Mutharika’s views on federalism in Malawi

State House wishes to unequivocally present His Excellency the State President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika’s position on federalism as follows.

President Mutharika has on more than one occasion said that he would not stop anyone from advocating for federalism because he believes in freedom of expression which is enshrined in our Republican Constitution. He also has emphasized that he would love to see a healthy debate on the calls for federalism.

President Mutharika

President Mutharika

According to the President, what is important is that the outcome of the whole debate should be what is in the best interest of Malawians.
In this regard, his emphasis is that those advocating for federalism should do so in an honest manner and without selfish ulterior motives which could lead to societal disintegration.

The President is of the view that it is up to Malawians to decide on what is in the best interest of our country or a particular region.
Our national interests are defined by a number of aspects such as economic interests, social interests, political interests and other aspects which define our national identity as Malawians.

During the 2006 Constitutional Review Conference President Mutharika, then, Professor of Law at Washington School of Law, was invited by the Law Commission to be one of the consultants and speakers at the National Review Conference.

It is worth noting that during the conference President Mutharika was only providing alternatives and suggestions as someone being consulted in a personal capacity to provide his scholarly views on proposals for reviewing the Republican Constitution.

As is the case at such conferences, views such as the ones presented by President Mutharika and everybody else were subject and open for debate and were not definitive, prescriptive or conclusive but were to be taken as mere suggestions that should be debated on.
In his presentation entitled Towards a More Manageable Constitution, President Mutharika proposed rotational presidency, federalism and proportional representation as three possible ways of addressing concerns about regional marginalization.

He tackled and reacted to various issues under the three main themes of the Conference namely:
(a) Make Good Governance the underlying purpose of the Malawi Constitution;
(b) Provide objective principles which do not target individuals or groups for reward or punishment; and
(c) Select the most appropriate areas for inclusion in the Constitution and also choose which ones should go to the Legislature.
Within the context of these discussions, President Mutharika reacted to various scenarios presented by Consultation Papers made available at the conference. The President’s views were not prescriptive. He was not advocating for Rotational Presidency, Proportional Representation or Federalism. The President made an expert scholarly presentation by simply outlining the various models available to Malawians, from which delegates to the constitutional conference could make informed decisions.

In his presentation, the President proposed that the three regions could be abolished because they were created just for colonial administrators’ convenience but they are not of geographical importance.
President Mutharika’s suggestion was that once the three regional administrative districts are abolished then the district could be created as the basic administrative unit.

However, Malawi embraced decentralization as a model of fast-tracking local governance and local development, and it is the President’s belief that essentially this must provide more decision power to people.

Therefore, it is the President’s wish that as the nation is debating federalism, we should also deeply consider the gains that this nation can make if we collectively choose to strengthen the decentralization process.

The President remains committed to a healthy debate on the issue of federalism and allowing Malawians to decide on the matter.
However, the President will do this within the context and against the background of an oath that he took to protect the laws and the Constitution of the country.

The President has got a constitutional mandate to uphold and safeguard our national sovereignty which is critical to our national unity.

His presentation at the 2006 conference is consistent with the President’s current position which calls for stakeholders to debate the issues of Federalism freely and honestly.

Frederick Ndala
Presidential Press Secretary
Kamuzu Palace

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74 thoughts on “Mutharika’s views on federalism in Malawi”

  1. United Party says:

    The statement from the State House is trying to disown APM views on the topic. Unless you are not principled, you can’t present an idea you do not believe in. I believe APM sincerely meant what he said that time. You cannot propose a course of action that you know will not bring the results unless you are not wishing the country well. As they say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, now that APM is president, he cannot stomach the idea of his powers being diluted hence all these attempts to twist the facts.

  2. Gimbogo says:

    Fredrick Ndala why are u trying to twist the opinion of the professor r u trying 2b month intelligent or u r 2 in subordinate to oppose the proposal of our dear professor moya Peter Munthalika let him implement what he proposed thus feudalism

  3. Muliyekha says:

    Ido support Federation people,these people are too much peaceful.Had it been are violent pple they would rather make their own Government without asking our mind hear in Sourth part.So if our brother leader contradicts him self he’s just wasting his time.

