Mzuzu University set to start scholarship fundraising

Mzuzu University (Mzuni) is set to embark on scholarship fundraising concert with the aim of raising money to assist needy and deserving students who have been selected to pursue various programmes at the institution.mzuni

Mzuni Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr Loveness Kaunda, said the institution has decided to come up with the programme as a result of failure by a number of students to pay for their studies because they cannot afford.

She said as of now, the situation is so bad that students fail to sit for their final examinations because they have not settled their tuition fees balance in good time.

“As for this week, 43 students, some of which are final year students, had to be sent home. Many other continuing students have similarly been forced to reserve their places of study.

“So as an institution, we cannot just sit back and watch their potential, talent and abilities dying,” said Kaunda.

“They are high academic achievers on whom the country is relying on to take up the mantle of leadership in the near future. And that is why we are embarking on different activities to raise funds to help those students to access tertiary education,” added the deputy vice chancellor.

Kaunda further said that during the 2014/2015 academic year alone, Mzuni offered study places to 599 academically deserving students, but due to lack of funds for their tuition and upkeep, many of the selected students have been forced to withdraw from their studies with little or no hope to return for the same.

As a start, the institution is hosting Chileka-based- award- winning reggae band, Black Missionaries, at Mzuzu Lodge this Sunday, where gate collections will be directed towards the program which is known as ‘The Mzuzu University Students Scholarship Fund (MSSF)’.

“For this year, we will only have one activity, that’s the music concert. But as soon as we resume the school calendar this coming January, we will line up quite a number of activities for the whole year round so that our efforts to educate young Malawians should be fruitful,” Kaunda said.

Since its establishment in 1997 as a second public institution of higher learning, Mzuzu University has been solely relying on government funding and students’ tuition fees for its day to day operations.

Currently, Mzuni has an enrolment of over 3,500 students from all 28 districts of the country, studying in different disciplines.–Mana

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15 thoughts on “Mzuzu University set to start scholarship fundraising”

  1. Poor Malawi says:

    Bravo Mzuni!!!

    Yes, alot of bad comments can be said against the initiativet but the point is Mzuni is partially championing the solution to access to tertiary education to some need students. Lets support the cause of action by attending the concert in masses. If individuals, departments, institutions and NGOs can donate millions to a cultural festival like Mulako aimed at just cerebrating; if people can spent thousands just to have fun at the lake; if people can spend thousands just to please a “Beside woman” as a case for recent MRA guy scenario; why can’t we help government build qualified human resources through donating to an institution like Mzuni in order to help one needy student reach his/her potential?

    Tribalism, nepotism and culturalism aside and whether the initiative is championed by Tumbuka, Chewa, Lomwe, Yawo, Ngonde or lambia or whether the institution championing the initiative is in north, central or south, the money generated will benefit Malawians and our beloved nation. Tiyeni Amalawi anzanga tizilikonda dziko lathu!!!!!!!

  2. Maloni says:

    Now, I will not repeat again this advice. Malawi as our country is still poor. Therefore, let us have national identy cards and then introduce loans for these students through our national banks.

  3. may says:

    Foolish people will always think the only people who exist in the north are pains me..we ngondes are also malawians……please be upright minded..this woman is not even a tumbuka at all..every achievement by northerner is attributed to a tumbuka label…..there are more people in the north than tumbukas!! why do you always push us to abyss? we also exist. am a northerner but not a tumbuka …. educate your dunderheads please

  4. zamfufu says:

    Northerners are policy implementors but very selfish.

  5. Makhalapwiya says:

    Yes come on Mzuni.That’s fine indeed. Unima, zikayenda bwino,think of doing the same.Abale penapake its a duty of the nation to educate it’s people.Unima get a lesson plz.zikatere kusonyeza kuti mavuto a fees afikapo ndithu.Zindipangisa kuti ndikumbukire Mzuni mu nthawi yanga.Koma chonde osangothandiza atumbuka okha.Mukapanga zimenezo apondiye tiyambana.

  6. Dick says:


  7. Justice Ng'ambi says:

    iyo ndifundo yiwemi yakovwira bana balanda, Mweee! mama muwemi uyu Mzuni woyee!!! (2019 vice pres wa JB)

  8. And she says to educate young leaders of future malawi and yet 945 students are on indefinate suspension in which 99.5% of that figure are innocent…tsoka kwa kangaude amene wabisala mu pipe ya nfuti

  9. Masoambeta says:

    Government should look at educational institutions seriously.
    We need to uplift our quality of education and also guarantee smooth continuity of institutions of academic nature.

  10. chatonda says:

    So the Vice Chancellor thinks sending 43 students home was a good thing to do especially when some students were supposed to write exams? Are you sure you did this? Why behaving as if this is a private university? I am sure the concert will not bring much money to help the needy students but rather a Christmas party for you guys.
    The best you can do is to engage the donors both locally and internationally. Do not wait for the government to do it for you. Contact the Rocky Fellor Foundation, Smithsionian Institution, Getty Foundation among others. These are proving Scholarships around the world. We are proud beneficiaries of the same. Ask other universities in the region such as UNisa, University of Cape Town, Vits Univ, Leicester, cAMBRIDGE, etc. Stop sleeping there and eating BATARA FROM NKHATABAY. I am a Malawian now teaching at EarthLink University in the USA and there is too much money for African students for both local and international studies.

    Mwatani kodi?

  11. ndatani says:

    Uku ndiye kuganiza mwanzeru we can’t always wait on people failing to do their role when we can do our duty thumbs up MzUni. Lesson to you UniMa

  12. ambuje says:

    bola osamangothandizira a tumbuka okhawokha

  13. daMbano says:

    That’s good news but why make someone to fail write exams because he has not paid fees when all along u made him attend classes. I feel its better to let them write their exams and later release the results after fees payment

  14. chiefs says:

    Let Getru Mutharika contribute from NAC FUNDS SHE GOT

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