Mzava apologizes after Malawi Cosafa exit

Flames defender Limbikani Mzava has apologized to the Malawi nation following Flames 5-4 loss to Mozambique in the quarterfinal of the 2015 Cosafa cup match against the Mamba’s of Mozambique on Monday evening.

Robin Ngalande had a fantastic game...Photo By Cosafa

Robin Ngalande had a fantastic game…Photo By Cosafa

Gerald Phiri Jnr promising star for Malawi....Photo By Cosafa

Gerald Phiri Jnr promising star for Malawi….Photo By Cosafa

Mzava said he is traumatized with the loss and that “remains a nightmare”.

Mzava converted from the spot in the 89th minute a goal which looked to be a winner for Malawi with scores at 2-1.

A minute later, his excellent performance was overshadowed after he deflected a harmless cross into his own net making it 2-2 and taking the match into penalties.

Though he scored a beauty in the shootout, it was end of the road for the team losing 5-4.

“I can’t believe it. It still looks like a dream to me. I wanted to skip the ball but it hit me. We have let the nation down and I apologies” Mzava said.

He further admitted that the team particularly defenders lost concentration towards the end of the game.

“As defenders we lost concentration when it mattered most. It’s a nightmare and am short of words to explain the scene”.

“We have let down the coaches and we are sorry,” he said.

Flames gave the Mamba’s a lead in the opening minutes of the game through a defensive blunder from captain Lucky Malata.

However, Muhammad Sulumba leveled the scores in the second half before Mzava netted the second for Flames.

Meanwhile, Mzava who has spent three years at Bloemfontein Celtic has confirmed that next season he will be joining Mpumalanga Black Aces after he was given a tempting offer including that of sending him to Europe for trials.

“Aces gave me a good offer and are flexible at sending me to Europe for trials every year so I am happy,” he said.

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44 thoughts on “Mzava apologizes after Malawi Cosafa exit”

  1. Uyisovenge says:

    I fill pain for the loosing!

  2. Opanda mbali says:

    I think BIbo and thumby have personal issues with FAM. Officials and coaches. Kindly find right forums to sort out your hatrade coz Malawians of good will are sharing matters of national interest here..

  3. It’s not your fault my boy,?it all happens in soccer. You win as a team & you lose as a team so don’t worry you tried guys, you played very nice & the fact that you could score goals it’s a positive sign for the team.

  4. Emmanuel mwenibanda says:

    Well done Flamez

  5. frank kauma says:

    Flames woyeeee!keep it up,muli bhoooo!

  6. mang'anja says:

    Otsata mpira ngati ife takunvetsetsa and we have accepted ur apology,the truth is that game was not in our side,guyz don’t insult players football is not awar but its sport ngati ndinu okutha osakamenya bwanji?pempho langa kwa ma players chonde mukamenyela dziko lanu mudziikapo ntima wanu onse muona tsiku lina zizayenda,flames woyeeeeeeeeee!more fire kwa zambia all de best timakunyadilalani without you malawi ndi chani.

  7. samuel dillion says:

    we r improving

  8. yemwe uja says:

    chinanchina anthu kumayamika apa tsogolo la team yathu layamba kuoneka. kwangotsala ma polishing up. tawasiayani mmene alilimu tione mmene zithere. zikuoneka ngati ndi turning point for malawi team. keep it up guys….

  9. it’s not yet over,flames for life.

  10. Herbert says:

    Mawu ndilibe

  11. obwande says:

    Vito la team ya malawi ndi kubweza mpira kumbuyo mosaganizira kuti mdani alipati.Mukamatero mumadzipatsa pressure and possibility yopanga mistakes imakhala yayikulu.Zimamvetsa chisoni anyamata akutsogolo atayima pabwinobwino wina nkumabweza mpira kumbuyo.Chachiwiri mmadikirira adani.Improve on speed and accuracy.Otherwise you are a good team.

  12. Patriot says:

    Only 1 word.

  13. Zanimuwone says:

    Mumango wononga ndalama. Inf ndinasiya kalehale kuwonera mpira wa timu yathu yolepherayi

  14. vin kumphanda says:

    The most talented do not always end up
    as celebrities, and those with less talent
    often do. Upsets are written into our
    history and occur around us every day.

  15. Bibo says:

    Malawi has this lousy fam president heard defending his lousy coaches telling them not to panic after the Mozambique loss,that is absolute madness.Does Nyamilandu wish the team well or is he after raising the expectations of the national team’s performance? This fam administrator is a suspect because he condones mediocrity in coaches,not surprising he hires half-baked coaches to save money for himself and have those coaches bring shame to the nation.

    Nobody can blame players for the loss to Mozambique.The fact is the coaches do not know how to drill the players to be 90+ mins players and to be physically ready for any type of encounter.Also the game plan and tactical discipline are a problem for the Flames.The recent results including the Mozambique one are a result of a bad game plan, lack of endurance,player selection,and tactical discipline.The question is if the team can’t stand the heat against the fangless Mambas, how then is it gonna stand the heat against a full-strength Zimbabwe team which already beat the Flames 4-1 at Kamuzu stadium under Chimodzi’s watch? For Nyamilandu to set targets today for the coaches and tomorrow defending them after a painful loss is hypocritical to the fans and nation.A team can not keep on losing games and yet it has tacticians who guide it.It happens only in Malawi where losses are tolerated even if statistics show those losses are 5:1.Shame on Nyamilandu and his coaches for bringing doom on Malawian football.

  16. Piper says:

    No need for apologies. Could happen to anyone. You are the best in that position for our country and that is why you were chosen to play. It was unlucky but good luck for the future.

