New-born baby stolen from hospital in Lilongwe

A newborn baby boy was stolen from a government hospital in Lilongwe on Sunday, police said.

Manjolo:   Baby  was stolen while mother was bathing

Manjolo: Baby was stolen while mother was bathing

The incident took place at Mntenthera Health Centre at Kamphata in Nathenje.

According to police, the baby was stolen while the mother Mgwilizani Kambwiri, 35, had gone out to take a bath.

”When she came back from the bathroom she did not find her baby, thats when she alerted the hospital’s officials,” said National
police Public Relations Officer, Rhoda Manjolo.

Manjolo has since warned people indulging themselves in the acts of stealing babies to stop forthwith.

”If we have problems please lets depend upon the Lord,we have to believe in the provider who is God with Him all things are possible”.

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30 thoughts on “New-born baby stolen from hospital in Lilongwe”

  1. Loyd says:

    Ma last daez

  2. TT says:

    I thought god helps those who help themselves? You see, sometimes you can pray and pray but god won’t give you coz he is probably helping someone with piles!the easiest way is to go steal a baby and then ask for forgiveness. This works most of the times

  3. Joyce Hildah Banda says:

    Please polisi ask major I to tell you where the baby is or Pastor Ziba.

  4. ZAGWAZATHA says:

    Negligence to the mother has caused the the whole incident. Case to answer for the woman

  5. munthu says:

    oh! Very unfotunate

  6. Phwado says:

    Sorry mama but no matter what the baby will be found!

  7. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Mayi uyu ndichitsiru, akufanana ndi galu, amuna onse alephera zoona,

  8. george says:

    health officials & police should educate mothers that no baby shud be dumped or stolen

  9. cheyo the real northerner says:

    The baby has been found

  10. redeemed says:

    All my life, I never used any form of contraceptive in frat of ruining my chances of conception. Most men left I fell in love with dumped me due to my reluctance to engaging into sexual activities as I feared unwanted pregnancy. Now imagine that someone who compromised her fertility chances just come and steal my new born after a nine months of miserly and a painful labor. Its really absurd.

  11. Bayangwe says:

    Last week someone dumped her new born baby and today someone is stealing a new born baby mmmmm zovuzedi

  12. Preciousmaulidibanda says:

    Malawi needs special prayers, amalawi tizasiya liti.

  13. Malawian Q says:

    Now, please tell us what measures has the Police taken in our Hospitals-to make sure this does not happen again in our Nation. This is an head off.


  14. simbazako says:

    no wonder malawi is a failed state. how can you people here be commending manjoro for such a a comment? the police need to be out there investigating this missng person case and not telling us useless issues of faith. amalawi tamatukukaniko pleezi

  15. LLONZOH says:

    very painful to a mother because labour its not a joke

  16. j says:

    So are the police investigating or??

  17. net says:

    Azimayinso adzilangizidwa, umbuli nde wanyanya especially those from the village. Amapanga trust aliyense, imagine taking a bath whilst mwana ali yekha not even a relations to be there. Kulibwino osasamba koma ukhale ndi mwana wako.. Lets pray it will be found alive, ena amafuna zizimba.

  18. pasimaro says:

    Komaaa zoona mpaka kuba mwana???? Muli ndi nsambi sure. Mulungu akukanthani pasi pompano ohooooo….

  19. Henry Banda says:

    I find it extremely disturbing to hear these stories. Kuba mwana ndithu!

  20. chidumayo says:

    Very painful to the mother. May god reveal where the baby is. Amen

  21. Happy Eduardo says:

    A police woman of faith. Carry on Rhoda, that is the way to go. We are living in the last days and we need to depend on the Lord in everything that we do. The days are really evil.

  22. John S.M. Kwenda says:

    Tizipephera ndimtima wachikhulupirero Mulungu amapatsa osati kukaba ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  23. Dat true it showz dat ur real woman with inteligent God mst b with u all de tym Manjoro

  24. Mavuto says:

    May the Almighty God protect the baby from the Jabulos who stole him.

  25. mache Joy says:

    AMBUYE sungani bwino mwanayo komwe ali ndipo mumpatse mtima wachikondi yemwe akumusungayo ndipo kuti akamubweze kwa mwini wake ndipo mulimbitse ntima waobeledwayu Amen

  26. Blessed Banda says:

    Good advice by Manjolo.

  27. HomeBoy says:

    Kamphata is not in Nathenje…. Get these small details right boss

  28. What a wonderful comment from Manjoro

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