Mzuni professor touts federalism for Malawi at public debate

A professor at Mzuzu University (Mzuni) Fred Msiska on Wednesday spoke in support of a federal system of government in Malawi during a public debate held at  Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu which was broadcast live on Zodiak Broadcasting Service.

Prof. Fred Msiska: Malawi needs federal system

Prof. Fred Msiska: Malawi needs federal system

Prof Msiska, who is a   director of open and distance learning at Mzuni, trashed anti-federalism campaigners who argue the system will divide the country, saying the notion is “utterly false.”

He said: “It is calculated falsehood in order to prevent people from understanding the system.”

Msiska said Malawi need federal system, saying the current unitary system “has failed Malawians” because of the “over-concentrated powers in the presidency” which he said has led to the abuse of power for the benefit of the few

The university professor said federalism will enhance devolution of powers and make it possible for greater public participation in political decision making.

“If powers are devolved at the regional level, it will be possible for development to take place more evenly throughout the country.  Federal system will avail more resources to regions for development It will also be possible for the central government to be held accountable to regional governments,” said Msiska.

He said federalism will enable a favourable resource allocation formula to be negotiated by the regions unlike the current system when the central system dictates.

“Every Malawians should benefit the toil of their labour,” said Msiska attracting hand-clapping from the audience.

Msiska said federalism will also be a solution to ethnicity.

Prophet Chuma spoke against federalism being introduced in Malawi, arguing it is too complex a system for a small and poor country which has high illiteracy levels and whose political leadership is largely ignorant of its constitutional roles.

Chuma also accused some politicians pushing for federalism in a bid to get power in the regions after being frustrated by losing the general elections.

He said federalism will bring division as well as confusion in the country.

President Peter Mutharika – on record to have once touted for federalism – has since urged political and religious leaders to give dialogue and reconciliation a chance, instead of dividing the country.

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99 thoughts on “Mzuni professor touts federalism for Malawi at public debate”

  1. clif says:

    kodi mawa fisher amuyambitse eti

  2. solo says:

    Some of this discussions are useless and meant to to divert Malawian away from important issues such as economy, for a start federalism is useless for a small country like malawi which can be governed with only ten people including the president and its cabinet. Malawi is too small this system of governance will just end up duplicating jobs and resource wastage as more money will be allocated to politicians managing those regions

    Remember a governer is more the same like the president, he have his cabinet and run his own regional program a small country like ours it will be to expensive to have two or 4 people of different ideologies running the small country like malawi.

    All we need is on visionarly leader who can come up with real tangible achievable policies to run malawi we dont need more salaries for politicians which is what federalism will do

  3. syamboza says:

    atumbuka mwauponda upelezident simudzaunyantha.mulira eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemutopa ife tidzingodzalako mitengo yamatabwa kumeneko make sure train isadzabwere kumeneko, a good highway nix airport ikkhala yomweija chihana anaphotchoka paja university ikhale ttc pali vuto?

    1. fafa says:


  4. Thitherward Wendo says:

    Too many supporters of federalism seem unable to distinguish between rational argumentation and blind faith. They believe in federalism despite all reasonable counter-arguments. They should try to read Professor Chirwa’s article on this forum. If they can systematically and logically refute any components of his analysis, they should do so. If they cannot, however, they should not advertise their intellectual incapacity by filling the columns of ‘Nyasatimes’ with their Declarations of Faith in the False God of Federalism.

  5. Bigeo says:

    Calls for federalism sound so nice and the system itself is nice for the power sharing sake. I suggest that it can be a solution to some of challenges regarding development of the nation. I believe cashgate issues may be dealt with. However, I feel that federal system of government should not be regional based otherwise it may fuel regionalism and tribalism as other quarters fear. Malawi at this time needs devolution of power to districts for meaningful development. I think we should talk about enhancement of decentralisation as councillors are in place now.

  6. Chikondi Medson says:

    Decentralisation of power is very commendable. Federalism is very attractive.

    But I wonder if this will really achieve what we want in Malawi. Consideration of Federalism, as I see it, really arose from the Northeners’ dissapointment with APM’s failure to choose not even one from that part of the country as a Minister. From this follows that people believe having one of your kindred as a Minister equals guaranteed development.

