National Bank of Malawi female staff given a dressing down

Wife to one of top gurus at National Bank of Malawi NBM was ‘hired’ by the bank to talk to women employees at the magnificent NBM Towers and ended up dressing them down.

Magola: Could not comment

Magola: Could not comment

The bank hired Veronica Masikini, wife to Tayemu Masikini, Head of Administration at the bank to talk to women staff members on dressing and etiquette but the lesson did not end well.

According to insiders, Mrs. Masikini who is also Group Financial Controller at Times Group turned the whole ‘lesson’ into her pride show and told the women staffers that she ‘does not hesitate to fire people’ at Times Group.

True to her word, almost 68 people have been sacked at Times Group due to what management said was ‘unfavourable economic conditions’

“She was all over herself, telling us that she does not hesitate to fire people and she even told us that we should not be carrying wrappers-zitenje- to the office as women saying this is being old fashioned.

“ She says if there is a funeral, the bank can provide a car for us to go home and pick chitenje, how a Malawian woman can move without a chitenje?” wondered one woman who attended the meeting.

Sources said Mrs. Masikini ridiculed most of the banks female staff that they don’t know how to dress up asking them to borrow a leaf from her.

“When they told me I was going to talk to you about dressing today, I made sure I got my best outfit, you should take a leaf from this,” Masikini is reported to have told the women.

National Bank corporate affairs manager Annie Magola did not respond to Nyasa Times questions and phone inquiries. Despite sending reminders, Magola did not respond by the time of going online.

It is believed that Magola is the one who hired Mrs Masikini to talk to the bank women employees about dressing and grooming.

Male employees were not invited to the meeting.

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48 thoughts on “National Bank of Malawi female staff given a dressing down”

  1. Agnes says:

    First of all, stay on the topic Mayi Masikini and never switch to your me and me when giving public speaking. You just exposed your selfishness, weakedness and unprofessionalism. You need a big help! And also never talk about your work policy when asked to talk about something else, that’s unprofessional. Now, let me address Anna Magola, you did well to consider someone to come and talk to the ladies about dressing and how they can carry themselves as well presentable women at National Bank. However, you should have done better by choosing someone who has skills for public speaking. In this case, you have failed. It speaks to me that even yourself you need to be educated on public speaking . People of the same boat pick each other because they all sail in the same boat. By the way, a speaker is usually someone who knows her audience and also the challenges the audience faces. In this case the talk was supposed to encourage women to dress professional and also not to expose their bodies. And to continue to carry wrap in their bags in case of emergency as a Malawian woman does. However, the opposite has happened because the biggest mistake is she thought it was all about herself rather than about the audience. That’s why she spent too much time talking rubbish about herself instead of focusing on the real issue. I am sure Anna Magola has learned a big lesson in this matter.

  2. Mada Mfumu Makata says:

    Iyeyu Wamatama Eti? Asatinyansepo apa….how can you expect people to emulate your example..ukuyankula nyansi choncho…
    Mukhazikeni pansi ameneyu sanavinidwe..
    Chitsilu cha munthu ameneyu eeeti

  3. naphili says:

    I am only interested in the poor service we get from the bank. A Magola next time ask someone to teach your staff how to serve the public. As for this Masikini (what a name)! she is just a show off! Shupit

  4. Supe says:

    A Malawi tiyeni tisegule maso tione, nthawi zambiri timatanganidwa kupanga zomwe makolo anthu amkapanga osafusa chifukwa chomwe amkapangira chomcho. Tizitha kusiyanisa umunthu ndi chikwalidwe, munthu amene akusata chikwalidwe koma opanda umunthu ameneyo ali chabe. mwa chitsanzo maiko ena anthu saatenga zitenje poyenda kodi ndiife tokha a Malawi omwe timapanga period or kumwalira?

  5. George mwalabu says:

    Is that masikin a malawian???? I wonder why and how she can advices our respected womens to go astray from there culture ……I wish I woud have seen that silly woman …..

  6. Mbuya says:

    Nanga period itayambika mwa ngozi ndi kudontha pa dress ?hv seen it at ve Office

  7. Ngongoliwa says:

    Kodi Masikiniyo alibe chinthuzi?

  8. Modicai Longwe says:

    A Malawian woman who knows about real womanhood always move with Chitenje wherever she is going. There is no point that you want to go to attend a funeral then you should go home for chitenje. It is not all people who come from the same location. Like in Lilongwe, one leaves in Lumbadzi, another in Njewa and someone in A23. All these women working in the Ministry of Agriculture, should they go first to their respective homes for chitenje and a vehicle ferrying the dead body at Kamuzu Central Hospital heading to Zomba for burial should be waiting for them. This is not true.

    For Chitenje old fashion does not apply. Amayiwa anaonjeza. Iwowa alibe ana oti awapatse adzukulu. Tiyeni tisunge chikhalidwe.

  9. Thako la Kati--- says:

    Ku Mangochi CCAP kunalinso wina ati mai wachisanzo koma anadyesa anyezi kwa Thocco pano saonekanso manyazi !waonekera usilu! Ati patron wa choir !

