Mutharika’s one week visit to North Malawi rejuvinates DPP –  Governor

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has  said it has been energised in the northern region  with the one week  visit by President Peter Muthalika, saying that has boosted the party chances to  to win elections with more votes from  the region  in elections scheduled for 2019.

President Mutharika is accompanied by DPP Secretary general  Ecklen Kudontoni welcoming new member into the party (C) Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika is accompanied by DPP Secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni welcoming new member into the party (C) Stanley Makuti

DPP officials,Vincent Ghambi,Keneth Sanga (C) and Vuwa Kaunda at the rally (C)Stanley Makuti

DPP officials,Vincent Ghambi,Keneth Sanga (C) and Vuwa Kaunda at the rally (C)Stanley Makuti

Chitipa crowds at DPP political rally addressed by Mutharika

Chitipa crowds at DPP political rally addressed by Mutharika

Muthalika has been holding different political and development rallies in four districts in the region since Wednesday last week.

Speaking during the last rally in Chitipa, DPP regional governor for the north Keneth Sanga said the Presidential visit has helped them to lure a number  of elected leaders and followers from opposition parties.

“To say the truth, your one week visit here in the north has really helped us to boost our party in the region because many elected leaders and followers from opposition parties have joined us,” said Sanga.

“Apart from that we have managed to launch and open different kind of infrastructure projects in the north that we believe that it will mostly help us during the election,” he added.

Concurring with Sanga, DPP national Secretary General Acklen Kudontoni said this is tthe party is slowly reclaiming the north as its political stronghold.

He said “no President has managed to develop or stay in the north for almost one week like  Muthalika because it was regarded as dead zone.”

Kudontoni said DPP would  like the “vibrancy” of the party and be fully structured across the country.

During the visit in the north about 6 councillors from Peoples Party and their followers as well as the Secretary General for the Umodzi party joined DPP.

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21 thoughts on “Mutharika’s one week visit to North Malawi rejuvinates DPP –  Governor”

  1. mzuza anthu says:

    Achewa ONSE from nkhatabay& NORTH will vote for their tribesman just like the lomwes who vote manthalika in tyolo & malanje.

  2. Ngalamayi says:

    Yet again, clear evidence that Malawi’s ruling party is more interested in maintaining power than developing the country or bettering the lives of its poor! Just take a look at the daily headlines: few concern development; most are about how politicians are developing their own careers… and how the members of other parties jump aboard that bandwagon. The level of tribalism is worrying, too. Surely after all these years we should ALL be Malawians, just wanting our country to reach the same heights of development, prosperity as our neighbours, other countries doing so much better than us when they’ve had similar independent years in which to achieve it. Listen to Dr Woeste.. he’s right!!!

  3. Phillips Chisambo says:

    don,t be fooled! people came for those free t.shirts boy not that they like DPP or ur useless Mutharika

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      Then how come that an MP for that constituency is DPP? How did people for DPP in that area if they don’t like it? Mulira simunati

  4. Malani says:

    That is how Ndale as in Chichewa best suits description for this scenario.I agree with the common mans comments that “Ndale ndi bodza”. That there is laterally no truth in politics it is true. Even if the president slaps a Malawian politician he will say the president gave me a facial pat. These guys are typical crooks Ask Amayi J, she was shocked considering the amount of patronage she enjoyed at rallies.

    More people attend rallies with different reasons.Nanji ku Chitipa some might have flocked kukaona ndege then you start boosting, lifeless speeches. At the ground people are suffering yet they claim kuti zinthu zikuyenda. Zakanikatu apa.

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      People in that constituency voted for DPP. The MP is DPP. Obviously the people in that area love DPP. Mulira simunati

  5. prof. Odiyayo says:

    Compared DPP and MCP, I would rather vote for DPP if the worse comes to worst. At present, I prefer if a dog could contest as a presidential candidate, i will vote for it. It is better to nyodwa ndi gula kupotsa zipani ziwirizi

  6. Sasani says:

    Can the party that cause pain bring about joy to the some people I hope so. And let those who are selfish and self centered spare this country from miles and hatred. Why can’t we support the ruling party? What profit will we gain by avoiding and castigating ruling party? Lets move on and oppose when ever is needed to do so and also correct when ever is necessary. Lets love our motherly and dearly nation is ours not for others we all Malawians.

  7. REX MSISKA says:

    I hate tribalism, and what i am about to write must not be taken as tribalism. With due respect the people of Karonga and Chitipa cannot remember their own children that had died for notable causes of the entire Country and yet in the end some were being chased around all over the world and murdered. Politically the President has been ill advised to accept the name of his late brother to be the one for Karonga/ Chitipa road. If the president thinks he has gained a political mirage, he is mistaken, he has just lost it.

    I hate, really for the president to remind the north of the words that were always in Kamuzu’s mouth,” the dead north, and wearing malambya.” Please Mr President before you speak any word, seek Divine wisdom. This thing of dead north irritates, actually you are making fun of the north. I want to respect you please!

