Mzimba man commits suicide following quarrel with ‘cheating’ wife

A Mzimba man, aged 31, Clayton Mnyenyembe, from Kampingo Sibande on Friday committed suicide by shooting himself  following a quarrel with his wife over claims that she was cheating.

Munyeyembe commits suicide following quarrel with wife

Munyeyembe commits suicide following quarrel with wife

Chiona:  He shot himself dead

Chiona: He shot himself dead

Mzimba Police Public Relations officer Gabriel Chiona confirmed to Nyasa Times about the incident.

Sergeant Chiona said: “Clayton Munyenyembe decided to shoot himself dead following an argument with his wife. “.

Chiona said the deceased was claiming that his wife was being bonked by other men.

He said the man warned his wife that he will commit suicide if he found out who was having romps with her.

“He took a rifle and shot himself on the chest. He died on the spot,” said Chiona.

The Police spokesman could not comment on whether the man had identified men who were having quality time with his wife.

But Chiona appealed to the general public that they should visit Police victim support unit for counselling when there are family conflicts, adding that Police were investigating the case.

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81 thoughts on “Mzimba man commits suicide following quarrel with ‘cheating’ wife”

  1. FAZEERA MPOYA says:

    tiziti love kapena kumvera satsna? chonde amuna otero asachulukire RIP

  2. kanyimbi says:

    Why killing yourself when there are many women out there? How special was this harlot? Please men lets think twice before killing ourselves. Now after killing himself will the wife stop offering her pussy?

  3. igwee says:

    Malimata you talk just shit wth ur chewa tribe if white ppl pay lobola so who are you just go to hell.where have you seen a man get married to a women you chewaz u so doom.

  4. Michael says:

    Dear Nyasa Times

    These images do not good well with some readers. Please just report the story and omit the gruesome photos. We will still read the story even without such graphic images. Including them appears to be sensational journalism. This is a general comment!!!

  5. Yankees says:

    Mabumbu 0sewa; mtumbuka kukumbukira r0b0ra z0mvuta kwambiri

  6. Wise one says:

    Si Mtumbuka wadziphayu koma Mngoni.

  7. faiti says:

    who gave him the gun? RIP

  8. Nalimata says:

    Tumbukas are cowaeds. That’s y they rush into suicide. But also when you think the amount of lobola and cows suffered on the stupid cheating woman, you can easily explode know? Atumbuka siyani zomagula akazizi zachimidzimidzi. Mesa kuli gender equality??

  9. banda abudul says:

    Where did the victim get a gun from?

  10. Kwangwagwa says:

    Mnyenyembe from Mzimba? I wonder.

  11. Rat says:

    Tumbukas again? shaa!

  12. Mayamiko Khoza says:

    i appreciate for everything u are telling us.

  13. Embombeni says:

    Thuy will b done

  14. After reading every comment what I can say is that the govt is the one killing men.Where is Patricia Kaliati here?If it was a woman she would have been already here in Mzimba,she is the one teaching women prostitution.I have to write this Patricia without fearing you or favouring you and your DIPHIPHI.You are the most stupid woman in this country.If you have thugs who can kill just call 0 888 185 448 and speak either tumbuka or English.I would rather to die than see kill all men in Mzimba because of stupid govt policies. Govt.courts,civil society organisations are leaning against women.The man who killed himself might have been going through hell with this reckless woman.He had no option going to victim support unit male police officers would propose the lady as well while the female police officers just shout at men and in most cases in chichewa and most of them who cannot counsel older people than them.How can you be using chichewa to the people who donot speak chewa?How many marriages that have gone through VSU have survived? Statistics show that it is one out of ten.

  15. DD chitsonga says:

    Plenty women are looking for men, why killing yourself?

  16. Zanimuwone says:

    Women, please be satisfied wth your husbands.

  17. tchadiwiki says:

    Permanent solution to a temporary problem

  18. Chimangenimapiko says:

    Is that a reason to eliminate life? Why not just abondon her & go 4someone else? RIP.

  19. Deontology says:

    Why r these cases of suicide common in North? Remember also corporal Lyson Manda who shot himself dead in DRC in june for peace keeping? Mtundu uwu suzatheka basi, they nid 2 learn much in sociology.Eish…..

