Mwenifumbo calls MPs to shoulder burden of economic hardship

Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo on Friday told Parliament that the economic hardships the country is facing need a collective response.

Mwenefumbo: Let's be fair

Mwenefumbo: Let’s be fair

Mwenifumbo said it was unfair to heap all the blame squarely on government for the country’s economic challenges arguing it was not government’s wish for the country to be in such mess.

He was commenting on the 2015 to 2016 midyear budget statement presented in parliament last week by Finance and Economic Planning Minister Goodall Gondwe.

“The economic hardship the country is currently facing are not government’s wish, it is due to various factors such as the floods that affected some parts of the country, the dry spell that the country experienced and the cutting of donor aid in terms of budgetary support amongst others. The blame should not be with the Ministry of Finance or Government alone, it’s not fair at all,” said Mwenifumbo.

He challenged MPs to come up with suggestions or solutions to the economic hardships the country is facing other than concentrating on finger-pointing.

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22 thoughts on “Mwenifumbo calls MPs to shoulder burden of economic hardship”

  1. beje says:

    he is stupid and idoit this guy i hate him thou we come from the same region. anapangisa kuti anthu tiziwerengera nation newspaper mu toilet uyu as if tinabwereranso nthawi ya KAMUZU autocracy.he is an idiot all wat comes from him is trash.let this go in history that one person MWENEFUMBO was intoxicated with power and started war with democracy let him go to hell

  2. Machecheta says:

    If the whole Parliament had the wisdom expressed by the Honourable Mwenifumbo, we would have said Malawi is blessed. Malawi needs collective responsibility and actions to solve a weird economic problem. Its during such challenging period when we would have seen the opposition demonstrating that they can provide the solutions the Malawians are facing. Am afraid to say that at the rate our parliament is transacting business, it may take us up to the year 2700 for Malawi to develop. Am personally not impressed with the performance of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. We needed to see some plausible solutions from the Committee…..
    Now to the government side, please put in place a Climate Change and Food Security Commission which include some of our most respected individuals in Malawi, the likes of Prof. Kanyama Phiri, Prof. Richard Mlomboji Mkandawire, Prof. Brown Chimphamba… and many other sons and daughters of Malawi. I don’t think there is any Malawian who would imagine a repeat of what Malawians have faced in lean months of 2016.

  3. Non-WhatssApp Coup plotter says:

    No government of national Unity apa. MCP ndi PP simunakhulupilirebe kuti munaluza. Kungofuna kulowera pawindow nthawi zonse bwanji? Tayembekezani 2019 mudzachite campaign yanu. Nanga wamandasi uja bwanji simudamuuze kuti apange GNU? Inu mukuiona ngati mavuto a njalawa saatha? pakali pano ufa wa Zambia wotchipa uli mbweembwewmbwee! Chimanga dowe enafe tachiyamba kale. Mu admarc chimanga mbweembweembwee ndiye mukuti chiyani? Peter adanenadi zoona kuti inu a MCP ndi PP ndiye ndi amene muli ndi problems. Moti you don’t see all these efforts?

  4. Mytake says:

    This is what we call bootlicking. All gibberish Frank. What is your solution then? You’re empty headed and want position from govt. I would have appreciated your comment if you had suggested one single solution but knowing you dunderhead you have none. Time nazo Iri DPP unless you change your name to Frank Mwanakhu may be they will give you something. I have spoken.

  5. HPB says:

    Everybody understands that cash gate, withholding of aid, drought and floods all have combined to create the economic hardship.

    But what people are asking is what plans has govt put in place to address the issues. When the budgetary situation is tight the last thing people expect is govt lavish spending on travel, buying new vehicles, failing to distribute maize, maintaining so many state houses, negotiating loans that do not help in solving the current shortages of necessities like medicines.

    The President and Ministers need to regularly explain to people programmes in place and their implementation to address the pressing problems.

    When there is a crisis information dissemination and mobilising support for government efforts is very important. Don’t politicise every issue. Put in place programmes for the short term; the medium term and long term. Mobilise public support for the plans. Government must be seen to tighten the belt, be serious in addressing people’s concerns and be conciliatory as well as constructive not combative or defensive.

