Mzuzu University lab students to petition Malawi govt over unemployment

Mzuzu University Biomedical Students Association (MUBSA) has warned it will petition government over a worrisome unemployment rate currently rocking lab technicians and biomedical scientists who have graduated in recent years.mzuni

MUBSA president Binton Tchuwa threatened unspecified action should government cast a blind ear to their problem.

“Government is spending a lot of money training us, and yet they say they are no jobs when we graduate. Why are they training us then?” he wondered.

According to Tchuwa, training laboratory technicians and biomedical scientists is novel in Malawi and the phenomenon, he affirmed, has heaped problems on part of government on where to fit them in.

“Those who were trained or are being trained at diploma or certificate level are assured of jobs in government various departments unlike those of us pursuing degree studies,” he said.

He claimed hundreds of graduates, over just three years, are currently rotting in bottomless joblessness because of the same.

“The Civil Service Commission (CSC),” he said. “Must seriously look into the issue or face our actions which I will not immediately reveal here.”

According to him, they are teaming up with a coalition of the unemployed graduates to strategize on how to state their case.

Scotch Kaunda, Medical Laboratory Students Graduates Association (MLGS) said they were delighted with MUBSA commitment.

“We will be delighted to work with them all through,” he said. “We urge all other students in colleges and universities because this is a battle we all must fight.”

Kaunda also pointed out letters to the Ministry of Health over the same issue have borne no results.

Malawi registers threatening unemployment rates, according to studies. Unfortunately, the most affected are youths who form 60 per cent of Malawi’s 17 million population.


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15 thoughts on “Mzuzu University lab students to petition Malawi govt over unemployment”

  1. Chenkumbi says:

    Which government is useful in terms of employment? The answer is none. I have been in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, RSA, Egypt, Kenya there is very high unemployment on those careers. For Example in Kenya there are about five Universities where they train these people from first degree, masters, diplomas and specialities in cytology, histology, haematology, microbiology( TB) serology, but most of them are either teachers just a handful is employed, some have gone to other countries to look for employement as long as they have permits, so don’t your government for something which you are not sure of. Be resourceful in nature. Go to UK you will find the same scenario.

  2. ali says:

    Government should do something.

  3. Maulana says:

    Government should better do 1 thing about.employ them or tell them that it will not employ them.Not just making silly promises whch government has been making to them.

  4. Cashier says:

    Malawi Government is very useless

  5. Kapau says:

    These graduates needs to be employed.Lab results delay at hospitals because lab workers are few and overworked.Lab department is very important for establishing main cause of disease.Not just guessing on the causes.

  6. Febium says:

    Dnt just comment when you have nothng to thnk the unemployment feels good?and these people deserve government employment.Where on Earth would you we have enof health workers.and 4 that matter,Malawi.Muthalika should be ashamed of ths.And Jean Kalirani is the clueless.That Minister is a waste of time

  7. Manfree says:

    It is almost impossible for these graduates to start their own Labs.Lab materials and equipment are so expensive.The government should employ them.if the governmnt doesnt employ them,what excuse will be given?The hospitals have few wat the hell r they doing?these are the least people to be struggling wth employment.

  8. Acrobat says:

    This issue is getting out of hand now.College of Medicine Lab graduates are still unemployed as well.And the lab department is one of the most funded by,are lab geting employed?The answr is NO.So,where is the money going?Peter Muthalika is the most useless president to have ever existed on Earth.How is he allowing such things happening under his watch.And all capitol hill officials of Diagnostic department,whch include Mr. Mwenda,Mr. Kandulu,Mrs. Nkhalamba must be fired for they don’t take any step on this but keep loughing as it happens.This move will backfire as no one person is bigger than the lab department.

  9. zakusimba says:

    I agree. Be creative. Those days are over. Use your heard.

  10. Zimachitika says:

    So you mean the government should be employing every jim and jack from the public universities? It doesnt work that way.

  11. opportunist says:

    There must be a reason why government is doing this.One day they will air it.

  12. clement says:

    Ask govt to giv u loans to start private lab services. You cannot strike for a job u hv not been offered. Unless yu signed somewhere.

  13. arkmm says:

    za zii, zopanda ndi mchere nkomwe. Primary school, boma lakuphunzitsani ulere, Secondary school ambirini mwaphunzila ulere, college ulere. mwamaliza Sukulu Mukufuna ife tizikusakilani ntchito inu muli duh?? zankutu. wake up early, go hunt for jobs, ndiku industry tu kuno kumafunika ziwindi, osamangogona Mwati boma militant’anileni ntchito. are you serious laboratory technicians are not getting employment in Malawi to the point that government has to intervene?? Kkkkkk what a joke. please grow up, hunt for jobs

  14. ZOBE says:

    Ife takana zimene Man!!! Boma inatikonda kutiphunzitsa, tapeza ma Degree athu, nde ukut atipezerenso ntchito? Ma advert akumatuluka pa ofuna ma technician osalembera bwanj? Mbiri yanu yamveka kale, mukumalephera ma interview, mulembedwa bwanj ntchito? Wa diploma ndi shasha akafika pa Bench, that’s why tikuwapanga consider fast than inuyo, coz mumafuna salary yambiri ntchito yochepa!!!

  15. The Problem with us Malawians is that we think below capacity: we want government to train us, and give us jobs as well. We do not think of creating employment opportunities by ourselves. We do not want to become enterprenuers. NDIYE TIZINGOWOPHYEZA BOMA ZINTHU ZA ZIIII! I believe what my lecture used to tell me: “Don’t give fish to a man but teach him to fish for himself.”

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