  10. second wife to Skins says:

    Za zii. Mai ameneyu anachokera kuti. Koma ndi ovinidwa? How many employees have cars? Za ziii. Ukalemera timalankhulira mchigulu, achewa anatero. Ndiye bola ukanakhala obeba ngati Hilary Clinton.

  11. Bertha Chisale says:

    Mayi Magola amakhala ngati kuti bank ndi yakunyumba kwawo, she is reign of terror here at NBM. But these bwanas amangoyang’ana si nanga one of them enjoys her. But time will tell very soon the truth will be out. She is vindictive kwa ana okongola mu bank mu

  12. Fellow Woman says:

    This Masikini womani suffers from PhD syndrome. Akudzimva koma adziwe kuti kuno ndi kunja kumayanja lichelo. Ukakwera pamsana wo njovu usayese kuti kulibe mame. Stupid Masikini. Don’t you have respect for your fellow women? You also have your flows. Couldn’t you talk to the women in a friendly manner? Who do you think you are silly woman? Maudindo apatsidwira pathako ndi otero. Mxiiiiiiii!

  13. Uchitsilu Nsamaonetsa says:

    She fired 68 dead wood at times group. There are too many dead wood in Malawian organisations, individuals who are incompetent, unproductive, unfocused, individuals whose output does not march with their salaries., people who want wage without working for it.

  14. FABIANO says:


  15. babazula says:


  16. giftgift says:

    fulish woman like u deserve to be called fulish mama this is malawi not america respect it hubs woman

  17. giftgift says:

    foolish madam like u masikini deserve to be called foolish wife of somebody.

  18. mlomwe waku Thyolo says:

    I don’t like the idea that Ms. Magola hired someone else to come and talk to the lady staff members at NBM. Why didn’t she do this herself. Am sure that if Mrs Magola did the talk in a nice and friendly manner, the staff would have liked it. She would have been seen as a family member talking to her own siblings. M’bale wako aka kuyankhula zimakhalako bwino, kusiyana ndi wakunja.

  19. Marco Rubio Clinton says:

    Masikini and Annie Magola are both old tired grand mothers. How can they talk the same language of dressing with todays youth thats so irrelevant. They needed to get a woman who is younger but dresses smartly and respectably. To bring in an old grandmother already alienates the audience because there is such a wied egenration gap. I cannot wear the clothes Ann Magola wears because she is so old fashioned. I wear clothes for younger generation which are not revealing but respectable and appropriate for the office.
    And why is wife of an employee talking to staff at the company where her husband works.? George Patridge is Ann allowedto do that?

  20. As amalawian lady,chitenje is
    one of our diginity;its better the bank should provide uniform for their employees and not what that woman was saying.

  21. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma ameneyu ativuta bwanji.

  22. Kachitsa says:

    We normally focus on the negatives. In what context were the words said? What were the ToRs to Mrs Masikini? We can only competently comment to this article if we answer the above two questions. The other problem with our Malawian ladies is that whenever they see a fellow woman succeeding in life they become jealous and everything done or said by that successful lady is perceived negatively.

    I am sure she was called to inspire the ladies to aim high because I know Mrs Masikini used to be a secretary at the poly but through hard work and determination, she studied accounting until she qualified as a chartered accountant. You will agree with we that this is no mean achievement. Now if she gave this example, the ladies thought she was boasting because our mentality, the pull down syndrome.

    I would be very surprised and cannot imagine that Mrs Masikini was invited to talk to the ladies on dressing.

    Let us be positive if we are to progress as a country. People should be open to learn what others have done to succeed than always focus on negatives. “Nkhuku ya njiru siiswa”

  23. Nathan says:

    Kaya munthu avale sanza, kaya abwere ku ntchito maliseche, ntchito akhoza kugwirabe mopambana. Zovala sizithandiza mpang’ono pomwe pogwira ntchito. Munthu akhoza kuvala bwino kwambiri koma nkukhala wolepheleratu pogwira ntchito. Munthu akhoza kuvala sanza koma nkugwira ntchito mopambana. Unless ntchitoyo ndiyofunika zovala zotchinjiriza ngati ntchito ya m’mgodi. Koma ntchito ya mu Bank, munthu ukhoza kugwira uli maliseche.

  24. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    We all want to project an image of success and decency: How would Ms Masikini define a successful or respectful woman, in life period? Is it
    -how fashionable the woman dresses; how fashionable her accessories, like the watch, or glasses;
    -how pretty she looks in her fashionable clothes and high heels;
    -how expensive her perfume is, and how nice it smells; and has light skinned (not so dark), by Malawian standards anyway;
    -how, specifically, her hair looks after a “saloon” (salon) visit, and how much she paid for the job;
    -how tall she is, as opposed to “ubathwa” or height-challenged based on genetics;
    -how well she speaks English, without second thought; or how far she went with formal education – like the further, the better, and university being the “cake”;

    Many traits based on looks and behavior could be listed here in the questions. But here are a couple of points to consider –
    -Women already have more challenges, than men, in meeting family obligations; and adding on the pressure of “appearance” especially on the job is simply NOT fair. And
    -Women would be wise to individualize success, basically to mean a desired balance between life and work. No more.

