‘Next year people will clap hands for govt’: Goodall talks of reviving Malawi economy

Malawians are increasingly pessimistic about their country’s future with a fragile economy but Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe has drawn up plans for “resurrecting” the country’s economy, which he admitted is ailing.

Goodall promised economy recovery by next year

Goodall promised economy recovery by next year

Gondwe with World Bank Country Manager Laura Kullenburg

Gondwe with World Bank Country Manager Laura Kullenburg

The Finance Minister said Malawi is “passing through difficult times,” which means that even people below [the poverty line] are even more affected.

Gondwe is upbeat that when all measures to recover the economy are taken, by next year Malawians will “clap hands “for the Peter Mutharika led government.

“We have taken bold steps to jump-start the economy and I am certain that next year you will be clapping hands to government,” said Gondwe during the signing ceremony at Capital Hilll in Lilongwe of a financial agreement worth $75 million (about K40.5 billion) between Malawi Government and the World Bank towards Malawi Social Action Fund (Masaf 4) .

He said the Masaf 4 cash injection from World Bank would help ease current economic woes.

According to Gondwe, Masaf intends to strengthen Malawi’s social safety net delivery systems and coordination across programmes.

The project, which is aptly called Strengthening Safety Net Systems by the World Bank, seeks to help reduce poverty levels of about five million poor Malawians by providing work opportunities, cash transfers and grants to raise household incomes.

Through the project, government will focus on investments such as livelihood and skills development interventions and social cash transfers, said Gondwe

He described the project “ very important” in Malawi which has a positive impact on many ordinary people, citing school blocks, teachers’ houses, bridges and roads, health centres, irrigation infrastructures, boreholes and afforestation as some of the projects that have been implemented with support of the Masaf project.

Gondwe said other measures to recover the economy include halting the sharp depreciation of the kwacha against major trading currencies through the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) .

According to local press reports, Malawi’s headline inflation now stands at 22.2 percent in July from 21.3 percent in June and 19.5 percent in May, triggered by rising food prices on account of a weak currency and the deficit in the staple food, maize which has a weight of 50.2 percent in the Consumer Price Index (CPI)—a basket used by government statisticians to compute inflation figures.

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58 thoughts on “‘Next year people will clap hands for govt’: Goodall talks of reviving Malawi economy”

  1. jabulani says:

    Silly old man. Why can he just stop yapping his empty promises?

  2. Zahid Munshi says:

    I trust you nganya!

  3. Pension Nenereko says:

    Mkulu uyu wakalambadi nzeru zabwerera kubwanja – mbwelerela zonkazonka???????????

  4. Bratusha says:

    When we had economic gains during the first term of Bingu administration people mistakenly thought it was because of the mastercraftsmanship of Goodall Gondwe as finance minister. That was a goof a conclusion. The real economic man was Bingu himself. Goodall was just an errand boy. The proof is what we see today . When we have a president of low profile like Peter see how Goodall is dismally performing as finance minister. Whether we like it or not the president shapes the destiny of the nation and that is why it’s called the high office.

  5. Major Prophet Bashiri Maluzi says:

    Kodi a Malawi tulo tathu tinafika pati. This man has been telling us this lie for decades. Goodall is just a name there is nothing in this tired, ailing mnganya that can help Malawi. Zero.

    Just look at those bulging eyes. Boza

  6. zeze says:

    Pple are dying today, who do you think will be there to clap hands for you, pitala or patirisya? Mbuzi yamunthu yopanda mano kunsi. Wait there if you will be there this time next year.

  7. jimbo says:

    GG promises to ‘halt the sharply depreciating kwacha against major trading currencies’ by next year. He does not say how he will achieve this economic miracle. If he knows the answer, why does he not do it NOW? Promises, promises, promises, this is all the government can offer. Not one word about HOW it will achieve these promises. Considering the dire state in which Malawi finds itself now, it is impossible to bring about any noticeable change in just one year. These words of GG should be remembered in a year’s time and we will see who will be clapping then and for what, if indeed there is any clapping at all.

  8. chimwemwe says:

    Goodall you have lost your mind with a deprecaiting and unstable currency no one can invest in Malawi, just resign gracefully. Kwacha is bleeding, no funding to hospitas, Road traffic horror, Government bankrupt and you say we will clap hands. Must say again DPP you are out of touch with the publics problems

  9. Dwambazi says:

    Clap hands for who????

  10. Pessimist wamkulu says:

    He sees no any problem with povos who cannot afford a decent meal,while he has a chigubu of unfinished orange squash beside him.Anthu tikungokhakira kusewera bawo muma lunch time ndikumwa thobwa.Zoona akukayankhula za 2016?

  11. Patriot says:

    Who told you kuti mufika chaka cha mawa nkhalambanu?

  12. Pedro says:

    His plans are economically redundant, Malawi needs 21st century economics.

