Mzuzu minibus touts given up to April 1 to leave or face arrest

Call boys in Mzuzu City have been given up to April 1 to leave bus terminals or face arrest following a spate of thefts.

Touts  who solicit passengers continue to plague the various minibus parks in the city much to the distaste of the travelling public.

Touts who solicit passengers continue to plague the various minibus parks in the city much to the distaste of the travelling public.

Mzuzu City chief executive officer Macloud Kadammanja said the council will involve the police and bus owners to take out the touts if they fail to observe the deadline of April 1,2016.

“We have received a number of complaints as regards to thefts in bus terminals and we have established this is mainly done by these call boys,” he said.

He said after all, touting in Malawi is illegal.

“Rights of passengers must be protected,” said the chief executive officer.

The council and the police have also been waging another battle with the kabaza, bicycle tax operators blamed for some accidents in the tiny city.

Authorities in Blantyre and Lilongwe have failed to root up the call boys.

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17 thoughts on “Mzuzu minibus touts given up to April 1 to leave or face arrest”

  1. Hoitty Totty says:

    Kukwera bus ya Lilongwe ku Wenela ndi chiphinjo. Plz a Blantyre city assembly nanu chitanipo kanthu. Kukoedwa uku ndi uku, kutukwanidwa mkati. Sizoona.

  2. Concerned says:

    Don’t waste our taxes on things u can’t accomplish. Last time u promoted 3 passengers on a sit, and minibus drivers and conductors to be on uniform. U did it for the first few months where is it now. Is this not waste of scarce resources. Malawian authorities wise up (siyani kugona).

  3. Hambani says:

    @1.1 It is not the responsibility of govt to find them something to do. Already what they are doing is illegal. These boys are criminals They will find something to do. Let them go home and till the land.

  4. mchawingamambo says:

    ZA ku mzuzu ine ndinapita ku kaya kwanthu zovetsa chisoni anthu mu minibus kuchita kukhomerelana ngati chimanga a police akuwona ndinthu pa mseu chimene anachita wa police anangopempha k 200.00 basi please please apolice akumupoto gwilani ntchito moyenela azavulala ndi wachibale wanu
    kukonda ndalama mupaka kuwononga miyoyo ya banthu ka akulu-akulu apolice chitanipo kanthu.

  5. mg says:

    oswa lamulo shd be jailed. let the law be followed , democrancyi yaononga zambiri m malawi muno taitengera pa ng, gong’o even azipani they do what ever they want to do just because ali m mboms this is fulish, taonani tsopano kumasula zimbalangondo just because Dpp officials are the one who initiate the panga thugs, kubera mavoti pita sanawineckoma akulamula how? kuba ndalama zaboma cashgate, ambendera kutigulitsa amalawi, anyilenda ajurdge kugulitsa ntundu yonse ya a malawi kungosiyako alomwe ,alomwe ndi mavenda do they pay tax which pita eat with his ministers gulish a malawi tulo, lets wake up see tanzania now development bwaa , alomwe kuba basi abingu amagona pa ma dollas nanga awa apita?

  6. kapena mwina says:

    Bvuto ma operation otelewo amangochitika mkathawi kochepa kenaka amaleka.Akaleka amabwelelanso

  7. chigomezgo says:

    this motherfuckers only rip where the did not saw.mamibus si awo !every one knows where he or she is going .they are super stinking coz they never bath,yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. khidze says:


  9. Mwantepele says:

    The problem is the so called voters, akuwopa kuti they ll lose next elections should they play it stiff on the street vendors and such said touts.

  10. Dzina Langa says:

    True, get rid of these useless and dangerous criminals. They are a thorn in the fresh when you are travelling to a taxi rank or a bus terminal.

  11. munyane says:

    Kusowa ntchito abale nawenso Ali ndi mabanja amadyera mono. Ena Msanga zinyumba, komanso mwayamba choncho kenAko kukhala conductor mpaka minibus owners. Mpakana ena kugula maminihus awo, ena kumanga zinyumba. Let’s think over it with sober minds. also with alot of illeteraces si onse angathe kuwerenga komanso maminibus amaima malo amodzi mixing up. They just need civic education. My views!

  12. Vitumbiko Solijala says:

    What is Chapondera doing about the touts inside Lilongwe bus depot and all other places in the city? These people are a great nuisance and pain in the flesh to public transport travellers day in and day out and need to be thrown into the Shire and be fed to hungry crocs. Bring the Malawi Defence Force soldiers to deal with them because the problem with our police in the city is that they receive ‘kachitseka pakamwa’ from the touts. They always look away and pretend nothing sinister is happening even when they see a group of these unkempt hooligans pulling and shoving people to board buses of their choices.

  13. kelly says:

    i second the fact that it should be a country exercise nt mzuzu only its trues guys amatibela am telling you i lost an expand full of clothes conductor wapaikila iwowo nkuchosa ine phe ndikuti zilibwino i cried wamphongo ngati ine nde achoke azikalima naturing criminals while the gvt is busy circulating fake reaction root them out mbuzi

  14. Phula says:

    Mzuzu is setting the pace as they have active councillors and mayor, not the chidzete mayor in Lilongwe where you actually wonder why he is there. Remove them from all minibus/bus stop points akalime. Young energetic men living on hand-out gotten by force and false acts

  15. smart says:


  16. Tikondane says:

    This should not be for Mzuzu only but for other cities and towns in Malawi. Inu bodza, anthuwa amakwana. They steal from vehicle owners as well as from passengers. I mean aliyense wapaulendo knows exactly where he or she is going. Why should you have someone to again blow some cacophony to them reminding them where they are going? Or show them the bus? Kuberana masanasana. Most of them are criminals.

    1. Chair,Kabaza of Salima Assoc. says:

      ….and these call boys actions assume increased illiteracy levels-they assume that Malawians are becoming less educated to even not knowing road signs to their homes ( destinations)

      BUT the question is ‘what alternative means of survival does the Govt planned for them. I can see a very serious trouble if these guys are just told to leave their daily undertakings without something in exchange . Does Boma has resources for these people?

      Their MPs have definitely to borrow a leaf from Hon. Jumbe to assist these people with motorcycle loans, so as to Kabaza people.

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