Ngalande accuses Nankhumwa for facilitating his defeat in mayoral polls

Councillo Louis Ngalande of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has blamed Minister of Local Government and DPP director of elections Kondwani Nankhumwa for facilitating his defeat in mayoral polls for Blantyre City Council.

Ngalande: It is Nankhumwa who instructed councillors to vote for Ndipo

Ngalande said he was poised to win the elections after being backed by the party ranbk and file which did not want lawyer and councillor Noel Chalamanda to retain the title.

“The DPP agreed that we should remove Chalamanda as mayor and I was chosen to be the party candidate. However, Nankhumwa was intimidating some councillors not to vote for me. He said they should vote for Wild Ndipo (who eventually won),” said Ngalande.

He claims he was being tipped by some councilors that they were receiving calls asking them not to vote for him but Ndipo.

But Nankhumwa has denied the claims, saying as much as DPP wanted a new mayor to take over from Chalamanda, the party would not have settled for Ngalande.

During the elections, Ngalande polled three votes but managed to beat Chalamanda who came last with two votes.

In his acceptance speech, Ndipo said his election meant the continuation of projects that were initiated under Councillor Chalamanda.

“I have more respect for Chalamanda and I am looking forward to learning more from him. Together, we initiated beautiful projects for the city and since I was part of his team, it will now be the continuation of whatever we started and move forward to make Blantyre City a better place for all,” he said.

Chalamanda while accepting defeat said he will continue his work as councillor until 2019.

“People have spoken and I respect their decision, I am always available to help. As I am leaving office, I am going a happy man and I should thank all city residents for their support in the two and half years I have been Mayor,” he said.

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In every election whether be in the church or Government etc we expect one to emerge as a winner
Ngalande stop playing blame game. Gracefully accept that you are a looser with a very wide margin .
Don’t make noise people didn’t vote for you that’s why you lost.
Goodbye . Next time don’t join the race you will loose heavrly and you may end up committing suicide


DPP was called all the insults when it lost LL polls yet it lost with a margin of one vote. If it lost the BT vote it would be worse and the opposition would measure this as a failure of the ruling party. DPP councilors knew that Chalamanda was doing his job but to avoid insults they voted a fellow DPP to respect the party and tell the opposition that they are still in control. Chalamanda lost because the DPP wanted to escape insults from the 2014 losers.


Alomwe alomwe mlomwe sayamika angoyendera wakwathu wakwathu koma sukulu ndiyofunikadi


If you cant accept a defeat why joining a race mbuli zachabechabe nchito udobadoba mwachangamuka eti mwazidziwa mochedwa


The human heing is very complicated .I dont even understand why some people still. believe in these people.Southern region government leadership has comoletely failed the whole country..Let us live the way we are


Chalamanda will win again in 2019 because it will not only be Councillors and MPs voting but all eligible voters. My plea to him is that he should maintain his position to stand as an independent candidate.


DPP aaa ndichikhalidwe chanu poti mwaziwana nokha zili bhoo mukudana ku chipani ndiye muzitiuza za Chikondi demeti zanu


Dpp z a very dirty party! All they think about z politics politics and not chitukuko. Tionana 2019. U will pay for this! How dare removing devolopment concious mayor for ur stupid pipo? Timadya ndale ife? U remember how ur previous crap failed on LL and u want this in Btz now? Mutidziwa in 2019…

cry my beloved cout

the function of a malawian head is there just for seperating the ears.honestly how can the ever hard working noel get two votes? Ntchito zamanjaake tonse timadziona what more did we want from him? Fare thee well Noel

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