Nankhumwa now among top 5 cash-rich Malawi ministers: Distribute ambulance, motorcycle and bicycles worth over K25 mil to constituents in Mulanje

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa is reported to have amassed more wealth  in the last two years and is amongst top five richest ministers in the cabinet of President Peter Mutharika giving him more political stamina to hold the balance of power and fend off challengers in Mulanje Central Constituency where he is a member of parliament.

Cash-rich Nankhumwa

Police officiers ride motor cycles donated by Nankhumwa

Nankhumwa presenting the keys of the ambulance

Nankhumwa donated an ambulance to Mulanje hospital

The bicycles Nnakhumwa donated

In flamboyant way, the cash-rich minister  spent over K25 million giving cash handouts  an ambulance to Mulanje district hospital, two motor cycles to Police  station in Mulanje and 300 bicycles to the people in his constituency.

“Nankhumwa is among the wealthiest ministers in cabinet,” informed a ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) official at the rally where Nankhumwa was distributing the items.

The extent of his current wealth is unknown as he is said to be  secretive on his assets and his financial affairs.

“But clearly we know Nankhumwa has made more money and is amongst top five ministers swimming in wealth and power,” added the DPP officials as Nankhumwa was busy splashing cash to constituency after carrying bundles of Kwachas in a briefcase.

He is suspected to be among the seven rotten ministers in cabinet who are fingered in ‘Cashgate’ scam.

The minister was also implicated in the  aborted a multimillion dollar military equipment procurement deal worth $54 million in which Nankhumwa and  Malawi Defence Force (MDF) commander Griffin Supuni Phiri planned to procure 500 vehicles from Ashok Leyland for the MDF reportedly without the matter being discussed within the MDF ranks.

The details of the deal are contained in a leaked memo written by  former MDF general Maulana dated July 2016 reference number CQ/206.

Running under the headline ‘Procurement of ammunition and vehicles for Malawi Defence Force’, the memo says Nankhumwa and Supuni made an arrangement to procure vehicles for MDF and the matter was not discussed anywhere within MDF.

Nankhumwa has since  come under intense fire to explain the source of his multimillion donations to his Mulanje Central constituency.

Some Malawians have taken up on Twitter and  Facebook to question the source of the money for the donation.

This comes at a time when his colleague, Agriculture minister George Chaponda  who is also parliamentarian in same Mulanje district is accused of corruption in the procurement of 100000 metric tonnes of maize.

The Peter Mutharika administration is tainted with corruption scandals.

Nankhumwa,  who is also director of elections in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party has not responded to queries about his sudden wealth.

He was a reporter at the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation before he took politics as a career.

But speaking to a crowd of DPP supporters who gathered at Chisitu Primary school in his Mulanje central constituency, the cash-rich minister said he decided to donate the items to ease mobility challenges for the smooth implementation of development activities in the area.

“I want people in my area to access medical services in time as well as the Police to act swiftly to situations affecting people in my constituency,” said Nankhumwa.

He also said he has the financial muscle to start looking after orphans and the elderly in the area to improve their livelihoods.

Senior Chief Chikumbu thanked the parliamentarian for initiating various development activities citing a newly constructed maternity clinic at Chisitu Health Centre.


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32 thoughts on “Nankhumwa now among top 5 cash-rich Malawi ministers: Distribute ambulance, motorcycle and bicycles worth over K25 mil to constituents in Mulanje”

  1. Morgan Kulisewa says:

    A Malawi nsanje monga national anthem yathu imakambila.There is nothing wrong with the Minister donating an ambulance or bicycles to his area and to be asking for a source of his wealth when he is working and also gets allowances whenever he travels shows ignorance on the part of those querying. Simple calculations will show you that it is not beyond reach for a Minister who is also an MP to raise such money.Tatiyeni tisiye nsanje ndi kaduka and applaud those that are doing great things to develop their areas and uplift the lives of their people.
    Bravo Kondwani Nankhumwa,dont let these people pull you down,continue supporting your constituents in all areas.

  2. youna says:

    Pajatu zakuba zimazelezeketsa. Analipo anzao amgulira mowa bara yonse pa mount soche, lero kwao ndi ku court. Nanga kugula njingazo mpaka 300? I smell a rat…….. Only time will tell.

