Mzati, Chuma re-assigned at MBC: Redeployment galore in Malawi govt

As the redeployment of public servants continue with the exercise affecting Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) senior workers Mzati Nkolokosa  and Harry Chuma this week.

Nkolokosa. who was controller of research , has been assigned  the post of controller of  current affairs and online services at MBC-TV.

Nkolokosa: Promoted

Nkolokosa: Promoted

While Mzati’s redeployment is seen as a promotion, Chuma who was controller of programmes television has been assigned to a low key post of controller of technical services.

Recently, government also redeployed State House press secretary Fredrick Ndala to a post of advisor to the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture.

Also redeployed to the Ministry of Information is former Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) deputy manager Wanangwa Mbeleka.

Re-assignment of public service staff by government continues and has affected former secretary to the treasury and principal secretary to the ministry of Industry and Trade, Newby Kumwembe, Principal secretary for HIV/Aids and Nutrition Edith Mkawa and former representative to the United Nations in New York ,Charles Msosa.

Kumwembe has been re-assigned as Chief advisor to the Minister of Finance and Economic.

Mkawa has been posted to Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and social welfare as Principal Secretary II.

Former Army Commander Henry Odilo was also recently posted to the Airport Development Limited (ADL) as deputy manager while his deputy John Msonthi is now deputy manager for National Oil Company of Malawi  (Nocma).

Former Chief Immigration Officer Hadson Mankhwala has been re-located to the ministry of Home Affairs and Internal security as director for the refuges unit.

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29 thoughts on “Mzati, Chuma re-assigned at MBC: Redeployment galore in Malawi govt”

  1. Mzati Nkolokosa has been rewarded for inciting ethnic violence against the people of Nyika. This shows how tribalistic the regime of Peter Hitler Mutharika is. People of Nyika you must wake up and fight for total separation from this Mulhako dominated tribalistic government. For how long you shall put up with this garbage of being the third class in your on Nyikaland. It is time to wage the armed struggle until our beloved Nyika is free from our oppressor. Fight daughters and boys of Nyikaland to liberate your beloved country. Alluta continuaaaaaa until Nyika is free from our oppressors.

  2. Bristol says:

    If the government is talking about reforms and yet performs poorly in recruitment of suitable people, then the reforms will not change anything for the better. I cry for my beloved country because we move in circles and not forward because politicians simply come up with ideas. I remember Dr. Bakili Muluzi came up Vision 2020. Is it still working? We are about to reach 2020 in 5 years time. We need people like Hon Chakwera who can take national agenda, not personal gratification, as a priority to develop this country.

  3. IKLC says:

    . ……the reployment maybe a ploy to let the guys finish off their contracts rather than fire them!

    It seems the easiest job to create in malawi is ‘ADVISOR’ EVEN IF IT IS NOT BUDGETED FOR! HAHAHAHAHA MALAWI MALAWI


  4. Me says:

    This is civil service reform at its best

  5. Alic says:

    Kodi Director general ndiye muleba liti?

  6. Nyaliki says:

    At least now Nyasa Times reporters know how to report. In the past, they used to write ‘fired’ when someone is re-deployed or re-allocated.

  7. Tilibemau says:

    Nyasi zenizeni za pa Mulhako Broadcasting coorporation .The Minister of information and the PS are sending their relatives to start working at MBC which turned to be more like their Estate.No interviews,shame.Highest qualification JCE and MSCE but on higher positions.Opposition MP’s speak for the marginalised staff.Panunkha kwambiri pa MBC.Most of the people. stopped some months ago to listen and watch MBC.Its worse than the time of MCP.

  8. Patriot says:

    Kaya zanu izo, ife timaonera Times Tv

  9. Nkhombokombo says:

    Malawians are known for patience but these re-deployments are a bore, mess and retardation of progress. This is really disturbing and discouraging to the “would have been” candidates. Zotsangalatsana izi zithe. Wadutsamo, wadutsa basi!

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The journey continues!! All faint hearted will collapse.

  11. kwangu says:

    Ena agwireko ntchito its healthy to shift non-performing staff, who were appointed on political connections, imagine people moved from their farms to PS

  12. lovemore says:

    Chichewa version says omwe tiyi adzamwaso. Gud luck mzati.

  13. Toti says:

    I personally liked Mr Kumwembe when he was PS for Trade, he is a government asset the guy is competent I don’t know kumene mwaputisako kuti zikuyenda bwanji

  14. ujeni says:

    How can someone with no knowledge of company management straight from being a policeman is appointed as a business captain in the private sector. Everything is totally wrong being Malawian

  15. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    That’s what the longest serving Malawian politician The Hon J Z U Tembo used to call ” NYASI ”
    All what is happening now is “RUBBISH “

    1. mavuto says:

      Redeployment ikhala bwanji nnyansi?

  16. Kelvin says:

    maganyu basi, koma pa malawi !!

  17. Wailing Soul says:

    Green Muheya, try to slow down, re-read your articles and give them to a second eye. Very poorly written journalistic piece. The first para for example, how “assuming” has come in baffles me. Then you say Kumwembe is now “advisor to Ministry of Finance and Economic” Whats that? You also have a mix up of tenses “re-deployment continued and has affected”
    This is of serious concern because it makes Nyasatimes to look like a dumping site for anything that looks like news. Nyasatimes is the most visited website above anything to do with Malawi. Its the most read news website as well. So Green Muheya try to make this news site greener by proof-reading your articles before its thrown to the world.

  18. truth says:

    The whole Goodall Gondwe should have an advisor.with all the xperience we hear about him in this field of economics.He himself was an advisor to so many heads of states in Africa.What was he advising these countries if he himself needs an advisor.
    Is it that GG is incomptent or what?My recommendation is that the advisor there4 shld be the Minister as an austerity measure.already we have the RBM governor.the AG to help GG.

  19. JJ says:

    Thus a sign of immaturity of our democracy witch hunting becomes the order of the day by the so called DPP honestly speaking DPP is a party full of uneducated pple just wait 2019 is coming

  20. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:


  21. Zozoro says:

    Also try to redeploy osalawo achina dr Oponyo,Chikumbuso mtumodzi,charles thupi,dr kalindekafe,mr kelvin Mmangisa,mr Saliwa

  22. kuzukwe says:

    who is replacing nankhwala. we want to know

  23. ngangaube says:

    give us a bfeak from these so called reassignments or redeployments. if you dont want the people just fire them and give them their dues. this is sheer victimization of innocent souls by this dpp govt there are many others including Charles Thupi the former deputy chief of staff whose fate is not known and are just kept waiting at home. mind you what goes around comes around or kadauluka kadzatera.

  24. Likoma Economist says:

    Rat race!

  25. MCP GVT says:

    Re-deployment indeed. So even the Finance Minister needs the ‘chief’ advisor. Who wil b reporting to who? The Minister or the Chief’. Why not assigning these these folks much productive tasks. Thus why most of these big folks spend the whole day playing games in their offices.

  26. aphiri says:

    Civil servant reform imeneyo. Diploma holder achina chipungu bn safe motherhood national coordinator which is equivalent to PS. Lol reform yama cardet

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