New twist to Kanyika Global Metals mining: Friends of Mabilabo threatens to takeover

Friends of Mabilabo (FOM) on Sunday threatened to takeover affairs of Kanyika Niobium Mining which is currently being run by an Australian Company, Global Metals.

Inkosi Manilabo welcoming friends of Mabilabo Left is Dr Peter Chinoko and to the right is Chrispine Sibande

Inkosi Manilabo welcoming friends of Mabilabo Left is Dr Peter Chinoko and to the right is Chrispine Sibande

DHO Dr Alinafe Mbewe briefing reporters

DHO Dr Alinafe Mbewe briefing reporters

Globe Metals has been accused of eroding the livelihoods of villagers in the area by degenerating them into abject poverty.

Speaking when the grouping was donating mattresses and bed sheets at Mabilabo Health Centre on Sunday, FOM Chairperson, Chrispine Sibande said the grouping has decided to run the affairs of Kanyika after reports indicated that Global Metals have failed to run the mine by not considering the welfare of the people around the area.

“We have long term vision for this area and one of them is to take over welfare of Kanyika Mining so that people of Mabilabo starts benefitting from their mining,” said Sibande.

During the function, Sibande announced that the grouping has formed Mabilabo Development Council so that the institution can be able to look into the affairs of the area on broad aspect.

Some of the people in the newly established council include Dr Peter Chinoko, Daniel Phiri, Chrispine Sibande, Mr Mthunzi, Mr Chidumula Jere and others.

Receiving the donation Mzimba district Commissioner, Thomas Chirwa commended FOM for the donation.

Mzimba District Health Officer Alinafe Mbewe admitted that her office is getting pressure especially with challenges which health centres are going through.

Inkosi Mabilabo and Member of Parliament for the area Deliwe Ngoma thanked Friends of Mabilabo for the timely donation which was wealth K1.4 million.

Apart from Emfeni, mattresses will also be distributed to Luwerezi and Mkoma Health centres.

Friends of Mabilabo have 80 members from different career background.

The Kanyika Niobium Mine will be the first of its kind in Africa but the fourth in the world after two other mines in Brazil and one in Canada.

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20 thoughts on “New twist to Kanyika Global Metals mining: Friends of Mabilabo threatens to takeover”

  1. Teketeke says:

    Hahahahaaa! So your council could afford only K1.4m only? Muli mwavindere mwekha-mwekha! What is 1.4 million Malawi Kwacha to an area?

  2. kkkkkkkkk says:

    This tribe is made up of total mad people. What is it that I am hearing? The Tumbukas are now possessing mine now. lets wait and see.

  3. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:


  4. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Bambo siwande mwasiya za uloya kodi what you sre doing now is barbaric and misleading tawetengani ksye agreenent between thr the govt and glove b4 your careless and thoughtless ideas stupid

  5. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Koma lets understand these things fo er expect a company which has just started and even b4 regitering a profit to start social works? They they will use pstt of their capitsl for this which is not recommended give the company time to reap its investment capital make a profit and share it with the villagers also lets know that we cant force a loss making venture to do social works stupid FoM

  6. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    FOM please cool down don’t mislead villagers fitstly read what was agreed between the govt and globe if globe is following the agreement then FoM ideas are careless and useless thoughtless and senseless you think globe can leave the mine to you stupid FoM sfter a very huge investment? Ma hope anga a DHO dont be party to these stupid and useless FoM

  7. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    DHO kissable lipd are single whats ur cell number tapereka pompa tibeere ku north ko udamakhale lonely kona osapanga nao za FOM you will chase away investors kungoti wherever there are mines malawians we expect too much the minerals have been there bwanji sitimakmba tokha paradin global etc abwera ndiye we just wish to be rich overnight stupid people

  8. Mhesha says:

    Kunamizana kumeneko Atumbuka? ! You may have good ideas but you have one inherent weaknesses. don’t love kwanu…that’s it!! If you change that in your minds then bravo!

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    First of all you were supposed to make follow ups on the pledges.

    Kugofikira kulengezetsa plan yolanda m’godi as long term vision. Mmmhhnn.

  10. wez says:

    We need independent in mabilabo area to be his own district the region was left with no facilitys no deviropment pls mr mabilabo do sothing chitukuko chikupita kwa azathu kumtunda kwa mumberwa if oro magesi tilibe tikungosilila azathu pankhameny pafupi ndi inu apo. Enough is enough bwelesani chitukuke kudela lakwani.

  11. Edgar Kadumba Kamanga says:

    I sincerely thanks the organisers for coming up with a such beautiful ideas, God bless you all. Kanyika mining became a serious disease in the land of Inkosi Mabilabo, as one of the son belonging to the soil of Inkosi Mabilabo I strongly support the move done by Gods willing group and sincerely join the group on the basis of a son from Mabilabo.

  12. braveheart says:

    Friends of Mabilabo never formed the forum for kanyika issue.but because kanyika is in mabilabo,looking at the benefits of the project on locals, the remarks were not a threat,but a strong advice to the management of the project to ensure the pipo ar really benefiting. The ceremony was organized for donation of mattresses to hospitals around the area. Thumbs up FOM. Thumbs up MADEC.Brave hearted sons and daughters of vision. Bayete nkosi. Mabilabo ekhaya lwami

  13. Nyamkuleke says:

    Atumbuka kusokoneza nthawi yonseyi simumapanga mining bwanji? Mukumvera Gwalawala osauka ngati ameneyu angachite chain? That’s why the North will be poor for ever. A Tumbuka wake up and allow Globe Metals to exploit mineral wealth. Gwalawala and company can not run the mine.

    Atumbuka atumbuka tulo basi…..

  14. Raymond Kawayi says:

    This is a good cause from friends of Mabilabo!! Speak with one voice on issues affecting the area and the community surely stands to benefit!! It starts small like that!! Bravo guys!!


    Kukaya kwithu ku kanyika

  16. Lowinzie Sibande says:

    Thumbs up FOM. Good start. Next lets date Govt on electricity and decent (tarmac) roads in the area. Let us also share notes on the issue of dividing Mzimba into three or four districts. The job has just started. God bless FOM!!!

  17. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Great effort to appreciate and intervene with a help to our centre! It is our expectations that the materials will improve the infrastructure of our health centre and indeed the service delivery. On kanyika mining, this is where we need to be ‘ what we are with our communities’ I did write some of the fears and implications of the initiative sometime back and I was very assured that every is being taken care by authorities. Now there twist of events. What we have to confer within ourselves is that ‘ our communities have been the custodians of these precious resources since memorial , they deserve decent livelihoods’ as nature appreciates and expects to live in harmony.

  18. luka phiri says:

    Wandiputa koma waona bwinobwono dzimilomodzo

  19. bwangazi says:

    This is the way to go!!!! Iam ps ben botolo got huge somes of money from global metals as kick backs and gave it to peter muthalika for this mine!!!

  20. Wandiputa says:

    Chinanchina a DHO ngokongola ndithu

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