  4. vindere says:

    MBC TV just proved and showed us how ignorant,dumb and dull the Sheilkhs who represent the majority of Achawa are.With such mentality, mutundu wachichawa uzingokhala wosoka and mending zigamba basi.

  5. Observer says:

    That’s what many quarters refer to as ‘being caught with pants down’. You thought, reasoned, wrote and presented to the public your views which were not only scholarly but dreams in colour, yet you forgot. Others have remembered and resurrected your ideas with all the good intentions. The reasons behind that proposal are still here today and have not changed, And the solutions, you already outlined in your presentation.

    That brilliant the learned lawyer has now turned president. Implement your thoughts like the Ngwazi did with his Gwero dreams. You too had dreams and aspirations to implement before you became president; proportional representation, rotational presidency and federalism. Choose which one. Regional marginalization, tribalism and nepotism are still with us and possibly getting worse each day and require solutions.

    Come on Mr. President you now have the power and authority to turn things around. Wish you the best.

  6. Peter Hitler Mutharika is a truly dictator that only cares about the Southern region and his Mulhako people. This constitution which he is upholding—-it is a constitution which Nyika people don’t recognize because it is oppressive. This unitary Southern Region tribalist constitution that he has sworn to uphold and commit genocide on Nyika people once they oppose it—will be challenged until Nyika become a republic. Nyika people are ready to die for their motherland, Nyikaland, and we will never back down and continue to see our children suffer under the quota system that discriminate them from the doors of education. There are many “isms” laws that have been slapped on Nyika people, and we are tired of it. What does Peter Hitler Mutharika think we are? Morons that he can toy with anytime he feels like? Nyika people—life is too short, and we can’t allow cowardice to rule us and leave our grandchildren as slaves of the Southerners. Let me put it very clear to you Peter Hitler Mutharika that Nyika people will only enter into Federalism that has strong provincial governments, rotational presidency among our three regions not four, and point system (Electoral College—USA). This three points will prevent one region dominating the presidency as the way Peter Hitler Mutharika wants. In order for a political party to win the presidency must win 2 provinces out of three. This federal system that the Congress of Nyika People have put out there—it will make Malawians vote not based on a region of a president but the substance of the candidate. This rotational presidency closes all the loopholes of domination by one tribe or region. Why Peter Hitler Mutharika is opposed to it? He knows every Malawian will be equal. The governorship in these provinces will also be rotated among indigeneous tribes of that region. It is up to the province itself how they define “indigeneous person.” Peter Hitler Mutharika cannot be trusted because when he appointed cabinet ministers he chose 75% of them from his region. What about ambassadorial and state companies appointments? He fired all the people from other regions and appointed his tribesmen. Can one believe what comes from this Saddam Hussein of Malawi? Only Southerners will believe his crap because they benefit more than others. If it quacks like a duck it is a duck not a chicken. Peter Hitler Mutharika is a dictator, killer, thief, tribalist, and a liar. This man is telling Nyika people if they dare to demand a Federal system that will make all our three regions be on equal footing then he will kill them. If there is refaredum no region should determine the destiny of others and force them into submission. The question in a referudum must state clearly what kind of Federalism each region is voting for. Nyika people want to know whether this Federalism will have rotational presidency among our three regions not four, strong provincial governments, and electoral College. If these three points can be stated Nyika people will vote for Federalism. The federalism that Peter Hitler Mutharika is advocating exclude rotational presidency, and he wants to add the fourth province in Southern region so that the presidency can remain in Southern region. The best thing Nyika people need to do is to go for secession because this Peter Hitler Mutharika is not serious about meaningful changes that will treat all Malawians equal without one region dominating the others. This struggle of Nyika people must continue and Nyika belong to us, and we have a right to demand that we treated equal with dignity too. Peter Hitler Mutharika can use force but Nyika people will never surrender. ALUTA CONTINUA! MAYIBUYE MOTHERLAND, NYIKALAND!!!!!!

  7. OBAMA says:

    @ dadaboma, True saying! How can he say that it was just a proposal. Total contradiction. Let us define what is proposal and advocate mean? Does the president and his cohorts know what they are saying? Do you propose something that you don’t support it? Kodi ankawayesa anthu chani? He has been in America for his life and knows the good part of federal system. From his writing he never talked the shortfalls of it. Mr Ndala it is true he cannot be an advocate neither propose because now he is the cause of all this marginalization. Making people to get divided. What you must know is that we need to ask ourselves why people want federal system now? Lets solve this problem once and for all.