  20. Edson says:

    So many girls n weman y shooting himself .kuperewera zeru kumeneko

  21. ochewa oku Dowa says:

    Anthu ena alibe chifundo akafuna kusinja azikazi azinzawo.Mtima umapweteka.I was close to it after i had spent alot on her.Ndi mati kodi mkazi ameneyu amafuna chani makamaka munthu ndinamugulira galimoto and clothes full of wardrobe.

  22. Tunthuutu Kunowa says:

    Killing yourself because of a pussy?How sweet was it?Some men are really dim wits.He has killed himself and some libidinous men will keep heavily bonking until she gets weary.Watikhozga soni taba Mnyenyembe.You don’t kill yourself for hooker.You kick her out of your house and get a decent one.

  23. Biswel says:

    Shooting himself jts for cheating woman shame hw swt is she?

  24. chingolopiyo says:

    This is common up North.

  25. Kujikoma ntchiwemi yayi kweni mbuwemi kulondezga baibolo apo likuti; unaufulu kumuleka panyake kukhala naye mwanakazi mulewi!

  26. Tengupenya says:

    Cheating by spouse should trigger a different reaction. Find out what is your shortfall that is contributing to the need for the other party to cheat. You may find, u ain’t satisfying and you ain’t open to discussion of the same. Talk to ur loved ones next time u feel like smothering ur self out.

  27. Mbanangwa says:

    There is more to this story than what is revealed here. This is just the tip of an iceberg.

  28. Truth says:

    This man was shot from long range he did not shoot himself, if he had shot himself he would have had one big whole in him not multiple holes . Any one who knows guns and bullet types would agree with me

  29. Pitala says:

    Kupusa kweni kweni amangwetu, too much evil of late in Malawi, what is happening?

  30. Kenn G says:

    Via boo kuzipha sikuthesa mavuto no kind word for stupd Pple

  31. First offender says:

    I agree with no.10 nanu a nyasatimes muzilemba zomveka mfuti adayitenga kuti, yomwe wazipha nayoyi?

  32. Batson says:


  33. Just leave unruly wife its better to die natural death

  34. Simon Gaffar says:

    Such stupid. …wife cheats. ..let ha go and get another one

  35. professor goodwell says:

    kufera bumbu,the problem of underestimating oneself.Akazi onsewa alibe?stupid monkey

  36. half trillion says:

    some women are just too sweet. just go to mangochi and you’ll know what i’m talking about

    1. Lilongwe says:

      where in Mangochi? Ku Zithere pano tinamaliza but they are not that sweet.

  37. Saiton Phiri says:

    He have asked me 4 spare wife and divorce that cheating one, than 2 kill himself.

  38. Acton Chavinda says:

    shame on him.

  39. Koma says:

    Sexual sin is very bad. The demons are dormant but deadly.

  40. Modicai Longwe says:

    Mlomwe sintha malembedwe iwe wayiwala kuti kwanu komweko munthu wina anaula manja amkati wake chifukwa cha nsanje ndiye ukutichani apa. Chikondi sichiona mtundu.

  41. munthu wamkulu says:

    Iwe number 13 u r very right malowolo anthuwa amawapweteka kwambiri nde wina kuti amuchindire mkazi mwaulere eeeeh.atumbuka ndizitsiru kwambiri mtundu wofunika xeno

  42. cemusa says:

    inenso ndidaziona,koma pano ndikungodya ka splif ndili phee!


    Shooting yourself coz of woman.
    Esh! Sorryman.
    Your Relatives to miss you for ever, DUE to thinking like a frog.
    Learning point to others, don’t kill yourself,

  44. Zopusa dying chifukwa chá mkazi

  45. chenda says:

    Nooo,He will answer the case of killing a human being . why not to chese away the bitch

  46. loscosoko says:

    Ship it! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiii

  47. Kelieman says:

    So bad why didn’t he thought of consulting counselors or going to police VSU, killing yourself because of a woman 52 percent of Malawi population are women. MHSRP

  48. loscosoko says:

    A sign of weakness in the deceased. MHSRIP

  49. Anango says:

    Nkhani apa ndi yakuti akazi a chitumbuka ndi osaoneka bwino olo apite ku school ndiye amawadyetsa konda ine azimunawa! kukonda ku khwima. mamunayi anamupusitsa samaona mkazi winaso koma amwali abozetsa pali ponsewo. MHRIP

  50. M O K Otanjere says:

    Tikufunsa za mfutiyo.

  51. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Atumbuka mwatikwana. Ukadzipha upindulanji? Vindere vakufikapo.