    Perhaps it would help if people,not exactly disregarding what is being said on this matter left and right but rather intelligently sizing it all, sat down to think the matter through for themselves. Is it really true that having a minister from your area leads to guaranteed development? It may be different for you but in my experience (I come from Machinga, a place from where once a minister came from, a minister with whom I had quite a number of personal encounters) it does not really make a difference.

    Many claim APM clearly showed favouratism, nepotism and what not. But favouratism surely will never leave Malawi as long as we are poor. No one could give food to his neighbour when his own relatives are being tormented by hunger. You clean your house first before you clean the streets.

    There is then the argument that the President has too much poor.What does it mean the President has too much power? Surely this needs elaboration. If he really has too much power, this is a constitutional problem, and we have opposition parties strong enough to propose debate in the August House on reducing these powers. At least as far as I understand that is exactly what Parliament is for; making and emending laws.

    But after taking all these things into consideration we still clung to Federalism, there would be the need to think about its details. How do we want it to be? How is it to be implemented ? And then after setting this out, its practicality in our economically crippled country would also have to be analysed. This is neither immediate nor easy.

    On balance therefore, all this looks to me to be more of a Utopian formula than a viable alternative.

    But I began this short comment in praise of Federalism. I am still in support of its concept.

    After all Democracy means to be ruled by a system of our choice. Anything short of this is anything but not Democracy. Here my assumption is that Democracy is good. And in the spirit of Democracy I would ask for a halt in all these unnecessary ‘public debates’ and a preparation for a referendum. Malawians, that is the concerned people from the North, “after thinking the matter through”, its practicality and all, should decide what they want.

  7. Kalanga says:

    Malawians lets move! All those who say no, hands up kkkkk

  8. robert says:

    Nkhani sitikuti uyu apite uku ayi kusaiziwa federal system of goverment. Amene akunena zoti siyabwino sakuiziwa. Mumakana matipaty kuipa kulipati federal system ndiyankho osati kwa awo ayi koma kwa tonse ngati simukuiziwa khalani chete

  9. Missed-Call says:

    I’m in total support of federalism but it seems its advocates are failing to articulate the bottom line. only if Bakili Muluzi can be roped in, to advance this agenda then only then will the masses understand what we are talking about here.

  10. VYOTO says:




  12. mgwantha says:

    Zoona federal ndi deal

  13. zaluma says:

    Some professors in Malawi are a shame to our society. If you failed to be a vice chancellor or someone pushed you at Gynkana, it should not be a point of hatred.

  14. Patrick Manase Phiri says:

    The lazy ones are against the federal system. The beneficiaries of nepotism are against federal system. The beneficiaries of quota system are against federal system. If he North is under developed (as mostly said by the anti-federal system proponents) and we (Northerners) are the ones (mostly) for federal system, then we are the ones who have a heavy task to develop the North. So what is the fuss about?

  15. True DPP says:

    Southerners who contribute nothing to GDP are the ones saying no. These people are failures are mostly thieves, street vendors and prostitutes.

  16. Aningo says:

    Federation has been tried before and it failed miserably. Compare development of the capital cities of the three states that made up the federation (Harare, Lusaka and Zomba). Did they develop equally? There is no guarantee now either

  17. Puludzu says:

    why Peter wasting time negociating ndi ntchewe zakufikapo izi time its up for a tumbuka adzipitata kwawo tatopa nawo ife.
    1 kamuzu anadana naye
    2 bakili kumuotchera mzikiti nkhumba kuyivalika yelo
    3 bingu kumupha kumunena chindere chakufwikapo by bishop zuza
    4 maplot mbulantaya lilongwe kugawana okha
    aziipiitaaaaaaaaaa basiii

  18. UNDERWEAR says:

    WASTE of time .This country is just too small for the system.

    1. ung'onoung'ono says:

      If the country is too small for federalism, it implies that it can best be developed under unitary system. Ndiye langa ndi lakuti: Why have the past and even the current government failed to develop a small country like Malawi for the past 50 years? How can you assure Malawians that in the next five or 50 years to come it will be developed to the standards of South Africa? Do you have the confidence to say that? What mechanisms are you going to put in place? Zomwezi tikuzionazi zosadyekazi? Cmon Malawians! Do not just comment for the sake of commenting.