    Though I don’t agree with you dadaboma on the issue of cabinet reshuffle or quota system. These things are temporary we need to put rules in that will guide the presidents to come. Otherwise doing so will just be a temporary thing and another hostile mulhakho will come and do the same things. Let us trim some of the powers the presidents have and this is by federal system. This is for the future of our children.

  8. jumujum says:

    Atumbuka inu mukuumirira mtunda opanda madzi bwanji, Inunso ndi anthu amodzi wozikonda m’mafuna zinthu zonse zikhale zanu ndiponso mulembedwa ntchito pa kampani m’mafuna kuti mukhalepo akumpoto nokha, ifetu timakudziwa inu kuti ndi wozikonda.

  9. Jando says:

    The president must be decisive and never hide under the mask of using illiterate persons for propaganda in trashing his own federal suggestion on mbc tv. This conduct of favouring the anti-federalist on the public broadcast must stop. Such propaganda is creating more hatred against the tumbukas and damage to unity in the country.

  10. King salijen says:

    Chimaliziro chafika.

  11. cash gate says:

    Poor leadership imabweretsa zinthu zosiyanasiyana mdziko, a APM ndi odzikonda komanso osatha kuyanjanitsa anthu mdziko. Ndimadabwanso a lomwe zomwe amayankha pankhani ya cabnet, tikawauza kuti 85% ikuchokera kummwera nanga a mzigawo zinazi bwanji, iwo amati zilibwino, tikawafunsanso za quarter system amati ndi zabwino chifukwa tikugawana maphunziro mofanana,nanga bwanji cabnet yathu sitikugawana mofanana? dziwani kuti mayendetsedwe adziko amtundu uwu siwabwino, nthawi ino ndi ya democracy, anthu mulimbe nawo, bola zikayambika osamwalira ngati a brz, dziwani kuti kamauluka ndipo kamatela, dziwaninso kuti nthawi ina kubera ma vote kudzalepheleka, munakawina mwa chilungamo bwenzi mukukondanso anthu amadela ena, dziwani kuti federal ikubwera inu cash gate yanuyo muzidzachita nokha basi kummwerako

  12. dadaboma says:

    The press statement is self-contradictory. In one statement the writer says, “President Mutharika proposed rotational presidency, federalism and proportional representation as three possible ways of addressing concerns about regional marginalization.” In the other statement in a latter paragraph the same writer says, “He [President Mutharika] was not advocating for rotational presidency, proportional representation or federalism.” Now, does anyone who is sane propose something he does not advocate? It just shows this govt is in a fix. And yet APM can solve this impasse by doing the following:
    Sort out the concerns of regional marginalization by advocating for all-inclusive policies. This means abolishing the stupid quota system. Everyone is a Malawian and all must compete and be rewarded on the same standards. Distribute appointments, promotions and other resources equally to avoid feelings of marginalization. You are now a president of a whole country not just one southern region or Lomwe tribe so do not work to appease just a few people but everyone equally. Calls for federalism arise from your failure to treat everyone the same way, and they will continue until federalism occurs or until Malawi borders are redrawn. Please APM can you take advantage of the forthcoming UNIMA graduation ceremony where you’ll be installed as chancellor of this university to announce abolition of quota system. This announcement may be followed by cabinet reshuffle to include more people from the centre and north of Malawi. This is enough medicine to cure all resentment against your govt. I know you’re still drawing your speech, please include this in that speech. I’m advising you as someone who loves his country and someone who wishes his country’s presidency well. We’re not happy calling for federation, but we have no choice in the current scenario.

  13. Kakha Erutu says:

    Reading some comments makes me realize that there are so many “mbuli’s” around. What a pity! Federalism or secession is not an issue for the president to decide on. No. He can only provide conducive environment and climate where people engage themselves in healthy debates and then finally make a choice acceptable by all.

    Koma mukungoti “…eee, APM, 2006, eee fwi, fwi, fwi….” tanenani mfundo zeni zeni apa. The president said it clearly that he expects people to debate the issue in a healthy manner. Tiyeni nawo mfundo. osati kunena za mulhakho, kapena alhomwe, kapena Mutharika. AYI!