  52. Owen says:


  53. nyakwawa nganga says:

    Where did he get the rifle?????

  54. Zanga Phee! says:

    But then they met while he was old enough not like he has been raised by her,why did he not think of his Mother brothers and all that?we must not guarantee women at all we met them we can leave them it’s normal there is life after marriage.Why judging himself.Issues like this certainly it involves with charms if the guy was given such a thing his mind does not function well,See my name.

  55. chiipanthenga says:

    ok akuziwa ndi mulungu

  56. Amos says:

    So what do you gain by killing yourself…she won’t stop cause you are dead,you fool.

  57. Witcan says:

    Koma abale mpaka munthu kuzipha chifukwa cha mkazi? Katundu wake ndiwokoma bwanji? what a foolish? My HSRIP!

  58. Mlomwe says:

    Eeeee komanso atumbuka mumaoneka ngati ndi ophuzira koma ahaaaa madzi eni-eni ometera ndebvu.Mufunse achilomwe sitikhulupira mkazi.Mpaka kuchotsa moyo zamanyazi a tumbuka musithe.

  59. vaanwyk says:

    half baked story. was he a police officer? where did he get the rifle? the journalist uses moking phrases yet life has been lost? this is sad story that needs better choice of words when reporting. not “was being bonked, was having romps, were having quality time” let us report due to the mood of the story we are covering

  60. Kenkkk says:

    Very sad news indeed. But what a language mr Chiona that you are using, “being bonked”,
    ” having quality time with his wife”? Made me laugh despite the sad news.

    1. Deontology says:

      Ya, continue with ur federalism zinazi muzizazimva kwanu konko ……nanga wat is this mtumbuka? Aaaaaash, ya i now bliv d@ wisdom is superb than intelligence.Mtumbuka is jst intelligent bt not wise, mutha nonse wth yo foolishness!

  61. pat says:

    Where did he get the gun? He was also a criminal for sure and thank God another criminal is gone

  62. ashan says:

    Kupepera kweni kweni

  63. Jelbin mk says:

    Very pathetic development thus why on every day basis I put myself on training of dealing with difficult circumstances one of them is that I make sure that I don’t put my trust in any woman whether a girl friend or a wife if any, even King Solomon who had over a thousand wives could witness that in the whole world he had ever seen men he could recommend but not a single woman.

  64. In the know says:

    Women normally cheat when their husbands don’t satisfy them in bed

  65. Nabetha says:

    Another unlicenced gun.


  67. Chengolopio says:


  68. m GUY says:

    What do you put on???

    Where is the Love¶¶¶¶∆

  69. Malawiano says:

    This story is has left out too much vital info.
    1. Mfuti anaitenga kuti?
    2. This pic is very sensitive kuonetsa kugulu.
    the list is endless of questions……

  70. tsetsefly says:

    Something is wrong in Mzimba. Too many cases of suicide.

  71. Sapitwa says:

    This is a case of being obsessed. I wonder why the Devil drives people to the extreme of removing their lives expecting someone to feel the pain.The society should assist and observe strange behaviors and ensure people receive psychological support before they come up to this level.

  72. Sabil says:

    It’s very unfortunate . Mkazi oti anagula yekha mpakana kudzipha. Osakagula wina bwa? Where was he working? Give us more information . Was he a police man? Chifukwa nawo sachedwa kudziwomberatu .

  73. Bololo wa Chitumbuka. Your opinion needs to be backed by research with this topic: Does Malowolo influence the prevalence of suicide in northern region?

  74. mwana mtonga says:

    That’s why sindimafuna kukhala ndi tameck nyumba ndimawopa zimenezi,and I remember 2009,another mzimba man shot himself nkhani zake za zimayi

  75. Chisale chindipha makina says:

    Ndie kuti mkaz ameneo anali chipha dzuwa mpaka kudzipha!

  76. Bololo Wa Chitumbuka says:

    Ine ndikudabwadi akazi ambili a Chitumbuka akumakonda kuzembera amuna awo!!! Umboni ndili nawo pa akazi 10 achitumbuka amene amazembera amuna alipo8, koma mamuna sazindikira chifukwa anaika chikhulupiliro mumtima mwake kuti mnalowola mkaziwanga sangapange zimenezo

  77. Gerturude says:

    chamba too much Mzimba

  78. Thomas says:

    Am sorry but pls don’t take our life because of a cheating beter chase the wife and life go on

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