malawi and for all the people of Malawi not only a few people you are trying to entertain. Be honest, kind to all and responsible. Talk sensibly because everyone is judged by what they say and do. Remember, we are watching.
    Victor Jumbo.

  17. PMW says:

    Nkhani Za APM ndinazitaya. Kupwetekesa mutu. Masiku ano ndimangolimbana Ndi Bushiri basi.

  18. nkhakamila says:

    Bingu bought the jet and Malawians responded with a big nooooooo! amayi sold the jet and malawians responded with another noooooooo!Peter hires a jet to UN and you again say noooo! then what is it.what do malawians want?
    nsanjeeee chani? if you were the president,i mean you the author;could you use kabaza to the UN with only you and ur wife and a house boy.tizipanga reason a malawi…timakhala busy kutemberera munthu mzanthu anga ndife Mulungu.musiyeni munthu nthawi yake ikazakwana azachoka.Dont tell me that there is anybody in malawi who can lead this country spotlessly clean not even you the one who posted this rubbish.pajatu sitima imaphweka akamayendesa wina.Peter musiyeni azitidyera ndi nthawi yake.musamati mukafuna kuchita critisize president muzinamizira mankhwala ku chipatala or anthu ovutika ku mudzi.jet inagulisidwa ndicholinga choti ati agule mankhala mzipatala,now tell me…mankhwala anagulidwa??…this time around you are saying ndalama zomwe zawonongodwa ku UN akanagulira mankhwala muzipatala…amalawi…which hospital.As far as i know malawian behaviour…this is normal because every sitting president has been doing this rubbish.tiyeni aliyense aziyendera zake.

  19. mbuya says:

    i lyk ths article, well written n ts gt excellent reason, Malawi has to kick out ths thief

  20. purenyasa says:

    hahahaha pitala.udindowu kuti uyinmile anachita kukukakamiza?nangano za account ya ku america zikukhudzana bwanji?yendetsa dziko.iwe.umkawona ngati zophweka eti.ndebolasotu amyi anjatu.kikikikiki

  21. wo says:

    You must then tell us who paid for kanyama phiri because, all we know, is that Pro. Kanyama works for government. tell us if he funded himself for government trip. then if you tell me he funded himself for a government trip then he just have qualified to be the leader.

  22. wo says:

    I will be pretending to say i like the muntharikas.Theses guys are a flop. I dont remember if muluzi apologised to malawians for wrongly picking nonses for us. now you will see now duwa mutharika going to state house. if muluzi did apologize thats good, but if not then all this is his choice


    Time is ranning out for him to follow soon

  24. zeze says:

    We do not need to wait until 2019. This man is the worst president Malawi will ever have. If you look at is face then you can tell the kind of ideas he has. You will admire nothing at him. His speeches are always empty, his English is bad, not audible as if he is chewing something, his posture – one shoulder high at 70+ years, gaping instead of sipping water glasses, no clues to the problems Malawians are currently facing, the list is endless. Yet he boosts that he is a millionaire, he does not need our money! He bangs tables at Sanjika as if he bought the tables with his own money!That is our property musatithyolele katundu a president inu enanso adzagwilisekonso ntchito. You have down graded us all Malawians. MPs just impeach him, we do not need thieves, we have already suffered a lot!

  25. Nyirongo Batwell says:

    Did Government pay for all the 115. Was George Kanyama Phiri or Dr. John Ridley paid by Govt? Was Emma Kaliya paid by Govt? Yet they all appeared as Malawi Delegation. Koma ngati ali kaduka a Malawi taonjeza. We may not like Mutharika lets be fair and just. Kaduka akuononga dzikoli. We take our hatred everywhere. Shame on us.

  26. Kanyimbi says:

    we need to find ways of turning our economy if we want Malawi to prosper. Our civil service is failing to deliver. I wonder what the technocrats in the government departments are doing.(they are busy stealing money instead of generating) Telling the people to uprise is not an answer otherwise it is calling for more trouble. Please Mr President a best leader is known in time of trouble.

