National Bank frustrates customers during festivities

National Bank of Malawi has been a flop as far as delivery of its services to customers for the festivie period, customers say.

National Bank has been a let down

National Bank has been a let down

NB customers on an ATM que

NB customers on an ATM que

A number of customers who spoke to Nyasa Times, and others who took their rants to social media platforms such as Facebook said the bank’s services especially auto teller machines (ATMs) and online banking services had been a “frustration.”

Nyasa Times learnt that scores of Malawians living in the diaspora failed to transfer money to their relations back home as the bank’s system was off.

The system, we’ve learnt, has been intermittent since the evening of December 23. Until now, the system remains down – with just a few transactions succeeding out of sheer luck.

Gideon Masapula, a UK based Malawian, complained he had wanted to transfer money to his relatives but when he opened their website it kept telling him that there was “a database connection error (2): could not connect to MySQL.”

Added Masapula: “Unfortunately, I needed to make an urgent transaction. Another problem is that I can’t transfer money to a new beneficiary using banknet online.”

He wondered “why they [National Bank of Malawi] introduced online services which are not effective. Updating of bank transactions and balances takes longer than expected resulting in inconsistencies between online and actual balances.”

On his part Zandivuta Kankhuni, a lecturer at Mzuzu University (Mzuni) expressed his frustration regarding the bank thus: “I used to believe in this bank but somehow they are losing me [for] their out of service ATMs and non-functional online platforms.”

Kankhuni posted on Facebook that “those close to the [bank’s] top dogs should tell them so that they sit back and reflect on the essence of their existence [which is] customer satisfaction.

A number of students across the country also expressed similar frustrations.

Andrew Simwimba, a law student at the Catholic University of Malawi, who said used the bank’s Mo626 to buy airtime accused the bank of unrealistic deductions.

“Sometimes the system deducts without giving our airtime [and] it looks stupid to go to the bank and claim a K200 or K500 or K1000 each time. But for a full year this could be thousands,” he said.

Nyasa Times could not get through the bank’s media relations team as the telephone number available on their website went unanswered after several attempts.

Later, we learnt, most of the bank’s personnel were not available because of Christmas holidays.

A questionnaire Nyasa Times sent to the Institute of Bankers in Malawi (IBM)  had not been responded as we went online.

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48 thoughts on “National Bank frustrates customers during festivities”

  1. Mwako says:

    No matter what, but its my bank for 20 years but very tough on giving out loans even if you have a valid security, car, house etc.

  2. nyapala says:

    These are the works of Chikaonda. Press inatha kale kale.

  3. Nangozo says:

    Though I do not have an account with NB, but I have suffered a number of days when I had to deposit money for relations. The minimum amount of time I spent was 2 hours.

  4. DADA says:

    Nothing new – Progress …lol!

  5. palasiman says:

    3 ATMS one working others AM OUT OF SERVICE why putting 3 ATMS
    Not ony national Bank but more Banks in malawi its like they have one manager who control them

  6. Tengupenya says:

    The online banking services at National Bank used to be satisfactory UNTIL when they changed the system. There are SERIOUS change problem at NBM!!!

  7. ephrahim says:

    I do not understand why Mr Kapito and Cama is not looking more into our Banks. The most of them have nowadays IT platforms , which are not functional! ATM are duty free, but no bank makes an effort to install more! Even banks recording 3 digit anual profit rates,
    It doesn’t reflect on their services towards the public !
    On top of it , there is a extra charge for each and everything. For example Internet banking , you have to pay for each transaction, even the banks themself advertise with it, as a way to run away from from queues and overcrowded bank halls.
    i wonder anyhow how much this inefficiency cost our economy every year?!
    It seems the whole banking sector is one big cartel, where none of them makes the different!