  19. kukukuki says:

    Work hard for your family and pay taxes rather than wasting the energy on chitaganya. Not all people of the North support this. Count Nkhatabay Karonga and Chitipa out of this. This is just fueling tribalism and nepotism. If you hav failed in life dont blame the system.

  20. Somebody else and is it Wanangwa mentioned about marginalization? It’s not different from racism. When one race thinks it is superior, racism comes in. This leads to the other race being marginalized. When one tribe thinks is superior and can win elections come what may, it will marginalize others. This is what is happening. We don’t feel safe with the same people ruling us and openly telling you that they can do without you.

    1. O says:

      And indeed they successfully do without you… makes you irrelevant huh!

  21. Nyapapi says:

    Atumbuka samukani palibe akukuletsani!


  22. aabwino says:

    For Malawi to develop we need Benevolent Dictorship.

  23. joshua saini says:

    Les go federal and see the successes and failures as we did in 1994

  24. Iwe mlomwe ponyera pako ungalembe zonyoza anzako choncho?Izitu sizifuna mbuzi kupangana wokomenta.Chifukwa muthakuyambitsa nkhondo.Ndakugulira Mbuzi yamoyo ndati ndwe Mbuzitu yayi kulu.Federation ndiyabwino ngati mwayikana NYIKA GOVERNMENT woyee!!! Tiyimapatokha basi.Komanso amene atayikane Fede.kuyambila lero ndimpasa dog wamoyo ndati ndi galu wamkulu wopuma fweee!

  25. Likoma boy says:

    KOMA MA PROFESSOR A KU MALAWI? Ka tie pathosi jacket atapachika pa curtain pole! No decorum at all!

  26. Inu says:

    What was strange for me and also what I think our northern friends are missing is that this is supposed to be a national debate. Now most of the commentators spoke in Tumbuka. How does this make sense if you want to convince the other regions other than the north? My feeling is that the north will easily rally behind Federation which cannot be said about the other regions. If there are people to convince, it is not people from the north but from the central and south. Yet because of myopia as usual, they chose to carry the debate in Tumbuka. I dont know whether that was to assert themselves or an attempt to illustrate the importance of their language but what a failed strategy. I am sure a certain man, woman in Dowa, Mwanza etc got nothing out of the debate.

    If we could not make decentralization work, which is supposed to be better than federation, federation will not work unless we address the underlying issues. The panelist from Nkhatabay talked much sense but he was the odd one out.

  27. TrueMalawian says:


  28. Kikikiki says:

    For 50 solid years Malawi as a country has not realised it’s potential and why if you ask me it’s because of poor leadership, greed etc. So stop calling vile names to northern people. That just shows how shallow your understanding on this debate is. To me you sound more of numpties, morons and plebs at its best. If you don’t have any contribution at class level then just back off please. Look what is happening in Spain, Catalonian’s voted in favour of cesession completely. Are they stupid enough as you would think, absolutely not. Let people who are affected and failed by our current government system charge their own destiny. Period!

  29. john says:

    All systems of governments are the same because they have failures and successes .

  30. wawa says:

    federal gorv ikadzayamba ife apa central tidzapempha boma kuti tidza gulitsa chamba on top of tobacco

  31. chatonda says:

    Nkhope ya wadada professor its a true reflection of the federation team.

    1. Wolengedwa says:

      Chatonda @ 43,

      tangoganizira kaye nkhope za Pitala, Haponda, Mwanamveka, Fabiano

  32. nihoria says:

    Prophet simunthu woti angati pase nzeru zakuya enawa aku funa udindo m’boma.Tamuwuze akhale Chete nzeru alibe.

  33. Mlomwe says:

    Chonde atumbukawa apatseni dziko lawo atikwana kuno, sitikuwafuna amene akulimbikitsa zimenezi gwirani ntchito yoti agondwe, anyirenda, @kaunda azipita kwawo kumpoto too much kuzikonda, akalamulire mitengo ili kudziko lawolo, ma office mwathumu atitopetsa, ndipo zimenezi zichitike mwachangu. Inakakhala mbeu ya kumpotoyi tidakaitaira mu nyanja kuti ikokoloke koma poti ndi athu timangowapililabe.

