New Malawi ‘celebirty’ hot couple: DJ Nathan Tunes and Hazel Mak

There is a new hot celebrity couple in town, DJ Nathan Tunes and diva Hazel Mak.

DJ Nathan Tunes and Hazel Mak

DJ Nathan Tunes and Hazel Mak

The “Kiss Milomo” and “Lose It” stars have superficially become deeply in love since Hazel returned home from the UK in September, a couple of months after Nathan’s return from the Queen’s land.

They have been inseparable lately! The couple, born Nathan Mwale and Hazel Makunganya, has been spotted together displaying their intimacy in public.

The two lovebirds have also been sharing photos on social media proudly declaring how much they love being a twosome.

“I’m so proud of Nathan Tunes he works so hard and there’s nothing more appealing than an ambitious man! I look forward to a wonderful future with him and building an empire together. #Powercouple”, Hazel Mak shared on Facebook recently.

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32 thoughts on “New Malawi ‘celebirty’ hot couple: DJ Nathan Tunes and Hazel Mak”

  1. Viyazi Tembo says:

    My comment reserved…………..

  2. ombewe a mu Blantyre says:

    celebrities my foot,does any one of u writers knw who a celebrity is?plz google asap,,,n a nyasa please provide us with news zenizeni osati akaponjonjo mwawaika apawa,,mukutti amakhala kut?

  3. Mbiri says:

    Koma akakupatsa mimba mmene ati athawile vumbwe ameneyu?

  4. Wisest One says:

    Iyaaaaaaaa.Taona zibwenzi za ma hot celebz ife.. sizinazi

  5. pwefu says:

    Awa use tikuwamanya yayi celebrity Chani apa, bola akanati piksy gwamba or k-man amziwika ndi Malawi, awa poti anali Ku UK basi asanfuka maceleb, koma Malawi sazatheka. Kkkkkk

  6. za zii! poti ndi nokhanokha

  7. X says:

    It really annoys me how some Malawians like to have some sort of imaginary moral high ground. Laughable, actually. Nothing wrong with how they look. Nothing wrong with their ambitions. Nothing wrong with their love.

    Everything wrong with commentators that live horribly mediocre lives and make themselves feel better by criticizing others from behind a computer screen.

    And if everything about them is not to your liking or preference, keep it moving. No one cares.

  8. TheScientist says:

    All I see ndizauchitsiru zokhazokha apa. Who are these people?? Celebrity my foot. We already agreed pa Malawi Palibe mbalame zotchedwa celebrity. These two chamba smokers shud get some education. Instead of being busy helping to reducing poverty of this country, ur silly showing your sticky berries distracting young people. This must be stopped. Ma rubbish!!!

  9. redeemed says:

    Pachizulu amati “manje thina siyenzeni” meaning “so what are we to do”. Please media, mind you that you play a significant role role to the society both local and abroad. We rely on you to keep us in constant informed of the events that prevail back their at home. I am so disappointed that last night there was a devastating incident that occured in on of the villages and I was so determined to read more about it on nyasa as I reackon it to be worthy more news than this, instead you are busy meddling your nose in other peoples private lives. I mean how will this news benefit us as regular readers who barely know the couple?.

  10. mogasa desciple says:

    za jealous basi. ingovomerani akapolo inu kuti zuukuwawani. ndani mwa inu amene sangafune kudya nawo ma offals amenewa? just go to your regular che mussa rats and leave these kids alone.

  11. rasta says:

    Pochita sitiona ndolo.. Akunama panga mochuluka mpaka ndoloyonizagwepo yokha

  12. Malume says:

    Hazel mak,mkazi ali ndi mbuyo uyu!

  13. yunusu says:

    Muzikamba nkhani zenizeni nde mukufuna tiziagwadira

  14. Good Citizen says:

    It’s a private issue… kodi inu munayamba mwalembako za chibwezi chanu chija?

  15. waseme says:

    Aaaaaaaaaa amalawi ma comment

  16. feooka says:

    The girl looks like Brenda Fassie

  17. Zilipano says:

    Mwana wanga nkhuku yoweta sagula pa mtsika. Mmene akuonekeramo nkusunga khomo? Nanga pa mchombo ndipoikanso ndolo?

  18. KAMBWE says:

    inde inde Dumi …mwana mtonga ameneyo

  19. Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW) says:

    Za zii. Kuchindana komweko? There’s no money in showbiz pa Malawi. U YO won’t put food on the table. Grow up and find a real man

  20. ngerengere says:

    Nanga mchombo ndi chithu choti uzionesa kwa aliyense ndiye makolo amwamuna ndi abale ake aziti chani

  21. Joseph Maonga says:

    Look at the girl’s dressing. And one thinks to marry such a nude girl, what for? And again look at the boy, does he have any sense of humanity? Anyway you better get married since you are of the same likes and out of your mind.

  22. Enock Gideon says:

    congrats guys, akunama ( Liyaya layaya) alibo

  23. True Son says:

    Chimozi mozi kupanga chibwenzi ku tarven…mkaz wandolo pamchombo!!makolo mkumati mwana wapeza mkazi??hahahahaha

  24. Hazel's mother inlaw says:

    Is the my son serious. How can he show us a wife-to-be when she is showing us her navel or her MCHOMBO. The chombo is in is it earing or naveling?

  25. Watson says:

    Looking nice…be wonderful role models for the teens, they are looking up to you. All the best!!

  26. xedog says:

    aaaaa mawonekedwe a munthu wamkazi amenewo? koma akazi aku Malawi analowa devaluation

  27. Andrew says:

    Tsopano mkaziyutu akuoneka mwauchimbalangondo bwanji

    1. The Analyst says:

      But how about mamunayu? Does he not look the same? Ngati mkazitu akuoneka mwauchigawenga so does mamunayu. Ngati akuoneka mwa u celeb, so does mamunayu. Ngati . . .

      “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” – Anonymous

      Lets not discriminate, lest we be accused of perpetrating gender-based violence!

  28. pinango says:

    Palibe chikutikhuza ife apa. Nafenso tinapangapo zibweni.

  29. john says:

    Kkk power couple?

    1. bad man says:

      akufuna apange empire

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