Mwai Kumwenda back in Malawi Queens -NAM

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has announced that Malawi’s first ever netball export Mwai Kumwenda will bounce back into the Queens squad following the amendments that have been made between the player and the association.

Mwai Kumwenda: Recalled

Mwai Kumwenda: Recalled

Kumwenda and NAM broke ranks following the players’ decision to snub a national team netball call up ahead of the Queens England tour towards the end of last year.

The player opted to go to South Africa to undergo a medical operation which according to Nyasa Times findings, the trip never took place but rather the player conducted netball clinics in the northern region of Malawi.

She was later summoned by NAM but vehemently refused to appear before NAM committee. Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, NAM General Secretary Carol Bapu said the association has sent a warning letter to the player never to repeat such habits.

“As of now, the matter has been settled,” said Bapu.

“It is the first time for the player to commit an offence hence serving her with the warning. She is our child and let me assure you that she will be seen playing in the next coming Queens games” she said.

Reports indicated that the player deliberately dodged the call up demanding that the association pay the players they outstanding dues.

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41 thoughts on “Mwai Kumwenda back in Malawi Queens -NAM”

  1. Za zii says:

    Phado’s very right. Northenerz are seggregatory & alwayz give fellow tumbukaz first chance. Yakwithu syndrome

  2. Phodos says:

    NAM work up and punish this idiot. You wont lose anything because this idiot will never come back into your camp. So finish her as she is finishing you. Kuthanakuthana basi. Mwana sakula kumaso kuposa kwake. Strip anything that she is using for Malawi. Strip her off any clearance certificate from you.

  3. Chekambewa says:

    take note that Linda Magombo Munthali is a sena from Chikwawa she is just married there and therefore you cant conclude that she is a Northener. Shut up Phodogona

  4. Bokoharam says:

    Please Mary Waya dont come here. We want Mwayi and other players to join queens for August netball competition.

  5. xxxxxx says:

    I beg you Mwai come back and assist your team please. Problems are part of our life. Problems are there for us. Take it with your fellow players and NAM. Surely it will be resolved.Imagina Queens being grouped with Singapore, Sir lanka and South Africa. This is a fair group.

  6. Mbofyombofyo says:

    Please note that Mary Waya’s mother is from Nkhatabay and her father is from Mulanje and they are settled in Mzuzu.

  7. Charter says:

    NAM may promote players, but don’t play the game. Reading this article makes me feel NAM has learned nothing about its poor management and conflict-resolution skills. They are still projecting the image the player was wrong while in actual fact they coerced her to stay away. With a string of eight consecutive losses NAM still wants us to believe in them. Stop this nonsense Bapu and your circle!

  8. Phodogoma (phodos) says:

    I am contributor # 21 by the name phodos. I have related the behaviour of Mwayi in this caseon tribalistic basis. I contributed that out of my experience as a regular reader of this social network. I am not a member of NAM and I dont have access to classified data from NAM. I am just a sobber reader. But it appears what I have said is exactly what is between Mwayi and the queens coach Mary. I have read contribution on this page from another contributor that has linked me to something like a website. The contributor was against my contribution which he feels has been stated with tribalistic engridients. Unfortunately that website has linked me to an article from Nation newspaper dated January 30 2015. I have gone through it but yayayayayayaya. It is full of tribal fight in the queens and NAM in general. In fact the newspaper quoted Linda Magombo Munthali who is also another Tumbuka. Magombo is complaining that NAM is imposing coaches on queens. The queen players would be happy seeing Peace Chawinga Kalua as a coach. Ironically queen players are saying that they dont want Mary Waya but Kalua . Remember this Chawinga is also another Tumbuka. Look at the equation being coiled here like queens from Tumbuka land equals queens’s current crisis. It appears even the executives of NAM has no Tumbukas. Ndiye mwana tumbuka waganiza kumenya nkhondo yekha basi.I mean we people we very good at interpreting whatever we see and hear. If Mwayi Kumwenda is Mtumbuka, Peace Chawinga Kalua is Tumbuka and Linda Magombo Munthali is also Mtumbuka. What common sense can be deduced from here, remember there a quote of Queen Coach to be Mtumbuka.

