Ng’ambi bitter with Malawi coach over benching in Swaziland

Malawi national team and Platinum FC midfield dynamo Robert Ng’ambi admits he was left “bitter” after new Flames coach Ernest Mtawali sidleined him in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Swaziland on Saturday.

Ng'ambi: Bitter with benching

Ng’ambi: Bitter with benching

Ng’ambi was never used despite being the only senior professional available for the game.

Mtawali said the midfield workhorse was not given a chance to play because of a groin injury.

But the soft-spoken player, who has acquired a permanent South Africa resident, said he could have done better than some of the players who were given a chance to play.

“I can’t talk much about the performance of the team because every coach has his own strategy. But to tell you the truth it seems that I am no longer needed to be part of this team,” Ng’ambi said.

He said he was not against the coach’s decision but could have made a difference.

“I am not saying that I am against the coach but I feel I could have done better than other players who featured against Swaziland,” he said.

He also hinted that he could snub the next call-up because the coach has lost trust in him.

The newly-appointed coach also dropped captain Joseph Kamwendo, Atusaye Nyondo, Harry Nyirenda, Fischer Kondowe, Esau Kanyenda, Charles Swini, Frank Banda, a decision which Ng’ambi faulted.

“Much as we appreciate that there is a change in the squad it is also very important at look at other areas. We should not have just dropped some of the players because the team lacked maturity,” he said.

Mtawali said he had no regrets to have dropped experienced players.

“I think it will be unfair to suggest that we lacked experience in depth. There are might have been one or two who struggled because they were playing on such a big stage for the first time but I don’t think it could have been any better with the senior players. Maybe I need to clarify that the door has not been closed for those that were dropped,” he said.

Malawi face Tanzania in the World Cup qualifier on 7 October.

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41 thoughts on “Ng’ambi bitter with Malawi coach over benching in Swaziland”

  1. JAPHET KAIRA says:

    Malawians we shud not b cheated by Ng’ambi we know watumidwa so that pple shud turn against the coach,plz stop those politics.kaya kukakhala kumangalange, kaya akakhala d costa ngati wachoka ku injury salowa mgam.

  2. Thocco says:

    Ng’ambi kodi ma experienced players ukunenawo ndie akanayamba kuwinira pa swazilandiyo,mesa mumangoluza ma professional nonse muli momwemo? Zimbabwe inakuchinyani ija mesa inali under 23? Anakuchinyani nonse muli momwemo ndie ukufuna kunena chani? Mtawali waitha ndibwino kumenyetsa anawo than team yoti sitithandiza bcoz ndi ma professional.

  3. Mlauzi says:

    Kwa omwe tinasewerapo mpira tikudziwa kuti ukamakula kuthamanga kumavuta. Nthawi zina ngati usanze magazi. The future is to blend the youth with experience. Anawo azithamanga pamene akuluwo ndi experience yawo aziwachita guide mafanawo and give them confidence

  4. Chiuta watilongozge says:

    What do people mean when they say Malawi used “young players”? All those guys are old. The only truth is that it has taken them time to come to the limelight!!!! Is there anyone in the team that played against Swaziland who is below 20yrs?

    I totally believe Mtawali is afraid of working with experienced guys because they are more likely to speak out their mind. As such, he prefers using his “under 20 tools”. Serious, which rational coach would leave Baggio on the bench and introduce Yamikani Chester for Mhone? When not introduce Baggio in central mid-field (on attacking role) and switch John Banda to the right? If this continues, Mtawali and his team will last a year utmost!!!!!!

  5. vwapuvwapu says:

    A Ng’ambi anthu amakhala pa bench kuyambira kale. Vomerani kuti munafowoka mumaso mwa Coach. kkkkk

  6. sangomaaa says:

    A mtawali uku nde kusokoneza zinthu osat kukonza

  7. Kantocha says:

    enest akupanga zibwana ng’ambi ali boh

  8. manganya says:

    people have talked all sorts of Insult to Ernest. But the only way forward for the team is to blend these youngsters with some few veterans who are in top form out there during crucial matches. You can’t totally discard all the experienced players because there are teams like Egypt,Ivory coast,Ghana and others who are very dangerous in Africa which will require the services of these senior players in future

  9. Paulos Banda says:

    Kodi a Ng’ambi simunamve kuti Mtawali anati saseweletsa dzina?

  10. Trad says:

    The fact still remains that we should have won that game. Sure Ng’ambi was just laughing on the bench anyamata zikuwakanika poyerayera

  11. mbuyache says:

    I hope they r clauses in contract to b given that its performance based for our coaches or out

  12. baggio says:

    We will not talk much now,koma mukamabwela Ku Tanzania ndi ka team KANU kaku under 20. ko if u watch the game between Tz vs Nigeria sitikalimbako kumeneko

  13. baggio says:

    Becareful mr mtawali this Malawi football

  14. jojn jere says:

    Mwayamba udyo a mtawali,blending ikukuvutani!mpaka kuilephera swaziland momwe munatokotera muja!anakuwuzani coach wa swazi kuti mwalakwa kusiya ma players a experience!you dont hv hv my vote on that!

  15. What type of experiance is he. Talking about? Yoluza pakwanu? It was the same youthful team which brought the COSAFA Plate trophy, came the so called experianced players, they lost to Zimbabwe and now the youthful team has done it again what are you talking about. Just stay quite.

  16. macwell Nambuya says:

    I think it could have been better if you had not called him for the game otherwise Baggio had his space in that squad. Next time dont call him and letvus see where that will takevus to.