    Mwamva inu?

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Kaka erutu, no one is saying the president should decide the fate of federalism. The people or parliament will decide on federalism.

      We just want to know where the president stands in federalism, is he in the pro camp or against camp in this debate? We know Chakwera is in the pro camp, soldier in the pro camp and JB too. So which is peter’s camp as he expresses his views to the public in the debate?

      People are already debating. I strongly believe that both camps on the debate should be given equal access or platform to the public media such as mbc.

      I am against federalism but in a democracy the pro camp should also be fairly heard on Mbc, not just the against side. After all the Minster of information once told us that the Mbc is free, it doesn’t have to be biased. Really?

      So please give the pro camp also a voice in the public media such as mbc, so that whoever wins does so fairly without any complaints of bias by mbc.

      We want a clean fair, debate, equal competition and access to public media.

      1. United Party says:

        MBC is one institution that will never change. It is a waste of our taxes. If I had a choice which institution should receive my taxes, certainly it won’t be MBC. I am not surprise that at one point, parliament allocated K1 to MBC. Remember how MBC paraded chiefs trying to fool Malawians that they are for the national flag change? Now it is busy parading people who are against federalism forgetting that pro-federalism groups also pay taxes, probably more.

        Saying federalism will bring disunity is one hell of a lame excuse. Malawi has never been united. Unity was forced upon us by colonialists. Did the colonialists seek the views of our forefathers whether they wanted to belong to Malawi or not? European divided Africa as they saw fit disregarding important factors that may make one tribe live in harmony with another. We are now paying the price of that. However, all is not lost. We now have the chance to make things right, to have our views taken into account in determining our future.

  14. Bornifarncioh Vybrio Nguluwe says:

    Hope it’s better to first tackle on Malawi’s crisis and Mr President must fulfill what he promised before he usurped President Banda unlike being busy with things that we can even work on at later time

  15. Patriot says:

    Ndawerenga timakomenti ta mbuli za DPP. Malingana ndi mbuli zimenezi, mmitu mwawo akuona ngati Federal system is Secession.
    Hey Mbuli za DPP
    Federal system is:
    A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and constituent political units.
    Secession is:
    the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.

    Ndiye poti zikuoneka ngati wophunzira kwa alomweko ndi mkulu uyu akulephera kuyendetsa dzikoyu. Am sure kuti umbuliwu suchoka. You are all too danm imbecile.
    No offense.

  16. Federal republic says:

    No one can stop this debate. Very soon Malawi will be a federal state or the north will be a state own its own, if you do not have numbers use brains to get what you want!

    Imagine a region with MSCE students with 9, 10 up to 15 points being denied access to public universities while their counterparts with 25 to 36 points being given places.

    how many ministers are coming from the north by way? what about diplomatic posting? Where has the royalties received from mining in Karonga and Rumphi gone?? Is it the same region the expected royalties from Oil exploration go?

    APM you were a genius and I am convinced you still are unless you prove to me otherwise. Federalism is the way to go.

  17. Cicero says:

    A critical look at the press release shows the two faced Mutharika; one of the 2006 who was wise, pragmatic & intellectually enlightened on the core problem of Malawi & Africa as a whole which is tribalism & regionalism, making it a dark continent. The other is the present one who has now power that has corrupted him absolutely making him greedy. If Peter was honest enough, he should have told Malawians that his views then formed a good blue print to eradicate discontent of regionalism & tribalism which one day after elections shall explode into a civil war. Mark my words. As for me am for a unitary state based on true equality with all citizen feeling part of the nation state but if the status qo is what we have now then Sessession or Federalism is the best solution. Look Malawians we should not be calling each other names as if we are BC TIME. We need a healthy intellectual debate on the issue.

  18. eye eye says:

    Basically, the elements of federalism are embedded to a certain extent in the decentralisation programme in Malawi. I think the problem in Malawi has been the failure to effectively and efficiently operationalise the decentralised system of government.

    I would also go a system where thew regional boundaries are abolished and remain with districts!

