Mvula shocked with son arrest on murder, vehicle theft allegations

Renowned political and social commentator Humphrey Mvula says he is shocked with the arrest of his son in connection with murder and vehicle theft allegations.

Mvula:   I cannot disown my son but he is prayerful who cannot be involved in murder, trush must be told

Mvula: I cannot disown my son but he is prayerful and good boy, truth shall be told

Dumisani Mvula and three other suspects described as ‘hardcore criminals’ were arrested by police last week.

Mvula told a local radio station on Thursday up to now, he is refusing to believe his own son could be suspected of such serious crimes.

“As a father, I will do all I can to help him. He is a normal young man, 23 years old, second year in university, loves going to church,” said Mvula sounding shocked in the interview.

“I never I imagined he could be found in the predicament of this nature. He is a very nice child. He is a good boy, the truth shall be told,” said Mvula, denying flatly that his son was involved in the serious murder case.

He said whatever the situation, he would not throw away his son, neither will he disown him.

Apart from Mvula, police alss arrested 38-year-old Chipiliro Gombwa, 35-year-old Dickson Magumbe and 29-year-old Andy Machinjiri.

Police said a total of 239 live ammunition, a pistol and a pump gun were recovered .

Southern Region Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, the four are suspected to have committed three murder cases in the process of stealing seven vehicles.

Some of the vehicles that the group is suspected to have stolen include a Mazda Bongo, whose owner was murdered, an MTL Toyota Hilux whose driver was killed, and a government Toyota Prado belonging to a Cabinet minister.

An Indian is also said to be a victim of the one of the three murder cases.

The police are said to have arrested another police officer on Thursday suspected to have been the supplier of arms and ammunition to the alleged hardcore criminals connected to the three murders and seven car thefts.

However police publicists have kept the name of the suspected police officer under key and lock.

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45 thoughts on “Mvula shocked with son arrest on murder, vehicle theft allegations”

  1. man says:

    Like father like son

  2. Mzimba pa Boma says:

    POLICE must always release mugshots because
    in Malawi people have similar names and you
    are keeping the public at bay.

  3. Hancy says:

    Innocent intil proven guilty by a competent court.

  4. magenge says:

    Gombwa wa Chitawira clinic sayankhulapo za mwana wake Chipi?

  5. Mzimba pa Boma says:

    POLICE when you arrest criminals that have
    done heinous crimes please give the public
    mugshots for them through media platforms.
    The puplic can always help to give further
    information.USA and UK always release mugshots
    of criminals

  6. Im sure how long t might b truth shall b known

  7. Kufa Kupuma says:

    Andy, your mother is turning in her grave. As her friend I feel shattered!

  8. Not all, who say Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of God

  9. Benjones says:

    We all know what mvula is a very big mafia and a hard-core criminal. We have seen his act and I will not be suprised that mvula is the gang leader for all these crimes.

  10. Bob Chiswe says:

    Mvula is indirectly paying the price of facilitating the stealing of elections that he participated in in the past. He was also a shame to the northern region for his deeds. He was as bad as the late Henry Moyo, the UDF thug who died some years ago

  11. Temaco says:

    Mvula ndi Mtumbuka waku Mpoto nanga enawo nawonso ndi aku mpoto?

  12. Mlomwe says:

    Osamangoti atumbuka atumbuka pamenepa mwamva alomwe omachindana omuna nokha nokha inu

  13. kalipinde says:

    I this nkhan shouldbe handled well. The truth is already known. They have undercover for so long by arresting wrong people deliberately. We will obviously seek for defamation for the troubles that our son went through on issues he did not do.

  14. chokani Banda says:

    Going to church does not mean one is a Christian. In Malawi church is socialzing. Many Cash Gaers are in church. Namata, his sister and wife go to Anglican church everyday. Church has become as status. The rich are in middle class areas. But these rich families are nt clean. Most of them has Cash Gate , money stolen from tax payers. Lilongwe and Blantyre is bulit of Cash gate money. Without that they would not have been houses in areasn 43; new 25, Shire, Ngalver, etc. Money which has left Malawi very poor.

  15. aphino says:

    xomati atumbuka ndiza ukape man tiyeni tikambe nkhani osati kunyozana mitundu

  16. Nangozo says:

    Very sorry indeed, dat gun belongs to chipinda not dumb ndi njoka muudxu, tingoti pheee tione, de truth will prevail n dey hv to mention de name of de police officer enawo atchulidwa bwanji?

  17. Nangozo. com says:

    Very sorry indeed, tingoti pheee tione de truth will come out.

  18. Angoni apaphata says:

    A mvula kuba munkaba ku stagecoach kuja mumati mwana asayamire. Mulungu amaona. Ananena kuti ndidzalanga Ana chifukwa cha makolo awo

  19. chris saukira says:

    no guyz don’t rush to conclude they are suspects.

  20. steve chifundo says:

    Mvula z a fifi like father like son

  21. Namalila says:

    Very few Malawians go to Church for cosmetic purposes i.e to be seen that they are christians but in reality they are the cashgaters,aldulterers and generally not nice people!SHAME!

