NFRA staff demand 45% pay rise, down tools: Malawi relief distribution affected

Staff at National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) have started an indefinite strike over of workplace grievances, including demand for pay rise for up to  45 percent.

Strike action at NFRA

Strike action at NFRA

NFRA staff down tools

NFRA staff down tools

Food reserves

Food reserves

Striking support staff spokesperson Jimukase Phiri told Nyasa Times that management effected a  10% salary increment in November 2014 but that was not enough.

Phiri said members of staff at NFRA are the list paid among all the statutory corporations.

On Monday, the management came to address the striking members of staff accusing them of engaging in illegal strike.

NFRA spokesperson Brenda Masanza confirmed that staff downed tools at the headquarters at Kanengo in Lilongwe and presented a petition full of workplace grievances, including demand for pay rise.

Masanza said the workers have been persuaded to resume work while negotiations are  going on

Currently there is fear that relief exercise currently taking place in various parts of the country, following the floods which hit the country ,  might be affected since the World Food Programme tracks are denied entry into the premises to collect the maize.

ADMARC tracks are alsi denied entry to collect maize and distribute in their satellite depots.

Meanwhile, Phiri has disclosed that there is also another fear that maize might discolour due to undrained underground water.

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20 thoughts on “NFRA staff demand 45% pay rise, down tools: Malawi relief distribution affected”

  1. Wailing Soul says:

    Alfred Chauwa, what do you mean in the final but one paragraph that “Admarc tracks” are being denied entry? Can “tracks” move? How can you move the running tracks at the stadium for example?

  2. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Where is Beautify Malawi to take care of rotten maize

  3. Gimbogo says:

    Ziwoneka mapeto ake

  4. galu wa galu says:

    FIRE them all. This is not time to strike. They are taking advantage of the FLOOD victims.

  5. Hoitty says:

    Boma likhalile kumamva izi kungachere? plz Peter act with an iron fist on these strikes like Bingu.Fire them all, especially these not too hard to replace jobs. I remember when Kahuna was alive Minibus owners tried to go on strike it did not reach 3pm. They went back n the roads after Kahuna announced that he will ask AXA to start operating city line buses. Bingu analibe masewera

  6. Bongololo says:

    Ntchito za manja a Peter Mutharika! What a disgrace!

  7. freedom says:

    CEO akulemphera kuwauza anthu chilungamo,ndiwozikonda osafuna kuwauza ma bwana ake chilungamo kuti zithu zinakwera kale kale.The need to overhaul the whole system is highly overdue.anaolesa billions worth of maize and now no hire a new boss who can change the whole system.imagine in most reserves the stacking machines stopped working kale kale hence making people to work manually hence make the job ngati thangata.please get the workers demands with action.some people have been there too long and and they think they are landlords and untouchables.stop keeping people who can not derive .

  8. chete says:

    Eeee simdikudwa

  9. Mwandumbo says:

    Siyani ntchito agalu inu, ulondwa wachimanga does not need science. Mbadza zanu, anthu akufa ndi njala inu mukupanga strike?

  10. kd says:

    boma mumalifuna Lija ndi limenelo ….. inu cardiac arrest ikupezani ngati achimwene anu aja

  11. MBACHI says:

    Just fulfill the promise. If you promise them give them. Ukanama sikuchedwa kucha.

  12. genuinengoni says:

    The striking staff r not wrong, they know NFRA has a lot of money, why do they have two CEOs on the same post getting the same salaries even though one is s graduate while the other is on the job thru political connections. I’ll not b surprised if staff at MERA, ADL, MACRA also follow suit becoz government is paying redundant senior officials who have been posted there and r doing nothing but reading news papers

  13. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Boma lokakamiza ndi choncho. This is contrary to what ought to happen when new gvt is ushered in power. Anthu amayenera azinjoya when there is new govt koma eeeeee mavuto ngosayamba. If its not strikes all over , its no magetsi , no madzi, ma floods , no Mankhwala eish this is a symptom of boma not sanctioned by God. God is trying to teach us Malawians china chake

  14. BigMan says:

    There are no Patriots left in this country. Frankly if this is how these clowns want to behave, I suggest sending in a few black Marias and sending them a message via teargas. This new habit of holding the country at ransom in order to pocket a few more coins is not the way to negotiate in the workplace. Teargas them all, their work is not that complicated, you can hire students to take up some of those roles in the interim.

  15. munthu wabwino says:

    Too bad. Trying to make a killing from a national diaster. Why didn’t they strike in Nov 2014 when the govt effected the 10% salary increase that they accepted?

  16. pitala nzimenezotu,most statutories are getting change of wt friends from other parastatal are getting,wt the goverment would have done is to consider all of us not that we should go on strikes

  17. I see Phiri is denying the truth that maize will discolour due to undrained underground water.

  18. Big problem on top of existing ones.

  19. mutu ukakula sulewa nkhonya.

  20. timing pamalo, [email protected] a good time 4 striking.

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