New Miss Malawi UK crowned: Thandi Mkandawire

A stunning second year architecture university student and part time dancer, actress and singer Thandi Mkandwire, was on Saturday evening crowned the new Miss Malawi UK beauty queen during a colourful pageant which was held at the Deco, in Northampton.

From Mzimba with beauty, Thandi Mkandawire

From Mzimba with beauty, Thandi Mkandawire

Thandi Mkandawire crowned Miss Malawi UK 2015

Thandi Mkandawire crowned Miss Malawi UK 2015

Over to you, Rose Mmangisa hands over crown to Thandi

Over to you, Rose Mmangisa hands over crown to Thandi

Thandi and her runners up

Thandi and her runners up

Tay Grin entertaining the audience

Tay Grin entertaining the audience

Thandi and some organisers

Thandi and some organisers

As it were after being crowned Miss Malawu IK

As it were after being crowned Miss Malawu IK

The event was co-hosted by Malawian based hip-hop award winning artist Tay Grin and former pageant’s second princess Agatha Phiri.

Thandi, originally from Mzimba and based in Bradford, was crowned the new Miss Malawi UK after a combination of dancing talent, beauty and brains which floored a panel of judges, including online Pamtengo Radio DJ MC Chijota, Phiona Guga, Bertha Masangwi and Malawian based lawyer and singer Davis Njobvu.

The audience was also given a chance to vote and according to results which Nyasa Times accessed, Thandi was unanimous winner beating other five contestants.

It was clearly in all categories including the cat-walking and questions time that Thandi was the first among equals, the fairest of them all, and a beauty with a purpose who would be a pillar of the Malawi Queen UK organisation’s charity objectives.

First and second princess were Ellen Gram and Mellissa Bonelli respectively.

When Thandi’s name was announced as winner, the crowds erupted in unanimous cheers.

In white long dress, Thandi stepped majestically in front giving a beauty wave to the audience, smiling like a queen and cutting a humble figure.

Her predecessor Rose Mmangisa was handy to crown her as deservedly the new Miss Malawi UK 2015.

In a post-crowning interview with Nyasa Times, Thandi said:” I am so happy, like am so shocked. I just want to meet everybody out there.

“Words can’t express the feeling I had when they announced out that I have won Miss Malawi UK crown.

“I wanted to win so much because I wanted to make my family proud and it’s made me so happy to be the new Miss Malawi UK.”

Thandi said she will be committed to the charity work that Miss Malawi UK organisers will set up for her office.

“I’ll have a full calendar of events ahead,” Thandi said.

“But for now I’m just enjoying the feeling of winning.”

This year Miss Malawi UK is supporting orphans in Malawi for their education and Thandi said she will commit herself to the “worthwhile charity.”

Her mother who attended the event was ecstatic.

“I am very proud,” she said.

Organiser Kondi Bowoyeke Munthali said he was “pleased” with the way the event was run this year and thanked people who supported the pageant including organisers.

During the contest, a far much great improvement from previous shows, and indeed unique, Tay Grin performed live.

There were also some lighter moments when socialite Phyllis Sweetjuice and Gitta Phiri took to stage to satirise Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s recent ‘miracles’.

“Can I prophesy?” said Phyllis as Gitta joined in: “Who has an iPad? I want to capture?”

And then they mimicked Bushiri’s recent ‘walk in the air’ miracle with some shouting “go deeper!!”

After the contest, it was time for an after party where there was fun, joy and the drama.

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32 thoughts on “New Miss Malawi UK crowned: Thandi Mkandawire”

  1. PKM says:

    So far 2015 is the best ever miss Malawi show has been done in UK, this is what we call improvement. Mainly there was two qualities Tay Grin & newly crowned miss Malawi (Thandi). Surely Tay Grin was the super star of the night. The real entertainer, That’s how the host has to be, keep up guys good things like this that’s the way u get sponsors.

  2. HAROON says:


  3. i miss kamuzu says:

    i would sell one of my kidneys to shawuwa that chick

  4. ALOSWEA says:

    What is beauty ???

  5. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkkk Mzimba and Rumphi kukhalako munthu woyera mmmmmm kkkk siwaku mzimba or Rumphi they are always black as chalk ndipo sindikunama.

  6. chisomo says:

    Our yardstick of beauty in Malawi is about being plum and natural. She qualifies as a beauty pageant in the west. Nothing Malawian.


    Plz go to the village n choose the real Miss Nyasaland

  8. KAMBWE says:

    Anthu akumpoto amafuna azioneka kulikonse komwe ali….Mtumbuka uyu..shaaaa

  9. womenslib says:

    Why not a darker skinned beauty with natural hair? I can see Malawians in the UK are using the standards of white people to judge beauty. Just because one is light skinned (fake or not) does not make one beautiful. The real beauties are in the villages. They don’t wear hair extensions. They use dubious skin lighteners and they don’t use affected foreign accents. She is not a true Malawian beauty. Sorry.

