Mzuni FC trade barbs with Zodiak’s Mike Bango

Head Coach for Mzuzu University football club popularly Alex Ngwira has advised Zodiak sports reporter Mike Bango to always strive for professionalism in his sports coverage especially on issues concerning his Mzuni FC.

Zodiak senior sports reporter Mike Bango

Zodiak senior sports reporter Mike Bango

The Coach made the appeal against a recurrent accusation by the Luwinga based intellectuals that Bango gives them negative publicity, recent being events surrounding the team’s qualification into the TNM super League.

Mzuni officials say that Bango is refusing to let it go by still painting the picture that their team— Mzuni FC— is not the right team to play in the Super League despite an official announcement and declaration by the legitimate body running Simama Northern region football League that Mzuni FC are the Champions of the lower league and therefore qualified for the top flight league—The TNM Super League of Malawi.

“Bango is always against Mzuni FC. He can interview an official from another team and fail to interview an official from our team on the same so that the public can make informed decision on an issue. I think he deliberately ignores profesionlism when it comes to reporting issues concerning Mzuni FC,” said Ngwira adding that his conduct is forcing Mzuni FC and its supporters (Students) to believe that he (Bango) has natural hatred for the team.

Asked as to why he thinks Bango loathes his team, Ngwira was not sure but was again forced to believe what he was told by those who are close to Bango that the promising award winning sports presenter vowed to paint the students team as devils taking into account the bad behavior the supporters (Students) display in their football matches.

But on this, Ngwira was quick to assure Bango and indeed the entire nation that his team is a changed side and should not worry.

‘Let him slow down on his attacks, Mzuni FC is a changed team,’ Ngwira said.

On his part, Bango, in a telephone interview, sounded defiant.

‘They might be in College but these guys need to be schooled’

‘If it was in a court, the issue is about Chilumba Barracks FC Vs Simama League authorities; why should I interview Mzuni FC officials,’ rhetorically asked Bango.

He further disclosed that ‘this is a disputed championship’ giving the impression that it will be over until it is over.

However, Mzuni Coach Ngwira disclosed that preparations for the TNM super League are going on smoothly saying he is assembling a strong squad that will survive the TNM super League scare.

Teams which have been qualifying from the Northern region are always relegated by the end of the season.

The battle between Mzuni FC and Mike Bango reached a climax last week when former Mzuni officials released a strongly worded open letter to Zodiak radio’s Managing Director Gospel Kazako asking him to discipline Bango over what they also branded as biased reporting on their team.

“You may wish to revisit the recorded programme of yesterday’s (2nd March,2015) TNM soccer show as well as Sunday’s (March 1,2015) Morning’s Sports Show where he abruptly inserted a nonentity to simply lambast Mzuni FC. In both programmes, we believe you will not miss the sarcasm and ridicule which he deliberately introduced when covering about the attacked team,” read the open letter in part while bringing to his attention that the biased reporting is causing a lot of confusion to the body running the League.

“His poor and biased coverage is causing confusion within the Executive Committee running the League in the Northern region while Mzuni FC is being tortured to embrace the hate. Your Chap, Bango, is deliberately creating a mountain out of a molehill in as far as Simama League is concerned.

“We further encourage your management to investigate rumors that he, Bango, has received bribe from Major Bicyle of Chilumba Barracks FC to unleash propaganda against Mzuni FC as he is currently doing,” the letter reads.

However, Bango in the interview admitted that he was not impressed with the open letter telling Mzuni FC officials to formally address his employers in private if they have issues with him and not writing open letters as they did.

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50 thoughts on “Mzuni FC trade barbs with Zodiak’s Mike Bango”

  1. P Y B says:

    Truth Pains Mike Bango Continue Telling Us The Truth U R A True Reporter Why Only Simama League ?Mumatichitsa Manyazi

  2. Piche Yakiti says:

    Mike Bango is a fine sports reporter no two ways about it. If you ask me, I would say he is fitting Steve Banda’s shoes. Hear his voice, so scintiltating.

    Every season MZUNI has issues, why? last season you were involved in these wrangles, munakhalika bwanji inu?

    To do better in life does not mean you should go through the corridors of a University. We have got very successful people in Malawi who never graced any university.

    MZUNI ndiye kuti chani apa, dzina kunyasa ngati kuthako chomchi? Ndipo paja iyi ndi teachers training college no wonder matama anuwo kufuna kuzikweza kuti mufanane ndi Chancelor College……Live Mike alone, Mike will remain Mike with or without Mzuni.

