Nankhumwa bails out M’mbelwa council officials

Local government minister Kondwani Nankhumwa on Friday miraculously removed mistrust that existed between M’mbelwa council officials and elected leaders of a K1:9 billion funding from state coffers which councilors suspected was swindled by the staff.

Nankhumwa: Do not abuse the funds

Nankhumwa: Do not abuse the funds

There have been accusations and counter accusations over the money until Nankhumwa symbolically brought the money to the council and directed that it should be used for roads rehabilitation in Mzimba.

This was after chairman of the M’mbelwa District Council in Mzimba demanded detailed account of the money from staff as he and other councillors suspected the money had been cash gated.

The council has since earmarked to rehabilitate a 2:9 kilometre road from Luwinga to Mkhoringo to Dunduzu roadblock and from Airport to Zorozoro.

“The money is still intact and this is the money we will use to rehabilitate the roads here this year,” said Nankhumwa to the relief of the elected leaders who want development in their respective areas.

The K1.4 billion is part of the K6 billion the government is splashing out for the rehabilitation of roads in Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Nankhumwa said soon, council officials will not be able to abuse council funds as the government is upgrading the integrated financial management system (ifms) to include all district and city cuncils.

He said the upgrading process of the system is in progress.

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7 thoughts on “Nankhumwa bails out M’mbelwa council officials”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    Kondwani hasn’t solved anything but rather exposed how this dpp govt is continuing with cashgate. There may be some truth about that officials misused the money to benefit themselves and senior dpp gurus. Kondwani is now covering up or protecting these thieves by bringing in new money to replace the stolen money that they and officials have stolen and shared. Why should he bring the money himself? Does the ministry not transfer money to banks holding council accounts?

    The nooze was tightening and closing in to expose the dpp continued cash gating, hence the rush by the minister with money on hand. Absolutely bonkers for a minister to be moving around with such large govt money. It shows cashgate is still alive and kicking, how much have stolen or keeping in their houses?

    Thieves thieves these dpp thugs.

  2. Kamilaza na Kamdakoma says:

    M’mbelwa District Council is not the same as Mzuzu City Council. The article talks of the money being given to the former for rehabilitating roads in the latter – this is not adding up. And why should a Minister bail out a council by giving it money for development? This should have been done by the government financial disbursement system by civil servants while the Minister and Councillors do the watchdog role. This means the Minister could as well hide and steal the money. There are reports that DPP intended to abuse this money if the council did not make noise demanding for it. It also means Ministers are the people who steal govt money for themselves and their parties without being detected – in this case nobody knew the money was with DPP, until the party brought it to the council. These are loopholes that need to be sealed for this country to develop.

  3. Mzuzian says:

    The headline mentions 1.9 billion. The figure inside the story gives us 1.4 billion. One of the radios last week talked of 1billion for Mzuzu City. So which is which

  4. The Partriot says:

    Just shows how difficult it is to track government funds in our motherland! Imagine the distrct council members believing that the money was abused(ie the money was received and cashgated) while actually the Minister knew that the money is “intact”!
    The million dollar or billion kwacha question is where is the money? In someones account? How come the council members (including the honourable chair, director of finance) did not know whether the money has been received and used?
    It seems the council members had no information on the money and so they started speculating, and that says alot about transparency in our councils!
    I salute the Mbelwa council members for being vigilant on this issue, otherwise mwina bwenzi pano tikukamba zina!!!

  5. Slijala Makhumu says:

    Nanga athu wa Lilongwe akanagonabe kodi. Tidzutsileni munthuyu ku Kawale uko.

  6. Malawian!!! says:

    Great job Mr Minister.

  7. jarek says:

    If there is a dull council in Malawi, it’s non other than Lilongwe City Council

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