Mwapasa appointed new board chair at Malawi Revenue Authority: Replaces Mpinganjira

Malawi government has appointed a new board chairperson of the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) who will oversee the tax collection body for the next three years. She is Evelyn Mwapasa.

Mwapasa: New MRA board chair

Mwapasa: New MRA board chair

Thom Mpinganjira: Replaced

Thom Mpinganjira: Replaced

Bachelor of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) are some of Mwapasa’s qualifications.

Mwapasa, well versed in the finance and management, is the incumbent chief executive officer of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM)-formerly SOCAM.

She has served in many senior managerial positions locally and internationally and was also a World Bank consultant.

The appointment comes at a challenging time when Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said in his budget that government is expecting K592 billion of tax revenue from MRA and yet tax collection is not yet K400 billion and on a downward spiral for the past 5 months.

Beginning July 2014 Malawi tax collection is not impressive compared to the previous 2 financial years when tax collection targets set in the national budget were beaten by MRA by K48 billion and K22 billion.

Regardless of excuses on economic inactivity, the noticeable factor of revenue non-performance is, according to staff at MRA, the fear spread of commissioner general Ralph Kamoto conduct.

Kamoto has fired and suspended many employees; those working are doing so under pressure from the gaps left by fired and suspended colleagues. Most say there is no job security.

Mwapasa has replaced Thomas Mpinganjira who was at the helm since 2012.

Mpinganjira owns FDH bank which is tipped to by state-owned Malawi Savings Bank.

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36 thoughts on “Mwapasa appointed new board chair at Malawi Revenue Authority: Replaces Mpinganjira”

  1. Chikopa says:

    While it is appreciated that she has been recognized, there appears to be less celebrations on other side of it. What new things will she bring on the table? She was there during the David Whitehead Saga when she was concubine of Friday Jumbe during UDF time. She is on several boards and Malawi has over 15,000,000 with a lot of women who have same qualifications she has. Why no give them a chance. Check CDH Chief Finance Officer, Nedbank Chief Finance Officer, Press Corporation and many others are equally capable. Let us look for new blood to sweep clean the mess.

    As for Kamoto, please keep the fire burning. MRA is so obsessed with giving penalties to Malawians (aja okudya nsima osati amwenye ndi enawo) while foreigners evade billions of our taxes.

  2. Mbanjila says:

    Will she continue with the Reforms Commission. What happens when MRA presents to the Commision
    She is a capable woman but the main problem at MRA is lack of team work bacause the woman is in a hurry to push Kamoto so that she can take over. The woman was promised Kamotos job but pipo advised APM not todo that because she wasnt capable at her lower position. Evelyn to succeed must strongly deal with this woman or remove her. Now she has mobilisesd Thodi, Namalomba, Tambulasi and other Lomwes to be causing problems for Kamoto. Mai watch out for this thorn

  3. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Koma mahope kumutuko muzatenge ndalama ya saloon hair dress change nanga u board chair ndi ti ma short zingongo zimenezo koma osadandaula ndimakukondani mai

  4. carseat says:

    Nyasatimes mumamuda Kamoto chifukwa chani? Who engineered this ndi wa katangale chifukwa akudziwa Ralph Kamoto is sealing all loopholes kuti umbava uchepe. NO sweet without sweat! More fire Kamoto, wina afune asafune koma Kamoto ndi deal.

    MRA kuli mbava bad ndi one of the organisations imene even cleaner ali ndi galimoto.

  5. musolin says:

    MRA is full of thieves…Indians and Chinese are evading tax to the fullest in Malawi. Akanganya awa amalandira za m’manja kuchokera kwa anthuwa, no wonder our country is getting poor and poorer. Our neighbor Zambia has very good infrastructure, beautiful city, good airport and and yet our insane leaders are just watching without ambitions.

  6. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Mai mwapasa banja bwanji u have been my mahope munali kuti pakatipa you seem you can be a good wife

  7. tuvitwana says:

    Kodi amayiwa Ali SINGLE eti? Kkkkk

  8. phwado says:

    Duncan Mwapasa Deputy IG.Evelyn Mwapasa Board Chair.Hmmmmmmm!Tikupenya.

  9. Kenkkk says:

    To me she has the qualifications and she deserves the position. Now the next phase is performance. Good luck dear lady, all the best.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Congratulations Ms. Mwapasa. You are extremely capable, you don’t mince words and will surely take the Authority to greater heights. God bless.

  11. khwangwi says:

    I can only say congratulations Madame!

  12. Kalithera says:

    Basi ndaziwano kuti mtumbuka ndikanyama konukha, kachabe, kajerasi, kozikonda, sikafunikaso pa Malawi pano , makamaka kuno ku Central Region ,ngakhalenso kuvuma ndi kumwera komwe.Akakhala kuti wasakhidwayo ndi wakwithu ndiye mwetumwetu, Zitsiru

  13. Mrs Vincent tembo says:

    Iwe reporter wa nyasa walemba article imeneyi ndiwe wa corrupt. Always attacking Ralph Kamoto. Wakugula ndani! Ujayu! You are paid to discredit Kamoto. God will deal with you and one day you will pay for receiving money from R&B.
    R&B mukhaula. Mwayaluka, anthu Akuba inu. I know you, tsiku lina I will review your identity!
    Go to Hell. Ana a jabulosi.

  14. Mrs Vincent tembo says:

    Ngati akatangale nonse mumasekerera Kuti Thom wachoka kuti mutakate, ndiye mulira chifukwa Eve is just like Thom, no nonsense.
    Thom has been replaced by another genius. Intelligent hardworking and cannot compromise on her integrity to please any political party. Thom was the same. Thank you Thom for serving us Malawians well.
    Eve now it is up to you to help APM protect the poor souls in the villages. You are their for the poor not politician. Please help APM to run this country well. I trust you are capable and you have the Integrity to protect and do so.
    Congratulations baby Girl. Show them.