  8. chindere says:

    Mwaphanso Dexter Kanike? Paja a kumpotofe ndife vindere…, tidzakubvoterani…muzingotiuser ngati condom

  9. Choda says:

    Ena inu mungoti killing killing. Mwaiwala nkhanza za MCP? Si inu nomwe ambwenumbwenu mudafa kwambiri Kamuzuatakuthamangitsani 1989? Vindere! Mukuona ngati zopusa zanuzo anthu a mmizi angamvere? Mukanangoti You won’t match DPP in campaign. Mwayamba kale kupindila michira mkaphwa? Muzizati mwaberedwa?

    1. Chahori na Dokowe says:

      Iwe Choda, or whoever you call yourself, ife akumpoto sitinaiwale the killings of MCP! In the same vein, sitingaiwale the killings of DPP because the DPP’s killings are just 5 years old! Bolanso mabala a MCP omwe ndi akale (over 30 years old), koma a DPP akupwetekabe – so for us, we can go for DPP just because MCP committed atrocities! DPP is a killer party and very anti-North – and my Northern region friends have now realised this!

  10. Winston Msowoya says:

    Do not take Northerners for granted.Peter and his brother Bingu have incredible grudges against the Northerners for reasons best known to themselves.For instance Bingu was heard saying,I quote: Tumbukas are very few population wise,how come that every office you enter,a Tumbuka is a boss,why,he asked.How would a State President ask such a divisive question? Recently,Peter filled unqualified students in two Nkata-Bay secondary schools from South and Central Malawi while,local students even though they scored required points by far more than students from South and Central.Northerners have not forgotten the unlawful and tribalistically motivated repatriation of Northerners from the two provinces by the Banda regime.So,it is foolhardy to conclude that DPP is gaining momentum in the North,no ways that is a wishful thinking.We have had enough from the Chewas and Lomwes.Once beaten,twice shy.

    1. Chingolopiyo says:

      Mr Kachale

      How is Mugabe? Your tribalism and hatred for people of the centre and south will never help you. People in Chitipa and Karonga voted for DPP. What you are saying here is wishful thinking. Malawi on ground zero in Chitipa and Karonga think differently from you. Mubwereko ku Zimbabweko muzawone Nokia momwe anthu a Kuchitipa ndi Karonga akuchikondera Chipani cha Diphiphi!!!!

  11. Buyelekhaya says:

    What a simplistic, deceptive assessment of the situation!

  12. ANALYST says:

    Eish, my beloved Northern Region, never repeat the mistake of giving this blood-stained party votes in 2019! They killed your brothers on 20th July, 2011 and Bingu had the audacity to re-introduce the infamous Quota System! Eish, the DPP scars in the North are still very fresh – 2011 is just 5 years ago – dont repeat that mistake! As Kamplepo says, the DPP wants to use the Northern Region votes “as condoms” – once elections are won, they forget you! Remember what Peter Mathanyula used to say during campaign in 2014 about the Quota System? Now two years down the line, has he abolished this archaic system? Wake up my brothers and sisters up there and see for yourself!

  13. What? says:

    Muonatu ena akapitako ku mpotoko kukachititsa misonkhano anthu omwe azikabwera pamisonkhano yawo ngati aja opita ku maliro a homeless person! KKKKKKKK.

    Next time APM goes there, kukakhala kutsegulira one chitukuko after another. Boma ilo bamboooooooooooooo. Odi ukoooooooooooo. Amunamuna bambo, kuchitekete kudutseeeeeeeeeee. Onse a maloko wayaaaaaaaaa kuthawa ndi amawo omweeeeee. DPP 2019-2024, APM Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. MABUSA says:

    mukupusikanapo waka apo. lindizgani 2019 tizamuona munthu wavinjeru wakupulikizga nanga chindere chiyowoye kweni paumaliro wakupanga chisankho yekha

  15. Chandamale says:

    You don’t know the north Eeeeshii mbuzi izi. That is northern region can’t repeat support DPP a party that killed 11 innocent people on July 11, 2011. May be DPP has forgotten. It is the first and only party that killed 11 people since independence in the north and a country in general. You are lying and you don’t have any chance of winning 2019. You will go ask Joice Banda. All Malawian people now look forward to Dr Chakwera as rescuer full stop whether you want it or not.

    1. chilungamo says:

      This is exactly what you were saying just before tripartite elections in May 2014. You alleged that no single northerner was going to vote for DPP. You said all sorts of bad things but still DPP scooped votes from Chitpa, Karonga and Nkhatabay with DPP MPs being elected. This time around the number of MPS is going to increase in the north for the DPP. Mark my words.

      1. REX MSISKA says:

        Malawians have a different understanding of democracy. It is about unaccountability,” steal as much as you can, its ones right.” It is a right of a democracy to steal in Malawi. From all corners especially those in power are not even ashamed to go to their bosses, the voters to lie to them.
        It is heart breaking to see that there is nothing for the youth in years to come.The moral fibres all cancerited; education for the children of Malawi all in the drain, while those in power have their children in private schools or overseas; Chiefs are no longer the custodians of the cultures; The Church has pushed the Holy Spirit out of the Church; law and order is a thing of the past. The people of Malawi have accepted that they are doomed already. They hope from party to party in search of nothing else but a one day loaf of bread and politicians have capitalised on it. Judges are no longer custodians of the law, they cannot even respect the Constitution of the Country. We need the Sir Thomas Mall, a man of all seasons.


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