Mzuzu ‘carpreneur’ says Malawi youths mustn’t be over dependent on govt

At 25, Hastings Kapoli Banda has achieved what most in the country achieve in their late forties – or even fifties. In a petite space of five years, Banda has evolved from a mere blank DVD seller to a multimillionaire into the car business industry.

Banda -- Don't over depend on government.

Banda — Don’t over depend on government.

“I bought my first car in 2010,” he says, “with savings from my blank DVD business.”

He was 20 then. About five years later today, Banda is a proud owner of 9 cars and 19 employees.

“After I bought my first car I wanted to expand my business and my immediate idea was to venture into the taxi business,” he said.

He added: “It has been a successful venture. The one car I invested has been able to bring me 8 more cars which are all sound and running.”

The last born in a family of five, Banda also owns a shop in Mzuzu City’s Luwinga Township, pool tables planted in pubs around the same township, and has lately opened his firm Be – which is playing agent role in importing cars from Japan to Malawi.

“I want to grow beyond this. I want to be a complete entrepreneur and businessman,” he says with tons of confidence of a young man determined to hit it big.

He said his Be is becoming “a household name” as far as the importation of second-hand vehicles is concerned.

“In 2014 alone, we brought in about 13 vehicles. That was big for an establishment that only started earlier in the same year.”

He hoped for even greater prospects in 2015.

“No one who wants to import a second-hand vehicle should despair. Our charges are sincere and original. In fact, I went into this business because I realized how other agents were exploiting their customers,” he revealed.

Banda, who says is indebted to gospel artist Ethel Kamwendo’s husband Blessings Banda, said Malawian youths “must not be over dependent on government if they want to hit it big.

“There is always YEDEF, and so many projects for the youths but those cannot cater for all of us. We need to start our own fortunes, and manage them. That’s the way to.”

Banda also advised Malawian youths on frugal spending.

“As young people, we must learn to save and invest,” he said.



Malawi has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Southern Africa despite the fact that they cater for more than 60 per cent of Malawi’s 17 million population.

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDEF) has been in the limelight for the past ten years with visibly scanty results.

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16 thoughts on “Mzuzu ‘carpreneur’ says Malawi youths mustn’t be over dependent on govt”

  1. never say never says:

    This is just good than going to RSA, tell those pple who think going to RSA is the only solution.

  2. uzyohed says:

    Take it up and achieve your dreams Hessie. No jelous you deserve respect because I have been seeing you struggling from your grassroots and now you are just one of the very few role models Mzuzu has. May God bless you abandantly.

  3. Mzuzu hustler says:

    Ana achitumbuka r very creative in every sector.Instead of taking sachets ngati anzathu aku ujeni uku,the young man is thinking big.imagine from blank dvds to nine cars simasewera ndi website take apo phii!!!!

  4. peshe says:

    big up youngman….be kapoli and be a model..

  5. mike says:

    Thus great

  6. Kanonono says:

    I am humbled by what the boy is doing. It is possible to get his contacts so that those of us who are willing to find people with whom we can partner back home can communicate with him?

  7. J says:

    U r an inspiration to most of us…keep on Doing what you do!

  8. J says:

    Keep up with the hardwork…you are an inspiration to most of us

  9. sain it like it is says:

    is that so tawauzetu atumbuka anzakowo omwe amangodandaula kuti boma silikuthandiza ku mpoto kwanuko…komadi ukuoneka ngati mburundi

  10. mwayi mphande says:

    he a hustler and kind too…God will kip blessing this nigga hate it or love it!!! kapoli wihuuuu

  11. Iwe kapoli watulukila mochedwa ndi chitsamzo chabwino ine nditabwila kale kampamba. Ndakufila uli crean.

  12. Jelbin mk says:

    That’s what am recommending to all my fellow citizens not to get educated with a vision of getting employed because if everyone dreams that way then who is going to employ who. We need to create an environment where we as citizens can employ others so that unemployment rate is reduced because government only can not employ everyone that’s impossible.

  13. Alick Kalima says:

    Bravo Kapoli. You are a role model

  14. Hector says:

    Thats great youth must save & investe H. Kapoli has gone throu a long way ever since he started his bussines & he has a sprite of hard workinp keet it up

  15. wawa says:

    he is Burundian of Malawian origin.

  16. NyasaBoss says:


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