Namondwe accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in UK

  • Ashworth Namondwe is on trial at Nottingham Crown Court

  • He thanked his victim and promised to do it again next time

Son to Malawi’s envoy to China, Charles Namondwe, a direct cousin to President Peter Mutharika, has been arrested and is facing a trial for raping and defiling a ‘sleeping 13-year-old girl in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

 Ashworth Namondwe: Denies rape charge

Ashworth Namondwe: Denies rape charge

According to a report that appeared in The Nottingham Post the Nottingham Crown Court heard earlier this week that a sleeping teenager woke up only to find a man raping her after she went to bed after a child’s birthday party celebration.

It is reported that the little girl screamed when she discovered the Malawian man, Ashworth Namondwe, on top of her at the house in Bulwell, Nottingham Crown Court was told on November 24.

Namondwe, 34, of Kingsley Street, Walsall, has gone on trial accused of raping the teen  girl and sexually assaulting her, both allegations he denies.

The teenager initially fell asleep on a sofa and the defendant at the other end after they had watched a DVD, the court was told.

According to the report, a witness, sat on a small chair in the living room by a doorway with them, said there was no contact between the pair at that time.

But later that night, it was alleged by the prosecution that the girl woke up on the same sofa in the darkness with a blanket over her naked body and her trousers and pants by her ankles.

She went upstairs to the toilet, then returned downstairs to get a drink.

Prosecutor Timothy Achurch told the jury of twelve men and women.

“She told police that the defendant (Namondwe) appeared, approached her from behind, putting his hands down her trousers and under her top and touched her breasts.”

When the defendant tried to touch her in that way, she ran off upstairs and went to sleep in a bedroom.

The prosecuting attorney, Achurch then told how the girl woke up in the bed to find the defendant on top of her but he moved when someone banged on the front door of the house.

The court heard that Namondwe pulled his trousers up and allegedly said to the teenager “thank you”, and the next time he was around he would do it again.

“She points that out as something that shocked and affected her as a result of what happened,” said Mr Achurch.

The teenager, whose identity must remain anonymous because of the nature of the offence, told the witness – who had been sat on the small chair earlier – what had happened and police were contacted. He said he had seen the girl come downstairs half asleep.

She was taken to a sexual assault referral centre and found to have injury in her private area.

According to the report, the court heard that when Namondwe was arrested he said “no comment” to every question asked of him.

A mixed DNA profile was found on his boxer shorts, the science suggested it was her blood, said prosecutor Achurch

After saying “no comment” to police, Achurch explained to the jury how the defendant had put forward a defence – he says he accepts having sex with the girl, albeit in different circumstances, and that the sexual assault in the kitchen did not happen.

The jury are heard her evidence on November 25, and the case is expected to finish sometime soon.

Namondwe’s father is currently serving as Malawi’s ambassador to China after being sent there for the second time.

Malawi’s former head of state the late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika first sent Namondwe to Chin after serving as his chief political advisor.

He was recalled ruling the Joyce Banda regime but his cousin Peter Mutharika who defeated Banda in May elections, swiftly restored his diplomatic post in Beijing.

Namondwe also speaks for the Mutharika family issues. Both the father and the President have never been involved in such sex scandal issues.

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73 thoughts on “Namondwe accused of raping a 13-year-old girl in UK”

  1. syamboza says:

    mbuzi za lomwe mumakaonetsana maliseche ku mulakho kwanu kuja mikanda mpakana kaliyati ankamuphunzitsa uja anafela pamwamba uja inu ujayo wa muthalika iiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmene amagwiritsila ntchito nsatsi

  2. Emanuell thembachako says:

    Ntchito za mbuzi

  3. Mjikolenge says:

    Nchit za Demon. Afunika alape.

  4. Gimbogo says:

    Mulhakho woyee!!!!

  5. jesus is lord says:

    These are classic tales of the sons and daughters of top officials in Malawi very few that I know of have made something for themselves the majority will always think they are in a movie or on top of the world “no comment” haha what a fool he thought he was smart to say that DNA tests don’t need you to comment they will reveal where you have been. Zi ana zochititsa manyazi makolo I hope they punish you severely kumudzi kuno tinakaku wotcha.

  6. Kangankude says:

    A hasty generalisation upon Lhomwes,,,lets b fair guyz,this is pure ethnicism by Tumbukas,making silly comments against this unique tribe.There r alot of respectable Lhomwes out there,some married ur brothers and sisters from the Nyikaland.

  7. ras dunga says:

    Kunyozetsa dziko la Malawi….osapita kwanu nkumakapanga zimenezo bwanji, galu…..akudula mboloyo uwonanso

  8. Alibe Matumbo says:

    si alomwe okha inunso mtundu wanuwo ulibe khalidwe

  9. Glacianobwetubisitokomthanda says:

    Ameneyo ndiwamkulu chifukwa masiku ano 13yrs ndi katundu wandiii! Ngakhale akunjate ayisee koma iwe bola wadyabe katundu.

