Nac-gate: Bisika suspension extended as Global Fund ask Malawi Aids Commission to explain

The National Aids Commission (NAC) has told the Parliamentary Committee on HIV and Nutrition that it did not approve funding for the National Investigations Bureau (NIB) and defended its cash donation to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and Mulhako wa Alhomwe.

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Suspended

NAC boss Thomas Bisika: Suspended

The  commission’s acting executive director, Davie Kalomba, told the committee that NIB) through its director Nicholous Dausi also asked NAC for the funding but was not given.

He said they did not give the money because it did not qualify.

Kalomba down played assertions that Beam Trust and Mulhako wa Alhomwe got oney from NAC to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against HIV and Aids.

Meanwhile, the commission informed that the Global Fund has asked NAC to explain why organisations that are not directly involved in the Aids fight recently got funding from the commission.

The Global Fund is the major donor in the fight against Aids, tuberculosis and malaria in the country.

According to Weekend Nation which first revealed on the ‘Nac-Gate’ scandal, NAC board chairperson Mara Kumbweza Banda told the committee that an audit report which led to the suspension of the commission’s executive director, Dr Thomas Bisika, has been released and is currently in the hands of Chief Secretary to Government George Mkondiwa and the Attorney General for possible action

“The suspension period for Dr. Bisika was extended to another month as investigations started late and we were informed that the report was out and with the Attorney General and the Chief Secretary,” Kumbweza Banda said as quoted by the paper.

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38 thoughts on “Nac-gate: Bisika suspension extended as Global Fund ask Malawi Aids Commission to explain”

  1. madano says:

    Bisika is a victim of office politics. there are many high ranking officers on acting positions and most of these decisions being leveled against him have been done while he is on forced leave. Alipo amene akufunidwa pa mpando wononawu. The truth will eventually avail itself. Only time tells.

  2. boladi says:

    Bingu must surely be laughing at his brother!

  3. Bongololo says:

    It should be made illegal for anyone to solicit funds from NGO’s, non-profit organizations, statutory corporations and the like.

  4. Richard Pankomera says:

    When you eat these ndalama za masiye, there are people out there who are in dire need of ARVs!!! Literally we should have empathy for those who die of HIV/AIDS , most of them are the disadvantaged poor!! I did not like the remarks of Kabwila!! Can we be sensitive please along the issues of HIV/AIDS!! Peter Mutharika and the company erred to obtain money from NAC. But also it appears NAC has money , it does not know what to do with the money?

  5. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    As long as the NAC purse is in the hands of Malawians whose appointment is amenable to political manipulation this shit will go on.

  6. PEFECO says:

    leaders are in forefront making malawians poor bcoz of their selfishness and selfcentredness.

  7. Simon says:

    Things are not adding up. We need to look at this issue carefully. The First Lady has a right to fund raise. We know the First Lady was planning to mainstream HIV in her work. We can not blame Bisika for giving money to BEAM. Are you sure you could have refused to honour this request if you were in Bisika’s shoes. Yakula ndi jealous apa. Many people want mpando wa Bisika. Kapena tikuchuleni?

  8. cash gate says:

    nkhaniyi angobweza ndalamazo, zinalakwika kuti mai athu a pfuko lino anakapeleka kalata ku bungwe la NAC yopempha ndalama, bungwe la NAC ndilofunikanso chithandizo, ingobwezani ndalamazo

  9. Ali says:

    College of Medicine Administrators shd also b investigated on how they use NAC money,whch is meant for studnts’ fees.Many of the Administrators r building mansions using NAC money.

  10. chiwanja says:

    Nkhani iyi yatopesa. Let us forget and move on. Meanwhile our donors akutiwonerera usilu wathu. I am surprised that Bisika has remained quiet when there many questions being asked that require his answers and that of the President.

    1. Nkhombokombo says:

      Much as you want to cover up for BEAUTIFY Malawi damage has already been done. You heard it straight and right from the horse’s mouth that money received by BEAUTIFY Malawi Trust which the Patron catigorically is said that the money would not be refunded. Don’t play naive games here else the credibility of the Trust will be to the dogs. A well meaning Trust will be joperdised.

  11. Cluelessness 101 says:


  12. Ngozi pa Ngodzi says:

    Shame!!Malawi shame!!the government lead by professor of law only six months NAC gate we are watching you

  13. Wakwithu says:

    Bisika waba zambiri kuNAC, now it’s his payback time…..Maula ikununkhura iyo. Anachita kuwaputa dala a NIB, Mulhakho ndi BEAM kuwauza kuti awapatsa ndalama zankhaninkhani thinking government would cover his back when the skeletons he hides in his closet were uncovered….pano waona kuti he can’t be protected wayamba kupaka boma matope….he he he!!! Bisika, let it be known to you that you can’t fight government….you’re just being used by your mother, Joyce Banda. Tiwululatu zambiri zomwe unachita ndi Joyce Banda ngati ukufuna nkhondo yopakana matope.

