Mzuni lecturer mad with load shedding, petitions ESCOM

It has come to our notice that the area where l stay in Chibanja North around what is called Africare and Evergreen Kandindindi Private hospital is being disproportionately affected by the intermittent black-outs or what ESCOM prefers to label load-shedding.

Mariseni Mwale- Mzuzu University Lecturer

Mariseni Mwale- Mzuzu University Lecturer

This observation comes amidst concerns of unnecessary black-outs in the area when other areas in Mzuzu city are electrically powered. Apart from other days when this has become precedence a major case in point are most Sundays when most parts of the city are cut-off. It has been noted that during such occurrences when electricity is cut-off around 5.30 am or so and other areas are switched on, the area per se remains affected by the black-outs up until 8 pm or even 9 pm in the night which brings to question the criteria for the whole process tempting some of us to believe that there is more than sheer load-shedding to the whole saga.

Rather we assume that considering the fact that a majority of people who stay in the area are not from the North maybe there are personal, political, tribal, ethnic, nepotistic or other issues that come into the fore to compromise professionalism which is tantamount to abuse of monopoly power over the provision of electrical energy to some consumers and contravenes the dictates of our republican constitution.

What l want to bring into perspective is that the disproportionate cut-offs of power in our area which has become a precedence has become unbearable considering the fact that we rely on electricity for most of our household activities especially during weekends when we are supposed to be relaxing and resting at home after a week of hard-work for the nation and unfortunately is the time when the unnecessary cut-offs are pronounced.
We are also loosing money especially on perishable consumables. Above all else as consumers it is unequivocal that we have the right to electrical power regardless of whatever reasons – personal, tribal, ethnic, nepotistic, political or otherwise known to Mzuzu Escom that we suspect have taken precedence over our due rights and are jeopardizing on their professionalism culminating in undue victimization of innocent consumers thus infringing on consumer rights.

Let me conclusively stipulate that what is happening is by any means unjustifiable and if the trend continues l will consider taking legal action on behalf of all the affected consumers against ESCOM as a board for discrimination and general violation of consumer rights as well as abuse of monopoly against innocent consumers of power and energy flouting dictates enshrined in our republican constitution.

MARISEN MWALE [Concerned Consumer] [Cell – 0999245017] [email protected]
C c – Minister of Energy and Mining
– The Chief Executive ESCOM
– The principal secretary – Minister of Energy and Mining
– The Chief Executive Consumer Association of Malawi [CAMA]

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23 thoughts on “Mzuni lecturer mad with load shedding, petitions ESCOM”


    The worse educated fool I can imagine!!! I live at Chiwanja, and the statement total rubbish, in all fairness coming from mental case indeed!!! And the guy calls himself a lecturer!!! oooh my God! To hell with your nepostistically corrupted mind my friend.

  2. mangochi kabwafu says:

    How dull is this so called Lecturer? How on earth can he bring in his stupid tribalism/………./…….. into escom failures? I would have thought this learned fella would understand why we have this rationing of power. Escom is a failure so is you mr lecturer. Shame on you.

  3. chirungaboy says:

    People I would like to ask you to understand Lecturer Mariseni Mwale. I was in the same class with him at Chanco. I graduated earlier because he, at one time, withdrew from college on healthy grounds. All along I thought that he had completely recovered, but it seems he is still challenged. He needs to go back to the Mental Hospital. Loadshedding has nothing to do with his careless allegations.

  4. misuku says:

    here in chitipa blackouts are norms of our daily lives. tinanenapo za nepotism?hona waku dwangwa uyu mu kusuta uyu. kwali? he needs to be referred to st john of God mental hosp. after all ndi kufupi ndi kumene amakhalako before things get worse

  5. idah Nyamwale says:

    The heading for this article MUST BE. ” Mzuni lecturer Mad”

  6. Wopondaponda says:

    what the lecture says is true, escom ikuonjeza.escom shd solve the problem as soon as possible.

  7. iyayi says:

    mmmm,who heads ESCOM? you mean chibanja is full of non northeners? cmon,in psychiatry this is a persecutory delusion,and its a serious thought disorder-a first rank symptom that symbolize serious mental illness,such patients might even end up harming you because they always think you are planning evil for them,mr malisen might benefit from antipsychotics as soon as possible before these negative symptoms progress to severe mental disease,and may also benefit from admission at a mental disorder facility,help that brother out.

  8. womenslib says:

    Bringing tribalism into ESCOM load shedding is absolutely pathetic. Is he serious with this? Sometimes it’s better to use simple English than to string a bunch of big words together to give the impression of intelligence. There are some people in this country who would like to divide us for no reason leading to another Burundi or Rwanda. Anybody instigating tribal or regional hatred should be ashamed of themselves. Mr Mwale you do not deserve to be a lecturer at a university. We do not want people like you poisoning the minds of our future leaders with your nonsense.

  9. chichi says:

    Though I don’t agree with the tribal thing but the guy is saying the truth. I have ever lived in different parts of the country but what happens in MZ is nonsense. How can the whole city be having black outs every Sunday the whole day. what kind of maintenance do they do every Sunday? They need to be taken to task!!!

