Mzuzu pastor warns of ‘Satanic’ agents in Malawi

Apostle McHellings Kayala of Christian Fellowship Centre for All Nations (CFCFAN) in Mzuzu has warned Christians in the country not to be swayed with many men and women claiming to be ‘Men of God’  in Pentecostal movement saying some of them are “using Satanic” influence.

Kayala preaching

Kayala preaching

Kayala, who was  Aford deputy secretary general, expressed concern that people “forget there is Satanism behind.”

He said: “Satan has descendants who’re human beings; and,  if we’re to cite scripture further, Satan has paraded as the owner of wealth of the world.”

Kayala said some philosophies many of these men of God are advancing especially on matters regarding wealth are questionable.

“The devil is using such so-called men of God to destroy us. The devil cannot work without people and these are the people. He is giving money to these people to build churches. And, truly these people are going parallel to the true men of God,” explained Kayala, an entrepreneur and owner of prestigious Blessings Senior Academy in Ekwendeni.

He added: “Satan is creating copycats. Satan has churches. Satan has ‘men of God.’ Satan has followers. We must always be cautious with what kind of men of ‘God’ we deal with.”

According to Kayala, he said it was important that Christians “dwell on the word of God for illumination. The word of God will help us discern.”

He said Christians “must work hard and attain what they deserve rather than simply getting carried away by some ‘miracle money’ prophecies.”

But leaders of Living Waters Church and Calvary Family Church who spoke to Nyasa Times said while Kayala’s advise is good,  pointed out that “he should come with clean hands” before condemning the faith leaders in Malawi.

They said Kayala has more skeletons in his cupboards and should not claim to stand on higher  moral ground or seek cheap fame.

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8 thoughts on “Mzuzu pastor warns of ‘Satanic’ agents in Malawi”

  1. Brenda says:



    Malawi is a FAILED STATE… Idiots!

  2. Mmmmm says:


  3. racket says:

    Abusa akufuna miracle mane

  4. Tt says:

    @Geoffrey, next time you are praying your ALLAH and MUHAMMAD (PBUH=pedophile be upon him) tell them they dont exist, they are in your HEAD coz if they DID exist, tell them its very immoral for them to answer that prayer of yours of asking for a raise at work than to save all the 200 newborns that have died in the last hour. If its that half Jew half god circumcised guy you are worshiping, tell him the same

  5. Geoffrey Ahmed B. says:

    @Tt whatever u call urself, if your soft skull trapped the no”God” theory then u cant force any one to believe as u do.

    Time will come and you shall remember my name Geoffrey telling u, cos I know u guys will even claim there is no “ALLAH”

    chimakhala chili chani inuyo school kwambiri?

  6. Tt says:

    devils, satans, god’s and his sons are all imaginary. When will you idiots ever get that through your thick skulls??? PLEASE dont scare us with your imaginary friends pastor!!!! THEY DONT EXIST!

  7. ellias says:

    Nanga iweyo? osamangopempheletsa bwanji…..sizikukuyendera.

  8. Mopia Mloyiwa says:

    These so called apostles, prophets and etc know each other well. They are not called by good. the Bible testifies of them. Their end is near. God is beyond man and He cannot be mocked. Wait patiently. God is in control of everything.

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