  3. Mgoloso says:

    Malawians – Anyone should bring forward any evidence to ACB or any court of law that Nankhumwa stole money so that trial should be commenced as soon as possible, otherwise we should stop nurturing this lazy attitude instilled in most of Malawians by the late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda

    Bring the evidence to us the ACB or High court now!!, otherwise you will die poor thinking all those that prosper steal money from somewhere

    Envy too much Malawians – ndikuchita manyazi ine m’Chewa wa kwa Msakambewa (Dowa)

  4. santana says:

    Mwanayu anagwetsa Mpinganjira asanakhale ndi ndalama, komanso anali kunja kwa Boma. The guy aims to secure the constituency seat not the presidency. So, how much you can talk against him it will not have any negative impact on him. His constituents are a happy lot and they are ready to vote for him in 2019. Wise MPs should this time do something in their constituencies if they want to retain their seats in 2019. Nankhumwa is just doing that. The beneficiaries of Nankhumwa’s move are his constituents so I see no need for other people to talk bad of his move otherwise this is just jealousy. The attendance of his rally can indicate that his people love him and they will support him in 2019.

  5. RICHMAN says:

    this is dirty money stolen from the people and invested in narcotics

  6. Mgoloso says:

    Malawians – we voted for MPs and Councillors to develop our areas. Why is it always an issue when one MP
    / Councillor is doing so for his area?. Jealous a Malawi. I know it is lateDr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda who made us not to believe that a fellow Malawian can prosper beyond recognition among us – he killed our mind set and this continues to destroy our nation.

    When Burundians and Indians prosper its ok, BUT when a Malawian prospers then it becomes an issue. Burundians ran away from their mother country in search of refuge in Malawi and are doing quite well in business and they support each other so much, while we Malawians are busy wasting time in castigating fellow Malawians who are doing fine in business kufuna kuwapatsa mantha ndi mphwayi. This is typical characteristic of failures. Unfortunately learned people believe in the same shameful understanding.

    Let others who have the capacity and capability showcase their fortunes and let us borrow a leaf from them. Nigerians always cherish their business tycoons openly and are proud of them as a country, while ife tikalephera kugula panti wa mwana timati ndichifukwa cha BOMA.

    Most Malawians tifa osauka chifukwa cha mind set yomwe Hastings Kamuzu Banda anadzala m’mitu mwathu

    Shame on YOU!!

    1. Tony Kanyenda says:

      There is no problem for Nankhumwa to distribute bikes and an ambulance, this very good and commendable bravo!!!!

      However if this is money syphoned from public coffers or brown envelopes for awarding contracts, then this is deplorable and shameful and he should be investigated and locked up if he is guilty

  7. Dodolodo says:

    Ndalama ndi izo kaya ndi zakuba kaya ayi. Muwauze a Minister ka GYM aziyeselako pang’ono. Masitepesi omwewa a pa Mount Soche befu.

  8. Giling'ande says:

    Minister uyu ndalama zina amatenga ku Macra kwa Itaye. Mukamafufuza yambilani pamenepo ndithu mupeza umboni. Dziko lathu lomvetsa chisoni tikuwombela mmanja satana.

  9. George says:

    If he did’n’t steal, where did he get all that money? Does he own mine fields? How old is he? Has he a family depending on him? How long has he been to school? How long did it take him to tape all that wealth? Guys, lets be frank, some doubious business behind the tycoon! There are some endless queries behind to be answered!

  10. Gama says:

    Malawians, let us give credit where it is due. The Honourable Minister has done a commendable job to alleviate transport problems in his area. It is not fair to conclude that he used money that he obtained fraudulently unless there is concrete evidence or unless he was convicted by a competent court of law. The Minister may have had a long term plan of making this donation, and may have worked so hard to raise money in an honest way to fulfill his plan. Under the Constitution, everyone has the right to participate in economic activities and to own property including cash. There’s therefore nothing wrong with one becoming rich if they are acquiring their riches in an honest way. Besides, the Minister was under no obligation to disclose the source of funding for the donation. Let us therefore avoid jumping to conclusions when there is no concrete evidence or in the absence of incriminating proof.