  10. Another Concerned Chibanja Resident Says: A Malawi what is your problem of not supporting each other on issues affecting your fellow Malawians. Instead you are busy saying nonsense. A balck out in this area is norm of the day and if there is a black out it has to affect this area. With this same attitude some of you when people were stealing in the Cash gate scandal you were aware but pretending you did not know. BUT now every one is paying. Shame on you. ESCOM has to come up if slogan of TOWARDS POWER ALL DAY has to be fulfilled.

    1. Ethnic/Tribal/Political Load Shedding says:

      Hector the issue is not about supporting one another; the issue here is the manner Mariseni Mwale has framed his petition. One does not need this whole nonsense about ethnicity/tribalism/nepotism to make a point about load-shedding. Am sure all of you that have been affected can collectively approach ESCOM to try to get to the bottom of this and see how this problem can be sorted. Just a thought

  11. ANALYST says:

    Komanso English imeneyi ndi ya Lecturer? Mmmmmh, aMalawi tili m’mavuto! And you expect the education standards to improve like this?

    On the crust of your so-called petition, how do you link the Tumbuka/Northerner issue with the electricity cuts? This simply shows that aMalawi ndife ogawikana kale ndi kale (AND THIS IS SERIOUS) – Malawians are ALREADY divided based on tribal/ethnic/political and religious lines. Lets just go the “Federal” way to remove some of the factors that divide us

  12. dzina langa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk kanthu ako ku Mzuzu TTC musova

  13. Cashgate 1 says:

    Where is Thoko Banda, this guy deserve to be “idiot” I should hope that even at MZUNI his lectureship is orientation of first “years” (Mayalo). Mwati sukulu yake anapanga kuti iyeyu?

  14. Phodogoma says:

    Uyu ndi munthu opoira. Nkhani yomweyi kuyilowetsa kumeneku? Vuto lomwe ali nalo mkuluyu ndiloti mu chilichonse amadzikaikira. Amaona ngati anthu akumuzonda in whatever he does and that’s why am not suprised why he is saying all this. Zosagwirizana ngati izi…. Chomwe amadziwa alilipa ndi kufunsira ma students, kumawavutitsa chonsecho amamukana koma he is excited anawo adzitchuka kuti akuyenda nawo. Fool!

  15. munganya says:

    Nde mwanti atumbuka akukudulirani magets, Simunati, ku Blantyre akukudilianinso madzi. Posachedwapa akusowetserani fuel ndiponso Gondwe agwetsa Kwacha. Munya muona, mapalamumura munganya ndi quota

  16. mboma says:

    This lecturer so he can link electricity blackout to anti-north tag?????? he says an di quote, rtaher due to the fact that most of the people staying around this area are not from the north, we then suspect that it is a nepotistic, tribal, ethnic issues with such blackouts, i mean how can such a statement come from a person who is is called a lecturer in this country, i now understand how stupid our education system is, if MZUNI can allow such a dull guy to be a lecturer, what do u expect from the students being taught by him??????? i mean this guy thinks balckout in his area is due to tumbuka tag, r u serious????? what of water balckout by blantyre water board??? is it also a move by sounthners on anti-north drive????? i live and stay in BT its now 2 months no water in BT, and i have never come across a tumbuka telling me this dull thinking by maliseni, shammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm malisen, u dont deserve to be a lectuer amwene, bolani kukalima, by the way north has so many tobbacco farms there, u can be a great tobbaco tenant and not lecturer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  17. Ethnic/Tribal/Political Load Shedding says:

    Malawi watsopano ameneyo; mpakana ELECTRICITY NEPOTISM or is it ELECTRICITY-GATE. A Maliseni-Mwale osangopita ku ESCOM kukadandaula in person or as concerned group.

  18. hoza john says:

    This should tell you that something is wrong somewhere and they are not being done in good faith.

    All in all, one can see that some one is incompetent. ESCOM, please share the cake equally.

  19. Me says:

    I think its high time we seriously considered other sources of power. As we rely more on ESCOM the more they feel indespensable and on top of the world. You go to ESCOM today with payment slips you have been paying without a break for them to justify a disconnection, they will direct you to their computers and show you figures contrary to what they printed on the slip they handed you. You then wonder whether there are two parallel boards running ESCOM. The short and long of it is that we need to get out of this ESCOM thing as soon as possible.Can we seriously consider purchasing solar pannels. There are more durable and sturdy ones on the market (internet). Although the installation costs may be expensive,the overall operational costs are cheaper. ESCOM will never help Malawi. I dont doubt that these frequent fires could be a product of these uncontrollable and harphazard cuts they call load shedding. ESCOM is just as dangerous as a baby toying with a loaded gun. The earlier we acted the better.

  20. Tiko says:

    Eeeeh, kwaopsa. Give them fed, for u waste time arguing with educated fools who always think they r putting across a positive argument when they are actually giving a quarell.

  21. KK says:

    This pure trash! Kuzgowera kuganiza mwa quota. Quarter thoughts! Just engage with Escom without side-skirting and pepper coating issues.

  22. idah Nyamwale says:

    mental case!!! Zimayamba chonchi. hallucinations due to unknown herb

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