    Ms. Masikini’s apparent attitudes risk perpetuating the objectification of women – we have enough of that right here in our country – and the accompanying grinding misogyny, from men who always think they are better than women, by creation or definition.
    Many of us tell our daughters to ignore this attitude, but it wears them down. Even if they are as good as the men around them. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

  25. Nationalbank customer says:

    Masikini ndi dzina lake lomwe.How can a Malawian women walk without a wrapper?is this America or malawi?foolish!mai opusa kwambiri does she knows hw to dress than others?Azimai olamura amuna awo amenewo amai ombwambwana ngati Masikini

  26. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    National Bank would do better to improve services, like reducing the time people have to wait to get at their own money, than using their women employees as punching bags.
    Why doesn’t the bank enforce its own dressing code, rather than chastise women employees, as a group, for spurious reasons? When it comes to etiquette about clothes, it is wrong to bring in models: And Ms. Masikini, a model she’s NOT – for crying out loud. She should be shy about using herself as the ultimate model; and should not even have mentioned, boastfully, about laying off employees at Times Group and reveling in that action!
    It boggles the mind as to why some senior employees, all over the place, do not see that what goes around comes around!

  27. Robert says:

    Zopusa basi.Chitenje is part of Malawian culture madam .How can you tell young ladies not to wear zitenje.Can you do that with your own daughters at home?

  28. malawi says:

    A nyasa, am sure people in the meeting had a picture of Mrs Masikini dresses up in her bed outfit and well groomed. That picture could have fitted well with the story. That could have give us the direction on how to comment.

    If you get thru to Mrs Magola please ask her what made her choose Mrs Masikini to come to talk to these women. Are they friends? I smell a rat, mwina akuzbelela someone then asked Masikini to come and humiliate the other women. Shame, what’s wrong with us women. Why not just go straight to the point? Nit all women can afford to groom a nd dress up like Masikini. This is insane and the women at the bank deserves sincere apology. What type of a fincial controller is she. Wasteful one. Masikini should thank the women for being considerate and carrying zitenje when going to work. That’s saving time and money for the company. Women carry zitenje for many reasons and you Masikini knows about it. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth should not be a reason to undermine other women. Pride is a sin and make sure you humble yourself say sorry and repent.

  29. Bengoman says:

    Nothing wrong dressing code with these women, wachuluka ndi uhule be it married women. Awachita bwino. To hell these ladies

  30. Edward says:

    She does nt respect herself and y people workers in malawi get fire anyhow? Where is ccam and labour office. Come to south africa u beach wmn.

  31. MABELU says:

    za a zimayi
    Guys !!
    Zawo ndi zimenezo
    Zolongosola A KATUNDU


  32. Win says:

    Whats wrong with our dressing

  33. B says:

    The tone Mrs Masikin took is exactly the same tone Malawian groups are taking with Government about the economic situation.

    The way I have read this, the women are not impressed with Mrs Masikini’s, approach, the same way the Malawi Government is not impressed with MCP,PP in the way they give advice.

    It might be true that Chitenje is not the sort of thing you carry to work, but there is a way of advising of the same.

    Malawians have no tact, that is why we complain about Government not listening, did these women listen? So it is the Malawian way, not listening.

  34. namaoda says:

    This is all just gossip and not newsworthy. Can’t nyasatimes make that judgement. Mwatitayitsa nthawi mtsiiiii!

  35. Unfaire dismisals says:

    Many many times i have said i HATE this bank

  36. diva says:

    if she really said that women should not carry chitenje to the office then she really got it all wrong. we don’t carry chitenje for funeral only but for many other womanly reasons. she does not know the meaning of old fashion in that case. etiquette gone wrong here.

  37. Sten says:

    Well!thats women for you,Put more women at the top as it is the trend now pushed by foreign western institutions the end result”things will fall apart”

  38. Funzo says:

    Why throw away one’s home culture? Why imitate western culture? What’s wrong with zitenje?

  39. Alief Simikah says:

    Is very unfortunate situation, but is not a surprise, this is how some women who are black outside and white inside behave, this one of the chill fruits of democracy,when people are crying about nakedness on the street, imagine African woman forcing other fellow women to walk naked, I wonder where are her morals.

  40. mgonapamuhanya says:

    Pride a golden fruit from hell.
    How can a normal thinking person boasts of firing 68 employees as one of her achievements?

  41. Zabwira says:

    Sign of times

  42. Win says:

    Lets us be proud of who we are

  43. Heaven citizen! says:

    What’s wrong with that?

  44. dingi banda says:

    Many Malawian women do not take dressing seriously because clothes are very expensive. Nice clothes are damn expensive yet many jobs pay peanuts.

  45. Thokoloshi says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Kha, Kha, Kha, Kha, Kha, kha, maitanaitana, munaitana chiwanda, ndichiwanda chimenecho, take a lesson, never repeat. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest. pepanitu

  46. Yoweri Magufuli says:

    Women cant manage issues.

  47. Nyani says:

    So what??

  48. Rodriguas Latata says:

    What do you expect from a Masikini?

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