  10. KANDAWE says:


  11. zomvetsa chisoni says:

    Ubwere kuno ku Malawi kudzaseva adzakuchinde ku Chichiri. udziwanso!

  12. The Patriot says:

    Sad development, what a waste! Mbalume mulibe mapwiya? Azungu akumangani ndipo mulira moya ! Katundu wa mkabudula samdya wamwana kapena mokakamiza!!

  13. wg says:

    Amenewo ndiwo Angulu.Anthu opan
    da khalidwe

  14. Epolo says:

    Munthuyu ndi wonyasa kwambiri… alikunja mwati… nachipanti! mbolo yamako galu iwe

  15. chemboma says:

    this is shame to our country

  16. dadaboma says:

    Wherever Lhomwes are, they are known by acts such as rape, stealing, killing, cheating, nepotism, tribalism, etc. The UK govt must know that this tribe is not a Malawian tribe but a Mozambican offshoot that has encroached a small portion of south-eastern Malawi. They will soon be repatriated back to their motherland in Mozambique.

    1. Mazeze says:

      Dadaboma woyee! Amenewadi azipita ku Mozambique .

  17. Andsen Lupiya says:

    Akufunika mapemphelo apadela ameneyo

  18. Simeon Nyapala says:

    I dont comment on poor stories

  19. mbuya from nselema says:

    wadya za nzungu munthuyu ngakhale mukuti identity ya victim mwabisa koma tsoka lake he failed to do it for the second time because he iz lazy in bed ine ndiye nkanadya katatu kuti akamandimanga ayi nayenso mwana wa mzungu atafira ya chimalawi kkkkkkkkk

  20. Muthalika Cashgate Professional says:

    Ndilo khalidwe la alomwe limenelo, nyere amachita kuyenda nayo mmanja. Atonga sangachite zoterezi ayi.

  21. dambudzo wa dambudzo says:

    Typical of Lomwe culture.He cannot accept Rape charges.Women are supposed to be handled that way.Rape do not exist in their culture and said if chances allows again he would strike again.Akulira ndi kutafuna gondolosi amenewo .Girls beware of these Lomwe guys who have insatiable hunger for banging unsuspecting girls.The aunt even stole the Nac fund to boost their archaic culture that promotes handling girls in that way.

  22. Wapa Notts says:

    Its part of their culture.Thats what Lomwes knows best.All those Nac funds stolen was meant to teach them that careless girls should be rode from behind when taken an awares.He did this in a wrong country.If that had happened in Malawi he would have been protected with his crooked acquired Lomwe diplomatic post.Chances are that he will serve first and be bundled in the next plane to Malawi if he is not lucky enough.He shud come to Malawi and toy around with those from their tribal grouping likes baring their chests showing their breasts during archaic Lomwe cultural festival.

  23. kingcobra says:

    Like father like son and cousin.Mwana amatengera bambo wake .Njoka siyibala galu koma njoka inzake,Anyani amenewa achimange basi

  24. mona says:

    Ameneu Mwana WA diplomat kapena ndi wachifwamba iyeyu

  25. Reasonable Man says:

    Ndipo akupititse ku ndende nyani iwe ukachindidwe ku thako. Nkhope ngati Vic Marley

  26. M~GUY says:

    Hahha zakumtundu

  27. Kenkkk says:

    The girl’s age is what will send him to prison. Rape or no rape, just having a relationship with an under age girl is inviting trouble and a jail sentence is the destination. UK is not Malawi, no bribes here nor I am so and so!!!

  28. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Chanthunya vs Namondwe.

  29. kadamanja says:

    Like father like son more over like uncles, its cultural thing.

  30. chingolopiyo says:

    Who is the direct cousin to Peter Mutharika? Is it the father of the accused or the accused. He is a man of 34 years why all the poor reference to the President? While it is a sad news it has to be proved by the court. People do lie . What is the relationship between the accused and the victim? Where were the parents of the victim? Has he defiled his own daughter. Where there any other people around and why the girl moved from bed to the sofa, was she the only girl in the house. There are more questions to this story .

  31. nyoponyopo says:

    Nyere mpaka ku pita nazo ku UK ee zowopsatu

  32. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Nthawi yolipila machimo anu anthu a DPP. Simunati muona…paja baibulo linanena kuti God punishes the unrwpentant sinner. You muat confess your sin to all Malawians or things will continue falling apart until you are out of power of

  33. Ndizoona mziko muno muli mabvuto ndipo timadana ndi apm koma nthawi zina we should learn to RESPECT THE PRESIDENT

  34. Khongoni Boy says:

    Kodi Azangu Mtundu Onyasa Nkhope Wa Bwampiniwu Angafusile Mzungu Awa

  35. moto mwikho says:

    Some of these comments are hypocritical and misdirected.