  10. chatonda says:

    All the best. Ife we are back to slavery under the current leadership. Modern slavery for that matter where people willl have no soap, sugar, salt and food to eat as the poverty has deepen into the houses and hearts of the poor Malawians. Consider your mums and uncles back home.

  11. C Sekeani says:

    …She’s gat what it takes to be ‘a’beauty!

  12. changalikandu pwagu says:

    There’s no beauty in Malawi, even in the Malawian Diaspora. What I see here is second class beauty. The Ethiopians and South Africans, where real beauty resides, would be laughing at this if they cared enough to look. Keep cheating yourselves.

  13. Brenda Boma says:

    it’s ok to live in UK and join Miss Malawi contest, the girls have a purpose. They can be beautiful and living in Malawi but if they are not educated they have no purpose.

  14. redeemed says:

    I bet UK is more or less heaven, we are now getting tired of UK this UK that. There are far more important issues that needs our attention. After all this will not solve the economic predicament back at home. I would appreciate more if we were to hear of ordinary citizens from poor backgrounds being afforded a life time opportunities to turn there lives around.

  15. Zefania Kabotolo says:

    Nadi nadi mwana ngwakutowa chomeni. Sanje yayi!!

  16. Ndiwedi mbambande Thandi. Kadona ka kachi Malawi koning’a pa mimba ngati chivano chamavu. Maintain your body structure even if uzabereke. Kukalamba ndiwe mwini wake kusadzisamalira pokudya none health food and no exercises. Ndiwedi ka njale.

  17. abale says:

    This girl is beautiful,

  18. waitha says:

    Kodi uyu sanamuwonese maliseche bwanji? Masiku ambiri akati Miss Malawi ndimawona atavala mthethe ndi ka bra zimene zili maliseche kumene.

  19. Zangazatha says:

    Atumbuka nzeru plus ma looks

  20. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Will you marry me?

  21. duduzi says:

    Ndiye mana Mtumbuka ameneyo pakakhala kuti pakufunika QUALITY and no QUOTA is used mum’peza koma mukati ayi …tiye nazoni …Mphwepa basi….ndiye matolatolawa……mitundu yinayi njothandizira amfumu kuledzera ….ali ndi zawo amazidziwa bwino monga nyau, kulima fodya, kukwela mayi awo owabereka…kumavina pa anthu masana mabere ali njo pamtunda ati kusunga chikhalidwe chawo…tiye nazoni…….ndagodutsamo…….

  22. NYANI WAMKULU says:

    Sizokuti muziwayendesa ma Bar komanso muzigona nawo atsikanawa
    Ndinu azibambo okwatira paja mumawanamiza kwambiri.

  23. jUDGE says:

    Perfect choice!. She has all the beauty, height and smile to compete favourably at global level. Koma chonde osalowetsapo za ma tribe apa.

  24. marika says:

    Akuti mkazi wokongola sakhala ndi chimbina ayi. Ndiye ngati muli ndi chithako sindinu okongola koma oyenda malonda pa buziness. Mwamuona Miss Malawi, anabadwa mwa chizungu osati chimbina kuno ngati hule, mudzasowa banja. Congratulations Miss Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Eeee thats good let me appreciat she gatter some wonderful looks anayeneradi kuwina

  26. Kabilaboza Kabuka ( KK 2020 ) says:

    Thandi bola akhale wabwino mzonse. All the best young lady

  27. Jim Chambo says:

    why have Miss Malawi in the UK. If you live in UK you are British, compete in the Miss UK otherwise go home and compete in Miss Malawi. I reckon there are more beautiful girls in Malawi, these girls in the UK would not stand a chance.

    1. jUDGE says:

      If this girl cannot stand a chance, then that country is not Malawi.

  28. nyambose says:

    Mzimba ndi kawawa kuli asikana a ma brains palibeso mzimba ndi rumphi kuli asikana a nzeru mumaukwatiso amakhala, if u want a woman go ku mzimba and rumphi u will find a good wife material plus ma brains yomweyo thandi mzimba woye.

  29. NEd says:

    zama miss miss nthawi zambili amasankha nkhwangwa koma apa pokha nde ndavomeleza,zilibwino,mwana wa mkazi anabadwa uyu

  30. Pat says:

    Honestly Thandi deserved the crown, unlike what happened last year, the loser becomes the winner(miss matofutofu) no wonder people we dont kniw her. Power to people was a better way of voting.

  31. mbuzi says:

    bushir wavuta eti mpaka pa UK contest???

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