Mzuzu singer Justice Nyondo  behind Tumbuka rendition of Justin Bieber’s Sorry

Mzuzu-based R&B singer Trueth JJ is the one behind a  Tumbuka rendition of Justin Bieber’s Sorry.



Many Malawians are sharing Tumbuka version  titled ‘Nkhupepeska’   through Whatsapp messaging app and other mobile messaging app including Facbeook

The song has  sparked social media interest in Malawi and won praised from top gospel musician Patience Namadingo for his “grand voice.”

Nkhwenera ine kupepeska, panyake vilipo ivo nkhananganga, nanga wuli nkhumanya chala ivo tatondanisya muchitengwa, nkhukutemwa na mu tima wose, nkhukhumba chala kuti tilekane,” sounds the Tumbuka version of ‘sorry’ hitting the chorus of  “I’ll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to. But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two I’ll go, I’ll go and then you go, you go out and spill the truth.Can we both say the words and forget this?”

Commenting on the Tumbuka version, Namadingo is quoted in the local press saying Trueth JJ “has all what it takes to be called an artist.”

Said Namadingo: “When I first listened to his Tumbuka version of Sorry, I developed goosebumps, confirming that his voice is powerful. “

Born Justice James Nyondo, Trueth JJ is a Mzuzu-based singer born on 27 Decenber 1996  in Chitipa.

He is currently pursuing his secondary studies at Masambiro Private School in Mzuzu.

Namadingo sauid Trueth JJ is “the next big thing” on Malawi’s urban music industry.

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14 thoughts on “Mzuzu singer Justice Nyondo  behind Tumbuka rendition of Justin Bieber’s Sorry”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    Yes some people here are critising out of jealousy but I am not. Mine is pure advice. It is not about jealous but it is the truth that without permission from Justin and / or the original song writer, he can be sued for copyrights infringement.

  2. Judge judy says:

    For now the young man is safe from copyright issues. but the minute he starts making money from the song he would have to clear his sample. there is the so-called sample clearing process. but I am assuming this young man hasn’t even made a tambala from the song

  3. Gerade says:

    Not sure if the copyright issue applies here. people doing covers all over you tube and this is not first time someone is singing translated songs. just go on you tube you will find hello in so many languages. those of you who are claiming copyright issues please provide links where someone was sued for a cover. don’t be detracted, you sure got talent young man. sing on sing on. Can you please do love yourself in tumbuka? – bamama bane wakutemwa waliyese kweni iwe wekha ukuwanyanyisya…. Luta ukajitemwe wekha

  4. Anthony Nyondo says:

    Keep de fire burning my bro.jealousy guyz wl speak misses

  5. Roza Muroma says:

    Copyrights is a serious issue in the western world. What it means is that one to redo somebody’s creative material, they need to request for rights from the owners. Otherwise this dude should be advised to stop it to avert copyrights laws infringements which may result into lawsuits that he may not be able settle.
    Read copyright laws or plagiarism.

  6. hoitty says:

    Ignorant people just go on youtube and check how many people do covers of ither artist songs. Copyright. It’s allowed to cover a sobg. Justin Bieber was discovered on youtube cz of how gud he was covering other artists songs. As for mlomwe, shut the fuck up. You can’t even speak your language cz you think u ar chewa. The only word u know is moseliwa. Lomwe on road to extinction. When a yao or Tumnuka speak their language you make fun of them and youbare proud of speaking Chichewa while your ashamed of your language . Sorry asss

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Be careful with copy rights laws. He can be easily sued if Justin is alerted and in the west that is a serious breach of copy rights. It is not like Malawi where you pirate music wily nilly. In fact if copy rights laws are enforced in Malawi, then he can be sued right here in Malawi regardless of the fact that Justin is not Malawian but Canadian.

    He may end up paying loyalties to Justin in addition to being sued for damages. I would advise that you stop immediately using Justin’s song. It doesn’t matter if it is in Tumbuka.

    If he wants to really become talent, he must start using his own material.

    Just my free advice.

  8. chiswabumbu geometry says:

    eee koma Mlomwe wandimaliza comment yako, iwe ndi wani basi kkkkk

  9. william chibambo says:

    bt why copying. Ok 4get bt jst encuorage the guy to go ahead with his talent by coming up with new versions.

  10. Buyelekhaya says:

    The next big thing in as far as copycat behaviour is concerned!

  11. Mlomwe says:

    ife tinayimba ya Chilomwe bwanji simukunena kanthu. Dzi Atumbuka!!!!

  12. November Rain says:

    20 year old man still in Secondary Xul…..oky!!

  13. big up, mwanavuli!!!!!!!!!

  14. Respect says:

    The guy is talented. Much respect for him. I don’t know much of language but his Tumbuka version is massive. The voice, the flow just perfect. It’s not easy to come by an urban tune perfectly done in Tumbuka. If the guy stays focused and not carried away with fame, his can go miles

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