  6. master says:

    Frank u have become more wiser than before, u learnt the hard way when mwalwanda snatched that seat from u koleswa mzala am happy with your contributions this time around, u look professional and mature GOD BLESS U my brother

  7. Renegade says:

    I totally agree with Mwenefumbo, we need collective efforts. No individual group can on its own rescue this economic situation . The opposition thinks has brilliant solutions , I urge it to bring them forward for the benefits of all Malawians. Opposition should come up with constructive criticisms so that Malawians should appreciate .

  8. manyaka says:

    Decisions are made by the government… Seeking solutions frm opposition that happens in Gvts of national unity. If it won’t b a Gvt of national unity then the Gvt should do what it promised during campaign… Otherwise if it has run out of ideas then they should pave way for those that can run the show….! We r in this economic mess because the Gvt dodges to bring out culprits of Cashgate hence the donors walked away

  9. Alex says:

    Politics aside Frank is intelligent.Kaya ndi mpando apatsidwe basi, ine nilibe problem.

  10. The ship (Malawi) is sinking nose down. The only solution according to request is DPP should surrender and govt of national unity should take over. Or else…………
    All the facts bubbled are far from truth. Only one is correct. . .”NO DONORS”

  11. Cheka cheka says:

    When the train falls, the blame goes to the captain, in this case APM is the captain and GG is the co-pilot: they have to be blamed. How many times has GG brought bills of borrowing money in Parliament in preparation for climate change? Where did these borrowed funds go? He brought the bill of 156 farming Tractors, the bill was approved, but who benefitted? Ever since 2009 the same DPP administrat ion, we have been hearing of the Green Belt Irrigation, where is it? Last year there was a bill to upgrade the water system in Mzuzu, the bill was passed but have we seen anything of that sort in Mzuzu? They have to shoulder the blame becoz they are stealing frm poor Malawians. If things were moving alryt, who would be praised? Its them, let us blame them becoz they entered in gvt while dollar was K390 and today its K750

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      How is GG the co-pilot? Do you mean there is no VP?

  12. Patriots says:

    Hon Frank Mwenefumbo is only being opportunistic by simply igniting sentiments with Government. The saddest part this admistration doesn’t receive counsel from opposition due to executive arrongance and Hon Frank should know better. How can two walk when they don’t agree?

  13. wakukaya says:

    Mesa Ali ndi lodge ya bingo ija nikoma lodge angayakhule chani uyo wadyera….. Akuona ngati iyo news athu sagula ngati munene akaletse kale osagula news papers mbewa ngati uyo asamaletu

  14. Jambo says:

    Mwefumbo, this govt is myopic. The problem of drought can dealt with by irrigation. Let govt buy equipment and start irrigation farming.

  15. Khopela Vetekhu says:

    Well spoken Frank! puting malawians at heart osakhala zinazi,WRONG IS WRONG NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT.

  16. google says:

    Mr Mwenefumbo thats the spirit. we the youth of Malawi are worried with how most of our leaders play with the affairs of this country. people must learn to open their eyes. following how debates and parliamentary deliberations are handled elsewhere, one will appreciate how stupid our parliament is.

    40% of our MPs have failed to deliver in their constituency but they have fierce campaign tactics. Its disheartening. How would the whole member of parliament be shouting in parliament about hunger while his OWN relatives don’t have a penny to buy household supplies. It doesn’t make any mathematical sense to say people are sleeping hungry disregarding the income sources available i.e food for work initiatives that make people work to get money for food. Politics aside, let us begin to be realistic.

  17. Taweni says:

    You cannot deny somebody should take full responsibility for issues of state. And that person is the President. He should not abdicate his responsibility.

    If our MPs donot have antything to say they can as well just listen from others. Let them keep receiving allowances even for not speaking.

    If President sees nothing wrong he can as well keep quiet as he is doing until another president is located in 2019.

  18. If all MP’S were like Frank Malawi would have charged tremendously

  19. WAMISALA says:



  20. Macklouis says:

    Mwenefumbo akufuna amupase u minister

  21. Game on! says:

    Anthu anzeru ngati awa akanakhalapo 10 kumpoto ndi pakati bwenzi titapita patali. Koma loo, tangotsala ndi an chi na Kaluwa ndi a Jessie basi.

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