    1. ung'onoung'ono says:

      You think you adequate and efficient enough to work in those offices if the Tumbukas have left for their homeland? How many are you olowa mkalasi kuti mudzagwire ntchito mu office? Mukulenga aphwanga. Ndingokumverani chisoni kuti ngati kudzakhale kuphwasamuka ndiye kudzayambira kumeneko. i believe that is why you opposers are not coming up with convincing and persuasive facts on federalism mungoti eee ndikugawana mitundu, eeh we are better together. You can not explain how kugawana mitundu will come about. mukuyiwalansoo kuti Daniel Phiri anakhazikitsa kugawana mitundu ndipo APM is doing exactly what he promised during his campaign kuti adzapitiriza zomwe Bing analekezera. in short malawi is already divided. What we want is to make it official through seccession chifukwa that is what you opposers are talking about. You will fail to continue development ku south ko kenako you will hire chinese people to do it for you. Ma chinese adzizayankhula chi chinese kaya mudzachimva kaya ngati mukulephera kumva chitumbuka.

  34. Muliyekha says:

    Let us standalone now,we are tire to hear foolish coments from those they are against Federation.All what we need now is Succession not Federation.Please warn Prof. Chirwa with his conservations which he puts in Nation News Paper and Nyasatimes.

  35. Kangachepe says:

    Can someone tell me, what does it mean to have federal government? Does it means that those from the north will sell their properties which they have invested in the south and central and go back to their region and stay? If indeed is like that then its not a good thing because it shall promote regionalism and xenophobia will come in.

    1. Che Shaibu says:

      No my friend. Malawi will still be one ruled by Peter Munthalika as of now. Northerners, Centrallers, and Southerners will still be called Malawians using one Passport. No one will go to his respective state only that some powers will be devolved from the President. For example, America has 50 States but one President Barrack Obama. Likewise here, We may have 3 or 4 states with one President Peter Munthalika. I hope I have made myself clear. Ignorance is costly friend!

  36. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    I feel we need football trouphy to burry current issues on federalism.I feel the proponents of federalism can understand if resources are equally distributed.I blv northerners are using this only as a driving force of hollistic equality on development.I feel Malawi as a nation is not ready for it basing on our illiteracy rate.You can see how some yesterday in Mzuzu debate failed to cool their temper on issues based on debate.The biggest problem is that pple have preconceived ideas which distort everything good in debate.God help Malawi.I personally not support federalism and quota system if misunderstood but like them if well understood

    1. johnM says:

      Why then did we receive independence if we are highly illiterate? Clearly we were not ready for that, were we?

  37. Paschal says:

    Let the north not just enjoy FEDERALISM, give them 100% independent status. They are capable of doing good. Their record is one of the most fantastic in as far as governance is concerned. If given a chance to stand alone, other parts of Malawi will surely be relieved of the heaviness that these guys inflict on them. Just imagine how many vacancies will be created in the offices once the expatriates leave for Ny…. Republic? I cant wait to see that time

  38. Ntapwata says:

    Let the north not just enjoy FEDERALISM, give them 100% independent status. They are capable of doing good. Their record is one of the most fantastic in as far as governance is concerned. If given a chance to stand alone, other parts of Malawi will surely be relieved of the heaviness that these guys inflict on them. Just imagine how many vacancies will be created in the offices once the expatriates leave for Ny…. Republic? I cant wait

  39. Thomola says:

    We don’t want Federalism. We want the North to be independent. Asakhalenso mbali yathu atikwana.

  40. Chiku says:

    A Fred Msika mpaka mwafika pokhala expert in political governance. I think you are really an innovator. Kudos.

  41. Masuhunju says:

    Professor Msiska articulated issues very well and am proud of him. I wish he taught me too. It was unfortunate that DPP brought in their cadents who wanted to disrupt the debate. The learned professor floored the “Prophet” of doom. A Prophet ngati zinthu simukuziziwa ndibwino kumabusa nkhosa za ambuye. Chifukwa zulo your ignorance was exposed. KKKKKKKKKKKK, Federalism woyeeeeeeee.

  42. Fathara says:


    1. sven qen says:

      ndipodi anthu amenewa kaya anakhala bwanji kaya kuda ndi maganizo omwe asaa! azipitadi kumpoto kwawoko akafike ndipomwe mwina anthu enafe nkupezako mimwayi yomwe amatisekeleza agalu amenewa pongopasana pachilongosi kapena pa chi nkhaze mma office’mu ndi malo ena otelowo….!