  36. Ujeni says:

    Ngati ulibe ma papers basitu wa ku Nyasa neighbour

    1. ujeni says:

      Stop using my name

  37. kiko says:

    The girl must be 18 or over kungoti mwina ananyema zaka shit

  38. Patriot says:

    Poyamba [ He was recalled ruling the Joyce Banda regime but his cousin Peter Mutharika who defeated Banda in May elections, swiftly restored his diplomatic post in Beijing.] Sizoona APM didn’t nobody, he cheated. And that is why PALIBE CHOMWE CHIKUYENDA NOT EVEN RAINS.
    Chachiwiri, ameneyu mmene akuonekera apayu akalowatu basi. Kwa eni uku. Bribe zaku Malawi kumeneko kulibe.
    Ife tingoti zake izo, he must face the law.

  39. Penu says says:

    Amangidwe ameneyo .Zauchitsiru basi zopusa zakezo!

  40. Zanga Phee says:

    that’s right namondwe sitikanamudziwa mwa changu koma cousin wa bwampini u guyz big up to u, kip on updating us za ndalama za Nac alomwe anapangira pwando zija.


  42. Akung'ando says:

    Zovuta kwambiri,zobvuta ndithu mpaka ka zaka 13.

  43. mona says:

    Apm woyee a president banja lanu lochititsa manyazi

  44. Richman says:

    how did the two come together in the same house? Are they living in the same shared apartment? What is the relationship between Namondwe and the girl or her parents/guardian?

  45. Jakisoni wa malungo says:

    Tisanamizanepo apa chinali chibwenzi. Mtsikanayo asaname, apanga regret later akamangidwa mnyamatayo. Momwe ikumvekela nkhaniyi anali in touch asaname apa.

  46. Mbanangwa says:

    The tile is not great, do not link the president to it. You should have written something like ‘Ashworth Namondwe’ rapes a 13 Year Old in Nottongham

    1. Chigwere says:

      Well; there is no harm in mentioning the President. The defendat’s dad is a direct cousin to the President, basitu to stress the point, utolankhani umanena zomwezi kuti ka issue kangakopa anthu kuti awerenge ndi kati. I wouldn’t be bothered if it was Tom and Dick but muphwa wa Bwampini(deep tumbuka accent); basitu

    2. Mchewa says:

      Titles Are Meant To Attract Readership

  47. Chule mkulu says:

    Rabish,bloody fool

  48. my right to speak! says:

    But that’s none of our business!

  49. Jimmy says:

    koma family imeneyi dzamanyazi ndithu eeeh

  50. wa ku nkhoma says:

    ndiwe ochititsa manyazi umakanika kufunsira wamsinkhu wako? tamuoneni mphuno ngati za malemu bingu.

  51. Bob says:

    Don’t give APM BP

  52. Namphungo says:

    Ngakhale chinali chibwenzi,it is an offence to have sex with a child.kunja kunotu munthu wazaka zosapitilira 15 is a minor,sikumoanje iyayi ndiye potsegula ma zip kumaonesetsa Ana akuno amakula mwachangu chifukwa chakudya bwino,mwana wazaka 13 amaoneka ngati wazaka 18 ndithu,baba nwachititsa manyazi dziko la Malawi ndi family yanu ndithu,musova pamenepo chifukwa imeneyo ndi jail sentence.

  53. Nyele,zimenezi bwenzi atapatsa ankulo ake

  54. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    He looks like he has mental issues. Just look at his face

  55. smartmpepe says:

    Bulshit people

  56. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    MEMO TO President Peter Mutharika
    Like uncles Bingu and Peter, the nephew Ashworth Namondwe is a criminal. Bingu received millions of dollars in bribes from Indians for awarding then contracts, Peter is resorting to bribing journalists after receiving millions in bribes from Indian businessmen. Time for Peter to reform better still to hand over power and go rest in USA with his ‘so called’ wife!

  57. Mau Apaseli says:

    Vindere vakufikapo

  58. Old APM says:

    Wayamba olakwika, azungu ndiye alibe kuwapatsa chiphuphu, akumanga ndithu.!!!!!!

  59. Talibo ZOA says:

    Chinali chibwenzi chake

    1. vindere says:

      Mwana wa 13 years old? You must be joking and out of your mind.

      1. ndangodutsa chisale says:

        Sumawadziwa Alomwe eti? Kwa iwo Mkazi wopanga naye chibwenzi ndi yemwe wagwa mdothi.

  60. Kakha Erutu says:

    This was an agreed thing.

    1. vindere says:

      So you are telling me that in southern region it’s normal to sleep with a 13 years old girl? What a culture.

  61. Old APM says:

    Chigololo mumachita pa Mlakho wa a lomwe mukufuna kumakachitanso ndi a Zungu kunja eti??? Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. wakukaya says:

    Just give him 30years imprisonment with hard labour.

  63. Anyamata Apatawuni says:

    umvamo chani mwa mwana wa zaka 13; zi ma sweet D7 kulibe kumeneko amangwetu?

  64. Fulu says:

    Ndi a choncho anthu akewa. Nkhalidwe alibiretu. Mbava zokhazokha

  65. Mr Ibu says:

    You have disgraced the family

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