  19. vunde malango says:

    E khristu!, let Sober minds debate on this issue and may God release His Holy Spirit to be our guide during this crucial time. We,the people from the North have been treated as underdogs since time immemorial here in Malawi. We migrate to other regions searching for better opportunities, it’s not like we despise our place of birth, no! But there’s no development of any kind, So help us Lord.

  20. Martin Luther King Malawi says:

    There is a story in the Bible on 2Samuel 12…. Where King David had to pass judgment about a cruel rich man who grabbed a widow’s only sheep for his braai, sparing his thousands, David said, that man deserves the harshest punishment, but when Prophet Nathan mentioned that “its you Peter Muthalika to implement this federalism or rotational presidency, Peter said I didn’t mean what I said in my first judgement, it was a scholarly presentation… Kikikiki, do you want to say scholarly issues don’t fit into politics? How difficult it is to swallow your own words… Because they are now in the air and carried by the wind., so go chase the wind to swallow them back.

  21. unfortunate says:

    I believe in my views, but also I respect the views of others. On the. Issue like this, I don’t expect any an certainties, the solution is in hands of the majority, that is why 20years ago we were chosen to live in a democratic society.

  22. mboma says:

    MR president sort out the economy kaye izi tayimika kaye amwene zovani this stinking economy u promised to solve when JB was a president u saif=d she ids clueless, tiyeni zanoni running a govt is a serious business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Zale P says:

    I see no honest debate on mbctv regarding the issue of federalism Mr President,rather the station is busy misinforming the public.Desolve ur cabinet & appoint a cabinet wich wil proportionally represent all regions for the sake of national unity. Thats the panacea for the federalism noise!

  24. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This press release confirms that Peter Mutharika was convinced in 2006 that federalism and proportional representation are good for Malawi. As a consultant you do not propagate or air views you do not believe in because when cross-examined you cannot defend views you do not believe in. If at all his views have changed he needs to explain to Malawians why his views have changed. Secondly if Peter Mutharika believes in freedom of expression let him order MBC to air both sides of the debate. It is really a mockery of genuine democracy that MBC without shame airs only views opposing federalism.

  25. The Patriot says:

    Zamveka ndithu mwa mvemvemve that APM holds the three fundamental views of:
    1. Rotational presidency.
    2. Federalism
    3.Proportional representation
    I agree with His Excellency Peter WaMutharika absolutely and I wish his crop of advisors and his die hard supporters see his point! Yes, he said it as a scholar and advisor to Bingu but still he said it with his own mouth without duress!
    Lest we forget that what we say will always follow us, just ask Thoko Banda who has lost a diplomatic post for what he said in 2012! All of us know that he uttered those words to get asylum in Germany but still his words were used against him by APM and DPP! Mr Ndala, tell us why we should not hold our dear President accountable for what he said in 2006?? What has changed since then that the President has sent you to clarify on this issue? Is it power corrupting our dear Professor??

  26. Bob says:

    I feel the president then had a more rational thought, why did the law commission not pursue the outcomes of the conference further? The state is failing short of clearly outline the actual stand of the head of state. Dont generalize.

  27. Angozo says:

    Bravo the state president, becoz there are some people who are just pushing for federalism due to selfishness, Malawians lets see to it with sober minds chifukwatu tidzachita zinthu mofulumira nthawi yake isanakwane mapeto ake tidzanong’oneza bondo. Ku maiko ena kumene anachita mosaganiza bwino akulila pano. Lets look at this thing called federalism at all corners, we shud not rush.

  28. MLO YA says:

    A Pitara busy perfecting marginalization of northern and central regions, a thing propagated by your brother Daniel Phiri.

    Mukanthidwa basi, anyaphaphi

  29. kukukuki says:

    Apa dada Peter mwayowoya

  30. vyazunguya Tukombo says:

    If so, why u put one side on mbc tv to fight against those who are advocating for federal. You personalise the issue.

  31. Atcheya says:

    Mutharika tsopani. I am a Malawian. Not from the north, centre or south. I am a Malawian. Debates should really be open to everybody and should include rural people too. They have to have enough time and information on this. Let them decide. Let us decide together.