        1. sven qen says:

          kuli bwino kaya ku nyelo kwako kuli bwanji galu iwe!

  43. Mulomwe says:

    Brainy people from Nyika Republic.

    1. zowona zake. says:

      brainy , brainy chani apa iwe, oh yes, brainy in nepotism expertise. it seems you dont know the genesis of this dominance.

      Do you know anything about the midnight meetings which were happening during Dr Banda rule? the agenda was kukokelana pa ubale wanu, starting from the university selection, gvt scholarships, job opportunities etc. you removed qualified people from the other regions and replaced them with your relatives. sikuti Mzeru mbuzi iwe.

      i got this info from a respectable person (the late MS RIP -name withheld) whom your people mistaken him to be from the north yet he came from the Southern region. he worked there at the Mbelwa Disctrict Council.

  44. sven qen says:

    kodi federalism ndekuti atumbuka onse azikhala ku KAYA basi sazipezekanso mmadela ena anziko muno? ngati ndichoncho nde nzabwinotu….!

  45. Mjumacharo says:

    More debates are needed from all players and let us also hear what economists supporting federalism and others in the field of finance and development economics say about federalism and how it can be financed . I support it fully , it has a brought a fresh breath into Malawian politics.

  46. Ganamba says:

    Wanyavinkhumbo, amuna bambo!!! My lecturer at Chanco. Tell them Prof. Illiteracy levels will kill the nation

  47. Watela says:

    At # 2 possibly you are looking at the South being an industrial base and will generate more income for the region as opposed to the Centre and North. On paper it may be true but practically those industries will close their business for lack of forex to order raw materials since most of them are net importers. The Central and North produce a lot of tobacco and if proceeds from the sale of tobacco were to be returned by the two regions there will be nothing left for the industrial South for importation. This will lead to less productivity and eventual closure of companies thereby bringing in huge numbers of the
    Investors will pull out for lack of profitable return on their investment unless for all regions come from the central government as the case is now.

    1. kilindabwite says:

      Thumb up Proffessor Msiska for lecturing those who do not know the meaning of federalism like this so called feck prophet chuma showing his ignorance during the debate. I would urge so called prophet to go and find out more or to ask for a class to the Proffessor Msiska to lecture him what federalism means. The problem is that the anti-federalism are failing to distinguish between Secession and federalism. Let the debates and orientation/awareness of federalism done with sober mind. Federalism does not mean we will have presidents each region no! President will be the same but the system helps to bring development in regions and to be held accountable! i pity those who are arguing without understanding the system. Unitary has failed us ALAS!

  48. kido says:

    Don’t misread the people here federal Gvt is good for everyone including the [email protected]

  49. Prophet Tchuma is a laughing stock in Pastoral circles then how can he understand federalism as he fails to feed the flock of God ? When someone says federalism will divide the country it means he is failing to accept the reality on the ground. Malawi was divided by Kamuzu when he deported trs from the north and the Muthalikas becoz of their nepotism. Most of us want federalis to have a share in th natioal cake and we want development as other region. Bravo Pro. Msisksa. We shall fight until we win.

  50. bondo says:

    Prof is really interesting indeed,even though he has highlighted the benefits of federalism. He is silent on the aftermath of the system. Therefore, I think it would have been wise and proper if Prof told us also the evil part of it so we weigh both ways…

  51. Jabulosi says:

    The debate and civic education should continue until exhausted. So far Anti- federal proponents are failing to give valid reasons apart from scaring people, intimidation and using foul language against proponents. Look at valid reasons given by the professor and visualize how the system would work, it is better to try it. Dump it if it fails in five, ten or even fifty years as the current system has existed without progress. Politics aside, Federalism is a system of government!!!!!!!

  52. malawipatriot says:

    If only we understood what we want as a nation and we were united enough to fight as a nation for issues that we would all benefit, I feel we could solve all our challenges. Currently we are very far from understanding nationhood. May we all one day open our hearts so that we move as a nation.

  53. Mfwethu says:

    What Malawi needs is a proportional representation of voting and not federalism. In the worst case scenario we should have a rotational presidential system to take care of the current trends where a particular region dominates the presidency because of population factor.
    Federalism won’t solve corruption because most of the politicians advancing it are crooks, have no principles and are just doing this for their own selfish gains.
    And its so sad when well learned people like the author of the above article support such kind of a system when they know that the country doesn’t have enough checks and balances to sustain a system of this kind.