    Despite of what relation is there between NAM and queens I dont see any logic why Mwayi and possibly with her relatives could be fighting NAM alone. Loook at her lame excuses of Mwayi’s dental problem and RSA dental clinic yet Mwayi being at Tukumbo at the same time training her sisters in netball. This is when I look at Mwayi acting out of tribal frustrations.It could be some sensible for Mwayi to be a team leader to fight down the NAM, for allowances. It works as a cluster not as one man show. Mwayi is selfish. Mwayi is feeling sugar herself while her comrade are feeling sugar in cars, yes in car sex. 40 hours hard labor working together in public. Azingobandula basi. Mwayi has no leadership quality. She is emotional. She is ambivert, introvert.

    Since NAM has tried its best and it does not work. Then NAM should revoke international reference certificate that she is using as aprofessional player whaere she plays. In this case Mwayi will be playing there as an individual. She should not have any reference on Malawian government at all. She should know that it carries weight to play international netball while you are enjoying a national duty from your country. Please NAM cut all your relation with this Tumbuka and ignore her completely and let her ignore Malawi completely too.Kuthanakuthana. One day one of us will need the government of Malawi for assistance. That time its when Malawi government will retaliate against Mwayi. Lets allow to be defeated and forget Mwayi. Nthawi yo nyengelera mtumbuka ameneyu yatha. Ngati akuzimva mpaka kumabwera ndi abale ake pa public ndiye kut wakula kumaso. Mwana ayenera kumamva ngati mkulu akumulankhula. Akufuna NAM imugwadire iyeyo. A NAM pavute mutaye basi ndipo muchepese numbala ya a Tumbuka mu netball chifukwa enawo amachita chipongwe ali mgalaundi chifukwa cha umphawi. Musamunyengerere chifukwa mulowa mphepo. Onani mwayi akuti amabwera ku mameeting ndi abale ake amene ali maloya. Nanga ndi chiyani chimecho.


  9. Tchutchutchu says:

    Thank you NAM. Ndimachita manyazi ndine.when the queens lose.

  10. prescott Tambuli says:

    Stop ridiculing the northerners. They are also Malawians. Mwayi is a Net ball luminary and is indispensable. If you believe you can do without her, so be it. By the way how many times have the Queens done well without Mwayi? Live her alone you idiots.

  11. Moses says:

    @ Phodos,

    Get your facts right. If you invite your tribalism mindset in this discussion, then that is your problem. I refer you to an article in the Daily Times today to look at Mwayi family position on the warns letter from NAM. If you have issues with anyone from the North instead of looking at this issue with a sober mind to serve the interest of our country, then you should be keeping your comments to yourself. I would also refer you to a links below to make you appreciate that Mwayi my not be moved with her coach move to Tanzania and that her fight is shared by most netball players.


    Also check

  12. opportunist says:

    Mwai ndi deal .Rose Chinunda ukuva bwanji mthupimo .Who has the last laugh now .

  13. Comment amati atani pamalawi pano.adyanji

  14. Innocent Kalumba says:

    Comment She is indeed selfish

  15. KING SOLOmon'S WISDOM says:


  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Its true mabodza anawalandira ndi azimayi. I can’t see any reason why NAM should try to be clever.

    Vindere chomene!

  17. mbolo sidwala says:

    who has the last laugh? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! nyasatimes, please can we hear Mwai’s side?

  18. says:

    Inu a NAM, u should warn yourselves first for not honouring the players with their dues.

  19. phodos says:

    Mwayi is a selfish Tumbuka. She hates Mary Waya 100 percent. she has shown interest because Mary Waya the coach, is in Tanzania not because the Queens’s problems are solved.No. who solved them? When? How? Where? You can ask all wh-questions. Non of them will give you a convincing answer why Mwayi has decided to make her u-turn other than the disappearance of the Coach, Mary and her company to Tanzania. In fact the Queens netballers from North are hating to be coached by Mary Waya. Take it from if Mary returns to Queens as coach, all Tumbukas will start boycotting the queens gathering. They are underating Mary because she is Mchewa and their fellow player.This is the quality of the Tumbukas.Very selfish.