  27. Faith says:

    Common man are real complaining of what is happening and no kind words are produced by people out there. I feel sorry to vote for him. 2019 will tell. God help Malawi…

  28. matipwira says:

    I never voted for this excuse of a human being. given a second chance, I wouldn’t neither. He is a big infidel.

  29. Tchaka says:

    Hehedeeeeee- kuteroku mukudziwa kuti simungamuwine pa chisankho

  30. john wa chilungamo says:

    Peter Mutharika explained that some of the people he went with to the UN were sponsored by interested institutions. This reporter sanamve zonsezo. I think the insults he has heaped on the president are actually a reflection of his own life. Somewhere on this network there is a report that he has some US8,000,000.00 and this reporter if refuting his fellow reporters findings. Am even questioning Nyasa times ethics for publishing this piece which has more insults than facts to reason out the basis of the time spent to put together this misnomer of an article. In summary I visualise a person full of hatred because the person he or she voted for in 2014 did not win, can not understand whats needed to run a country. thinks he or she is the only citizen of Malawi and has a very narrow mind that cannot see things other that his or her tribalistic mind

  31. Pat says:

    But sorry, he is still your president. Kaya simuphulika kaya!

  32. Peter27 says:

    Totally agree with the article! I mostly blame our weak opposition parties who just like talking talking talking with no real actions! Not even one of them ha raised the question of impeaching this thing calle a president… Angodandaula dandaula as if that means anything. Useless opposition.

  33. kwake nkuluma says:

    Vitriol And Hate Has Taken Objectivity Out Of An Otherwise Good Article. U Accuse Peter Of Being Irrational, Egotistic And Nepotistic, Yet U Display The Same In Ur Article. Sheer Hypocrisy!

  34. guarantor says:

    No,wonder our country is poor. We invest our time and resources discussing others……Malawians lets change please if we are to move forward. U mean u will be analyzing each and every word that someone utters….??? I wish I had that useless time in my life. There is a better way of communicating the same message in such a way that the other person will realize his mistake. Whatever u do and say the president will become defensive even if were u and me. We are only exposing our stupidity to the world. Even in well developed countries they don’t behave the way we do here. I wish Kamuzu had lived longer. We are doing all this in the name of democracy, freedom of speech and press. Shame on you…….i am not DPP but trust me you are just wasting your time posting such stupid comments. This has never worked to Bingu, Bakili Muluzi and now it won’t work with Peter!!

  35. spokes says:

    This writer is full of hate, argues like a toddler. For example, is it true that millionaires don’t lodge at their brother’s rented house, don’t lie about their net wealth, don’t increase their salary etc. On what basis? Uku ndiye kuganiza mwaukhanda no.wonder you are anonymous.

  36. Mapiri says:

    The issue of President Mutharika withdrawing K5 billion and banking it to Singapore has to be probed and RBM Chuka has to resign. Can the opposition has to probe further.

  37. Bandawe says:

    Anyamata a MYP takatani ngati mmene munkachitira kale

  38. Dwambazi says:

    All I’m asking of this Gay, Mathanyula, Nkwata-kumbuyo president is a simple explanation of how he is going to get us out of this mess. I don’t need his temper tantrums like a two year old.

  39. If Malawians wait for 2019, and God doesnt quickly bail us out of this mess, It is too long to bell the cat. Ationonga ameneyi. Shaaaa!

  40. Sapitwa says:

    Indeed this is the opinion of some rotten writer with his construed mind trying to drag us to his side on his personal haterade to APM. Surely if you are a Millionnaire then you can’t live in a rented house? You can ask for more money?
    Why do you conclude this way as if you have done research and provided references?
    Pathetic writer!

  41. F chibwe says:

    Useless drunkard president

  42. Kenkkk says:

    You elect thugs, you get thuggish behaviour. Dpp are thugs and and you can see clearly their thuggish rule and behaviour from top to bottom. They are a disgrace to Malawians.

  43. ada manda says:

    This reporter is shit shit mabi enieni. Did APM put any comparison with Kamuzu. Mbuzi mano kunsi.

  44. Truck says:


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