    1. oooooho/ says:

      If you are patriotic ulula… kubisako ndiye sikuyhandiza Malawi… comeout and say/tell us what you know abt this guy’s dealings if any at all!”

    2. Akulisinga says:

      Taulula nawe. bisika adzipita ku maulako enanso kukuwadikira ku maula komweko. jb ukunchula atachoka pampando pomwe ambuye ako nyansi zawo zikuululidwa ali pampando dolo ndani?

  14. kapambwe says:

    Appeasiment policy brought the 1st and 2nd world wars. Strategic management would hv possibly helped. Resign to avoid more harm to the institution. There are able pple who deserve to work for nac that will avoid embarrassing leadership at times of this nature. By saying no to Mabvuto Bamusi and other mulhakho cohorts u wud have proven a hero today. U wud hv been backed by the whole population today.

  15. Tiyendamo says:

    NAC already provided clarification on the funding to BEAM, NIB and Mulhakho. Let us not waste time here. We know where the money went and what is was used for.

  16. manyenje says:

    Guys I am not a tumbuka myself but come fromthe south. I am not happy zomati chirichonse atumbuka. Let’s unite as MALAWIANS please.

  17. ngozo says:

    Komatu chonde musachite chibwana chotenga mtumbuka nakhala pamenepo…gondwelism..
    Achewafe tinalibe sankho

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Suspending Bisika alone is not in order for smooth investigation, it should have been all those who participated in effecting payment. Those left in office would easily temper with evidence. After all office wrong doing and corruption to the point of dispersing funds is not done by the boss alone.

  19. chikondi chikho says:

    Kaya iwe bisika uzipenya

  20. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    It takes the righteous people to exault the nation.Our honourabl president I blv this is your time to show devine God that you can serve us according to His will.God can use anyone on earth and I personally believe you are our Cyrus of Persia and my advice is to never forget you are put on top by God Himself and may you take Bisika out of that position because the best servant honours work ethics and tomorrow will dent your reputation.Mr president please God and all good things will follow Malawi but the more we defend criminals the more we anger God.

  21. Jimmy says:

    A Bisika why you falling in the same trap as Lutepo? Yet you knew already what will be the outcome of your acceptance to release the money to such organisations?Then you must ask yourself bcz that was not global fundings intention to give money to those useless organisations like BEAM etc.

  22. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Zoopusa kulimbikila mtunda wopanda madzi,atumbuka

    1. Malawi for a ll says:

      May the holy spirit enlighten tribalists so that they see issues objectively and argue beyond tribal barriers.
      In the name of our merciful lord Jesus. Amen

  23. George Chuma says:

    All this mess at NAC is because of lack of good work ethics by Dr Thomas Bisika who was trying to by favours from politicians by funding their organisations. This was to shut their mouth so that he cobtinues with his maladministration. Arrest Bisika first, I just hope the audit report has exposed him.

  24. kale langa says:

    Yet an hiv infected patient is languishing somewhere in rural malawi

  25. Koma ndiye says:

    Is this article trying to say NAC did not give Mlkakho and Dausi the money? This is confusing as Getrude has admitted asking and receiving the money, and some Pro DPP individuals and faith organisation s have stated they see nothing wrong with Mlakho and Dausi getting the money. My question is, is there now an official denial?

  26. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Ulemelero wa ku ukulu. Acquaring becoz of ka nyemba
    adanena angoni kuti bumdu

  27. freedom says:

    Nkhani palibe apa
    beam and mlakho got the funding for the right cause,stop press and lets get back to maize gate,cashgate,jetgate,taxget a lipenga as the sitting finance minister has to tell the nation what he knows about all this including the 54billion dulling his terms
    no lets start with the biggest and the others will follow.lets recover from the biggest first

    1. Deputy Communication Strategist says:

      7 months in government why are your masters still failing to provide the nation with details of the so called jet gate maize gate as promised during the campaign period?

  28. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    At the heart of the looting and theft at NAC is one Peter Arthur Mutharika the Looter and slave of Indian corrupters and bribers.

  29. Kika Kanawe says:

    Shame!Shame!Nyasaland a country of shame.

  30. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

    The so-called educated, sophisticated, advanced, developed people.!!! Failing to lead the country.their everyday life is based on stealing.shame shame shame on.

  31. A Bisika mukhala Lutepo II following your choice to fund underorganisations leaving behind appropriate ones.You greatly deserve to face the music should it be known as truth.Nawo a Nicholous Dausi akufuna ayambenso zawo zija!Kodi tinene kuti anthu amenewa saziwa kuti NAC is for HIV/AIDS,Tuberclosis and malaria??It sounds stupid when those prominent thieves use their position to siphone huge amount of kwachas.Is it wise kut somebody should die because of you Mr Dausi.Not good at all.Tiyeni a Malawi tizikonda please!!!!

  32. czar says:

    Koma kumeneko. That’s DPP Identity, strikes everywhere and they drink tea without conscious kkkk

  33. John lolesi says:

    Inde, abweze ndalamayo.

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