    1. johnM says:

      Are those advancing the unitary state righteous? Are they not the same politicians that have given us cashgate?


    Look at what is happening at Karonga District Hospital, drivers are selling vehicle fuel openly direct from the ambulances and all members of staff and the all administration staff are aware. So you want Federism?

    1. johnM says:

      This has been happening for a long time and not just at Karonga Hospital. I remember when I was in Salima, I knew people who use to sell diesel which they obtained from soldiers at MAFCO. What has your statement to do with the issue pertaining to federalism?

  55. thako says:

    call for referendum on ds matter n those 2b involved shud be atumbuka okhaokha kumpotoko,if it ‘ll fo de whole malaw sztheka, proffessor ozelezeka ameneo

  56. Divala, Jinja says:

    I hope the writer has given the correct name of the other respondent, Prophet Chuma. I also hope he has been quoted accurately. If that is the case, I think people like Prophet Chuma are misdirecting people on this important issue by arguing that we cannot adopt a system because it is complex. He further goes on to attack proponents of federalism in person without considering the merits of the arguments. I am wondering why I am even responding to this poor reasoning, for God’s sake Prophet!!! Such argumentation needs to be dismissed outrightly.

  57. joseph banda says:

    Good points #1. They will not tell or answer your observations. In addition the Federation will even make it harder for any candidate from the North to be the State President. Right now what these Msiskas should have done is to revisit the ideas of Chakufwa Chihana. Have a party that is very strong and be in alliance with other parties. Obviously a national leader would emerge from that association. But now people all over are saying “we told you these people ndi anthu ozikonda. Tikanawapatsa u President akansamutsa Capital hill to Mzimba. These sentiments may not be real but they show how people view the so called elites from the North. GREED. Neno is worse of than any district in the north. But Neno is not any where in the North

  58. Chindindi says:

    Enafe or tipange contribute siziphula kanthu,,ifenso tingolimbikira xul tidzakhale kaye #Prof to b heard

  59. alomwe says:

    kodi atumbuka mumaziwona ngati ndani inu??….zimenezi sizitheka munya muwona…zapamtumbo basi…

  60. Alungwana says:

    Federalism is not division. It is a united development and a sweat to sweet!

  61. atumbuka kuda ngati makala mukusokotsa chani mudzipita kwanu ku nyika land tiöe ngati kutukuke .akazi anu tingonyenga maofesimu

  62. Flamingo says:

    Is he in support because he is from the North or it is a viable option for our political situation!

  63. TIGAWE says:

    Lets Share The Contry And See What Wil Hapen,but dont cry in future.

  64. Patriot says:

    It makes me laugh when I hear someone saying “Malawi is not ready for Federal System”. It is the same as saying “Malawi is not ready for the Decentralisation of powers”.
    How then do we expect to develop our respective regions, districts, constituencies and wards?

  65. Mpale says:

    In federal system, it is the rederal govt are responsible for the development of their state and a good example in Africa is Nigeria. No kwacha generated from one state will cross boarders to other state for development. Know that your own resources will either make you poor or rich because your own tax money (revenue) will detect your status

  66. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    A point of order please , can those thugs who were sent to go and disturb the federalism debate in Mzuzu to be stopped forthwith otherwise the government in power is the one which is behind all these tactics so that Malawians should not be well informed about federalism. There was a group of thugs which was sent especially to go and behave in a very unmannered way. I am happy that Malawians were able to get the federalism message loud and clear even if there was noise in the hall , what is remaining this time is to take the federalism message to the comman man in a village.

  67. Kamphenda says:

    Wa a Nyavinkhumbo!!! Education and National Development. Functionalistic or Maxist?

  68. Jando says:

    Leadership in each devolved autonomy will be competed for in an election by all political parties and independents,not proponents only. So the question of selfishness for leadership by proponents does not arise at all. The anti-federalists should find better reasons for rejecting federalism than labelling the pros with negative name calling.
    In fact the presence of leadership in each province will bring more cohesion for the nation than the current scenario where the president only favours people of his lomwe belt or concetrates development in his province.