  13. Jwa Kuganda says:

    Some idiots thought cement bags and iron sheets would be falling from the sky with these self serving DPP ‘leaders’. Now everyone knows better. They are asking us to wait for 2016, apparently hoping to do another ‘trick’ like the one they did to prop the Kwacha. Is this what they meant when they said they would hit the ground running?

  14. ziphaliwali says:

    goodall ukutanthauza kuti pakali pano iwe ndi Pitala mulibe njira yothetsera mabvuto tikukumana nawo pano. Kodi ndi nonse omwe muli clueless? You are indeed a disgrace, Mbimbi za ma politician. Resign or else …

  15. Big doggy says:

    hahaaa lets work hard a Malawi sitidya ndale

  16. bob mzunga says:

    Goodall Gondwe hahaha

  17. Darton says:

    Ukunama Godall Gondwe panopa vuto ndi chani Manfestor anu tiri nawo mpaka 2019

  18. Darton says:

    Why Goodall Gondwe,will you be liar till when?Gods eyes is upon you,the very wicked man in Malawi,man of lies,why not say the truth.We were,we are and we will be, yes we aretired of your lies.How long have you been on the sit but nothing to change only it goes bad and worse.I know that you have used to say the oposite so the oposite of Hapness is Sadnes.Yes we are going to cry in 2016 more than now.Maidya mmene umadyera ndi banja lako koma ovotafe tikulira tikuvutika

  19. Badest Gondwe says:

    But why can’t we start seeing change right away now? Why wait till next year? What’s wrong with today?

  20. Mwethu says:

    Am afraid, very afraid, not of the poverty but that man himself, without glasses he looks mean, dictatorial, untruthful, and outright devilish. The glasses really hide the wicked nature of this man!!

  21. Yaya kumudzi says:

    ……,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,///// I HOPE THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR OF MAPWEVU-PWEVU………..!!!!

  22. yohane Khofi says:

    Gentlemen dont listen to politicians. They sold are companies to Indians. We should prepare to suffer heavily as we move on. They don’t have solutions. What can $75m do to ur dead economy. You can’t buy two Chelsea football players.

  23. wids says:

    All people will be dead then and who will clap those hands if you are failing to deliver maize even to Zingwagwa admarc. This government is a complete failure

  24. Nazizwa says:

    Did you tell us that in your Manifesto to wait until 2016? The advantage is that I’m a voter and I’ll know what to do……………

  25. Jembe says:

    The sad reality of uchindere wa APM is that our pension is getting eroded by the day. Even those clapping hands for him will one day face the same reality when they pocket the equivalent of USD10 at the time of retirement. Ask Zimbabweans and you understand what I am talking about. Malawians let us wake up!

  26. Kamanu says:

    Okay? We are here to see.

  27. The real ujeni says:

    On what projection? Tell us what the mining sector will do, Agriculture, Tourism, and other sectors? Don’t just dream madala. Already Electricity supply is none existence, roads are pathetic to hot spots that can help develop the country.

  28. Nsanje says:

    How is this going to reduce bank interest rates?

  29. changu says:


  30. ntombela says:

    Kutilimbitsa ntima ndi bodza kuti kuti tiziti mukuphika kenakake koma ai ndithu kuopakuchotsedwa ntchito nsanga,komabe tionana 2019

  31. jkm says:

    Do not give us false hopes Hon. Gondwe. It will take more than a year and a revolutionised way of doing things to turn things around. We do not need quick fixes…all we want is the government to put in place measures that will produce long term remedies which you do not seem to be doing at the moment.Tikukuonanitu!

  32. alhomwe atilaula says:

    Pliz tell Malawians the truth, mwapatsidwayo ndi ngongole and u will be required to pay it back with interest! Considering how the economy is right now muzapeza kuti ndalama zoti mubwenze? Mukufuna mukamazachoka muzasiyire anzanu mavuto. You r heartless you DPP guys, dziko lathu simulikonda olo pang’ono. The truth is ndalama zimezi mudya ndipo sizigwira ntchito. Kodi nanga currency swap munapanga ija mupeza kuti ma dollars oti mubwenze, kumanamiza anthu kuti mwapanga matrick, zomvetsa chisoni kwambiri!

  33. Zikomo kwambiri, tsono musamangolonjezatu ngati ife ana, muzunzitsa mizimu yambiri mdziko muno.

  34. Rover says:

    Chinkhope ngati akuseta.

  35. ankhoma says:

    this old man is trying to buy time. why next year not this year? remember what you told us during campain. this is august and you are telling us to wait till next year yet we’re dying with poverty. pliz be serious.shame on you.you think we are fools.know that we are tired with your govt.

  36. Wilson Dickson says:

    This minister must be stupid. How come that he says malawians will clap hands to gvt next year. Let me remind him that it is gvt’s duty to ensure that the economy is in shape. Achieving one’s duty does not call for thanks.