  3. Chitotoka says:

    Kunenepa kwa Mike mwina ndi peace of mind Bravo Bango wawawawawawa

  4. ineyo says:


    1. PK says:

      Mr K K, let’s be civilized! Be schooled that MZUNI FC is not MZUZU University,likewise,Mzuzu University is not Mzuni FC! The issue here is not about academic matters;its purely SPORTS! For ur own info. Mzuni Students hav no tym 2 play My frend…By th way; Tell us which university in Malawi is the best? And why,if there is any?Don’t u know that all universities differ in one way or another?ur reaction needs a lot to be desired!Once again,leave MZUNI FC/University alone!

  5. KK says:

    Guyz going to Mzuni does not mean you are more intelligent than other Malawians. Do not relate this issue to whether one went to university or not. There are better university colleges in Malawi than Mzuni. Therefore stop this nonsense. Let the truth be known and fair judgment be passed.

  6. musisipala says:

    Mike Bango was telling the Nation the truth. Chilungamo chimapweteka. Kodi a mzuni munapambana pati? Mwangopasidwa mwa u¤buli

  7. Black Market says:

    Kodi ntolankhani ndi Bango yekha ngati? Radio ndi imodzi yokha ngati, pitani kwina akupangeni interview. Superleague mwailowera pa windowyi ikukanikani koopsa ndi attitude imeneyi. If u are not good u are not supposed to join supperleague

  8. Wagwa nayo says:

    Mike Bango is right Mzuni wanted that ZBS should terminate Bangos services by writing to zbs management olo ndikanakhala ine sindinganene zabwino za Mzuni. Mike more fire mzuni yoipa iyi ikufuna akuchotse ntchito uzikavutika kumudzi. Wicked Mzuni !

  9. Kokotowa says:

    Bangor is jealous coz he never went to university!

  10. banda says:

    Don’t be silly Bang. It was Mzuni that appealed against Kaporo how can you say the case doesnt involve them? How come you never asked barracks why they replayed Ekwendeni Hammers? May be its a good idea to stop trading barbs with a section of your listener. In the end people won’t notice who is the fool

  11. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    A Mzuni ine ndili ndi umboni woti mumanyengelera Kaporo Fc kuti izitaye inu muwapasa ma bribe. Stupid Mzuni. Vindere va kufikapo shipiti

  12. lakwathu says:

    nkhan ikukhudza a chilumba nd simama. Professionally, there z no need to interview mzuni.

  13. Chilungamo chimawawa,amzuni mwakakamira nokha pasazakhale potengelapo zigoli zamdiri!

  14. Supporter says:

    A Mzuni Mukufuna Kulowela Pawindow Mu Super League Mudzatulukila Pawindow Pomwepo. Agalu Inu Shupid! Chilumba Woyee!

  15. Khongoni Boy says:

    Stupid Kazako With His Stupid Zodiak
    Zokuba Is

  16. Tmc says:

    On job training u acquire tactics but not ethics, so Bango is.

  17. Manyasa says:

    Zodiak, wailesi yachimizimizi

  18. Uchindami says:

    A Onjoya. He needs civic educated? Mukukamba za liti kodi? Chingelezi ndi chovuta! Zitayeni izi!

  19. zanga phee says:

    Mike Bango , moooooo fire , osadanda ,amene amadana ndi iwe ndi Mfiti, inu a mzuni pangani za tsogolo lanu polimbikira maphunziro, mpira sukupititsani patali?

  20. FAM OFFICIAL says:

    If mzuni continues to behave like savages…musewera league yaku mpoto konko…kumwera kuno ndi pakati simubwera muona…
    xool is not football….sports journal nde imene akupanga Bangoyo….if u have to justify yourself…go on lembaninso makalata anuwoo ku mtundu wonse wa amalawi…even pple in the north know that u havent qualified….shame on u…bravo surestream and young soccer…no milandu….

  21. The Fall of Zodiak says:

    Basi nkhani ndiya ziphuphuzo. Gospel your station is loosing its integrity because of presenters receiving ziphuphu. Remember during elections you were accused of the same?

  22. Phwexy says:

    Me and my fellow sponsor we had a meeting yesterday and we may pull out sponsorship…

    Mzuni mteta Chilumba Barracks ikuvaya……….

