Ng’ambi on target as Platinum thump Cosmos

Malawi national team and Platinum Stars international midfielder Robert Ng’ambi on Sunday helped his side to grab the second three points in the new league season as his side beat Jomo Cosmos 2-1 at the Olen Park Stadium.

Ng'ambi celebrates his goal

Ng’ambi celebrates his goal

Stars hanged on and managed to collect full maximum three points despite playing with ten men for about 50 minutes following a first half straight red card flashed to Ndumiso Mabena.

Ng’ambi scored the first goal twelve minutes into the first half before Eleanor Rodgers increased the tally of goals in the 31st minute to put the game beyond Cosmos reach in the first half.

In the second half, Cosmos tried their best to come back into the game but their efforts were not enough as they only managed to pull back only a one goal in the 73rd minute.

Ng’ambi’s impressive performance comes barely after a week since he was shunned by his national team coach Ernest Mtawali.

The skilful midfielder was left warming the Flames bench during the entire 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifying match against Swaziland away in Swaziland which ended 2-2.

The development has brought mist as the player openly expressed his disappointment towards Mtawali’s action.

Meanwhile, local soccer experts have called upon the Flames coach to spare sometime and sit down with Ng’ambi to resolve their differences for the good of the Flames.

Flames next fixture is a World Cup qualifying encounter against Tanzania away next month.

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39 thoughts on “Ng’ambi on target as Platinum thump Cosmos”

  1. M'bujo says:

    Number 1….Dziwa kuti palibe Mtawali akuchimva….he did well to put Ng’ambi on betch if he was not well.

  2. M'bujo says:

    ”Mtawali should be able to control his team” I agree with him,kikikiki

  3. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkk ernest have two teams one for Old guys and One for New guys they must be competing ,the one which doesn’t perform will warming the bench

  4. Rodriguas says:

    Mtawali your time is nigh. Pankitipankiti you’re drawing closer and closer to the firing squad.
    Mark these words.

  5. ASIDO says:

    Vuto, the coach messed-up his life opportunities and is leaving a misarable life yet the player has houses and many cars among other investments what do you expect!!! mark these words.

  6. Wisdom of Karonga says:

    There is no news here,nothing to be excited about.Ng’ambi scored and is scoring in a Sub-standard league;everybody should look at the performance of RSA teams in CAF tournaments,quite poor,and even the national team gets clobbered by stupid teams in Africa.This is a demonstration of lower standards of football in South Africa.

    Ng’ambi is a good player but his capabilities could be properly proved in a competitive European league not this fancy league that hardly develops players.South African players bear testimony to this such that when they go ply their trade in Europe they return sooner than later because they can’t cope with higher standards there-lately there has been a great trek of notable players back to RSA,Furman and Bongani Khumalo are some of the examples.This is why I discourage young and upcoming Malawian players to go play in the Rainbow nation.

  7. Joseph says:

    He scored? So what?
    APM was/is a lawyer in America, but look at him here in Malawi. We always put all effort when we are doing something in foreign land because we know that a lot is at stake, and we want to make our mark. But when we are back home, there nothing to challenge us so we stop pushing ourselves beyond limits.
    FOR ME HE CAN SCORE ALL HE WANTS BUT IF HE IS NOT DESCIPLINED ENOUGH HERE AT HOME, he can go to hell! The coach needs to be able to control his players! If players start thinking they are better than the coach, and the country,, chaos ensues….

  8. Ayo says:

    Amene mukufuna ma proff anuwo game ya zimbabwe young analakwa chani poti analowetsa ma proff amene mukufuna. Munawina kapena? Swaziland is an improved team and the strongest in the group. They beat guinea 2-0, zimbabwe drew with guinea and we lost to zim. Our young boys drew with away 2-2 but you cannot appreciate.

  9. nyayo says:

    Playing at club is different from national level. I think ntawali deserves a pat on the back. There is nothing special in Sa league. Kunonso Anthu akuchinya mma club.

  10. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    He was not fit PERIOD

  11. Kano says:

    How was the captain for these mediocre perfomers named…..Baggio deserved the arm band…and to be featured in that poor showing way to swaz…Mtawali becareful….

  12. kesterkalonga says:

    Ng’ambi anali pa bench chifukwa sanali fit ngat achinya chigoli sizithandauza kuti akanachinya chigoli.musiyen coach alowese mapuleya Ali bwino pa siku la game

  13. Kano says:

    How was the captain for these mediocre perfomer named…..Baggio deserved the arm band…and to be featured in that poor showing way to swaz…Mtawali becareful….

  14. Ayo says:

    Atolankhaninso pena mumalakwitsa zinthu especially the statement that “the coach should sit down with ng’ambi to resolve their difference” which differnce? It was normal for ng’ambi to complain for being left on the bench and again the coach was also not wrong to put him on the bench because he knows his players better. And again the coach has not said anything bad about ng’ambi. We should not over emphasize his perfomance because this will put him under pressure the next game should he be included in the squad and will flop.
    I think its true that malawians dont take time to forget these players you are crying for inclusion in the squad have been tried before and made Kinna and Young chimodzi to be fired. Recently they failed to beat Zimbabwe @ home. This young squad managed to score two goals which has been a great problem to score before. Experience comes with playing games. If we dont give these kids game time how will they gain experience? The room should be open for experienced players but should not control the coach. If ngambi is in form now will be called for the next game should he refuse no problem. For him to play national team he replaced other players as well.