  17. opportunist says:

    Zimene unapanga pamene panja zinandibowa heavy

  18. Malw says:

    Chabwino tamva

  19. Youn says:

    Nonse mukunyoza ma player’nu simuudziwa mpira. Inu mukufuna kundiuza kuti nkoyamba kuona OG? Leave the players alone, afterall they are the most talented players I have so far seen in COSAFA. Anthu oipa inu!

  20. Dk says:

    Apology accepted sir, but the fact is flames is the nation’s “toxic asset”.

  21. thamby says:

    Africans best defenders failing to tell young players how to defend. Your reputation is being spoiled

  22. geraldphiri says:

    Macoach, chonde Mtumbuka uja wa pagolo achoke. Ine player wanga wa Flames ndi Gerald Phiri Jnr ndipo mwana akukwana kukhala wa national. He does not lose balls and his passing is accurate. ma coach asachoke, let us give them chance by taking the same team minus goalie and sulumba to the Afcon. How can sulumba celebrate his goal in that manner? My GOD!

  23. Frankois says:

    Am sorry for the boys after performing well they had to give way the game in such a manner people may say many things but the fact is they ate mixing things games are now becoming more spiritual that when celebrating you have to be very carefull how you do it i think you gave it away because of your celebration way of the first goal check yourselves how you do it if you ate to score today don’t do the same you will lose again in a bizzare manner

  24. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    ubwino wake timadziwilatu ma results flames ikamamenya.. the obvious is a loss the best is a draw..
    simutha mpira inu shatapu! bolaso ma queens.

  25. Zinja says:

    Nosense this team sizatheka

  26. angoni says:

    Tinazolowera izi pali be xhachilendo

  27. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Are your apologies going to get Malawi back into the competition? Just keep quite and move on. Don’t add salt on our wounds.

  28. Substone zabvuta says:

    Poor tactics by coaches and poor display of goalkeeper cost us alot,,,for defenders be in game nxt time

  29. balaka says:

    No apologies! You guys did this deliberately. How many goals did you score against your own country men? You are so barbaric. You have already pocketed the allowances and then you are coming with your kicks of a dying lion apologies! Takana, sitikumva zimenezo! Ubwino wake tathetsa team imeneyi until further notice. You are pleyers who fail to defend your side but to score in your own goal, you are good at failing to convert penalty kicks into goals ……….shame on you!

  30. Mbuzi za ma professional, mukafikile Ku Mafco for military training so that you can understand what patriotism is!

  31. munyaradzi says:

    We Musanawonere game ya flames
    onesesani kut mwachta zinthu izi..
    1. Wonesesani kut BP yanu mwayezesa
    bwinobwno popewa kutifera..
    2. Gulani ka botolo ka panado popewa
    mutu wachng’alang’ala..
    3. Gulani thanzi ORS popewa mmimba
    mwa mpezepeze..
    4. Ngat mukuonera usiku,onesesani kut
    mwagula mankhwala ogonesa..
    5. Azimayi muzipempheratu yandiwo pot
    game ikatha ndakaika ngat padyedwe
    6. Mwana osayandikila bambo game
    itatha,ungayambe kuvulala pongowauza
    kut avala bwino..we cant accept your apology am sorry.

  32. Arthur wa symon chikaiko says:

    za ziiii

  33. Chopwicho says:

    Kuplaka kwake kumeneko mwati a Black Aces wo sakuganiza zomubweza? Ma OG opusa choncho ndiye uziti upita ku Europe for trials!

    Ma player ndi ma coach a pa Malawi, a nalikukuti enieni!

    Mxii! Mungosiya!

  34. Ine says:

    He was the only defender who rushed to rescue the team against a number of hungry strikers, what else could he do? Where were the others? They were supposed to know the situation n guard jealously.
    I don’t blame mzava but the whole team becoz they were supposed to come at the back n defend the win.

  35. Karo gaii says:

    Koma mchawa uyu watilakwira kwambiri.

  36. Aaron Nsena says:

    Lucky Malata and Mzava (2M) are born strikers otherwise one blunder was misfortune but two is carelessness, intent.

  37. Ine says:

    It wasn’t Mzava, rather our Coaches; I think they need to be trained on subtitution, when and where and who to take out and bring in. Koma kungoona amazambique akusintha ifenso bwana tiyeni tisinthe. We cannot win AFCON ma trophy a size yathu ndiamenewa,

  38. isaac nkhata says:

    Palibe chachilendo tinazolowera kuluza

  39. Timva says:

    It shows the guy was willing to help the team to win and what happened was not deliberate but misfortune. Apology accepted continue lad. Wishing u good luck in your career.

  40. kasiya says:

    Zamanyazi ndiye tiziti tamva eish ndi coach wanuyo apite basi tatopa ndi ma excuse anuwo

  41. Changaputwa says:

    Aliposo yemwe angachite mmene wachitila nyamatayu ??? Ngt kuli kunkhululuka apa ndiye kwalandilidwa kupepesa kwakwo. Pakuti sunachite dala kut zitelo. Komabe ife aMalawi mtima wanthu ukuwawa kamba koluza kwanthu. Umachita2 bwino iwe kuno ku South African, zimakani bwanji kuchita chomwecho ndi team yakwanu ????????

  42. Will says:


  43. JEREMIA 9 says:

    Mr Mzava Mupepesa mpaka liti? Vuto lanu ndi lakuti, mumalowelera position ya weni ake.Munayenela kumusiyila last man achotse mpira uja.Mkonze mkonze ananyula Maliro aweni ake.Dya nyemba amayiwala,kumbukilani man kuti munapangaso silly blunder ku Nigeria mu World cup qualifier , tinamenya anyamata ochepa mutapatsidwa Red Card.

  44. i love prostitutes says:

    to hell with your apology. mumangotithela nthawi abakha inu

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