  32. Anonymous says:

    my vote is no to federalism

  33. Jelbin mk says:

    And Mr Ndala it is government that is not honest in its views not the public. The public is solely genuine and focused while the government is busy banging heads hence the state house issuing such a statement. The president’s stand on issue is not consistent with the views he made in 2006 because we are not fools we heard him clearly denying the proposal calling the proponents divisive and selfish,mind u he is on record and if mvyellobas was still on air they could remind u on this. In your 7th paragraph Mr Ndala bullet (b) u said the president proposed that principles should be put in place so that no individuals or group of people is targeted but to my surprise when Peter immediately became minister of education he introduced quota system which was targeted at northerners so he is the greatest contrast of himself he is a liar who can’t be trusted,he is dishonest and doesn’t fit to be the president am afraid to call him insane because all sane people do not contradict themselves.

  34. CANAAN says:

    Yes! The president is 4 a healthy debate on federalism. But when i see debates on MBC i don’t see this reflected. It becomes a forum for castigating northerners and others who advocate federalism. A case in point is that of the Muslim group which was so biased and didn’t look at the issue objectively. It is my belief that when such people are paraded on MBC, they represent current views of the gvt. Mr president, how can federalism which you advocated as a law expert suddenly become bad when you are now in gvt? Do not parade illitrates on MBC who don’t even know how the system works. They only end up confusing people. Understood?

  35. Alungwana says:

    We say YES to federalism, we say YES to development!

  36. Jelbin mk says:

    I can’t call this a good piece of articulation because am afraid since the aim of it is openly known that it is to barry what the president really had proposed,and if I had to question the intention of this article then to hit a conclusion I would get an honest answer which is : The president really said it but didn’t mean it I believe this is what Mr dull Ndala could give me in order to protect his job. Since the dawn of self rule in Malawi the excuse of the president being mandated to protecting the constitution has been used to oppress and even kill detractors and people who hold dissenting views from that of the administration. Your last statement Mr ndala is not good for openness on healthy debate it is to scare off detractors so that they should debate while bearing in mind the powers vested on the president of protecting the constitution of which has been abused for too long so be careful when issuing such threats because they are not good for democracy and I don’t know why despite all constitution reviews we have had no one had pointed to this piece of law to be reviewed because we are still using a constitution which was drafted post colonially to silence people and supremise government officials while undermining the populace.

  37. Edundu mtwalo says:

    What ever! Or mwana moto amauziwa abale inu umbuli bwanji? Fedulo nd deal.

  38. mthakati says:

    Peter Mutharika the private citized consultant had a favorable opinion of federalism. That is more telling than this feeble attempt to water down his former opinions under political pressure…..

  39. Nobel says:

    Sounds good. Kunena kwandithendithe!

  40. Tribalism by DPP has fueled calls for federal system of government. Marginalization can be equalled to racism. The southern region does not contribute much to the economy of the country apart from thieves and prostitutes. Just take a look at how the Kwacha has lost value follow the end of the tobacco season. It just shows it is the centre and north that are running Malawi and yet the two regions are being sidelined by the rulers from the south. No wonder they are saying no to such calls. These people have destroyed all the forests in the south burning charcoal. They do not have a mainstay at all.

  41. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    That’s better but as usual, vuto ndi Symon who went among the chiefs up north! Ndiye panopa what does he have to tell us now that his boss is for open debate on the issue!

  42. dumerangi says:

    Tangololani fedolo musatinyasepo apa asa

  43. ngangaube says:

    shame on you Pitala why did you dispatch Vuwa Kaunda and Khoviwa to the North and the East immediately the debate started to bribe chiefs. Please dont insult the intellect of Malawians. We are adults and knowledgeable. Recently yku lied that the first ever Lhomwe chief is the one you installed and yet we know that Muluzi installed Nkhulambe ss the first one and is still there. Who are you cheating here you clueless President

  44. Well presented and articulated by Mr F. Ndala. You seem to have had a real special time with HE. Your semi-refutal story is very interesting. But will you be reminded that you are “Running” a Government here and not a class. You can give your “Scholary” examples in a class not in a Government. This is a real serious factual live business where you are heading and leading a nation. You goof here, you will have created a dead and corrupt nation for years to come. We do experiments in a class and thereafter take to impliment the right thing but not with running a government. Sometimes it is precious to remain silent than to redicule oneself. People heard what HE had said then as tutor(professor) but this time around is different because he is now our head of state. No trials, only do what is right for the nation, full stop! We don’t want to become a dying nation already faced with elephants of problems. I rest.

