New IG Kachama promises ‘revolution’: Police college to be affiliated to University of Malawi

Malawi’s newly appointed police Inspector General (IG) Lexten Kachama, has spoken of several new developments to be undertaken as part of his vision to improve professionalism among police officers which will result in improving security in the country.

Kachama: Expect a revolution for a reformed police service

Kachama: Expect a revolution for a reformed police service

Kachama, who has just been appointed to the position of IG, pending Parliamentary approval after Paul Kanyama resigned, was speaking Thursday in an exclusive interview with Lilongwe News Agency (LINA) at police headquarters in Lilongwe.

As part of his vision, he said he would like to see police officers improve in their training thereby improving security of the nation as well.

But before he talked about his vision, Kachama paid tribute to all former police chiefs before him and appreciated the contribution they made to the nation.

“I would like to see Police Training School in Zomba become affiliated to the University of Malawi so that police officers learn police science at advanced level, being awarded certificates, diplomas and degrees after successful course completion.

“That is not all, there are some officers who got employed with low educational qualifications, possibly for one problem or the other, they too must be considered, and that is why I will be discussing with management to see if our police secondary schools can factor in afternoon classes for mature entry so that these officers can upgrade,” Kachama disclosed.

He also emphasized the need for refresher courses to be conducted more often for officers to update them on new developments in security matters as criminals get more sophisticated each passing day.

On the issue of security, the new IG assured the nation of high security.

“I would like to assure the nation of Malawi that peace and security of the people is my number one priority, working together, myself as IG, my fellow officers, with the support of the general public, we can achieve total security without doubt. Security is not a one man issue, that is why all of us must be involved and join hands so that we make Malawi secure.

“Police must work within the law as they carry out their duties without fear or favour, not even thinking of  one’s skin colour, tribe or religion,  or indeed anything that separates us including whether a policeman or a civilian, in short, I insist working professionally,” warned Kachama.

He went on saying: “The law will take its course on anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of the law, no matter who it is, as long as one breaks the law, the police will act swiftly and decisively and they will feel the pinch, but law abiding citizens who love their nation, will find us their friends.”

On the same issue of securing the nation, he said he believes the police that work with the people, the police that is friendly to people, as in so doing a lot of information is collected and law breakers are quickly brought to book.

He therefore said he will enhance the community involvement in security matters.

Fact file

Lexten Kachama is a career police officer who humbly began his career as a constable on April 2, 1979 after a course at Police Training School in Limbe. He rose through numerous ranks to the position of Deputy IG administration before being appointed IG this week.

He was born on June 30, 1958 at Chidzenje Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kalolo in Lilongwe, and he is the first born in their family.

Kachama went to Mitundu Secondary School. He holds a diploma and an advanced diploma in human resources management and administration from the United Kingdom (UK), a degree in human resources management from Shareworld Open University, two masters degrees, one in business administration from Shareworld, and another in leadership and change from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

He is currently studying for his doctorate degree in strategic management with Colombia Commonwealth University.

On top of the above credentials, Kachama has gone through other short international courses in Sweden, South Africa and Zimbabwe in relation to his work.

He is married with six children, and this year they are celebrating 35 years in fruitful marriage.

During his leisure time, the IG said he likes reading books, listening to gospel music, watching TV and above all chatting with his family. – LINA


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Arthur G.M. Mtambo



I agree with the person above called the Disappointed. Masters from ShareWorld ? A! this is really pathetic indeed. See quite a number of good pilots in Malawi Only those studied from Kamuzu Academy speak very good and grammatically English. If you are regular flier check the English by the so called pilot these days and you can easily tell out that this is not a Malawian pilot. Boys like the Masi, Khofis spoke very good and fluent English and its sad that Malawi just let out such expertise to other countries. Pilot Mowa uli phu!!! and end up landing… Read more »
Masters ya Shareword ? Or MIM ? Hede!!!!!!!!!!!! ndisukulunso zimenesi kapena ma MCDE Centres. Ha!! Mpakana kuwuza anthu ndithu. The best way Kachama should have done was just to he has Masters in bra bra bansi!!! Shareword degree????????? This is just as good as Schools in Trade fair Grounds in Blantyre.There are many journalist from trade fair and so forth and here their English kuti kodi akulankhula CHIKAPAYA KAPENA CHINGEREZI ZANZI!!! Listen to MBC a! A! a! A! a!. Schools in Malawi, even Poly,Chanco ah! BOLANINSO KAMWANA KA KAMUZU ACADEMY, I did not understand when Kamuzu said his school is… Read more »

Ndimaona ngati ndimaona ndine ndekha mkumangosoka pakamwa mkumaseka cha muntima. Many go there coz they are desperate Akuti kufuna kupikisana ndi ma colleague. Ine olo amandithira doom mkamwa bola ndikhale ndi MSCE yanga ya pa Mary mount ndithu.


Ine ndine ntumbuka wa ku Mzimba koma Iwe 75. Why always talk about Lomwes. do you fear them or umasilira utakhala mulomwe. Please you can change your tribe and become lomwe. They say if you cannot defeat them just join them.


Congrats Bwana
Mutithandize kuno ku Kanjedza to stop this 24 hour disco music from bottle stores from Mr. Chisesele’s buildings. Regulate the closing time and noise for Bottle stores.
Thanking you in advance Bwana IG. God Bless you as you sort out human right abuses like we are facing in Kanjedza from these bottle stores who have their rights to make noise and we people have no rights to complain about this violation of our right to peaceful and noise free environment.


This is a good catch. Kachama is a very good gentleman.

Rudolf Phiri
I strongly suspect that this seat ( IG position) is being warmed up for a Lhlomwe, Duncan Mwapasa who is currently guard commander ( incharge of Presidential security) who is now commissioner of Police. To prove my point, watch out for the appointment of the next Deputy Inspector General to replace Kachama, I bet Duncan Mwapasa is taking that position. The trouble with people rising to those positions without never having run a region as commissioner or served as deputy commissioner is that they come to the position with little operational experience, like Mukhito did. of course Mwapasa was Officer… Read more »
Concerned citizen
IG L Kachama congratulations, and may God continue to bless you and your family. The idea of partnering with an institution of higher learning is the way to go, to motivate and transform the service. May I ask the whole country to not just criticize when you have no clue of the achievements a leader has. Why is there such JEALOUSY in a majority of us? I feel this is an area which needs to be addressed and addressed fast. It is bringing about self destruction. For those that formulate the primary school curriculum, please factor the evils of “Jealousy”… Read more »

What a dull country Malawi is! People are still thinking 1960 colonial way. That is why people are using their hard earned money to buy degrees from MIM, Shareworld, Skyway, BCC etc in order to be respected yet this is money which they could wisely invest in other more meaningful projects. Even in EU countries and US a truck record is more important than academic papers. Malawians are dull. Kuphunzira si ma degree okha.

Environmental scientist
Environmental scientist

I agree with you.thats why I will never respect people with papers from the institutions you have mentioned useless

Wailing Soul

Mugonapamuhanya! Yea kuphunzira sikufika??? That’s why you say such a “truck”record>kkkkkkk I wonder if the truck record is from a Freighliner or a Hino.kkkkk Truck record shaaah!


Timati “Track record” osati “Truck Record” ! Koma umbuli pa Malawi!

Aya Ngonde

congrat. I feel proud as a teacher to see one of my students rise to that position. Great men will always be known by their fear of the Lord. We still cherish ur humility ku limana and mpingo at large.

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