Namondwe accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in UK

  • Ashworth Namondwe is on trial at Nottingham Crown Court

  • He thanked his victim and promised to do it again next time

Son to Malawi’s envoy to China, Charles Namondwe, a direct cousin to President Peter Mutharika, has been arrested and is facing a trial for raping and defiling a ‘sleeping 13-year-old girl in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

 Ashworth Namondwe: Denies rape charge

Ashworth Namondwe: Denies rape charge

According to a report that appeared in The Nottingham Post the Nottingham Crown Court heard earlier this week that a sleeping teenager woke up only to find a man raping her after she went to bed after a child’s birthday party celebration.

It is reported that the little girl screamed when she discovered the Malawian man, Ashworth Namondwe, on top of her at the house in Bulwell, Nottingham Crown Court was told on November 24.

Namondwe, 34, of Kingsley Street, Walsall, has gone on trial accused of raping the teen  girl and sexually assaulting her, both allegations he denies.

The teenager initially fell asleep on a sofa and the defendant at the other end after they had watched a DVD, the court was told.

According to the report, a witness, sat on a small chair in the living room by a doorway with them, said there was no contact between the pair at that time.

But later that night, it was alleged by the prosecution that the girl woke up on the same sofa in the darkness with a blanket over her naked body and her trousers and pants by her ankles.

She went upstairs to the toilet, then returned downstairs to get a drink.

Prosecutor Timothy Achurch told the jury of twelve men and women.

“She told police that the defendant (Namondwe) appeared, approached her from behind, putting his hands down her trousers and under her top and touched her breasts.”

When the defendant tried to touch her in that way, she ran off upstairs and went to sleep in a bedroom.

The prosecuting attorney, Achurch then told how the girl woke up in the bed to find the defendant on top of her but he moved when someone banged on the front door of the house.

The court heard that Namondwe pulled his trousers up and allegedly said to the teenager “thank you”, and the next time he was around he would do it again.

“She points that out as something that shocked and affected her as a result of what happened,” said Mr Achurch.

The teenager, whose identity must remain anonymous because of the nature of the offence, told the witness – who had been sat on the small chair earlier – what had happened and police were contacted. He said he had seen the girl come downstairs half asleep.

She was taken to a sexual assault referral centre and found to have injury in her private area.

According to the report, the court heard that when Namondwe was arrested he said “no comment” to every question asked of him.

A mixed DNA profile was found on his boxer shorts, the science suggested it was her blood, said prosecutor Achurch

After saying “no comment” to police, Achurch explained to the jury how the defendant had put forward a defence – he says he accepts having sex with the girl, albeit in different circumstances, and that the sexual assault in the kitchen did not happen.

The jury are heard her evidence on November 25, and the case is expected to finish sometime soon.

Namondwe’s father is currently serving as Malawi’s ambassador to China after being sent there for the second time.

Malawi’s former head of state the late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika first sent Namondwe to Chin after serving as his chief political advisor.

He was recalled ruling the Joyce Banda regime but his cousin Peter Mutharika who defeated Banda in May elections, swiftly restored his diplomatic post in Beijing.

Namondwe also speaks for the Mutharika family issues. Both the father and the President have never been involved in such sex scandal issues.

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mbuzi za lomwe mumakaonetsana maliseche ku mulakho kwanu kuja mikanda mpakana kaliyati ankamuphunzitsa uja anafela pamwamba uja inu ujayo wa muthalika iiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmene amagwiritsila ntchito nsatsi

Emanuell thembachako

Ntchito za mbuzi


Nchit za Demon. Afunika alape.


Mulhakho woyee!!!!

jesus is lord

These are classic tales of the sons and daughters of top officials in Malawi very few that I know of have made something for themselves the majority will always think they are in a movie or on top of the world “no comment” haha what a fool he thought he was smart to say that DNA tests don’t need you to comment they will reveal where you have been. Zi ana zochititsa manyazi makolo I hope they punish you severely kumudzi kuno tinakaku wotcha.


A hasty generalisation upon Lhomwes,,,lets b fair guyz,this is pure ethnicism by Tumbukas,making silly comments against this unique tribe.There r alot of respectable Lhomwes out there,some married ur brothers and sisters from the Nyikaland.

ras dunga

Kunyozetsa dziko la Malawi….osapita kwanu nkumakapanga zimenezo bwanji, galu…..akudula mboloyo uwonanso

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si alomwe okha inunso mtundu wanuwo ulibe khalidwe


Ameneyo ndiwamkulu chifukwa masiku ano 13yrs ndi katundu wandiii! Ngakhale akunjate ayisee koma iwe bola wadyabe katundu.



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