Mvula to join Malawi FA presidential race: Nyamilandu’s 4th term bid faces more challengers

Former Mighty Wanderers now Be Forward Wanderers chairperson Humphrey Mvula is the new figure to challenge Mac Millan Walter Nyamilandu for the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidency seeking to bring soccer’s governing body back to normal.

Mvula:  Strategist to focus on football management

Mvula: Strategist to focus on football management

Mvula is expected to make official his bid but is reportedly engaging several stakeholders in trying to bring more investors into Malawian football.

He recently argued that government’s lack of funds should be no excuse for failing to engage an expatriate national coach and suggested that bilateral partners can assist.

Apparently, it is reported that Mvula is seeking Germany support to send an expatriate Flames coach for technical aid.

“The other option is taking out a budget to sponsors to explore the possibility of them paying coaches. They should not be constrained by money. The idea of looking for a coach is not difficult. It is just that we have not cast the net wider. In Zambia, Herve Renard was being paid by a mining company,” Mvula told the local press.

FAM president Nyamilandu whose fourth term bid is getting unpopular amongst the general football community in Malawi insisted that the suggestion to seek technical aid is good but they expect the ministry of sports to “champion the cause because they have a relationship with donor partners.”

He however agreed that the suggestion by Mvula is plausible: “This is how Manfred Hoener was recruited.”

Apart from Mvula, Nyamilandu is facing challenge from golfer and prominent lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa, Owen Chomanika, Ali Mwachande, goalkeeper legend Boniface Maganga, Kelvin M’mangisa and Wilkins Mijiga.

Nyamilandu is viewed as the overwhelming favourite to win and other candidates face eligibility pitfalls

According to FAM legal subcommittee chairperson Jabbar Alide, candidates must have served in mainstream football administration at FAM affiliate level for five consecutive years prior to elections to stand as a requirement stipulated in FAM constitution.

Eligible voters will be 36 FAM affiliates who are; Super League of Malawi (Sulom), Southern Region Football Association (SRFA), Central Region Football Association (CRFA), Northern Region Football Association (NRFA), Beach Soccer, Womens Football Association, National Referees Association (NRA) and Youth Football Development are the affiliates that will be allowed to vote.

Sulom will have 8 votes, SRFA, CRFA and NRFA will have 6 votes each whereas the remaining votes will be given to the other affiliates.  Nine affiliates will contribute three delegates each to the elections. Simple majority determines winner after secret ballot voting.

Football fans want an open and public debate about the future of FAM.

FAM has an open ended term of office whose requirements include possession of five years of recent past main stream affiliate football administration experience.

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25 thoughts on “Mvula to join Malawi FA presidential race: Nyamilandu’s 4th term bid faces more challengers”

  1. The Swartkop Guru says:

    Malawian are really a strange people. I now believe this! Kodi what’s a problem with Humphrey Mvula? Sanathese Shire Bus Lines… The guy was fired and iy was from there when People failed to Manage the Busliner.

    People forget now that it was Mvula who brought the luxury buses to Malawi… You remember Sacramento and Paradiso?

    Ufiti basi a Malawi… Kusatukuta. Mumadziwa chani agulu inu…. Mumavota ndinu? Tamangotuwani ndi umphawi..

    Mvula go Mvula go

  2. maruwasa says:

    A Mvula afuna akabetu basi stupid mafia galu iwe

  3. Humphrey C. Mvula the mafia and politician. Destroyer of BUS company kk Koma Yeaaaaa, dyera likakula limasauka ndi dziko

  4. Ng'ombeyavuka says:

    Mvula mwene yuyu basi, stage coach and FAM vithu viwili vakupambana.we want brains to lead FAM like him. Mvula more fire!!!!!!

  5. alpha says:

    ngati ndatukwana pepani.The issue is chi Walter palibe chimene chachita zaka zonsenzi, so the playboy MUST GO.
    Anthu alipo koma chabe tsegulani maso. Walter amakuopysani ndi chiyani?

  6. alpha says:

    Agree,. No Walter and no Mvula. Walter wangokula mawu koma galu wa munthu sadziwa kuyendetsa mpira. Kukakamira udindo zaonetsa kuti ichi ndi tserekwete cha munthu.

    Mvula vuto koma ufiti.. Komanso anathetsa basi yolimba phuu! can you imagine what the guy can be able to manage? a Malawi pepani. Tsegulani maso anthu alipo.

    A Nyirenda, tamatukukani mungomva kuti ndinu a ku mpoto. basi mwati ine koma u vice?
    Try FAM presidency. Ndinu nokha mumadziwa mpira komanso mumakamba za mzeru. enawa amatisandzitsa.

  7. wabullets says:

    munagwetsa shire bus co. nde mufuna mukagwetse fam,,,,, usawi chichi?

  8. Tamanda SaukaK says:

    Kodi a Mvula asiya ndale. Back from retirement. Koma yeaaa. Kodi salary ndi bwanji? And what are the benefits? Ife anyerere pambuyo panu nga nga nga

  9. jaman says:

    mpaka zafika pa mvula he he he he he agogo asiireni achinyamata zinthuzi water yo nso sakufunika tatopa naye

  10. waziona says:

    Both nyamilandu and mvula are not wanted to manage football in malawi

  11. Manyasa says:

    Mvula the Mafia, Gangster hahahaha you are joking

  12. kanyimbi says:

    We don’t want thieves in Malawi. We are tired of them.

  13. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Walter Nyamilandu BLATTER. Step down and give chance to other people please.

  14. Kusankha Mvula kukhala FAM president nkubetsa. ngati Satge Coach bus company inatha mungthu wake ndi amaneyu.

  15. phodo says:

    Mvula you have my vote because of your constructive ideas you give on Ufulu Radio

  16. MJ says:

    Whatever strategies Mvula is saying are lies. He is a political strategist meaning that he is a strategist of lies.

  17. katema says:

    Mvula nde ayi tikufuna achinyamata. Wasauka pano nde akufuna mpira …. ayi please.

  18. Mzala says:

    No no.Not Mvula.He is the worst of all the aspiring candidates.Before you vote know these facts: He is intolerant to opposing views, He is a Mafia.
    He messed things up at Stage Coach Bus Company. He is part of the gang with Tcheya that destroyed once vibrant MDC.He also funded gangsters that terrorised Tcheya political opponets.We are in a mess politically and economically as a nation today because of this gangster.To Hell With Him.

  19. singo says:

    Welcome mr Mvula. may be f.a.m will be led by my noma diehards, nyamilandu then mvula..

  20. Honest says:

    Hahahahaha nde mpaka Mvula? Yigwe FAM ngati stage coach?

  21. Psm says:

    Olo kubesako mpaka mvula,anagwesa stage coach pano wasauka akufuna abeleso fam, zopusa basi

  22. captain says:

    Mvula yekhayu ndiye ayi. Sindikufuna kumvanso za dzina limenelinso mwamva?

  23. Urunji says:

    I better go for Humphreys Mvula than this Walter Nyamilandu man because Walter has failed us to hell.Lets charge for the better, Mvula is better than these others.

  24. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Mvula ndi ntumbuka wakuba uyu. Mogwirizana ndi nchawa nzanga Tcheya analowetsa pansi Stage Coach bus company chifukwa chakuba. Can such an idiotic thief look after a donor or private sector pulse on behalf of FAM. Anatikwana ameneyu.

    1. SHAKA says:



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