  8. ineyo says:

    I used mo626 to send money they just debted my accout but no receipient is not credited till now what a disappointment

  9. bevulo says:

    Tis observatn is very true….NB’s service delivery is so pathetic…in Thyolo for example, the hrs this ATM is operational in a day re less than hrs wen its down, thereby leavg long quez mst of thi tyms…Kodi ATM imatopa nkumafuna kupuma ngati munthu? osangochichotsapo tilimbe mtima bwanji? U can’t plan to cash an attend to smethings in tym with service deliveries like thse, noooo,

  10. Phinifolo says:

    Mungochokako nonse ndikhaleko ndekha ndiye zizindiyendera nsanga. Demeti

  11. ngongoliwa says:


  12. learnedmi says:


  13. Eye Witness says:

    Ndaoneka chitsilu kwa my future apongozi. Ndakatenga mwanawawo wamkazi yemwe alipo yekha komanso wokongola for a Xmas treat to the Lake. Pochoka ndawauza ndiatumizira ndalama pa Mo626. Koma mpakana lero Mo626 can’t allow me to send the money. Mwina pano apongoziwo akuyesa inali bodza yotengera mwanawawo. New year itikwanira kunkuno. He is a mature guy and now he sits back and imagining what am doing to his daughter and what his daughter is treating me with (of course good stuff). Kuti pa mmawa ndidzatengenso .wanayi chonde NB konzani machine nditumize dalama kwa apongozi anga a mmawa.

  14. James says:

    Institute of Bankers in Malawi (IBM) is another scrap institution. Why sending them a questioner when you know you will get an obvious refuting remarks that NB services never went bad.

  15. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No disp

  16. Bololo says:

    National Bank is and works like the civil service. It simply doesn’t care about and has no time for personal banking. Actually some years ago even Malawi Government pulled the plug on its association with this dinosaur bank

  17. anadimba says:

    am not one of its customers but on 26 DEc ,iwas passing by Limbe Branch only to hear aG4S security guard shouting at aman who had lost his ATM card in the course of trying to get money. He said “inu mumatani ? Tanenani? Kano ndikoyamba? Simunayambe mwatengapo ndalama pa ATM?and the helpless man lookd stupid as the passers by looked on. What ashame to the bank. Kaya zanu izo ine ndimasunga mu mphika.

  18. Wyson says:

    The bank, which I trusted so much has disapointed me big time when I needed the service most. Failed to do the so called ‘online transactions’ wasted my time and money on needed services. I will cal it ‘POOR Corporate Service’. Other banks I hope this is an opportunity ‘SWOT Analysis.

  19. Bwande says:

    It’s like a Nokia, they believe they are big, wait unless Samsung go pass you. They feel they are ahead of everyone by miles and they have no competition. Why do we bother get to the smaller banks where you are appreciated. Indebank was the best I hope you will learn from the hardworking experts from Indebank. NBM lacks innovation, zero marketing, IT -0%. It is just one big useless white elephant

  20. Bwande says:

    They are too big to mind you few penniless customers. They thrive on big businesses not you useless customers. They are stable. Their words not mine.

  21. redeemed says:

    No wonder I chose to stick to STD bank from the day I got my first paye cheque. I can’t dispute that fact that, like any other financial institution, std bank has it’s pros and cons, however a wise man one said and I quote “better is the devil you know.” I vehemently refuse to view grass on the other side as green, perhaps it’s because its not so green.

  22. diaspora says:

    Please nyasatimes,try to be sure that your texts are well edited before publishing.We look up to you for both news and quality publicity.For example,your opening paragraph is not giving a complete sentence. As far,always finishes out with…concerned

  23. Khwethemu says:

    Wat a poor service. It is true the online banking has bn off since the 23rd. The actual balance is different from the online balance as iam writing. This is the norm coz thats wat av experienced all yr round. How stupid n ridiculous. Can NBS and Commercial bank wateva u call it nowadays introduce online banking plz. To hell with this confusing n disorganised National Bank trash. Their service is not value for money.

  24. Namalaira wina says:

    The people at IT department at the bank are idiots, complete embiciles. They employ each other based on regionalism not competency at all. A lot of us have been greatly inconvenienced due to these idiots. They had a system that was working on now they load a systems the crup and rubish. Mboli zao onse. Mxxxxxx

  25. The Analyst says:

    . . . The third pillar of Basel II is about market discipline through improved public disclosure. It is hoped that market participants would reward better banks and punish the bad ones.
    . . . We cant control whatever happens to us in life, but we have control over how we react to whatever happens to us.
    . . . Sadly, although most of us complain of bad service from National Bank, we don’t react by switching to other banks. How then will National Bank improve their services, if they don’t pay any cost for their inefficiency?
    . . . If two or three people close their NB account citing poor service as the main reason, am sure NB can wake up from their slumber and improve their services.
    . . . Malawians, let us make this one of our new year resolutions: “act more and talk less.”

