Mwai back for Malawi Queens ahead of World Cup

Netball super star Mwawi Kumwenda has made a sensational return to Malawi Queens to prepare for the World Cup from this August 6 to 17 ending the impasse with Netball Association of Malawi (NAM), Malawi Newsnow and Capital FM reported on Monday.

Mwai Kumwenda: : In Malawi Queens nod

Mwai Kumwenda: : In Malawi Queens nod

Capital FM reported that the towering shooter had joined the squad at the training camp and bolstered the Malawi Queens ahead of the World Cup

“I can confirm that Mwawi Kumwenda has finally joined her friends in queens’ camp ahead of the netball world championship next month,” NAM general secretary, Caro Bupu, is quoted by Malawi Newsnow (

The online news also quoted Mwawi’s cousin Hlupekire Phiri Chalamba, who doubles as her manager and legal adviser, saying the differences which were there with NAM have been ironed out in the spirit of sports.

“Yes I can confirm that Mwawi Kumwenda has joined the camp to show her sportsmanship after discussions with netball mother body and will be part of the squad that will be travelling to Australia For the netball world championship,” Chalamba is quoted as saying.

Mwawi has not featured for the Queens since last year when she decided to fight for the rights of other ‘abused’ players in the Africa’s number one and world’s fifth ranked team.

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32 thoughts on “Mwai back for Malawi Queens ahead of World Cup”

  1. Dr Mbewe says:

    This is good. Mwawi is an asset to Malawi.

  2. Redeemed one says:

    amati angatani a NAM without u our superstar……….akhaula

  3. Mzimba Solola says:

    @ no.26 don’t waste your time castigating Tumbuka’s just do what can help you. Whether they steal money or kubera mayeso iwenso you can do the same and reach there. Mukamalimbana ndi aTumbuka mukungochedwa. I am proud of being a Tumbuka.

  4. Mtochi says:

    Max, Tumbukas as far as I know them r hard working people and have their priorities right. Borrow a leaf from dem. Which Tumbuka stole government monies?

  5. Hoitty says:

    Ukhalira yomweyo. Tumbukas will shine at everything except overpopulation. If you steal with a Tumbuka the Tumbuka thief will beat you at it. If you compete for a vacancy with a Tumbuka he will out shine you. Youbare very right they outshine on everything.

  6. phodox says:

    I think the letter which NAM wrote to your club was very strong. Hahahaha

  7. max nsani says:

    You forgot to mention that Tumbukas also shine at stealing gvt money, cashgate and building the best houses, buying expensive cars from the stolen money. They also steal maneb exam papers and pass exams, they always shine like that. Those clever tumbukas….

  8. moses thenda says:

    Conglats mwai, u r our hope

  9. NAM should not repeat this mistake of being big-headed. Govt next time please dismiss NAM members who mismanage allowances meant for our players

  10. Anyway, All the same. This girl can give a good game out of the pitch as well. She can not be tired. But this beauty and soccer should not lead you to contract HIV as many other stars that we have heard of. Take care of yourself. By the way osamanyada wamva. Saizi wafikayo ukufunika mamuna wakathithi wamva. Osakakwatiwa ndi mzungutu kumeneko iweee. By the way ndizoona kuti kumakhala kunyengetsa kunjako mukapita kkkk

  11. Mtochi says:

    Guys Tumbukas r gifted people they just shine at everything, xool, Jobs, good houses in town and sports. How i wish i was a Tumbuka? Thank u Mwawi for a come back u r marvel to watch. Am ur greatest fan.

  12. moses Mtambo says:

    God bless you Mwabi, you love your country mother Malawi that’s why you accepted this call to play for our country where you get nothing as compared to where you are. Iam disappointed with NAM for childish&selfish decisions they make. These are people who themselves don’t even have no talent at all.

  13. Jimuni says:

    How i wish some of you idiots here really knew the story which is or was not only between NAM and Mwai but several other players.

    NAM will kill the sport

  14. zuze says:

    I just love this girl…hmm and she’s good at what she does i think malawi netball team will do better in this world cup …good luck girls,go make us proud.

  15. Chikopa says:

    Will Malawi be number two because this stupid fool has joined the squad? The answer is nay!!! Why Malawians waste such precious time to folly with fools? She should shine at the expense of the country.

  16. KASONGO says:


  17. Tengupenya says:

    NAM and this star are only playing the hide and seek game, which is no good for sports. Bold decisions are needed, when personal stardom and personal achievement are more beneficial to a star than further national duty. Personal sacrifices for national duty do have limits and there is no need to mask the limits with the hide and seek game. All the same best wishes to both NAM and the star in their erstwhile wishful reconciliation. May the mutual respect between association and star hold for the good of the national sport.

  18. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Welcome back we missed you l know you were fighting a good cause but next time do not go this far professional sakwiya otherwise peole will just think you are childish clueless careless senseless snd thoughtless otherwise you are a good person keep it up by the way whats your foni numba mwina ndi ngapange follow wife ku Australia new zealand you csn make a good wife

  19. Ophiri says:

    Well done

  20. Mbanangwa says:

    This has already boosted the players morale in the camp. One step ahead.

  21. Mayankho Kwagwantengo says:

    Mwawi thanks for returning to the team. Always remember that you are a national asset and NAM is just a part of it. The nation missed your services. Well done………….

  22. opportunist says:

    Welcome back sister .Ur an important asset to the Queens.

  23. Me says:


  24. Dr K.K. says:

    Mwanayunso amazimva kwambiri,she must learn to be humble.

  25. Mapwevu pwevu gafament says:

    Thanks but your not irreplaceable. Malawi is bigger than you. There’s nothing special in being in New Zealand. Don’t think your better by staying there. Your Malawian first and have all organs like all of our fucking buddies. It doesn’t mean you have golden organs. Siyani kuzipopa

  26. Brisa says:

    Bravo! Mwawi and NAM..

  27. Think Tank says:

    This is gone but should be used to improve the affairs of the girls and the team. There should be an officer who should be a bridge between the two sides. Players,to avoid victimisation once they voice out should be given a platform where they can channel their complaints.

  28. ujeni says:

    Big up Mwawi Kumwenda.

  29. john says:

    Mwai thus patriotic.

  30. half trillion says:

    my future wife, ngati sundilola ndidzimangilila

  31. Well done miss Kumwenda

  32. George says:

    Thanks mwawi kumwenda and NAM for resolving the issue and hope we carry the Malawi flag to the world netball cup with enthusiasm and improve our table standing and forget our squabbles and NAM should improve on remuneration of the players to avoid negative attitude good luck my Malawi Queens

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