  45. Aaron says:

    Be straight forward Mr President.

  46. Makwasa says:

    What needs to happen is people with sober minds need to educate the citizenry on the pros and cons of federalism. People need to be educated on federalism by an unbiased entity so Malawians can make an informed decision. Thanks!

  47. Kalanga says:

    Inde, scholarly papers indeed provide alternatives to societal problems.

    However I feel there is political prostitution especially to those close to the president.

    They seem to mislead him as if he doesnt wish malawians well.

    Leave the pple of malawi debate and then make meaningful wayforward.

    Wishing you all the best.

  48. ZAZIII says:

    Mwayamba Kuzeranamo Mbwiyachetu Ife Timadabwatu

  49. Timothy says:

    Hahahaha very funny.
    If it wasnt for the media bringing up what he said on that conference, could he have been this apologetic and embarrased now towards his own stand? And which constitution is he protection anyway, or does he protect it when it suits him? Exravagant expenditures, nepotistic apointments of diplomats and gvt officials despite the public outcries, the pure arrogance of his gvt towards people’s needs, and you are telling us he is safe-guarding the constitution. Chamba eti.

  50. wa Mpata says:

    a break thru!!!

  51. Vyachalo says:

    Anthu ophuzira samabvuta ku vesa koma mbuli. APM ndiye anaganiza fedelizim sono ife a DPP tisiye maganizo abwino a president wathu yamu chaka cha 2006?

  52. Nyamakumutu says:

    All that you have said mean nothing. When you are invited as a scholar whatever you present to the forum is taken seriously as important information to draw conclusion. You just don’t speek to pass hours away but you say what you believe is true and you move people to take actions. You end up with one view that you recommend. That time he recommend federal system and those advocating for it have very reason to reference it to him because it was his own work and he is the authority to reference. Be qccadamic in your defense. Even Kamuzu Banda has a mission to protect the constitution but when the owners of it said we want change change came in. Even today if us the owner of the constitution say we want change he has no authority to stop change because change will change him.

  53. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Munthu wamkulu wathedwa nzeru. Munkayesa ndife ana kuti tayiwala. Whether you said it in your personal capacity or not, you believed in it then and now, dyera lanu ndilimene mikuziluma nalo lilime. Federation itheke musiye kuba.

  54. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    I understand these were just views by then without frustrations after losing election. Nobody pushed the issue until after 20th May 14. When we lost elections and we felt sidelined. Let us all adopt ratational presidency from major political parties (DPP,MCP,UDF and PP if at all pp is alive. Otherwise this federalism will promote tribalism. What do you think. Hot debate

  55. mwika says:

    Key statements from the presentation which need further discussion. 1. ” providing alternatives and suggestions as someone being consulted in his personal capacity to provide scholary views” 2.

  56. mumangotukwana akumpoto,mwaona ma views a APM?musamanene za umbuli apa,anthu ozindikira amadziwa ubwino wa federalism,support it,it is good.

  57. njinga-yanga says:

    abolish the regional administrations and uphold the district and central/national units for more unity, and freeing the districts from the regions

  58. MKWAPU says:


  59. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Ndiye wina aziti Federation ndi yopipa!! Young brother wa Moya akuvomeratu apa!! “Verba vola, Scripta manet” adatero olankhula Chilatini. Zomwe umalemba zimakutsata kuposa zolankhula. Moya jnr adanena ndipo tidamva.

  60. Kenkkk says:

    Thanks for a partial or not full clarification as to where the president’s position is on the federalism debate. His position seems to be keep on debating!! What I personally want the president to tell malawians is where he stands on the issue of federalism, is he pro or against federalism? The answer to that is what am seeking from the president.

    The federalism issue has been debated extensively. The only thing remaining is actually civic education for the masses and holding the referendum or parliament to decide.

    That is why it is crucial for Peter to tell us which camp of the debate he belongs to. If he is pro, then his mps most of whom are against it might change their minds and vote for it in parliament if that is the route to be taken because they are as we know them, the yes bwanas to their dpp leader. The same will go for the dpp grassroot in the South who will as well follow the leader’s pro position and support the pro camp. Federalism will then very likely succeed.