    1. Jarsn Phiko says:

      Andale pamodzi ndi anthu awo amakonda bodza, kupha, kuba, zigololo, ukazitape, ugogodi, umbanda, katangale ndi ziphuphu. Federalism is very good and nobody should block it. I am not a northerner, but I think this will be the right direction for Malawi to take. All ALONG POLITICIANS HAVE USED PEOPLE FROM THE OTHER REGIONS THAN THOSE FROM THEIR HOME REGIONS TO AMASS VOTES. Once they come to power, they ignore and forsake the other regions and start pleasing their homeboys. This is nonsense and must be stopped. I fully support this notion. Mukukana chifukwa mukudziwa kuti ma resurces a dziko lino ali kwinako, osati kwanu kuno. Zauchigawenga zanuzo sizikutandizani, mufuseni Dr Muluzi.

  69. Jando says:

    Leadership in each devolved autonomy will be competed for in an election by all political parties and independents,not proponents only. So the question of selfishness for leadership by proponents does not arise at all. The anti-federalists should find better reasons for rejecting federalism than labelling the pros with negative name calling.
    In fact presence of leadership in each province will bring more cohesion for the nation than the current scenario where the president only favours people of his lomwe belt or concetrates development in his province.

  70. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Federal system of government is the way for Malawi to move forward. One of the factors that has contributed to underdevelopment in the past 50years is the unitary system of government which concentrates powers in th presidency which are often abused and misused. There will be minimal additional cost to implement federalism. For example in a federal system the federal parliament will have say 60members of parliament only rather than the 193 we currently have. A federal system will reduce immense powers of the state president and give some of those powers to regional governments. This can only be good for Malawians.

  71. Kadakwiza says:

    My advice to northern Malawians is secession not federal government. Push for independent state once for all. North Malawi must be independent. Malawi was divided long time ago, now its time to make it official.

  72. nene says:

    Kodi a Malopa nyumba akulandani? We thought you got your millions from MBC. You mean you have blown all the money on the bills you incurred while out of government? No wonder you want the job at NAC kikikiki!

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Nene kaya Nono, are your comments related to the story above or you have just woken up to take a dig at Malopa?


        It doesn’t matter koma Malopa mboli yake.

  73. Patrick says:

    The debate on federalism is a welcome one and Malawians should contribute extensively. I would like to however ask the proponents of federalism to clarify the federal governments will finance their budgets. Will each federal government be responsible for generating its own income for financing its budget? or it will be the same old system where the central government will finance the activities of the federal governments but with more autonomy in the federal governments in managing the resources? I have asked this question because my little understanding of federalism is that each federal state generates its own resources and looking at our current districts, most of them do no have the potential to generate sufficient funds to finance their own activities. with that in mind, it means the central government will still be crucial in the implementation of development agenda of states and states will continue to be at the mercy of the central government.

    1. FAFESM Secretary says:

      the is idea you are saying is true. if you at Vantuva (spelling Check) is a small country with around 10,000 people and yet they survive as a country. in Malawi, each district is even more than 10,000 people. I really hope even if each district gets autonomy, they will still be able to sustain their development agenda. don’t underrate regions and or districts as at now. the current system is nit empowering them to frame their destiny. in fact, there will be a bit of a contribution that will come from the Central government, the money realized through external boarders and remittances from all states. lets not rush to conclude that Neno district can not survive is federal system.

    2. Lake Malawi says:

      Yes most of the resources will be generated by each state eg For any tax paid in each state, a certain percenatge say 60% remains there while the remainder goes to the central govt; in short, in any economic activity a bigger percrntage remains in the state while the balance goes to the central govt coffers. This will be very beneficial to the states which are very active economically. The central government will come in with that money to handle national issues or even bigger emergencies.