  26. selfish decision says:

    This is the responsibility of Bankers association of Malawi and the Reserve of Malawi to see that customers should be taken care of in banks.
    Go to Dwangwa New Building Society on one teller saving many people with all the teller cubicles empty.
    These bankers have to be given minimum number of tellers in each bank depending on on numbers of customers the branch has.
    We are fed up of standing in banks or else provide us with toilets and chairs to sit on in banks.

  27. Few good men says:

    Its Harlod Jiya and George Patridge messing up. Until they retire like Mulusu that bank will remain useless.

  28. Muhilima says:

    National Bank is not alone to victimize its customers. Here in Balaka New Building Society is not doing well its tellers are so lazy and it operates in a container without enough ventilation

  29. Maggie Lucius says:

    On Monday, 21st December, I was on a que to cash a cheque at 11am. I only managed to reach the teller at 1:15. Whilst there I observed that the que on utility payment did not move at all for the whole 2:15 hrs I was there, the teller on the utility que was busy with one customer. I was disheartened as I observed an elderly lady whom I found on the utility que next to be assisted still standing there. My cheque had to go for validation which took another 45 minutes until I had to go out to run other errands. I returned at 1445 and lol and behold!!! The utility que had not moved. Out of curiousity I enquired as as to what was happening…. the teller was assisting one with lots of Forex and could not assist the rest…….I almost fainted……..

    How can Malawi progress with such a service……. how does a bank allow one to spend almost 4 hours on a que?????? I need answers please

  30. Mlomwe original says:

    Chichiri branch is the poorest service provider.
    Ma teller amasinza pa counter, maso psu!
    Khaya amachezera ku bibida.
    Ndi azimayi omwetu.
    Mubank umakhala 5hrs usanathandizidwe.

  31. Malawi ndiwabwino ? says:

    Patridge must see to it that not pple from the same region. Pple must not loose jobs for no proper reason like what happened in year 2011. I will hate this bank the whole of my life.

  32. Alex Likoswe says:

    The CEO has over stayed. He has knocked out all his competitors and remained with Yes Bwana. Staff members are frustrated. So, the out come is poor service delivery. Press corporation , major shareholder is also slumbering.

  33. Zizakuvuta says:

    It is indeed frustrating but let us continue banking with NB. It is our bank, Standard and others are foreign owned. I would be the last to give my money to a foreigner.

    Let’s just keep talking to them until they bring us good service someday.

  34. Happy Customer says:

    I for one would like to commend Standard Bank. Most of their ATMs were working and had cash. Even if some were off they were resolved quickly. Well done jealous down mwayesetsa ndalama ndi zomwe zatithera

  35. Mphwephwa ya professor says:

    Systems in Malawi. Everything facing it’s own direction. It bores to the core!

  36. mac says:

    For a bank that makes billions, this is one worst bank in Malawi. No innovation, no nothing.

    The senior staff are only known for sleeping around and nothing else. I have transfered everything I had to FDH and would urge all Malawians to move there money from this vision less bank

  37. Go to standard bank not this stupid nb, even if your given acheque to cash on counter u spend the whole day in the banking hall why nb? Shame on u educated savages

  38. Wallace says:

    Two years ago they used to reverse all the deducted airtime deductions on mo 6 2 6 the following morning. It was a good development. What happened?

  39. jOHN says:



  40. GRM says:

    That big headed City centre manager should stop transacting for his friends. Instead he should allocate more tellers to those empty kiosks so that even his friends are sorted through normal channels

  41. Mzilikazi says:

    try the real bank in Malawi – Standard Bank. Moving Forward.

  42. Peter says:

    The whole IT department at national bank needs to be fired. They have been ineffective and unprofessional for a long time!

  43. GRM says:

    National Bank is becoming big headed. My organization insist NBM is bank of choice coz sakudziwa. I have been a customer for 25 years and aaaa akulowa pansi each passing day. Munthu sunagwiretse their service koma they deduct Mk1,900 every month.

  44. Ojambula says:

    Yet they claim to be the Bank of the Nation, which nation if their services are not efficient, effective and reliable?

  45. Morris says:

    The banks are making too much profits by devaluing and revising the kwacha every day they don’t make profits out of atm services so they don’t care

  46. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    NBM has become too complacent because of having many corporate customers. They don’t give a damn about 3 tambala clients who just use the bank as a conduit for salaries.

  47. Ma says:

    Thats national bank for you. Unless you are previleged to know someone inside the bank or you are doomed. ..!

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