    All the best Bullets as you conquer Sudan

  23. Manyasa says:

    Bango nde ndaninso???? Anayambana ndi a Bullets, a Wonderers lero ndiiizii. He is a Silver strikers supporter ndipo amachita kuzionesela Mike bango

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Crooked ways!

    Failures will always find someone to accuse. None of is honest here.

    You are all stupid, bustards, elephant dung. Just keep quiet!

  25. JACOBS says:


  26. simama says:

    iwe coach wa Mzuni….usalimbane ndi Bango…Bango has pple around him…he is a true professional…and why is it alwez Mzuni every year…???
    musatinyasepo apa zopusa zanuzo….its clear u have been promoted through boardroom decision…and so what..??tizingomva za inu…xool yake iti..??shupiti..??
    mzuni ndekuti chani..??mxiiii

  27. MCP GVT says:

    Bango is not wrong. Mzuni underlates teams in the north. Bango is jst doing justice.

  28. ğyu says:

    Odi uko, musiyeni Mike adutse

  29. onjoya says:

    These stupid journalists from zodiac and nyasa times need civic educated. too much mabodza

  30. madalitso says:

    bango is a shame and disgrace to his fellow sports jounalists who are proffesionals like patrick simango and garry chirwa, that dude needs to be tought some reasons

  31. osamatha mau mukamapanga za sports zanuzo, zizakutsalira!! ndiye anyamata a Nzuni kuwatero muzayenda wa uyo uyo! bola mu zamtume Danger Leftwinger ligi ikayambika.

  32. Uchindami says:

    Cholimbana naye sichikuoneka apa. Nkhaniyi sinathe.

  33. Uchindami says:

    Musamuopseze Bango. Komanso musadzitenge ngati ophunzira kwambiri. Masewero ambiri mudzamenya moyenda (zigawo zapakati ndi kummwera). Kumeneko mukamakachita zamawala zanu potukwana kapena kunyoza anthu kuti ndiosaphunzira mukagonja kapena kupambana ndiye mudzaziona zokhoma. Mungoti phee!

  34. mukhitho says:

    Ungawasekelelanga yayi we viwatumbuka ivi kujinowa vavishuli pera

  35. Jack Ruby says:

    I dont see anything wrong with Mike Bangos coverage on this issue,am a regular listener to the Sports show and the ref who officiated the Mzuni/Kaporo game said the game finished and Mzuni lost 1 nil but there is a text message from Mzuni official to a Kaporo Utd official asking them to accept Mzuni promotion and they will assist Kaporo with kit and materials,which to me should be investigated by ACB,remember last season Mzuni tried to do the same,not surprising Bishop Simama will stop sponsoring the league

  36. Wakuchindikika says:

    Bango Chindere chakufikapo

  37. tcha says:

    Mzuni and Northern Region Association are disgrace to the game of football. Mzuni as Mike has said on this issue u are not third party, the issue on the table is between NRFA and Chilumba/kaporo. Do push to be interviewed if u have any information which may help to solve the issue just present it to so called independent committee. NRFA u can loose nothing by being fair in running the affairs of football in the northern region. How ever by being unfair u shld know we may loose hard fought sponsorship and u may destroy the image of football

  38. kambwali says:

    Y should t a business of a reporter on how the team behaves and not the governing body ? Bango u should just report not getting hyper on any issue

  39. Bonzo says:

    Mike bango, start playing music instead of commenting on soccer. Have u ever played soccer before or being part of a soccer management team? Uzereza pera. Play spiritual music if u are tired or join radio maria

  40. Let Bango To Be A Bango.Musanati A Mzuni Thawi Zonse Mzuni Mzuni Muthawa Ichita Kufika Part 20

  41. Wanex banda says:

    Zopanda mutu!

  42. nanzikambe says:

    Let journalists do their work independently. Dont push for your luck Mzuni. You are a bunch of Soccer novices. Dont cry for positive Publicity where there isnt one. Eat a humble pie and leave Bango alone. Brutes.

  43. Kwiksy says:

    Mzuni f.c and the officials are failing to explain and convince……you guys sucks!!

  44. truth says:

    Mike, why damage zodiak’s reputation if this is true. Yes news but slow down please. There is alot for you to do to develop our soccer. You can be using your good time to identify talent for the national team

    1. Collins says:

      mzuni is a big problem not bango.

    2. Here we go again says:

      choosing talent for national team what is the duty of the national coach, tell me you idiot leave bango alone he remains the best sports reporter in the country wheather u like it or not. Bango tell us the truth!!

  45. opportunist says:

    May be Mike is right.

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