    However if Peter is against then a completely different scenario will
    be manifested making it more difficult for the pro camp to sail through in parliament or referendum again due to numbers and misinformation about federalism from the con or against camp.

    Some of us who are against it, will be happy to welcome Peter to our camp.

  61. Wawa says:

    And those against federalism, are they doing this in an hionest manner without ulterior motives? You only have to watch MBCtv and listen to the radio to know this is not the case.

    In point, those clueless Sheikhs only managed to make a great laughing stock of themselves. Silly gang supporting a silly govt agenda.

    And you call that sound debate?

    Secondly, you make key suggestions at a national consultative conference and few years down the line you say you didnt mean it? A Mdala, you are becoming as dangerously dumb as your master APM by th day.


  62. Raheem says:

    Is this a position or indecision? My understanding of a position is where someone takes a particular stand, and not here

  63. Mphembedzutsokonombwe says:

    A lot of academic/intellectual. will you please translate this in simple language that a common person/citizen would understand.

  64. KUKHALA says:


  65. GRACIAN KALIJE says:

    Those who are suporting federalism are 20 may poll losers, their aim is not to help the country but they want to be closer to the money, they know that in this type of government they will be given some positions in the government, so that they can steal goverment’s money.

  66. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The president has been very open to Malawians , TVMBC should be stopped forthwith from giving wrong information to Malawians. A bunch of those stupid idiots should not be paraded on our national TV misinforming Malawians about federalism .

    Peter Wamunthilika has told the nation to debt the topic of federalism openily without fear or favour , what we are seeing is that a certain group of people don’t want Malawians to discus openly the issue of federalism while our president is the one who introduced the topic of federalism in 2006. The population of Malawi is too big for a one dual president to handle it that’s why Malawi has been seeing developments going to the real homes of the presidents taking place.

    The president has sensed that federalism has come to stay , Dausi is a good head of National Head of Intelligence otherwise he is not just a yes Bwana. Telling the president the truth is what will save the president and Malawi as a nation . Had it been the post of Head of National Intelligence was given to a Lomwe person it was going to mishandled.

  67. Quota system says:

    He is taking sides already by uttering that proponents have ulterior motives.

  68. Alfred Newman says:

    True, the President should not be seen as presiding over a wishy-washy “democratic” system as was Germany’s Weimar Republic. He must be seen to be in charge of a robust and vibrant democracy, where he can proudly proclaim that he’s in fact encouraging free and open debate. But the fact remains that at the conference, he was not teaching the delegates, but expounding his views, and these views are subject to any and all interpretations.

  69. Bongololo says:

    Mutharika sounds like the grown-up in the room and I love it! I have no doubt that this man will actually call for a referendum on Federalism quite soon, otherwise why would he encourage an “honest” discussion? Now is the time to put more pressure my friends; now is the time to make the federation opponents squeal like a bunch of hogs! We’re gonna chase those crazy ballheads out of town!

  70. kanchenga says:

    It is encouraging to note that the president is committed to a healthy debate on the matter. But what is not clear Mr press secretary is the motive behind the encouragement by the president for the healthy debate. Is it to cool off the bottled anger or to end up with a popular management system for the country. This issue looks simple on the face but if the president doesn’t offer credible leadership it will create frustration in the mind of those that feel marginalised by the current system. Is Mr President ready to handle a frustrated section of citizens. I stand to be corrected, but I feel the president is not taking a leading position in this matter. My suggestion is that government must take a clear position on this matter and explain it’s position to the citizen. While those for federation must also be given a chance on the public radio to explain their position. A definate calendar be put in place for a national referendum. Under consistent pressure Dr Banda did that and a crisis of untold magnitude was averted. We are the same Malawians who did that and with that experience we should be able to handle it better than the first time. Mr press secretary please avoid responding to people’s feelings by misrepresenting their position. No body has said that the president is in favour of the call for federation as presented by the proponents now. They only wanted to remind the president that he must look at this issue in the same manner he did in 2006. I am sure he was as conscious then as he is now. He should be able to look at issues for the benefit of the nation and not DPP or southern region.

  71. what goes around….comes around. Now it has hit on u MR president.

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