    3. Amutchona says:

      You have asked a very sensible question. It shows that whilst you may not be in favour of the system you are kin to know what this animal is all about. Should the system be implemented it will mean anumber of things:

      a). Some of the activities that Central Government does now will no longer be done by the Central Government but by the Regional Governments. This means that even the budget to carryout those activities will be transferred to the Regional Governments. For example all construction of roads (with the exception of National Roads) will be performed by the Regional Governments. All Primary and Secondfary Schools will be the compentency of the Regions except for Universities.

      b). The collection of taxes will remain the responsibility of the National Government because we are still a small economy. There are cases in other countries where Regions/States have powers to raise and collect taxes. As for Malawi (for the time being) we should not go that route due to capacity constraints and economic imbalances.

      c). Should Regions have powers to borrow in their own right. The simple answer is “no” as this has serious fiscal implications unless the Regions can demonstrate the ability to pay back the loans out of their own budgetary allocations. Even them, the Central Goovernment would have a strong hand in the raising of such loans.

      d). Can Regions accept donations from friendly Countries/States? Yes since this has no fiscal implication.

      e) What about the army, police, immigration, custom, sports etc? These will be the responsibility of the National Government. We will continue to have one army one police, one immigration, one national footbal, netball, basketball teams (etc.)

      f). How are we going to share our resources? Based on population size of each Region, level of economic development, etc, etc. Here in South Africa the formula is a long and scientific one.

      g). Will this not create divisions? I cannot think of a country that is divided due to decentralisation/federal system (Not even Nigeria as some have argued). In fact the opposite is true.

      1. O says:

        Universities should also be controlled by the states just like secondary schools and primary schools. In many countries where federal system is used like in Nigeria, universities are under the control of the states. We should also adopt the same.

    4. Zadziwika says:

      Good observation

      1. Kapolo wa Mulungu says:

        Please know that there will be only one federal govt. The others will be called state govts.

    5. pierra says:

      what ppo need to understand is that the democratic system within the federal Malawi will remain a mirror image of the present multi-party system with the eventual Head of State winning polls [majority] for his party across the states. Similar quota of senate seats based probably on state size for parliamentary representation whilst a devolved regional assembly akin to city mayor role takes place at state level with powers over tax, health, welfare, transport, etc at local state level. Capped contributions from local state revenue finance local state level economic development with a percentage going toward national budgetary requirement such as military, disaster relief fund, etc

      local states could via the state, direct investments of other states in similar private finance investment, PFI initiatives thereby earning their regional state interest and partnerships in the senate. most of national economic and development policy will be carried on basis of majority vote, in full knowledge that such development and economic growth does not particularly favour one regional state from another.

      So, [1] the federal state does not mean going it alone as another country. the regional state remains part of Malawi with sitting senators [mp’s] at state level and local regional mayoral/governor powers at local state level.

      [2] the local regional state makes a contribution [tax] towards State revenues but retains local level control of economic and development resource allocation.

      [3] local states politics mirror that of the one state in having a multi-partisan political mix, DPP, PP, UDF, MCP etc and eventually contributing to the overall Head of State.

      [4] even under a present system, labour force could earn a local regional state revenue as workers from one local region paying taxes earns against their local origin state income. the same exercise could be offered to resource allocation methodology such that big conglomerate companies such as mines, schools and universities, hospitals, etc have an equitable employment quota to meet state integration in exchange for e.g not paying the full quota of regional tax to the state. However, this can be flexed to fit operational pragmatism.

      1. Patrick says:

        am encouraged by this constructing discussion that we are engaging here. another thing i want to seek clarification is on the issue of human resources. who will be responsible for recruitment of workers for examples teachers, police officer? will the labour force be under the federal government or central government? if its federal government, will transfers of personnel between federal governments be possible or once you are employed under Ngabu Federal Government, you can only move out of there if you get another job not by transfers? How will nepotism be curbed within the federal governments in terms of allocation of executive positions and businesses? can a chewa like me get a tender to supply food stuffs at Mangochi federal hospital? or it will only be those chewas residing in Mangochi that can do that? I am sorry if i am jumping ahead of the dance but these are some of the issues i worry about.

        1. johnM says:

          Recruitment will depend upon the authority that falling under that particular Government. If schools fall under State Governments, then the recruitment should be by the state government. As for the Army, the recruitment will fall under the Central Government.

          As of now, most recruitment falls under the Central Government and as a result there are some primary schools with one or two teachers instead of having their full compliment of teachers. This is one of the weaknesses of a unitary government. Resources are never properly distributed hence some areas are always marginalized.

          Take your Ngabu Government for example, if teachers were recruited by Ngabu Government, there would be no shortage of teachers in Ngabu as there would be no way of deploying them to Mwanza. Mwanza will have to recruit its own teachers.

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