    1. No Tribe says:

      Mary Waya is half Tonga for your information

  20. Mwama Du says:

    Ma player athu azidyerera osati kuwapondeleza. NAM zitsiru kwambiri.

  21. Chris Chros says:

    When are u marrying me?

  22. spider says:

    Mmene ankapita ku Australia someone was telling me kuti dziko limene lija limakonda kuba ma player heavy the next thing amupatsa citizenship kenako psuuu wapita.NAM keep on looking for talent ana abwino alipo just keep searching azadye thabwa one atachokela ku Australia kwakeko.

  23. The Patriot says:

    Uko ndiye timati kukhala kwabwino! No matter how powerful officials can be at the end of the day its the players who will make us win games and in netball the netballers themselves are more important than the officials. Please understand your roles NAM officials, dont sabotage our Queens, top 5 in the world simasanje!!

  24. sikusinja says:

    Iwe Carol maybe publish the letter we should see this warning. U have warned her against what. Ask yourself how many games the queens will play this year and multiply that by the less than K50000 a game they get.. and ask Mwawi how much she gets in a month where she is and think who needs who the most..whats offensive is you people not paying players and I think the players deserve a public apology or no more Queens…

  25. ntonga says:

    amati atani

  26. mwanyongo says:

    Ka wasungwa walumara m’malawi apa wa NAM wapepeka mwai. panyenkha chifukwa cha zina ilo warinalo lakuti mwai mbwenu mukuti Queens yingawa na mwai chfukwa cha iyo

  27. Nalero, nalero!, Kapena ndikuwuze muchiTumbuka nkhukutemwa,nalero,nalero!

  28. Mavi pathako says:

    Mumati mutani mwamulephera MWAWI mwajonja noka, Koma nkhani ndi ya welfare ya maplayers mwa solve, mwasiyayakuwapondeleza maplayers ?
    A NAM zitsiru za anthu kuziwakubera ma players.

  29. Nyamakumutu says:

    What offende did Mwai commit against your Babu and your friends. You are the ones who committed an office by not paying the prayers their allowances. We want Mwai back or else some of you should resign. Did you tealisd that without Mwai on board you could not win any game in the last outing. Swallow your pride as accept that Mwai is the matrial Malawi has ever produced. Enanu ndi Nsanje chabe basi. Coach nayo a choke bring back the Man Mr. Sayenda not zinazi. A coach prayer Mary Way nde bola Mwaitu

  30. bentby smart says:

    That’s the best way to punish these oppressers

  31. Think Tank says:

    Seems to me she stuck to her guns and NAM has fulfilled her demands to pay arrears dating back to 2010. Seems also that Linda Magombo’s issue on the same allowances is over and she should also be eligible for call-ups. Hope NAM excutive have also warned themselves against misuse of players’ allowances and give them in time. All is well that ends well.

  32. bizwek Pakhala says:

    Koma munawapasa ma player ndalama zawo? I hope that this is not a publicity stunt to improve the image of the foolish NAM.

  33. aubley m jere says:

    you r wlcm mwai

  34. big man wamkulu says:

    ok, but i hope akupatsani dollar yanu. kodi uzandilola liti?

  35. akulu says:

    Mwaphwa madzi a NAM mxiii

  36. Moyowabwino says:

    Yes! Lets call this a closed chapter and move forward with Mwai and NAM. Malawi first that what Edward Chitsulo (MHSRIP) taught us.Comment

  37. ujeni says:

    Warning her? Are we in nazi concentration camp. Stop this dictatorial tendency, Malawi is now an open society za Kamuzuism zinatha, mwanva inu ma rubbish ku NAM uko

  38. Moses says:

    I do not understand what offense Mwayi committed and why NAM should issue a warning letter to Mwayi without any basis. I do not understand why NAM want to feed the nation with wrong information. There was no day that Mwayi ‘vehemently refused to appear before NAM committee.’ In fact, I personally escorted Mwayi to meet the said committee on 31th December 2014. From the on set, we have been formally communicating to NAM and we do have records on the letters that we wrote NAM addressing a lot of concerns that Netball prayers are facing, none of which has been answered. If you want the letters, we are ready to give them out. I think NAM need to put its house in order before Mwayi considers to play with the national team.

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