  22. Kuthako says:

    that gun belongs to dumi though. Even if he didnt commit the murders, he was involved and needs to face severe punishment.

  23. muukwaathuni says:

    vuto la atumbuka mukafika ku bt mumawona ngati mwafika ku New york ,ndiye kukopela lifestyle ina iliyonse ,a mvula mwana umbava wake simumawuziwa .tangovomerani apa ,kuti munaphuzisa nokha .koma naaaaaa iyi yokha ndiye kuyithawa kwake kuvuta

  24. tyutyuma says:

    Those who know Humphreys Mvula very well are not surprised with the thieving of his son. I mean those who know Mr H. Mvula very well.

  25. pyola says:

    Make mbuu mwana mbuu. Like father like son. Who doesn’t know Humphery Mvula. A criminal of his own clout. Unless you were born yesterday then you will call Humphery a saint.

  26. Nebuchadnezzar says:

    Paja Humphre Mvula adagwetsa company ya shire buslines ndiye mwana akulondola m’mapazi abambo ake,osamangoti kupemphera enanu ndinu asatanic.

  27. Mbuyanga says:

    Late Nelson Mandela said and I quote”Never say Never”end of quote,a Mvula u r an honourable man I respect u,mukanapilra kaye swallow that bitter pill ,u will be shocked mwana wanu atavomera mlandu,mwana wanu simumayenda naye kuli konse,
    mukati mwana wanu amapephera mmmm,pa 24 dec 2015 we woke with sad news a daughter of one of the power pastor sauti phiri Grace was caught madrugs,ndiye aaaaa khalani chete amvula tidikile

  28. lazarus says:

    ENG 101:
    You commit murder and NOT murder case. The murder case will be heard in court.

  29. Nabanda says:

    Blood is thinker than water, being his father mumati angati chani. Thats why amati:_ CHIBALE NDI FUPA. M’bale wako olo alakwe umamuyikirabe kumbuyo

  30. The Swartkop Guru says:

    Jabu, you are an idiot.. Humphrey has never been convicted in any case. He was rather compensated at Shire Bus Lines K100 000 000 for unlawful arrest. Stop saying nonsense

  31. The Swartkop Guru says:

    2016 Welcome and Absalom you are fools. Stupid idiots. Humphrey Mvula has his own weaknesses but its so stupid to summarise that Humphrey Mvula was mastermind in the criminal activity of his son. After all Dumisani hasn’t been found with a case to answer. Foolish enough someone would blame it to the parent… Rubbish and fuck you

  32. h says:

    Adadi…simumamuziwa Dumisani inu…mmene asutila chamba mwana wanu inu, mukuti chani apapa……fodya wakeyo….simumuziwa….mwati amapita ku mpingo…he he he he

    1. Hhhh says:

      Tell us

  33. WAMISALA says:


  34. Boyi says:

    Let’s hope he was just a victim of circumstances. That he was merely a friend to bad peoiple he was found with during the arrest. Otherwise anawanso nthawi zina they put you in a very undesirable predicament. Sorry Mr Humphrey Mvula – be strong indeed!

  35. Truck says:


  36. Even Sam Mpasu’s son Joseph was a criminal while at Poly. His father was a Minister of Education at the time.

  37. 2016 welcome says:

    Ndinu wopepera bambo eti? If you are shocked when everything is out of hand then you are not a responsible father . A responsible father could have detected questionable moves by their son especially looking at the gravity of this case. Now, when you say you are going to do everything possible to help out; it sounds you want to bribe the authorities to let you criminal out?
    Stupid fool! You only know how to sire children but don’t know how to bring them up into responsible citizens

  38. Eduardo Happy says:

    It also depends on which church-some churches promote sin.

  39. Absalom says:

    The Father should also be arrested. He is the one who was masterminding all the criminal activities.

  40. Jabu says:

    You have been convicted for corruption before, after bringing down Shire Bus Lines, so u think your son is a angel?

  41. Mboni Ya Boma says:

    Well spoken Mr Humphreys Mvula. You have spoken like a loving father. You do not have to abandon or disown your child just because he is in trouble. Stand by him. Pray for him. Help him to tell the truth so that his conscious can be clear and God can forgive him..

  42. Umboni Chalo says:

    Well spoken Mr Mvula. You have spoken like a real parent. As a parent you cannot abandon or disown your child just because he has misbehaved. Stand by him. Pray for him. and most important let him tell the truth with your help. Thats all that matters now.

  43. kk says:

    Mr Mvula for your information. Sam Mpasu’s son Joseph was a hard-core criminal with his criminal friend Patrick, they were all students at poly. Mpasu was a minister of education at that time.

  44. Patriot says:

    Wokupha ameneyo. Akalowe basi.
    Ndi a judge azaphatikize zaka za ophedwawo, let say zaka zonse pamodzi kukwana 274 (for example), imeneyo izakhale sentence yawo aliyense payekha payekha.
    Mwana ameneyu ku amerikako sanapitirekop sukulu koma uchigawenga.

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