  37. MG 2 says:

    Thats good idea

  38. chiya says:

    goodall is mbuzi, peter is big mbuzi, they dont even know what to do now. kumanokodzebwa . the worst is yet to come fuel akakwera posachedwapa.

  39. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Are you sure Goodall kuti anthu akakumba miseu ya fumbi, the economy will forge ahead?
    Have you run out of ideas?

  40. ANGITAU says:

    Wadada Gondwe,hear me.Why clap hands?You are just doing your job to revamp the economy and you are paid for that by our tax money.Your lack of seriousness is seen by your timing.NEXT YEAR NO WAY.NO HANDS WILL BE CLAPPED.CHECK MY WORDS THIS MONTH NEXT YEAR.

  41. Najere Chitekwe says:

    Auzeni a Baddall Gondwe avale magalasi. Akuopsa without magalasi

  42. Nyama Banda says:

    Goodall think it fisrt before coming up with these lies ————–lead agalatiya 6-7-10 mark my words

  43. jack Phalombe says:

    If you are waiting Politicians to bring food in your plate likely you will die of hunger. Malawi has many opportunities that you can dig on.

  44. ANGITAU says:

    THIS IS AUGUST,2015.

  45. KK says:

    Which means even those who are dying because of no drugs in hospitals now will wake up next yr and clap hands for the government? Shame on you.

  46. Zaire says:

    So we won’t be suffering till next year?
    So there will be no drugs in hospitals till next year?
    What if it doesn’t happen by next year?
    Are you talking for the sake of stupid president and ur job or for the country’s sake?
    Do you suffer?
    Everything is obnoxious at present.
    Talk of blackouts, hunger,depreciation of our currency, etc.

    I ask myself sometimes “who is better btwin Pta and JB?
    Bcoz all this was not like that when you came into power.
    You promised a lot but nothing tangible has been done apart from the ” universal cryal “,stupid!

  47. Hitler says:

    Why not this year?

  48. Blessed Banda says:

    If the social cah transfer will be the same projects of repairing roads using hoes, then we are accelerating poverty. None of those roads stand a test of time beyond one month during the rainy season and barely weeks during dry season. Developed countries never built their roads with hoes, These foreign based developed projects are damaging our country, accelerating erosion and poverty. Think of other projectsand not roads.

  49. Omex70 says:

    Goodall Gondwe, you better shut up your stupid and stinking mouth. That’s empty promises.

  50. nganga says:

    Tachionene chi Badall! Run out of ideas!

  51. Complex says:

    Don’t promise us the moon if you cannot give us a decent life now. We wanted your action yesterday and not tomorrow. Our suffering is growing by each passing day. If you fail to resurrect the economy come next year ‘when?’, then be sure to leave office for me at once!

  52. Mbiyazodooka says:

    The sad story of the Malawi economy is that it has been subjected to politically induced challenges since 1994. We have witnessed these sour relationships with the International Cooperating Partners in almost all administrations since Muluzi and these developments have kept on bringing us back to extreme poverty. We hear sentiments like zero deficit budget or zero aid budget being touted yet deep down in their minds they know that this economy cannot survive without handouts from donors. So Mr. Goodall, there is no better policy you can devise other than to stop stealing and human rights violations so that you live in harmony with the donors who feed you. You have failed to come up with tangible policies to enhance the productive and export capacity of the country hence your short term strategy is to remain in harmony with those that have money to pump into this perpetually malfunctioning economy.

  53. Martin Mtambo says:

    Hon.Minister,be reminded that we are paying bills today and going through all these economic hardships today,not tomorrow or next year.How on earth could you tell a patient requiring an immediate surgery to wait till tomorrow for their life saving service?Aren’t you one of those people who pushed the Electoral body to declare Peter the winner despite the Commissions confession of rampant irregularities during the May general elections?You promised to transform the country’s once you take over the reigns of power.Now is the time to showcase your economic transformation prowess.,prove your worthiness or else throw in the towel and others take over from you.We are sick and tired of your endless lies and excuses.

  54. Zagwa says:

    Dada Gondwe, are you serious on the timeframe? Do you see how the citizenry is reproducing? Even if we were to be producing enough food for ourselves, one year is still a far fetched imagination! Come out of your cocoon (which by the way is funded by our tax) and sample the daily life of an ordinary Malawian, then see if it fits in with what you are saying. Unfortunately you won’t even be able to see this comment as I am reliably told you are sadly “computer intolerant” and horribly arrogant.

  55. School and university leavers want jobs. They are piling up in their parents homes in large numbers. It is absolutely absurd to be talking about boreholes when people need piped water.


  57. Joseph says:

    We know you are happy for retaining your ministerial post but please…. Shut Up!
    Who do you think you are fooling here?

Comments are closed.

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