  15. Mtawali is nt a good coach,he dsnt know w@ he is doing!trust me
    ,Baggio is a king man.tumbukas your time is ,..,….,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,end.

  16. Wa BB says:

    Osamva apa ndekuti sazamvaso kapena uli ndi ufiti. Kapena anakudyerani penapaketu paja pa Malawi pano ndi choncho

  17. ngerengere says:

    Its not always that when one scores one day then is a good player .give the coaches freedom

  18. Mpandadzina says:

    See Thom and Ernest what a player nursing a groin injury does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep it up Ernest at least when that time comes u wont have anyone to blame.I feel sorry for Ramadhan for finding himself in the middle of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. chiya says:

    vuto la anyamatawa,amazimva sugar ku national team,osalimbikira, koma ku joni akulimbikira zedi. kodi mesa they have all along been playing 4 malawi koma osawina ayi mpaka kina ndi jack ntchito kutha? ine ndikuti ma old guyzwa akanasewera ku swaziland, olo draw sitikanaiwona ayi. apume basi amenewa.

  20. Paul Omaliza Makoka says:

    Koma ngati ma Coach athuwa amawerenga Nyasatimes, amve kuti tikufuna Ng’ambi adzisewera mu National Team & akhale Captain!!

  21. mwe says:

    Bravo Baggio for proving a point, now get on board. Bravo Ernest for that bold decision……lets bury the hatches and together lets move forward.

  22. the truth says:

    @ wika koma mitunduyi mikuyidziwa bwino lrobert ndiwakuti ngati mulibe chonena pitani mukapume

  23. Truck says:

    Congrats my friend keep on carrying the Malawian Flag very high am proud of you.Keep it up.

  24. redeemed says:

    À wise man once said “leaders are made but great ones are born.” A good leader is determined by his ability to put his personal interests aside and focus on those of the org. A good coach shouldn’t allow his personal vendetta risk the pride of the national team as that is complete counter productive.

  25. Wodzitsata says:

    It is shocking that we Malawians are this mediocre. Just because Ng’ambi has scored a goal in RSA (and he does score once in a while indeed) does not mean he cannot be benched. Is this the first time you have seen goal scorers benched. I note that we, Malawians are so much in need of short term results that our memories are eclipsed. When was the last time we won a mach with Ng’ambi playing? The coach who was there during training and on whose head the responsibility for flames lies is the one who decides. After all if we performe miserably it is his head on the chopping board! There are just too many barefoot soccer analysts in Malawi! Just because Ng’ambi scored you conclude that he would have scored/defended goals in Swaziland? Were the contexts the same? Did the team he was in the same as the Flames? We the opponents the same as Swaziland? What about the incentives for scoring? Can you therefore cut the performance of Ng’ambi in the RSA game and paste it into the Swaziland game. A Malawi inde we want to win koma umbulinso watichulukira!

  26. gwizima says:

    @ number 9, Bagio comes from the north incase you didn’t know.

  27. becks says:

    Leave my away alone. One coach at a time. You are not a coach. Even if ngambi comes in Malawi will not make it to AFCON

  28. George phiri says:

    Robert has never lost his form. He should really be captaining the national team. He is skilled, mature and hard working. Sentiments aside, he is the only remaining prof player remaining.

  29. khamze says:

    Apa a Mtawari munapala ndithu muvomeleza,muzichepetse kuti Mulungu akukwezeni,ndi a Malawitu awa akukuthayimani mukapanda kuchenjela pompano akuwukilani kunali anzanu.Ng’ambi ndi dolo wakupangani prove apam

  30. charles aroya says:

    In fact he is supposed to be Flames captain!

  31. wika says:


  32. Mlauzi says:

    Mwankhwana a Baggio. I think you deserve inclusion in the squad

  33. chatonda says:

    The rejected stone has become the head of the corner. Silly coaches will always feature players who cannot help the team. Silly, how can you bring the palyer from RSA and leave him on the bench for 90 minutes? Why bringing him anyways?

  34. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Vuto la makochi ndirimenelo. Mudikire pa 7 october’apa, ngati Ng’ambi azaitanidwe. Akasapanda kuitanidwa musadziwe kuti nkhani ija idakalipobe. Pitiriza lunso lomwe mulungu anakupatsa.

  35. Souja says:

    He needs to be in Malawi team and play,i watched the match and asked myself why he cant play in a febble team like Malawi,any coach plays players who are in form at club level,Qualifier games are not for testing those kids try them in freindly game and mix them with the likes of n’gambi..Simple

  36. clement says:

    He is a great player in psl and Mtawali mustn’t repeat his mistake of dropping him on bench.

  37. haward says:

    Kwa ine player wa boo amene anatsala ku joni ndi ameneyu basi.

  38. kondwani says:

    i wonder why somebody in his wisdom had to put such a talent on the bench in a game that could have been easily won
    no wonder we dont progress in our football

  39. Phwado says:

    Enerst Mtawali ukumva bwanji mthupimo?

Comments are closed.

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