  15. Mrs SAM Dalitso says:

    Congratulations Eve! And to Thom, work well done. Eve my sister show them what you are made of. Perfect. No nonsense girl hard working and intelligent. This is not about Mulhakho. This girl fights corruption to the tooth and good combination with Ralph. Corruption ithe mu Malawi, ku MRA. Now anthu akuba onse a MRA athawa okha. Amwenye mulira mayo mayo. Evelyn wanga yekhayu agwira ntchito alibe ziphuphu. Good move APM. Evelyn is straight nobody can buy her. You failed to corrupt Thom and Eve is like Thom, machine achimwene.

  16. alekekuba says:

    Why could they not re-appoint Thom. I dont believe in this homeboy busines. Thom is an intelligent, smart , soft spoken gentleman and a successful businessman. How many pple own banks in Malawi. He does not even need MSB to grow. Watch n see

  17. Charombanthu says:

    Congratulations! Let us see what you bring to this institution…

  18. Umphawi S.I. Wabwino says:

    Congratulations Evelyn. We wish you all the best in steering that important organization. Its a daunting task but you have the mettle. And well done Thom for a job well done. It was not easy, but you stuck your head up!!!

  19. Ambele says:

    Job security at MRA? what a joke, Kamoto has put spanners and the business as
    usual at MRA has ended. Corruption at MRA ndiyosanena, this is the only
    organisation where 92% of staf own cars. even Road traffic, Immigration ndi ana. I dont fancy Kamoto koma the guy is trying to clean the organisation

  20. alekekuba says:

    The next board chair will be Seodi Munthali- White (mark my words) Who talked about the world being fair!

  21. Abale mukanasankha ena. Muwapaseko chance anzanu. Kodi amayiwa ntchito ya Public Reform azipangabe? Bvuto la ku Malawi ndilimeneli. Anthu ophunzira alipo ambilimbili koma tizingomva za a Thom Mpinganjira, a Mwapasa, a Ralph Kamoto! Chonde pelekani mwawi kwa anthu ena.

  22. odalla gracian. says:

    Iwe lufeyo Nzeru ulibe Evelyn Mwapasa si mu lomwe ai ,kodi kuzikonda bwanji? Anthu osayamika inu

  23. machete says:

    atumbuka munakhala bwanji,when APM Promoted justice nyirenda u were all quite,now mwapasa has been offered chairmanship u r murmuring,please atumbuka,osamanyasa nkhope ndi mtima omwe!!!!!!! mxiiiiiixxxxx

  24. matutu says:

    Those winning atumbuka are not reading what we are reading about her credentials. To me she is there on merit, at least her credibility protect her. Whatever her connections.

  25. Namatchaitsa says:

    I love this woman’s courage! She single-handedly tried to defend the sale of David Whitehead to the corrupt and tax evading Mapeto empire during the Muluzi era when corruption was the order of the day.

    Amwenye konzekani kunyeredwa!
    Atumbuka pitirizani kulira!
    Antchito a ku MRA lekani kulira yambani kugwira ntchito!

  26. paulos banda says:

    Eve is very objective woman.

  27. ujeni says:

    Lhomwes are dominating in all political appointments, its a fact and its just 100% nepotism. You can write all your hate messages about northerners you xenophobia lovers but its a fact. Northeners briliance and achievement is not detered by Malawi boundary.

  28. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Alhomwe woyeeee

  29. mtumbuka 1 says:

    Lomwe people are just useless and appointing this b…ch saves no face for this beleaguered Malawi revenue authority group of clowns. They are so corrupt and will milk this already pathetic country dry no wonder ben phiri and mutharika are busy playing with Malawians thanks to the stolen votes. I’m a tumbuka and calling a spade a spade is in my DNA. Screw all you mulakhos!!

  30. Mtumbuka says:

    Few weeks ago it was announced President has appointed Justice Nyirenda as new Chief Justice. No noise from notherners. Now it is Mwapasa (a Yao from Zomba), some stupid Tumbukas are already whinning. Kuzikonda!

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      There are only six comments including your own,Where is this noise by Tumbukas you are talking about? And how do you know a comment is made by a tumbuka?

      The following have commented:
      1. Sakamundende
      2 .Alufeyo
      3. Romeo Hastings Bandawe
      4. Zidula Ntengo undigwere
      5. Patriot
      6. You

      Which one is the Tumbuka on that list, and what have they said, that 17 idiots are agreeing with you to have been complaint by Northerners?

      This is what we call inferiority complex, and projecting what you felt when Nyirenda was appointed on to Northerners.

      This country is full of idiots, no wonder there is talk of federalism.

  31. Patriot says:


  32. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Memo to MRA employees: There is no job security anywhere, in the world, even in governments. Thjs has been the new paradigm of employment now for a while. Where have you been? Get real.
    As far as legitimate complaints against the Comm. Gen. Kamoto are concerned, it is up to the board chair to address them. And she should not eschew or just dismiss them just like that. She would be abrogating her duty, to be sure.
    And, judging by her credentials (and yes, academic and professional credentials do mean something), people need to remove the tinted tribal lenses through which they see everything APM does!

  33. is she not conected to corrupt practice?

  34. Alufeyo says:

    Are there no other Malawians apart from Lomwes and DPP stalwarts? This is nepotism of the highest order. Paper qualifications mean nothing this is why we cant develop. I urge all non lomwe malawians not to pay tax. The national cake must be shared equally otherwise lets divide this country.

  35. sakamundende says:

    Nkhani ya masangwi will definitely jeopardise sell of MSB. Waiting.

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