  11. winston msowoya says:

    Malawians,corruption by the so-called leaders has reached unstoppable dimensions and the ordinary citizens,are the visible victims of this deadly and dangerous trend.Candidly,this horrible trend can be definitely controlled if the President himself,observes leadership decorum.Both Muthalikas,are pathologically liars and crooked thieves who don’t care about the sufferings of the overwhelming majority of our people,the resources of our country, have become free forall Ministers and their surrogates,these thugs are the Kings and Queens who are above the law of the land,yes,we need change and big change for that matter to save our people from complete annihilation of human beings.Since,the two corrupt Muthalika brothers took leadership by highly crooked and corrupt means,Malawi has turned upside down economically and politically that has caltapulted tribalism and ethnicity beyond control in the country.Fellow Malawians,the Northerners are not the foes of Malawi,but the foes are our so-called Ministers,their supporters and some tribesmen and women.To throw these scamps out of power,we must get united and forget about this brute Atumbuka,Alomwe,Achewa so on and so forth.REMEMBER,UNITY IS STRENTH AND DIVEDED,WE FALL.GOD BLESS MALAWI AND AFRICA!!!!!!!!

  12. Hoitty says:

    25 million yokhetsela thukuta singangogawidwa chonchi. Ngati ndalama zimenezi zilibw mlandu imeneyi ndi nkhani yabwino. Koma ngati zili zopeza mwachinyengo tsoka kwa ogawa ndi olandira zakuba. Muzalikumbukila tsiku lomwe mudamwaza 25million. Ndipo sikalensoyi. Chances are katunduyi waperekedwa ndi mwenye ywe wapeza contract yovuta through this fat man

  13. Muona says:

    Akukonza kwao ,munthu akapanga chitukuko Ku dela kwao mwati waba ,mbuzi za ndale.

  14. Dowa boy says:

    Olo ataba bola ngati athandiza a Malawi ovutika. I can call it good development. Big up bwana MP

  15. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Olo abe chotani tonse tidzafa ndipo Mulungu adzatiweruza mwachilungamo.

  16. nabanda says:

    kodi ndekuti people like Nankhumwa can only acquire money through stealing? sangatenge loan ku bank? ayi? ntiii mukatopa musiya. bola nzanu akuchitila nazo za phindu ndalama zake. osati a Mphwiyo omapita ku court pa ma benz a nyuwani. challenge.

  17. mlandu says:

    abale anankhumwa mupakana pamenepa mumene amalilira ndimaluzi mu BT……I understand he carries cash in a bag whenever he goes to mulanje for meetings

  18. OSAWARD LUKEPO says:


  19. Lungu says:

    Mp wathu ameneyo, kuti wawawa! The ambulance is already helping us and the motocycles will help reduce crime in our constituency. Ngati zili zokuba azagwidwa okha

  20. Khwethemu says:

    Mbava. He knows that, We know that and God knows that. Landirani katunduyo koma kudzadziwa povota. Njingazo by next yr zikhala zitachakachika. Chuma chakuba sichilimba.

  21. Nkhuluru says:

    Kuba ! Kuba ! Kuba = sichinanso ai

  22. mbuyache says:

    Mukuti ma Mp ena atengerepo chitsanzo chazomwe apereka anduna, choti udziwe ndichakuti ma Mp enawa sanga kwanitse becoz si akuba ayi ngati andunawa

  23. kamunkhwala says:

    is Malawi A country or Someone’s estate.It seems all people who earn living must be a crook.In churches in Malawi satanist is glorified .In government thieves are glorified. If ur honest nothing for u.No rule of law.

  24. Bandulo says:

    Do you have facts to support you allegations that he has stolen money?
    During the campaign people make promises like this but they dont fulfill after they have been voted into power.
    Nankhumwa is fulfilling his promises.
    Malawians jealousy at its best

  25. Prof. Dr. Malawimotobuu says:

    Anthu aba ndalama zambiri . Kondwani is one of them. Bingu built Ndata farm which is desolate., doing nothing. Mphwiyo used his money to play games in the cassino. He used to walk with cash notes to the tune of millions just for lottery games in the casino. Here is Nakhumwa at least some people will enjoy the proceeds of his thievery

  26. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Cashgate money. You can see all of them are connected to politics or do business with government. They can get money away from politics or tenders from government.

  27. Chamackson says:

    Timakunyadirani a MP/Minister.More fire. Mp azitero,sizinazi kkkkkkkkkk

    1. Chamackson says:

      Ndizokaikitsa ngati wina angazakuchotseni.Ma MP ena atengerepo chitsanzo chabwinochi.

  28. Mphondo Zagadabuka says:

    Abale musalire, ino ndi nthawi yawo, yathunso ikazafika, azatimva

  29. Dr Gerald Shawa says:

    Mxiiiii. Kuba mwaba kokwanira. Can’t ACB investigate them

  30. ronald says:

    cashgate at its best,ACB its ur job, fufuzani zimenezi.

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