New ministry approach for Trans World Radio Malawi

Trans World Radio (TWR) has finally caught up with modern technology by decommissioning its Shortwave transmission from Manzini, Swaziland to South and Central Africa covering Malawi.

Chombo:TWR Malawi adjusts to reality

Chombo:TWR Malawi adjusts to reality

TWR Malawi Board Chair Justice  Esmie Chombo made the announcement Thursday in Lilongwe during a cocktail reception for its business partners and friends.

She said that TWR will now concentrate its work via its national FM work.

“Most of you here would recall the pingles either early each morning and evening. This was on Shortwave from Manzini, Swaziland. Those were the years from late 70’s all through the 80,s and 90’s when you heard the likes of Pearson Chunga.”

She said that after almost 30 years, it is imperative that TWR Malawi adjusts to reality of business and ministry.

Under the title “Beyond 30:  A new Business and Ministry Approach for TWR Malawi,” the reception is a part of a briefing and recruitment exercise where TWR is setting up a Thousand Member Team (TMT) where each willing person would commit to give a minimum of 50,000 Kwacha to support God’s work in Malawi.

Chombo said that her Board has had to make tough decisions to keep its core mission of Reaching Malawi with the Word of God so that lasting fruit is produced.

“I can report here, that earlier this year, we had to downsize on operations in order to sustain the core mission. This affected some staff, programmes and commitments. And we are making great progress.”

She thanked partners and friends for the support to TWR but also appealed to government to increase advertising for private stations especially like TWR which she said has national coverage and is “a mother Christian station” amongst over 30 radio stations in the country.

Renown economist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Henry Kachaje made a special presentation titled Wealth Prosperity, Riches, Abundance God and You. Being a Board Member for TWR, Kachaje appealed to partners to invest in God’s work. He said that finding a thousand people in Malawi each of whom giving a minimum of 50,000 Kwacha in a year can greatly help TWR make huge progress and impact more lives for this and coming times.

A similar cocktail reception is expected to be held in Blantyre before end of November.

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Muhammad Ayami

I would like to be part of this move. How do wevreachu with our contributions ? I accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour coz of initiatives like the radio.


The problem with TWR is run by religious leaders from CCAP that have limited vision. All over the world today Christians that are having impact both in media b it Television ,Radio and print are Charismatic movement . The best selling Christian Authors in the world are charismatic born again . People like Asime combo ,Yassin are in CCAP churches how do you expect it to grow ? The answer is simple change of leadership and vision

Che Tepeka

With God all things are possible I can see TWR transforming with dedicated members of the board like the ones present


Transworld radio is a very historical station which kept me leap with joy when I caught it in my transistor radio. Please rxpand your financial mobilization mechanisms. One way. Open up interactive programs promote peoples welfare for their spiritual and economic growth. Network with donors like christianAid, NORAD etc. Promote artwork branded with Transworld Radio I.e caps, rings, t-shirts. Network with dedza pottery for mugs etc

Dzonzi Yoffat

In two years time MK50,000 will be worth 50% less of its value now. Not sustainble. Malawi economy is in a cashgate state.



Victor Kaonga
Thank you for the very constructive comments following this story. Be assured that TWR is working on a number of things to improve. Issues of aggressive marketing have been considered. We continue making changes in programmes in response to audience demands and most such expected from January. The Board and Management have plans to ensure TWR is sustainable financially. We appreciate your concerns on the sustainability of TWR. Apart from advertising and sale of airtime, TWR believes in giving its listeners and friends an opportunity to be blessed by God through their giving. Being locally run, it also means the… Read more »
This is a bad idea. At start it looks good But not sustainable. This is same mistake SCOM is also making that a ministry 50 years still relying on peoples pockets for salaries???? That’s a sign of leadership bankruptcy. You might find 1000 people first years later you will have 20 only remaining. Scom has same problem whereby it has leadership at helm that no longer bring in new ideas but continue on and on. Its time this ministry also changes its Secretariat’s leadership if progress is to be seen otherwise every good idea will just die. You need young… Read more »
Mulopwana Wa Mamwene

But improve on your programs/programming, your market strategy, your presenters must jack up when presenting programs, let radio come close to its listerners as it used to be. Otherwise Trans World Radio could have not suffered financially, it is an old radio and with all what it takes to be radio and make its own income. All the best TWR, you have been a blessing to many of us

Akim Banda Nthendiam

Good Idea

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