Mwenefumbo lambasts Police for not probing Karonga electoral violence

A Parliamentarian for the notorious, “Benghazi” Karonga Central Constituency in northern Malawi, Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has bashed human rights groups and  law enforcers for failing to investigate the atrocities committed against civilians during the elections period and take the perpetrators to book, claiming that is denying the victims’ access to justice.

He was reacting to comments by some civic and voter organizations including the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) in the district on the peaceful environment prevailing in the constituency  renown with violence.

“Soon after being elected as a Member of Parliament for the Constituency, I vowed to end violence, and asked human rights organizations to investigate the abuses the innocent women, children and some men in the constituency were subjected to, and take those who are responsible whether my supporters or my colleague Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda supporters to book but no one has responded to my calls.

Mwenefumbo:   Police inaction unacceptable

Mwenefumbo: Police inaction unacceptable

“This is a setback to the victims who depends on such bodies for protection of their rights”, Mwenefumbo told Nyasa Times .

Soon after the elections, the Parliamentarian applied the Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ strategy to unite the Hutu and Tutsi tribes after the genocide which claimed nearly one million Tutsis.

Karonga NICE District Officer, Chritobell Shawa said Mwenefumbo’s preaching for peace and forgiveness spirit after the elections went a long way to reconcile his supporters and those of his predecessor who could look at each other as a cat and a mouse, hence the people are celebrating their oneness today.

“We are all surprised to witness the peace that is in constituency today and we want to request politicians whose constituencies has a similar violence background of Karonga central to emulate a good example laid by Mwenefumbo to ensure political development in the country”, Shawa told Nyasa Times in Mzuzu.

However, Mwenefumbo who claimed continues to engage chiefs and other stakeholders to maintain the peace that is in the constituency now, accused the law enforcers to for not arresting Mwalwanda for allegedly assaulting him at Mlare when former President Joyce Banda went to open a cotton ginnery.

“The police were present and were the ones rescuing me from fights of Mwalwanda and his supporters but could not arrest him just because he was a Minister, I feel that is bad because as law enforcers they are supposed to protect every victim and ensure that the perpetrators face the law regardless of their status in the society.”

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10 thoughts on “Mwenefumbo lambasts Police for not probing Karonga electoral violence”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    Zisatikhuze zapachiweniweni izi.

  2. Dear All! I have tried to remain quite in order to give our colleague the opportunity to unite our people in Karonga Central, so-called Bengazi and bring peace. I fail to understand that am being repaid with insults. The other day I met Mwenifumbo and I offered an Olive Branch that we should work together in order to enhance peace in the area. He agreed with me and I thought that is what we were going to do. As regards the so-called incidence at Mlare, where he accuses me of manhandling him, during H.E Joyce Banda visit, everybody knows this was a pre-planned exercise by Mwenifumbo and some Senior PP Officials who did not want me to be introduced to the people of Karonga Central by the President as a PP Candidate, which would have killed his chances to win the elections. Karonga and Regional Police know that this was a made up story that has no basis. There are people in Mwenilondo who lost houses due to the violence that was unleashed by our colleague, which remain unrepaired. There are Reverends who were victimized by Mwenifumbo supporters, and some had to leave the constituency for fear of their lives. People and God know who was the villain in the politics in Karonga Central and am tired of cheap politics. People in Karonga also know that Mwenifumbo could not have won these elections if he had not ferried thousands of voters from Karonga North West Constituency to vote in Karonga Central. Am also of the view that my colleague should stop buying Nyasatimes Reporters and NICE Officials in order to buy cheap sympathy. Karonga Central need a Member of Parliament who spends time trying to solve their problems instead of politicking: God Bless

  3. Sao limbani says:

    Mwenefumbo has always been a violent thing and thief. He started by stealing from the bank he was working for, then selling stolen cars, then selling northerners to Bakili, then selling the northerners to Bingu. Then before Bingu’s body was cold crossing to Joyce Banda and PP. He tried to cross back to DPP but Pitala had not forgotten that this man Mwenefumbo was attacking Bingu and DPP when he was eating with Joyce. Best to investigate this sub human hyena.

  4. we are tired of this type of government. let the north alone. ngwira is right and we will fight for it….~~!!!!

  5. chongoima says:

    Amwenefumbo mwakula pano eti si inu amene mumatuma anthu kuti akamenye otsatila mwalwanda . Mwaona pano mwawina anzanu akhala phe koma mukanaluza kukanakhala nkhondo . Zikomo poti Mulungu walowa mmtimamo Zabwino zonse mmoyo watsopano. Sauli anasintha kukhala Paulo atamvomereza kukhala mtumiki

  6. chekambewa says:

    Ndiye wawonatu so chakukhumbika uwataye with their decisions of recesion plan ukutayisa nthawi wamva? iwe ndiwe dolo sizizereza zinz za Atumbukazi

  7. Wa Ebola says:

    It is Mwenefumbo who should be investigated for how he made millions by corruptly awarding FISP contracts to Asians. How did he afford to build his motel without bank loans? Mwenefumbo is a power hungry lunatic. This man stole millions and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  8. Bonface Phiri says:

    But he is the guy who perpetrated the violence in Benghazi. Now he wants to gain political mileage out of the same. We all know this. There is peace because the other camp is quiet now. Not that Mwenefumbo has reconciled people. Not at all. Even to win, he had bribed officers to allow his supporters to be voting many times, we are told. This is shame

  9. za nosense ayi says:

    Mwenefumbu ntchito waigwira kale basi zomangitsanazo ayi.

  10. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    No need , if there is peace that’s fine.

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