  17. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Accept the change, we nid new blood in flames squad. Old players u hav failed us alot. CowNg’ambi must zip up his lips, waguga avomereze. This guy is mcp fan eti? I rest my case.

  18. Adam christon Masamba says:

    U start hating Ng’ambi. Because he talking the truth. Are u the realetives of Ernest?, why are u talking rubbish for Ng’ambi? It was like u, how can u feel? And just take u, and then, to put u on bench, u can happy? So, don’t just come here and ur dirty tongue, to speak lot of things about Ng’ambi. So why what harm has he done? U are behind of Ernest what he did? Watch out ur tongue also, don’t tell us ur rubbish, leave alone Ng’ambi neee.

  19. BECHI says:

    Dont worry there is next time. But the biggest question is why did you take Ngambi yet you knew that the player is on injury?

  20. opportunist says:

    We don’t wash dirty linen on the public .What do u think will happen to u Ng’ambi next .Watch your tongue man .

  21. Willie Chimseu says:

    Young & new piayers is the only way forward as far as footbaal is concerned in this country. Veterans tinakudalirani nthawi yayitali you just purport that u will give malawians resuts but to no avail for years as a result capable coaches like kinna & Young lost thier job because of u veterans . Please I beg its over for u & lets give others a chance BRAVO MTAWALI & UR ASSISTANT continue.

  22. Ken says:

    So this is why Young Chimodzi was picking the same players despite criticism from soccer experts as well as the availability of some top local scorers. Theres no guarantee for a player’s place in a team otherwise there will be no competetion among the players.

  23. You must know!!!!!! says:

    experience doesnot matter in football what matters is game time and performance. The so called experienced players are just lotting outside the pith in their respective clubs coz they are not featured due to their poor perfomance. Therefore, there is point of featuring these guys. One can be experienced but with poor performance.kkkkk. Go Mtawali Go, continue featuring this young players who are energetic rather than relying on the so called experienced players who have nothing to offer to us. To hell with your bogus experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. zibwente says:

    May be Ng’ambi yekhayu nditha kumvesa kuti zinalakwika koma zokakamiza nkhalamba zakalekale ndiye ayi. Mtawali just adopt only one experienced players then go ahead with your new team

  25. namkungwi says:


  26. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Even me, i’m not understand Ernet what he did to Baggio. How can u call someone and put him on the bench what for, and what do u mean? Any team, old players tha very important, because are got alot of experience. Ernest don’t start to dissapointing us, it’s still early in morning.

  27. becks says:

    Ngambi zip up your mouth. You are not the only player in malawi. You have failed before. Let other people try their luck

  28. Kanyimbi says:

    Be happy that you were present and start giving advice because your time is coming to an end. Thank the coach that he called you.

  29. Kadakwiza says:

    This coach is not gonna help, Malawi Swaziland game was not friendly. It was a qualification much. And yet our coach used unexperience players. Was he trying to prove a point, all something? We could have won that game. This coach will not help.

  30. gitonga says:

    ChiEnerstchi ndichitsiru kwabasi bwanji chimasiya nkhwantha panja uchitsiru basi chigalu chimtawali

  31. Mpandadzina says:

    I can forsee this coach failing miserably.Why does he hate experienced players?I know he wants the legacy that he built his own team.But everywhere in the world coaches built teams slowly by mixing experienced and new players.Thats what great coaches doSo Ernest you still have a chance chonde osakula mtima kuti sindingatenge team ya Young kapena Kinnah u will go before u realize it.Dont forget u have just been given a year’s contract and the clock is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gwizima says:

    Lets build a team with these young boys that will one day go far in tournaments than these so called veterans have managed. Malawians are always after short term solutions to problems that is why in the long term we have been experiencing problems in areas like electricity. I salute you coaches for being bold enough to drop these old legs.

  33. Chenda says:

    The Flames played very well abroad and making a draw game is the outcome of stiff competition to win. It is a very good beginning for our new coach who should be given enough time to coach the Flames. Thanks Mr Mtawali.

    1. Souja says:

      A draw in swaziland is not an achievement dumb head,it was a must win affair.

  34. Mr Ibu says:

    just retire honorably before you are embarrassed.

  35. Nyenyezi says:

    If Mtawali had no thought to feature Ng’ambi, why calling him to be among the squad? truly thats insult at its best, experience is the best teacher so goes the saying, while we appreciate that young and up-coming footballers have talent, but we are not supposed to totally ignore the old crop who would act as mentors to the young stars. Kapens Enerst ukufuna uzigwiritsa ntchito under 20 yake but remember this is a national team sizapamchenga zakozo all we need is a win. Mtawali was wrong to drop most experienced players palibenso zonyengerana kaye ukwiya, kwiya zako izo.

  36. Captain says:

    You can’t just overhaul a team like that. We understand your ideas but they are ill timed for sure otherwise we’re in for more trouble

  37. dayfri says:

    if we got teams to beat home and away Swaziland is one of them… a coach inu teamuyi mukati muiilowese chi baby zikuvutani?

  38. Saphwera says:

    Ng’ambi Mbali Yanu Munachita Bwino 2010 Panopa Mwatopa Apatseni Ena Mpata Aonetse Luso lawo.

  39. dayfri says:

    baggio panja chipongwe chachikulu…game imene ija timawina madalawa akanalowa….can you compare chester, papa or chimango with baggio penapake Mtawari asatinamize shatapu

  40. WOKHUZIDWA says:


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